the drunk side

I still couldn’t understand why I was so hung up upon you when you were clearly with her. Why couldn’t I just accept that she was the one for you, that you loved her, that I didn’t mean anything to you and she meant everything.

Maybe it was because of all the 3 am ‘i miss you’ texts or the drunk blank calls or the way you looked at me in the college hallway or the way you stormed past me every time I was talking to a guy.

—  I wish I wasn’t so much in love with you but that thought hurts more than the heartbreak itself // JustScribbledWords

The tipsy talk video with phil and hazel is so underrated tbh like phil was so talkative and witty and funny and i loved it when he said death was a scary prospect to him

  • [In which Kuroko asked his boyfriend to take care of Nigou while he was away on a family vacation]:
  • Akashi, glaring at Nigou: How dare you take up most of MY Tetsuya's time!
  • Nigou, quietly staring at Akashi:
  • Akashi: Why aren't you replying!?
  • Nigou:
  • Akashi: Talk to me, you disobedient mutt! This is why I hate dogs!
  • Nigou: *uses puppy eyes*
  • Akashi: You lowly creature! Do you think that will work on me!?
  • Nigou: *puppy eyes zoom in*
  • Akashi: T-That won't work on me!
  • Nigou: *puppy eyes zoom in some more*
  • Akashi: T-That won't... work... work...
  • Nigou: *folds his ears and whines*
  • Akashi:
  • Akashi: *slowly picks up Nigou*
  • Akashi: I'm going to make this exception, because you look like Tetsuya. And because I miss Tetsuya right now. And because Tetsuya loves you. And because I love Tetsuya more than I hate you.
  • Nigou: *with a deadpan expression similar to Kuroko*
  • Akashi, about to cry: Just this once, you hear me!?
  • Nigou:
  • Akashi: *gently shakes Nigou* Answer me, you little–
Practicing reckless optimism

I wrote down some notes in my notebook reminding me of who I am and who I want to be but I thought I’d post them here too since they might help others.

♥ Anything is possible

♥ I can’t control the world but I can control my attitude towards life

♥ The past does not equal the future

♥ Instead, use past negative experiences to make better decisions

♥ Stop thinking about “what’s happening to me” and start thinking about what I could make happen

♥ If I choose to be more patient and accepting, I’ll feel better about myself and I will definitely be more appreciated by others

♥ Life’s too short to be grumpy, so smile :)

Inspired by the optimism herself, Hannah Hart. Thank you.


Fancy Party Shenanigans 7

Well that escalated quickly.

Sonic and Shadow are singing “Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)” by the Plain White T’s“Stop in the Name of Love” by The Supremes, and “Cool” from West Side Story



Misunderstandings in a shipper life...
  • *crying over my beloved otp
  • Me: OH gosh i love you so much..i just can't live without you
  • *mom enters in the room
  • mom: honey who are you talking about?
  • Me: oh.. it's just my ship
  • *mom calls 911
  • Mom: excuse me i have a daughter is in love with a boat...

I feel like a bad fan right now. 

Everybody is worrying about next week and i’m just calm and I actually think I’m going to enjoy it?


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