the drunkenness of noah

So much for a new year, new me
  • Chilled: I'm ready for being year
  • GaLm and Smarty: New year, new me!
  • Smarty: [giggles]
  • Ze: Yeah! February first, let's do this!
  • GaLm: Yeah, February first, the second coming of "oh god let's try this all again"
  • Smarty: [eating something] [muffled] Derph Fithneth (Derp Fitness)
  • GaLm: How is your Derp Fitness going?
  • Smarty: good
  • Chilled: I'm down 10 pounds
  • GaLm: I'm...I don't know what I am
  • Ze: I had pizza yesterday
  • GaLm: I had chicken tenders earlier
the room where it happened

Erian laughed. “Totally. I mean, but I’d rather try and help than just leave, you know?” She looked around, observing the area that only fifteen minutes ago was lively of people laughing, and a very naked Noah. “Despite his drunkenness, we might have helped a little bit.”