the drums of war

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If you are still looking for Solavellan songs, I think DIMINUENDO by Lawless is a fitting one. Especially with the line "Jump-start the innocent parts that once dared to dream"

Oh man, anon, I love this song. It’s dark and moody with a cinematic undercurrent that drives you forward, all of which feels fitting for DAI in my mind. And I find the lyrics so well suited to a Lavellan that wants to redeem a romanced Solas that I’m going to post them all.

Oh, the storm clouds were moving across your eyes,
And I could hear the war drums pounding from inside your mind,
So I gave up my life for love, but it still was not enough
But it still was not enough
But it still was not enough

My heart shattered apart with your sanity, but I won’t leave
The stars have scattered across a haunted galaxy, please,
Hold on through Heaven and Hell, hold onto each other,
Or I fear we won’t recover.

On your side, on your…
I’m still on your side, on your side…
I’m still on your…

Jump-start the innocent parts that once dared to dream
Before the spark diminishes from the life you’re meant to lead,
Are you gonna let it burn out, are you gonna let it fade away?
Fade away?

On your side, on your…
I’m still on your side, on your side…
I’m still on your…

On your side, on your…
I’m still on your side, on your side…
I’m still on your…

There, there, it’s better late than never (Never say never again)
There’s always time to start this over (Over and over)

Dark Solas Theme (extended)
  • Dark Solas Theme (extended)
  • Trevor Morris
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Ambient

To me, the really intimidating part of Solas’ theme song is that the game introduces it so slowly - first you only hear these thrumming, oppressive war drums (and you didn’t know why - why are there drums? Why??). When you fight the Saarebas, strings come in to lead the drums. 

Only when you start fighting the last boss of the game, do you finally hear Solas’ real, complete theme song. Something like a metaphor for hunting down the pieces to the mystery behind the character himself.

I put the three versions of the song together to make a version where one builds up into the next, the way it does in the game. 6-minute panic attack.

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i could've bet my ass that you would be team valor tbh i feel weirdly betrayed

let me tell you something. team valor is fucking nuts. on the FIU campus during PoGo high days, they brought WAR DRUMS and HORNS and VUVUZELAS to announce the Valor hoard’s arrival. It looked like that scene from Mulan where you see the Huns and everyone looks on in horror.

So main Valor leader goes “Instinct where u at!” loud and passionate yells from a group. “Mystic where u at!” more loud and passionate yells from the other side.

i can’t describe to you the feeling of being on a battlefield in the middle of war but this shit this experience was about as close as i could get because holy shit. the drums, the horns, the unison war cries, the floor shook, the walls vibrated, these assholes were gonna be the very best like no one ever was god damnit and no one could tell them otherwise. that shit was frightening. props to you motherfuckers. go valor.

So, you want to call him racist? Well, here’s what I say to that: being labeled a racist is a small price to pay for being great again, for making this entire country great again. Because, once the storm blows over, the war drums stop beating and the guns go back into their holsters, only then will we have the final tally. And only then will the people of this country realize that Donald Trump is working for them and not against them. True – some people will know that more than others – most notably white, Christian people, but nevertheless – that will be the state of things. And everybody will be ashamed for not having held their tongues,”

- Kellyanne Conway 1/29/2017

my Christmas playlist

🎄 Yule Shoot Your Eye Out // Fall Out Boy
🎄All I Want for Christmas is You // My Chemical 🎄Romance
🎄Christmas Tree // Lady Gaga
🎄Christmas Day // Dido
🎄Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass // All Time Low
🎄What’s This? // Fall Out Boy
🎄Happy Christmas (War is Over) // Street Drum Corps ft. Bert McCracken
🎄Kidnap the Sandy Claws // She Wants Revenge
🎄Winter Passing // The Academy Is…
🎄The Atheist’s Christmas Carol // Vienna Teng
🎄Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays // NSYNC
🎄My Christmas List // Simple Plan
🎄I Won’t Be Home for Christmas // Blink 182

Fury road’s world is honestly so intriguing. Like, we’ve got all kinds of slang that’s accepted at normal (how fitting is it that beautiful or amazing things are ‘shiny’ and 'chrome’ in a world of never ending dust??) we’ve got rules, so many rules that never get explained but still just make sense. We’ve got clans of people all with different rules and leaders and purposes. We’ve got so much /color/ all crammed in a desert wasteland. And the coolest thing of all is that music is obviously so important to their culture– between the war drums and the doof warrior– this war torn, terrible place, something as simple as music becomes so important, a source of energy and excitement and (I assume) even comfort


Merry Christmas, Mad Max Fandom!

Thank you for all ♥ every like and reblog of my stuff make me go Yay!

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To The Sun

I started this a hundred years ago and chickpea <3 at @bungoustrayscenarios​ reminded me about it tonight so I finished it because I’m weak for Mafia!Dazai.

Pairing : Mafia!Dazai x Reader[F]
Genre: Fluff & Angst
Timeline: Canon-divergent. Odasaku lives & Dazai remains in the mafia.
[language - violence] [told over the course of four seasons]

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a c h i l l e s ;

you are a war drum.
your name is a battle chant
on ten thousand lips,
you are a weapon to be pointed.

born for war but made,
piece by precious piece
by the love of a man more gentle
than you could have dreamed.

you know your pride is vicious,
it is far sharper than any spear
you wield. it will destroy
more than you know.

a c h i l l e s;

when he dies you will feel
like the world is burning,
like the stars are dying
one by one.

there are some wounds that don’t heal.

—  achilles // l.s

                 Doɴ'т ғreт precιoυѕ I'м нere,

                                                                           ᔕtep way from the window

                                                                                                               Go back to sleep

Safe     from     pain
    and truth and choice 
and other poison devils,

                  See, they don’t give a fuck about you, [like I do.]

i cried today and it turned my head into a war drum, beating my death march until i could taste salt and i couldn’t remember what it meant to be wholesome anymore.

think about when we were kids, and fireworks were shooting stars that made us hold our breath and birthday candles were magic makers and wish givers. i scraped my knee chasing you, but you came back and held my hand until my father came running.

you came back. can you do it again?

i want to be a child again with my feet in the dirt and my head spinning from the feeling of eternity that came on the winds of summer. i want to remember what it felt like then, to fall in love with a moment and a friendship and the way the flowers bloomed in spring, instead of waiting for my heart to get stepped on by a person who didn’t read the instructions: handle with care.

there are fireworks outside my window but they sound like gunshots, and i cried today but the darkness of my room helped me forget the stains. there’s salt on my lips and blood on my tongue and i remember wishing that i knew how to sew so perhaps my mother wouldn’t feel so frayed; you held the needle and thread for me while i begged, “save me.”

can you do it again?

—  a litany of simple + broken things // (h.q.)


i try to love in hushed tones

echoes of my adoration
manage to howl
out of all the vaults
i have built inside
these mechanisms
housed in ivory calcium

some lullabies are meant
to be sung like war cries
carbon, organic, aboriginal
tribal drum beats nudging
with a violence of softness

rain cloud confessions
out of the saline earth
of the folds of my eyelids;
on my tongue, the taste
of water from lonely lakes
lodged inside the inner
corners of the said windows
of the holy vessel that i am

―all of these clouded visions
reveal me (some process of
the unclear, clearing):
the unrequited
the unreturned
the unhealing;

i am just a tear away
from unravelling.

j. p. berame // no. 072416