the drive of life

Hey everyone since I’ve had a ton of new followers I thought I would do a little about us!

Aayla is my 1 year old Australian Shepherd and my life. She is a huge good ball and a perfect partner for me. I got her when she was 8 weeks old and we do everything together. She is raw fed, but prefers kibble for treats. This girl loves just about everything and everyone. Compared to most aussies Aayla is pretty quiet and doesn’t bark (though likes to talk by whining). I consider her a medium drive dog which I am trying to encourage a higher drive.

I’m Caiti, and have been animal crazy my entire life. I used to ride frequently and have always been into training. I have a degree in animal science and have had a lot of different animal related jobs. Right now I help take care of and train preforming animals. I am working towards becoming a CCPDT.

Together Aayla and I compete in Dock Diving and Rally (one more leg for her novice title) then we are training for agility, obedience and possibly some Disc dog stuff if we ever decide to do it for more than fun. I also really enjoy teaching fun tricks so I’ll have videos of that when I can get them. I’m a big outdoor enthusiast so you can expect a lot of adventure photos from our hikes and backing adventures.

There may also be random photos of my snakes and random animals I work with.

Sometimes I get down. Lately I don’t know what I want to do in life and I don’t even know why I’m here but today I learned to appreciate everything. Here in my own state, there is beauty. I have been trapped in a concrete jungle for pretty much my entire life and now, on my drive home, as I sit here in the passenger seat, I begin to let the drab and grey sink back in as Euless is not a very colorful place. If I could be anywhere, ANYWHERE, I’d rather be anywhere but HEB. I have hated Texas for a very long time now and today I see that it’s really just the city I live in. I need away from construction and a mall job. I need to see the world and this was an amazing start. If you haven’t been, Hamilton pool ATX was the most amazing day trip I have been on. And that’s saying a lot. I’ve been to Maine and Connecticut and Rhode Island but who knew this beauty was right here basically in my own front yard. If you put yourself to it, you can see some beautiful things. I implore everyone to have such wanderlust. Home is not always where your family is. It’s where your heart desires to be. Go there! I’ll definitely be going back and hopefully very soon.

Listen I am so here for platonic “I love you"s. I don’t care if you think "I love you” is some sacred phrase to only utter to one person in your life, i don’t care if you think it makes me look overbearing. I say “I love you” to my friends every time I say goodbye because I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I care for them and love them and am there for them so so much.

You messed up. And that’s okay.

You procrastinated on your homework.

You crammed for that test the night before.

You didn’t finish the book and started the paper the night before it was due.

You forgot a deadline.

You failed that pop quiz.

You overslept your alarm. 

Even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t, you messed up. And that’s okay.

You’re no less of a person because of it.

You’re no less of a studyblr community member because of it.

You’re no less intelligent because of it.

You’re no less of a hard worker because of it.

You’re no less of a student because of it.


We all have those bad days. Sometimes, we get tired of constantly being on the grind. We forget to take those me days. We stop and yearn for all of that free time. And eventually it catches up to us and we make boo-boos, but that doesn’t negate all the hard work we’ve put in so far or any of the hard work we will put in from here on out. Don’t let this one lapse in judgement, preparation, or thinking define your week, semester, or year. Use it. Work harder because of it. Make sure that the feeling of regret you have now is something you won’t feel for a very long time. 

Guys, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about letting the imperfections guide you instead of define you.


They never went on a spontaneous road trip again