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ER Romance (aka another DOPE era au)

Seokjin x Everyone | OT7

Seokjin is the handsome, hard working and skilled af doctor of the ER Dept at the local hospital, and meets the boys there.

PT1. Hyung Line

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Yoongi: *stares down at his injured lieutenant officers* i swear to god, i can’t leave any of you shitheads alone for one goddamn minute

*said injured lieutenant officers whimper, one nursing their broken arm, the other clutching a bandaged head*

Yoongi: you fuckers better believe i’m gonna give you shit for this and the amount of paperwork i’ll have to do now - you assholes know i hate fucking paperwork–

Seokjin: yoongi, can you please stop cursing, you’re scaring my patients. just be happy they’re good enough kids to continue upholding justice even off duty and that no innocent civilians were hurt

Yoongi: yea well i didn’t train them to be wimpy, obnoxious brats - if they weren’t showing off for the ladies they wouldn’t have gotten a fucking scratch

Seokjin: hey! what have i told you about hitting my patients! and cursing in my ER? your elder told you to stop cursing and you still curse in front of me? the disrespect! i should charge you double! do you want me to strap you down on another ER bed? huh? and stop being dramatic, it’s just paperwork

Yoongi: alright, fine, i’m doing the fu–dging paperwork

*after Seokjin leaves*

Lieutenant Officer1: You’re so whipped Cap

Lieutenant Officer2: Aren’t you glad we told them to take us specifically to this hospital? Aren’t you glad you got to see Kim-sonsaengnim?

Yoongi: ….that’s it. 400 push ups from you the second we get to HQ.

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Seokjin: *deadpan stare*

Hoseok: oh come on! i was about to break my record! how was i supposed to know my tire was gonna snag on a stray shrapnel?

Seokjin: you almost broke your arm!

Hoseok: it’s fine; i’m right handed anyway. and besides, i’ve got the best doctor caring for me right–ow!

Seokjin: you’re lucky i was on standby; you made me miss my favorite cooking show

Hoseok: *does aegyo and finger hearts with his good arm*

Seokjin: *sighs* yaaa, if you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it right like this *pulls an actual red heart cut out from his coat in-pocket*

Hoseok: ……. *tries not to outwardly squeal*

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Seokjin: okay, what is it this time?

Namjoon: i uh, sorta hurt my fingers…

Seokjin: *stares* you’re an elevator operator. you literally just have to sit there in an empty metal box how on earth did you manage to break two fingers and sprain your ankle?

Namjoon: correction, i don’t just sit in the elevator, okay. i gotta help carry and deliver luggages too - it just so happened that the trolley overturned and i tried to stop it but…

Seokjin: *sighs* how are you this clumsy? i swear to god, namjoon it’s like you’re in here every week.

Namjoon: *laughs awkwardly* oh haha, funny coincidence, haha…

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[maknae line ver.]

Good Girl Ch 43: I Want Her To Myself

Sehun’s POV

It’s my day with her, my day, my day. The moment my eyes are open I jump out of bed and quickly scramble out of my room to find her. She was with Baekhyun last night thankfully, he throws a fit when I bust into his room but he won’t kill me like the older hyungs would. He is a huffing mess, his face is red, and he’s pouting at my loud entrance but I only look at him for a second before focusing on the cute little ball of curls sticking out of the covers. Of course she is still sound asleep, knowing Baekhyun he kept her up all night.

“At least let her finish sleeping,” Baek whines flopping back down next to her.

I huff just as Kris pushes me out of the way to join us, “Can I borrow her for few minutes before you have your way with her?”

“No! It’s my birthday and you are the one who created that rule! She is mine the whole day!” I stomp my foot like a child.

“Stop whining,” Baekhyun growls, “It’s too early for your shit.”

“I’ll be back for her in 45 minutes, do what you want with that time,” With that I turn on my heel and storm away back to my room. Those bastards. I never say anything when everyone else has their turn. I just sit there and let them do whatever they want with her like we are supposed to do. This is so unfair! I’ll never get all of her attention with them crawling all over the place. An idea comes to mind. I rush to my room and grab a bag, after stuffing it with another out fit and an extra shirt for her I zip it close. I pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before I hear some idiots coming down the hall.

“Jooyoung!” Suho and Lay sing song as they bust into my room. I come out of my closet to see their confused faces, “Where is Joo?”

“Baekhyun’s room. What are you doing looking for anyway? She’s mine today!” I snap.

Lay rolls his eyes at me, “Stop sounding like a spoiled brat. We just want to say good morning.”

“Where are you going with that bag?” Suho wonders as he eyes me up.

I look down slightly, my grip on the bag tightens, “I’m taking Joo to town for the night for my birthday.”

“You don’t seriously think that is going to be okay, do you?” Lay scoffs.

“Why not? It’s my birthday, I’m allowed to do whatever I want.”

Suho glares at me, “You are. But you are not taking our precious baby into the city by yourself, unarmed, with Block B still out there looking for her.”

I huff, storming over to my bed I reach under and pull out a 9mm and quickly shove it in my bag, “Happy? Not to mention the fact I will be staying at one of our hotels, in a city that we basically run while the other half is ran by another man who is in love with her.” We are all silent for a minute. I shouldn’t have said that. My blood is boiling at the mention of that man even though the words fell from my own lips.

Suho takes a deep breath, “So you are relying on that bastard now too?”

I can’t get myself to look him in the eye knowing the kind of disappointment that will be in them, “When it comes to Joo, I think I can trust him to keep her safe. We do it every Tuesday, are you telling me that you don’t trust him with her?”

“No I don’t fucking trust him!” He growls, “I just have to send her out into his arms every fucking week and pray he doesn’t do something to make her hate us or love him more than us. I don’t trust any man who has the ability, and the want, to turn her against us so she never comes home!”

“Hyung,” Lay steps in and places a hand on the older man’s shoulder, “We said no more fighting about this guy. Go cool down, stop by and say good morning to Joo, maybe that will help.” I’m surprised when the older listens and storms out of the room, but fear takes over when Lay turns to glare at me. “Why did you have to go and say that? Now he’s just going to be pissy all day, thanks.”

“Sorry,” I mumble softly, I’m actually shaking under his gaze.

He sighs and runs his hands thru his hair, “Make sure you have the hotel add on extra security and that they are really strict on who they let in.” My eyes light up at the sound of his words but he makes sure to water down some of my excitement. “You can go out and have fun celebrating your birthday with her all to yourself, I’m jealous more than anything right now so sorry for the hostility.” He gives me a very brief smile, “But I swear to God Sehun, if something happens to our girl you better hope you are dead other wise you will be, got it?”

I nod.

“Good. Now I’m going to say good by to my baby before chaos ensues.” He turns on his heel and walks out. As soon as he is out of the door I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding, god he is fucking scary. I rush to Joo’s room for some clothes for her to wear there and put them in the bag with my stuff, she’s going to have to change in the car, I’m not dealing with my hyungs hanging over our shoulders any longer than I have to. Creeping outside of Baekhyun’s room I see that everyone seems to have gathered there around her, talking and having fun. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought, even with Lay and Suho’s okay I’m going to have to get passed Xiumin and Kris which is not going to be an easy task. Thank fully Chanyeol suggests that they should all go down for breakfast.

I book it down to the dinning room and hide just inside the doorway, ready to scoop her up and run to the door, thanking myself for leaving my car in front last night. Just as planned they begin walking past me, Kris and Xiumin are in front leaving Joo behind with Kai. With a deep breath I push my hyung out of the way and scoop her up before running faster than I ever thought possible to my car. I throw her in the passengers seat than climb into the drivers. My hyungs are in the doorway looking absolutely pissed, I’ll leave Suho and Lay to explain it to them.

“Where are we going?” Her sweet voice wonders as she buckles her seat belt after noticing my speeding.

“One of our hotels,” I answer shortly with a small smile.

“May I ask why?”

I sigh and repeat the same words I ‘ve said at least a dozen times today already, “I want you all to myself for today.”

She nods with a an amused smirk on her face, “Did you tell anyone this before you stole me?”

“Lay and Suho hyung know, though they aren’t happy about it. They’ll tell the rest so don’t worry.” I glance at her, “Are you okay with this?”

“Of course,” She gives me one of her beautiful smiles. “I’m always happy to spend time with you Daddy.”

I find myself grinning as I take her little hand in mine, “Good.”

The drive is quick with my constant speeding. We arrive at the hotel, Joo had thrown on the jeans and t-shirt I had packed for her, allowing us to go right in. I’ve only stayed at this hotel once, I preferred the one we have in Seoul but I don’t think my hyungs would appreciate me taking her out of the city so this will have to do. I check us into the nicest sweet and drag her along behind me to the elevator. Inside our room I don’t give her a moment of rest, as soon as the door locks behind us I have her in my arms up against a wall.

My lips are on hers’, nipping and sucking on her bottom lip, earning a sweet moan from her. Her thin legs wrap around my waist while her arms do the same around my neck, pulling me closer. She tastes like vanilla, like always, her sweet taste lingers on my tongue as I release her lips to travel down to her jaw and neck. With a soft thunk, her head falls back against the wall exposing her neck fully to me. I take the advantage and leaving a little love bites all over her beautiful tan skin that seems to be begging to be marked by me. One of her small hands tangles in my hair and pulls me away from ravaging her neck, I look up at her confused.

“It’s your birthday,” She some how manages to mumble threw the obvious fog of pleasure she is already in, “I’m supposed to be spoiling you. Not the other way around.”

I can’t help but chuckle at her, “You have no idea how much are you doing to me right now just by looking like this. I’ve barely even touched you and you are already a mess.” She blushes and looks away. “I have no right to tease you baby, I’m already aching just by fucking touching you,” I rut against her, rubbing my painfully hard erection against her sweet core earning me a soft whimper that only seems to make my pants tighter.

“Daddy,” She whines.

I think back to what Kris hyung mentioned to me once and grin, “Fine my sweet baby, you want to do something for me?”

She nods shyly making my pants even more uncomfortable. Without a word I carry her to the bedroom, ignoring the lavish living room, kitchen, and dining room, and her protests to at least have a glance of the city out on the balcony.

“I’ll fuck you out there after but trust me, you are going to want to do this.” There is that cute little blush again. Still holding her I discard my own shoes before pulling hers’ off and throw them aside as well. I step on the bed and sit down with my back against the head board, she is straddling my hips, looking utterly cute and confused. My hands leave her hips and go to rest at my sides. “Go ahead.”

She cocks her head at me, “What?”

“You said you wanted to take care of me so I’m letting you, just this once, to take control.”

Her eyes light up at that, “Really?”

I nod, “You get to do it all.”

“But could you, um, do me a favor?”

“What would that be?”

She blushes once again, “Could you get undressed first?”

“I have to undress myself?” I mock offense.

She doesn’t respond, instead she puffs her cheeks cutely before looking down at the obvious bulge in my pants. With shaky hands and her bottom lip firmly between her teeth she bravely reaches down and unbuttons my pants. She grasps the waist band of both my underwear and my pants and looks up at me for some help. With a small smirk I lift up my hips and allow her to take my pants off and throw them aside. Next she gets rid of my shirt, throwing it into the forming pile of clothes. When mine are gone, leaving me bare to the room, I full expect her to do the same with her own but instead she climbs down and stands in front of the bed. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and to my surprise, flips on some music. It’s a slow R&B song with a nice beat that I’ve never heard before, I can tell it’s in English and the tone seems to sound sexual.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I nearly growl. I’m so hard right now, from having so many dirty thoughts on my way here about the little goddess in front of me, that I don’t have time to be worried about a sex playlist.

She bites her lip, but says nothing as she slowly, oh so fucking slowly, begins pulling up her shirt showing me her flat stomach and eventually her sexy lace bra. I notice her hips swaying slightly and realization hits me, she’s giving me a strip tease. God this girl is going to be the end of me. She’s getting into the music more, small body rolls and those hips of hers’ continue to move so seductively it’s taking all of my self control not to jump her right now. Next are her pants, Her eyes are locked with mine as she pops the button and behinds sliding them down. She turns around to give me an amazing view of her ass as she slowly pulls her pants down.

I’m not surprised that I can taste blood from how hard I’m biting my lip, I can’t help myself, my hand slowly travels up and down my length unable to just watch her any longer. I moan as she shakes her ass so nicely for me. How can such an angel ruin me so easily? She hasn’t even touched me yet I feel that if she did right now I would probably cum on the spot, it’s embarrassing. She has me wrapped around her finger, actually hers’ are wrapped around me right now. Another groan leaves me.

“Baby,” I whine, I actually whine to her, “Too much clothes.”

She looks down at her lace lingerie set, “I thought you said I was in control?”

“I can change my mind.”

She pouts, “Daddy.”

“Don’t you whine. You have me so turned on, now get over here before I get so impatient I just flip you over,” I can’t hide the embarrassing neediness in my voice.

She nods and stands up once again on the bed and throws her underwear aside. I can hardly contain myself when she straddles my hips, my hands automatically go to her hips and lift her just above my erection. Her hands are on my shoulders as she begins lowering herself down, her heat slowly engulfs me, pulling me in to the kind of sweet heaven only she can give me.

Don’t thrust up, don’t thrust up, you can let her be in control for one round! No matter how slow she is moving I will not thrust up, I will let her go at the pace she wants. She moans out, her nails dig into my shoulder when she has me balls deep inside. Holy fuck how can she feel so amazing? After a moment of her adjusting to my size she begins to move that the horribly slow pace.

“Baby please move faster,” Did I just beg? We just started and I’m already fucking begging.

She chuckles threw a breathy moan, “I just started daddy, I’ve never done this before so you have to give me a second to figure this out.”

“Let me help,” I thrust up, meeting her half way and whipping that god damn grin off her face.

“Holy fuck,” She mumbles out.

“Don’t stop now baby, if you can’t handle being on top I’m going to flip.”

She glares at me a moment but continues to ride me, stopping briefly when I thrust up to meet her again. I give her a smirk, I know she is getting mad but I can’t help it, she’s too good and too slow. She surprises me though, she shifts her legs and begins bouncing herself on my cock like a fucking professional. God damn.

“Daddy,” She moans, “I’m so close!”

“Come for me baby, come for daddy.”

“Joo-ya?” I call for her softly. She turns away from the floor to ceiling window to look at me laying in the bed. I hold my arms out to her, calling her back to bed. With one of the bed sheets wrapped around her she looks like a goddess gliding across the floor to me. She drops the sheet and climbs under the covers, she burrows herself into my embrace.

“Those guys are going to be so mad when we get home,” She reminds me.

I sigh pulling her closer, “I know but it was worth it. Today is worth going to hell and back a million time over.” We’ve had an exhausting day, not counting the countless times we made love we went out on an adventure for food. Even though that was hours ago I can’t get one thing out of my mind.

We were inside a bakery getting a cake to celebrate when Joo noticed a little girl probably about three staring at the cakes and treats while her mom was busy talking to some other woman. Joo crouched down to the child’s live and offered to buy her a treat. The child accepted and even joined us in eating an extra dessert we ordered. My baby looked so cute, so natural, in the whole situation. She even mentioned after how much she loves kids.

“Baby, do you want kids?” I ask. She looks up at me confused. The subject has never come up  before because Suho handled it right away by sending her to a doctor to give her the best birth control so we didn’t have to worry about it. I honestly, I wish I didn’t bring it up but I need to know. “I don’t mean necessarily right now, but in the future do you want to have a baby?”

She nods, “Yea, I do.”

I don’t know where to go from here, I got my answer but why do I feel even more anxious than before about it. Of course she wants babies, she is amazing and sweet, and any baby would be lucky to have her as a mommy. “How many?”

“Um, four. I want three boys and girl.”

I chuckle, “You seem to have thought this threw.”

“I’ve wanted that ever since I could remember.”

I hum.

“What about you Sehunnie, do you want kids?”

“One is enough for me. One of four.”

She cocks her head at me, “One of four?”

I nod, “I would prefer if it was the girl but any of them would be good enough. As long as it’s ours I couldn’t care less what sex they are.” As long as I’m connected you.

stranger! seongwoo

member: ong seongwoo ft park jihoon

summary: seongwoo just wants to quickly go back home after whatever jihoon wants to buy at the game store because HE HIGHKEY NEEDS A REST and along the way he met someone (obv you) who is in the same position as him

a/n: i got tired doing something in my internship so i’m just here typing and sitting on a chair, trying to hide myself to be seen as slacking lmao….. UPDATE: i continued at home hehe and ITS A VERY SHORT AU

  • so seongwoo is the chosen one by the cutest park jihoon
  • sometimes he wonders why he is so unlucky
  • but then he remembers the whole lot of other guys present in the house and they’re going to be loud
  • also jihoon doesnt take no as an answer
  • also seongwoo lowkey is worried if no one is accompanying jihoon hashtag a concerned brother
  • anyways
  • the game store wasn’t that far tbh like they could walk but jihoon wants seongwoo to drive
  • seongwoo is just so done with that kid but he still took his keys
  • jihoon gets extra excited talking about this new game console that arrived recently and seongwoo just goes
  • “okay”
  • “i see”
  • basically jihoon doesn’t get bother by the short answers because HE’S GETTING A NEW GAME
  • finally the gAME STORE - ong seongwoo
  • jihoon runs in like a little child getting excited over candies
  • (((wait jihoon is still a little cute child)))
  • “hyung!!!!!! check this out!!!!!!!”
  • “child pls calm down”
  • “hyung, oh my goddddd LOOK AT THIS”
  • “can you just take the game AND WE CAN LEAVE”
  • “not yet, hyung, i need to check some other stuff”
  • seongwoo finally realized why the other guys doesn’t want to accompany jihoon
  • “i’ll just wait at the side– jihoon? oh my god”
  • he sees jihoon asking a bunch of questions to the staff there and he just sigh and stand at the side
  • that’s when he spots you
  • you’re there with your friend who loves to play game
  • and somehow you’re the only one left with that friend of yours lol
  • also you’re not that into games
  • but you do play games though…….like candy crush……or word games………hahahahaha
  • anyway you have a glimpse of seongwoo because obviously you’re not gonna look at the games
  • seongwoo just gives a slight nod to you and you just give a very short smile to him before finding your friend
  • and the whole time seongwoo is just looking at you 
  • then he’s just there analyzing you
  • it’s creepy, i know
  • but he just finds you intriguing 
  • like your face look so blank out when your friend talked about this one game
  • it reminds him of himself with jihoon
  • which he realized that you’re probably got dragged into this
  • then he notices how you always crack up jokes with your friend because your friend keeps on laughing and you just smile happily
  • seongwoo’s heart flipped by the way ;)
  • he continues looking at you
  • who look so lost now
  • because you couldn’t find your friend anymore
  • seongwoo sees it and he actually chuckle witnessing it because he finds you cute???
  • then you have that relief face when you found your friend
  • “please don’t run off like that”
  • yes seongwoo could hear the conversation now 
  • ok so he did move a little closer to you and your friend
  • “well sorry, you just have to keep up with me– or you could just talk to that cute guy over there”
  • seongwoo suddenly feels offended because apparently he isn’t the cute guy that your friend is talking about
  • your face lit up though because that person IS cute so you just walk towards where that person is
  • BUT
  • seongwoo blocks you
  • like you don’t even know where he came from
  • “um”
  • seongwoo smiles
  • “hello”
  • you give him the most awkward hello back
  • seongwoo proceeds
  • “are you here to buy games”
  • “not really….”
  • “oh same”
  • honestly you’re still creep out by him but you kinda have that feeling that he’s a nice person
  • seongwoo just stands infront of you and smile again
  • and it’s odd because who is he
  • “i’m seongwoo by the way”
  • ok he’s seongwoo
  • “i’m y/n”
  • “y/n…”
  • tbh your heart fluttered a bit when he said your name
  • okay maybe not A BIT but a lot….
  • and he dares to smile at you again
  • “you see, i have an idea”
  • “what is it?”
  • “let’s ditch our friends”
  • then it’s your turn to smile at him 
  • and seongwoo just grabs your hand and 
  • honestly it’s your best day EVER
  • seongwoo’s best day too ;)
  • jihoon, after 2 hours of game shopping: WHERE IS MY DRIVER ONG SEONGWOO HYUNG
“What if” Pt.1

Genre: Angst/Romance/Violence

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

A/N: I’m already in too deep. I couldn’t stop thinking about the endless plot twists😈 EnJOY

Warning: Mentions of blood and cursing


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I'll Fight for You (JJK)

Words: 978


“It feels so nice being back home” Junkook said smiling as he threw himself on your bed.

“My home became your home now?” You laughed, sitting next to him.

“You’re my home, y/n” he thought. He couldn’t think it out loud, though. It would cause you both trouble. Junkook just laughed with you.

“Should we go out? We have so much to talk about” you smiled at him, standing up and pulling him up with you.

“Lets go to that park we used to always go to when we were younger” Junkook suggested and you nodded in approval.

You both walked next to each other quietly through the night’s cold air. You looked up at Junkook and saw him smiling faintly at the empty park’s pathway.

“What are you smiling at?” You asked him as you stopped in front of him.

He looked down at you and his smile got sadder. Your heart sank and you thought of everything bad that could be said.

“Y/n” his voice called softly and you looked up at his eyes.


“Let’s stop seeing each other” he told you and your eyes immediately filled up with tears.

“B-but why? I’m fine with you disappearing every now and then and not contacting me on so-” he cuts you off by pulling you into his chest. Your breath got heavier and you shut your eyes tightly letting a few tears escape your eyes.

“It’s not easy for you to see me anymore, is it?” He asked you and you pulled away.

“Why not?” You asked him in confusion.

“I know you like me. And I feel the same way towards you” he answered, making your entire world spin. He knew? When you made sure he won’t notice it. You tried your best not to let your feelings spill out, but here you are now standing in front him who had caught you.

“If I stay next to you, we can’t be happy. I can’t hold myself anymore. My company isn’t letting me get involved in a relationship”

“We can just be friends. Like always?” You suggested desperately.

“It’s not easy, y/n” he whispered.

“I’ve been there. I’ve liked you way before you liked me. Ever since we were kids. Not being able to say anything, not being able to tell you how I felt. It’s suffocating” he said and you let your tears escape as you sat down on the bench. It hurts.

“I’m so sorry” his voice got shaky. You opened your eyes and looked at him. He was holding back his tears just like you earlier.

“Maybe we could meet later. When we’re a bit older. When the lights around me had dulled down and the screams of fans faded. I will never forget your support and I will always know you’re out there, supporting me” he said, trying to stable his voice as you cried your heart out on the bench.

“Are you seriously leaving like that?!"you cried as he turned around and walked away.

"Junkook! Jeon Junkook!” You called his name. You tried running after him but he was already gone.

He thought letting you go will make you happier. He thought there were so many people that are better in the world. People that he could be easily replaced with.

You watched as his car disappeared into the distance. That fool whom you’ve loved for the longest of times. Whom you dreamed of growing up with was now just someone you’ll have to pay to meet with.

Junkook cried in the car. His best friends didn’t know what to do. They just looked at their youngest boy, crying as his heart ripped into pieces.

“Yah, Jungkoogah” Jin reached out for him quietly, pulling him into a comforting hug that made him cry even more.

“We can talk to the manager if it’s way too hard for you” Jimin said from the back of the car.

“It’s no use!” Junkook replied through his tears.

“I’ve tried and tried. They threatened to kick me out of the group. There are fans out there waiting for me. Waiting for us. I can’t let something personal get in the way” he explained to his hyungs as they listened attentively.

“If that personal thing means the world to you, you have to fight for it” Yoongi told him.

“If you love that girl, go after her. Risk everything you have for her. And just not seeing her won’t fix your heart, nor her heart. Junkook this isn’t one or two or even three years of friendship. You guys grew up together, loved each other, supported each other. And now admiration is involved. You can’t just let her go like this!” Yoongi advised. The car fell silent.

“Should we go back?” Hoseok asked him with a small, reassuring smile.

“Please take me back to where you picked me up from” Junkook told the driver and his hyungs cheered.

You laid in your bed, looking at she ceiling as your tears dried off. Your heart ached deeply at the mere thought of not being able to talk to him again. It wasn’t only friendship now. He likes you and you like him. As a man to woman. And that made it even more bitter.

Through the darkness of your mood and wild thoughts, someone rang your door bell. You didn’t feel like moving, but that person kept ringing it non stop. Frustrated, you got up and dragged yourself to the door. As soon as you opened it, you saw him.

“Jungkook?” You asked in confusion at his sudden return.

He didn’t say anything. He just kissed you through your pain. Everything washed off as soon as he pulled away and held
Your face in his hands.

“I’ll fight for you” he breathed.

“You’re everything I want. So I’ll fight for you”

Sober Thoughts (Jimin)

Genre: it doesn’t get any fluffier than this

Word count: 2790

Rating: T (language and involvement of  alcohol)


“Who the—”

You grumpily crawled out of bed at the obnoxious knocking and shuffled to the front door. Whoever was crazy enough to disturb your peaceful sleep at this time of night was seriously asking for it. Opening the door, your eyes widened like large saucers.



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All You Need is Zen is All You Need

No, it’s not the title of the fic. Here is the Zen X MC Christmas Special fanfic! Inspired by Zen’s Respirator call. 

It’s about Zen and my OC in my MM fanfic (MM: Life After), don’t worry if you never read it, you’ll understand because it’s not packed with minor details.

Don’t forget we’re holding a followers special till Christmas. Read more about it here

Pairing: Zen X OC (named Ha Eun) 
Genre: ultimate fluff and cheesy calls
Word count: 1351

Fic posted below, enjoy!

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[!] ToppDogg’s Thanks To in their 3rd Mini Album ‘AmadeuS’.



It’s time for another Thanks To hehe, thank you to all those who are always by Topp Dogg’s side. Monitor Punch and Teacher Dizz who made TOPDOG, also New West who created the cool choreography, our beloved manager-hyungs who are always running and working hard for us. We always feel sorry but thankful for causing trouble. My family members, thank you for always being there for me and to my grandfather who’s watching from heaven, I love you! Also to our members!! Rest well.


To everyone who worked hard and participated in Topp Dogg’s album, thank you. Team Leader Sangyeop, Han Jihoon-hyung, Jung Changhyun-hyung, Seungwan-hyung, Mingyu-hyung, Director Joohee, Team Leader Dongsoo, Director Jaesuk, CEO Cho PD, thank you. Also Teacher Dizz! We’ll work harder. Thank you to my older and younger friends who always support me, sorry I haven’t been able to contact you often. Thanks to my family. Sorry for being blunt XD Lastly to our fans, thank you for always being by our side. I can’t express myself well, I’m sorry. Thank you everyone ♥


Universe and stars.


To my father, mother and older sister, thank you for always supporting and believing in your ugly son and younger brother. President Joyong, CEO Jo Joonghoon, CEO Kim Jongha, PD Dizz, Chairman Lee Jintaek, Chief Yeo Ingoo, Director Lee Chanho, Director Han Joohee, Director Park Jaesuk, Leader Jeon Sangjoon, Sangyeop-hyung, Jihoon-hyung, Dongsoo-hyung, Songwan-hyung, Mingyu-hyung, Jinkwan-hyung, Aran-noona, Soyeon-noona, Hyunjung-noona, Reporter Junhyung, Changhyun-hyung, Kyumin-hyung~ To all company staff, thank you! Seoyeon-noona who always gives me pretty hairstyle, Jung-noona who gives me cool makeup and all salon staff, thank you! Woojin-hyung who takes good pics, the stylist team who gives us cool outfits to wear, thank you! We’re receiving lots of love now but please give us lots of love too in the future. To our fans who have been together with us, I love you~ I’m not just giving tips but Topp Dogg, let’s go for a long time! Until the day we become recognised singers… Fighting!!


To my family who always supports me by my side, I love you and sincerely thank you. To my grandmother in heaven who cheers for me, I love you. And to CEO Jo Joonghoon, CEO Kim Jongha,  Chairman Lee Jintaek, Chief Yeo In Goo, Chief Choi Myunggeun, Director Lee Chanho, Director Jaesuk, Director Han Joohee, Jihoon-hyung, Team Leader Sangyup and Team Leader Dongsoo, who work hard for Topp Dogg, and those who take care of us, Manager Mingyu-hyung and Seungwan-hyung, Leader Jeon Sangjoon, New West Crew and other company staff, thank you so much! Also PD Dizz, Driver Junhyung and Changhyun-hyung, who work hard for our songs and recordings, I sincerely thank you. To Youngwoon-hyung, who suffered a lot because of us, I couldn’t thank you enough. To Stardom family, I love you all. I am the versatile Seogoong who always keeps a rookie mindset and gives his best in everything. I will become Seogoong who receives beauty everywhere he goes. Ah!!! Also, sorry for rambling. From now on, please accept my rambling!!!! ㅋThank you.


My parents, Stardom family, Jacqueline hyungs and noonas, New West!! Thank you for always being there for me, I’ll become Hojoon who’s always showing a new image. Let’s hit big!!!!


Thank you to God, who allows me to open my eyes every morning to spend my days living and breathing passionately. Thank you to my parents who believe in me and watch over me, Kim Simeon, Song Ji Eun, Lady Woosshi I love you. Misongie, Jeon Yoojin, Kang Dakyung, Kwon Sohee, Park Soohyun, Yoo Jonmin, I want to thank you for being there for me. CEO and the rest of Stardom family! Thank you for guiding me so I could soar higher and stand on the stage. New West Crew, Leader Sangjoon! Thank you for always giving us good choreography. Jacqueline! Teacher Seoyeon, teacher Yoonyoung!! Friends forever. Our pretty ToppKeul!! I love you. To my grandmother in heaven, I sleep at night staring at your watch. Grandma, I miss you.


Thank you to CEO Cho PD who has helped us release this album well and to the Stardom hyung and noona staff who always work hard all night for Topp Dogg!! Thank you the stylist team who provided us with cool styling for this album. And to the Jacqueline noonas who devote their time to work on our hair and makeup for every schedule! To Woojin-hyung and Metaoloz, who work very hard everytime we shoot an MV. To the best managers, who always give us strength and suffer in the process! Also to the Topp Dogg members, keep grinding!!!!


My precious family and grandmother, I love you. Thank you to everyone who support and cheer for me from faraway places. Byunghun-ah, Junghyun-ah, I’ll see you when I get a vacation keke. Auntie Yeolshin, Auntie Ilsook, thank you very much. Lastly and once again, my parents and older sister. Grandmother, I love you so much.


Thank you to all staff who work hard for Topp Dogg. To New West Crew’s Leader Sangjoon who have provided us with good choreography since debut, Jacqueline hyungs and noonas who make us look pretty, the handsome Woojin-hyung who takes cool pictures of us, my dongsaeng Sehee who always gives me strength, my pillars of support father, mother, jjingjjingi Yuri [T/N: jjingjjingi refers to someone who sounds nasal], and my friends who are like my other halves Youngse, Jaepil, Junwoo, Sunwoo and Seunghyun, I’m always thankful. I also give my gratitude and apology to my Topp Dogg dongsaengs and friends who are just like my own family and stay by my side everyday, I hope we can keep our current mindset and work hard. Thank you to Stardom family. I will become a person who is mature and well-mannered with each album release.


To my beloved mother, father, hyung and families, thank you so much for always cheering for me. Also my friends who are currently serving in the army, stay healthy, protect the country well and come back! To Stardom family members who always work hard for us, CEO Cho PD, CEO Kim, Chief Choi, Chief Yeo, Director Joohee, Team Leader Dongsoo, Jihoon-hyung, Sangyeop-hyung, Director Chanho, Jaesuk-hyung, Seungwan-hyung, Mingyu-hyung, Teacher Dizz, Junhyung-hyung, Changhyun-hyung, Soyeon-noona, Aran-noona, Songwriter Woojin, Blacktie, Leader Sangjoon and the New West dance team, I love you all and thank you. And lastly, our ToppKlass!! I’m always thankful, I love you <3


Hello~ I’m Topp Dogg’s Xero. First of all, I thank everyone who has given support and love for Topp Dogg. There has been a lot of difficult periods and slumps until now, but because of our friends and ToppKlass, I gained more strength. My only mother, father, Sarang-noona, Leader Sangjoon & New West crew who go through lots of trouble because of us, CEO Cho PD & CEO Kim Jongha who generously give us advices, Jihoon-hyung & Sangyeop-hyung who are always by our side to give strength, our manager hyungs who work harder than anyone else Jaesuk-hyung, Mingyu-hyung and Seungwan-hyung, and lastly our Stardom staff who are like family to me, I sincerely thank you and love you all! I will become Xero who continues to grow in the future.

Trans: Topp Dogg Intl

got7 as drivers
  • Jackson: yells at drivers in Cantonese
  • Mark: yells at drivers in English
  • Bambam: yells at drivers in Thai
  • Junior: tries to yell at drivers in English
  • JB: doesn't let anybody touch the stereo except Junior
  • Youngjae: annoys Jackson by singing English songs
  • Yugyeom: roasts all the other drivers and his hyungs at the same time
arrest me

“___________-ah? Are you okay?” Jimin asked, waving a hand in front of your face, and honestly, you didn’t know what to say.  

Of course you weren’t okay. Your long time crush, Jeon Jungkook, was currently standing in front of you, wearing a police uniform and looking insanely good in it. You watched him bite his lip a little as the stylist fixed it to perfection (as if he didn’t make it look perfect already). But you couldn’t tell Jimin that. Aside from the fact that you didn’t want him to spontaneously combust because of jealousy, you really didn’t want Jungkook to know.

“____________-ah? Is something wrong?” Taehyung appeared by your side, shooting you a partly concerned and party knowing look.

You gulped, “Yeah, yeah everything is okay. I’m just a little tired, that’s all.”

“_______-ah.” Jungkook smiled at you, and came forward to hug you. You tensed in his arms, as every badge and button on his uniform pressed against your front.

“How’ve you been?” he asked, still grinning down at you.

“I’ve been okay.” You replied, hoping you sounded smooth and calm and unaffected but of course that was not to be. Jungkook laughed a bit and you were sure you had sounded like a goose.

“Let’s go?” he asked, offering you his arm. You held it gingerly and allowed yourself to be pulled along the set of the music video. You could hear Taehyung whispering to Jimin, and an “Ohhhh…” of realization from the latter, followed by a cheeky and whistle and a lot of laughing.

“What’s their problem?” You growled through gritted teeth.

“They’re crazy.” Jungkook laughed (he was laughing an awful lot, why was that?)

He dragged you around the set, excitedly pointing out props and settings and explaining the concept of the comeback to you.

“You’ve heard Dope, right? It was on our album, yeah. So, we wanted to show hard work and passion by dressing up as different professionals. So, Hoseok hyung is a race car driver, Jin hyung is a doctor, and I’m,” he leaned into you, so that his lips were barely brushing against you ear, “Officer Jeon.”

“Pffftt Officer Jeon-what absolute rubbish-you’re a fetus-you little-“ you spluttered, backing away from him and turning away to hide your blushing cheeks.

He laughed, “We’re the same age!”

“Still! Officer Jeon my foot.” You scoffed.

Jungkook began to move closer to you, until you could feel his chest against your back.

“You’re being weird today. Are you okay?” he asked casually.

Well, that was a stupid question. Maybe he didn’t realize that you were practically on fire.

He slowly grazed his arms down your shoulders before encircling your waist.

“Maybe, you like me?” he suggested, with mischief in his voice.

You couldn’t respond. Perhaps it was because you had stopped breathing, but then you couldn’t be sure.

“Maybe, I like you too.” he continued, resting his chin on your shoulder, and you were certain you had massive hearing problems.

“Jungkook? You’re needed!” you heard Namjoon call from somewhere in the distance.

“I was just kidding. I’ll see you after I’m done, okay?” His hands left your waist and he retreated. You immediately missed the warmth, but now was not the time to think about things like that.

He was just kidding.

Not bothering to reply, you spun on your heels and ran, but he didn’t notice since he was already walking away.

“_______-ah? Where are you going?” Taehyung and Jimin asked, clearly worried.

“Shouldn’t you be happy with what just happened?” (“Also, did we just admit that we were watching?” Jimin asked Taehyung. ‘Shut up.” Taehyung replied.)

“He doesn’t like me, he said it was a joke. Everything is always a joke for him, it always has been. For him, seeing me flustered is a game.” You said, choking back a small sob. “I’m going home. Good luck with your shoot! Eat well, okay?”

JImin and Taehyung glanced at each other.


You were sitting in your apartment, trying to get a bit of work done, but honestly, you couldn’t focus for quite a while. At last, when you had just begun to get into your groove, the doorbell rang.

“No. No no no I’m not answering it.” You groaned. “Just when I started-nope, I’m not answering.”

You drowned out the sound and continued to work, until your phone had vibrated so many times that your entire desk was shaking.

“Ugh.” You sighed and checked your messages. Your eyes widened.

They were all from Jungkook.

“You left me at the shoot. That wasn’t very nice of you.”

“You bad girl. You need to be punished.”

“___________, Jimin hyung and Taehyung hyung told me everything.”

“I’m sorry for always joking around. I don’t really mean it.”

“I really do like you.”

“Open your door. I’m outside.”

“__________ open the door.”

“Open :(”

“You know what, if you don’t open it, I’m going to tell people I’m here to arrest you for damaging property in a club.”

“I just told a random couple on the stairs. They were shocked. I don’t think they’re going to ask you to babysit their kid Chan again.”

You didn’t babysit any Chan, and had no plans to do so in the future, but the fact that Jeon Jungkook liked you was enough to make you smoothen your hair, straighten your clothes and bolt towards the door.

“Hi.” You said opening it. You raked your eyes briefly over his uniform before looking down to stare at your socks.

“__________-sshi, my name is Officer Jeon,” He drawled, stepping inside and pushing the door closed. “And someone has informed me that you’ve been a very bad girl.” He said, pushing you against the wall and putting his lips on yours.

I’M SO SORRY FOR THIS AWFUL PIECE OF WRITING AFTER BEING GONE FOR SO LONG. I was supposed to post this during Dope era but well. This is for @seventeensonyeondans I hope you like it!