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Here’s @ramysdrumpocket on the new A&F Drum Co. 6x28 GONG SNARE($2275) in the studio with open low and loose tuning, more tuning variations to come!!! #Anfdrumco #biggestsnareever #gongsnare @revival_drum_shop
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My answer: doing many things that I shouldn't be doing. SOCIAL MEDIA Tumblr: Snapchat:

I’m tired and I’m bored so I’ll just release the video now. It’s tomorrow anyways. Fuck social constructs. Also the Redbone meme fails to capture how amazing the song actually is.

5 Things Tag

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

  1. wallet
  2. water
  3. glasses
  4. earbuds
  5. lipbalm

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. cat
  2. jimin hiphop monster
  3. bangtan stuff
  4. lots of manga
  5. guitars

5 things i’ve always wanted to do

  1. write + produce music like my mans
  2. own a coffee shop
  3. travel
  4. drums
  5. make a MV

5 things that make me happy

  1. yoongi
  2. suga
  3. agust d
  4. a honey boy
  5. yoongi💖💕💕✨✨✨

5 things i’m currently into

  1. yoongi
  2. photography
  3. coffee
  4. monsta x
  5. fire emblem echoes

5 things on my to-do list

  1. sappy prompts!
  2. pt14 of lie
  3. monsta x concert
  4. read more fics
  5. camera practice

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Dating Ashton Would Include:

• so many giggles
• lying tangled in the sheets with your head on his chest
• him always stroking your hair
• lets be real you’ll probably play with his too
• drum lessons
• giving up on drum lessons and just watching him jam
• shirtless sweaty post-show ash!
• rough post-show sex
• but also really soft and cuddly ashton afterwards
• and probably soft and cuddly sex from time to time
• him making you have a will smith movie marathon
• him trying to rap the fresh prince of Belair theme song
• probably spaghetti for dinner every other night
• wearing his shirts
• begging him to bring back the bandanas
• tickling him when he’s grumpy
• bubble baths together
• him probably lighting a lot of scented candles to try and get you in the mood
• shopping trips
• doing the thing where you compare hand sizes even tho u know his is gonna be ten times the size of yours :-(
• him humming songs to you as you fall asleep
• him convincing you to go on midnight drives
• also midnight picnic dates
• “babe look at the stars!”
• him taking candid pictures of you with your polaroids
• keeping a separate box of all his polaroids of you from the other ones
• sad cuddly skype calls with ash when he misses you on tour
• shopping trips with mama irwin and lauren
• dragging him into a vinyl record shop and him taking pictures instead of actually looking at the records
• him coming home with some expensive lingerie that he bought you
• drum kit shopping for hours
• him never letting you leave the bed for like a week when he gets home from tour
• surprise vacations and wilderness adventures
• jamming to 80’s music
• him always trying to get you to dance even tho he’s a terrible dancer
• “I love you so much, babe, I’m so lucky you’re in my life”