the drunken giraffe

Twelve out of Ten (1/1)

About a year ago, @caedmonfaith​ began writing a fic based on a prompts I gave her. This is my incredibly silly way of saying thank-you.

It also works for @timepetalsprompts lgbtqia celebration as it contains shades of Demi!Doctor.

Special thanks to @moirana for the quick beta work!

Twelve out of Ten

Summary: Quiz-night is important. Especially when it contains important questions - like how well you know your partner. (Contains hints of Demi!Doctor)

Rating: Teen

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“Hey Doctor, I remember how we used to dance Drunken Giraffe together. It’s been a long time. Can we do it again?” -You

“Have you gone bananas? how silly.” -12th

“No it’s not! Come on grumpy cat!” -you

“I’m not that one with a bowtie anymore.You know it.” -12th

“Doctor please!” -you *puppy eyes*

“Oh god…fine! Damn it (y/n)!” -12th

The Doctor's evolution
  • 1st: We can't change history. Not even one small tiny moment. Just nope, dude.
  • 2nd: We still can't change history. Just think about consequences. Still nope, dude.
  • 3rd: All the dudes from 70's will meet Timelord's technology but that should be kind of a secret.
  • 4th: I don't change history, I fix it. We could try, dude.
  • 5th: I'd like to change a bit of history but, dude, that would create a paradox.
  • 6th: Okay dude, let's try this "changing history" thing
  • 7th: Lol dude, i fucking made history, who the hell needs to change it?
  • 8th: HEY DUDE WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?! *his planet just implodes*
  • 9th: No, Rose, we can't change time, it's fucking dangerous.
  • 10th: Well, maybe we could go and take a look around in history, changing one thing or two, i fucking learnt my lesson, dude!
Karasuno + dancing
  • Hinata does not so much as dance as flail around with enthusiasm set to music.
  • Kageyama is awkward and stiff and he tries and then Hinata says something about it and everything ends in screaming and them trying to one-up each other.
  • Hinata wins by doing the entire Youkai Watch dance (which he knows because his sister is like 5 or 6).
  • Everyone thinks Tanaka was responsible for vining that shit, but–
  • It was Ennoshita.
  • Suga and Daichi don’t understand these modern dances that kids are doing these days.
  • But damn Suga tries.
  • Daichi knows better.
  • Accidentally sexy!Asahi that is, right up until he realizes everyone is staring at him and the spell is broken but it’s too late Nishinoya is already dead RIP Noya.
  • Tanaka is surprisingly coordinated. Think one of the edgier K-pop/J-pop groups, but 1000x more aggressive. Narita and Kinoshita decide the best thing would be to do a whole routine like a male version of Perfume. Ennoshita vines that shit, too, but it becomes really popular. The second years have their 15-minutes of fame after this.
  • Nishinoya is still too dead to make fun of them, but that tennis captain guy tries to make fun of Tanaka. Oh how he tries.
  • Yachi starts and then imagines a scenario which starts with her accidentally stepping on someone’s toes and ends with her being hounded by loan sharks.
  • Kiyoko offers to show her how to waltz and RIP Tanaka and Noya.
  • Actually RIP Yachi, too.
  • After recovering from double death, Nishinoya shows he can breakdance and then it’s RIP Asahi.
  • Yamaguchi tries, but watching him is like reliving the awkward middle school couples’ dance. He does, however, try so hard and almost takes up Tanaka’s offer to “show him some moves.”
  • Tsukishima = unenthusiastic drunken giraffe.
Breath on a mirror: a little elegy for Eleven

My favorite thing about yesterday’s Doctor Who was how it talked about aging. The theme of passing years was right there in the title: “Time of the Doctor.” (I love how that recalled the final episode of the first Doctor, “The Name of the Doctor.” That one was about passing identities, this one about passing time.) We’re going from the youngest actor ever to play the role to the second-oldest–actually, Peter Capaldi is only four months younger than William Hartnell. That makes this casting a sort of return to origins, a reminder of the crotchety grandfather that was the first Doctor. (And given his legendarily foul mouth, Capaldi may well put the crotch in crotchety. Heh.) (Sorry.)

It was odd to see the Doctor age during his time on Trenzalore, and to see that in the end he can be mortal after all. But gratifying too, because he still carried the same gung-ho drunken-giraffe spirit he started with. Have to say I was a touch disappointed to see that he became young again before saying goodbye to Clara. But that’s who he’d always been for us, so that’s who he returned to. A lot of us growing older still see our younger selves in our heads, misty in the mirror, and sometimes don’t recognize that older person. “I’ll always remember when the Doctor was me.” We will too: seems Eleven’s true self is the shiny young man he started as. That’s nice for fans of my age, because if Twelve starts in a more aged body then that’s who he really is: an older person, wrinkles and all. A little bit of my current self in that mirror.

Wait–this isn’t Twelve, is it? or Thirteen? if it’s his thirteenth regeneration, then this is the Fourteenth Doctor, right? (Like a good hotel, there is no unlucky thirteenth floor.) Hm. Maybe we don’t even know. Maybe he truly is ageless now. For the Doctor defies aging: the very idea of regeneration came about because of William Hartnell’s seniority and failing health. In the end, Doctor Who is a story of generation(s), one of the few shows shared across many decades. (“Who’s your Doctor?” is a way of asking “how old a fan are you?”) For we going-silver fans, yep, seeing a Doctor our age is kinda gratifying. Not to mention hopeful.

Hopeful, because it says it’s okay to be older. It’s okay to change. As Eleven says, “But times change, and so must I… we all change. When you think about it, we are all different people, all through our lives and that’s okay, that’s good! You’ve gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this, not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the doctor was me.” As a really old writer (Ovid) put it, “Everything changes, nothing is lost.” Or as the first Doctor said, “no regrets…Just go forward.”