the dress up box

So my third grade teacher was also a Harry Potter fan and she used to do this thing where when we came in from Recess there would be a scroll of parchment on the windowsill that “Hedwig” had brought us and it would always be a letter from Harry asking for help with his homework or something and she would let us all grab capes and robes from a box of dress up clothes and we’d write back as a class to tell him how to use commas or help him with the fractions in his potions recipe or something.

In hindsight I’m not sure how she got away with it bc this was at the height of the “HARRY POTTER IS TURNING OUR CHILDREN INTO DEVIL WORSHIPERS” nonsense and she wasnt even allowed to keep the books in our class bookshelf but she also had pet newts in the classroom and unflinchingly picked up a very large (domestic) rat that had escaped from someone’s show and tell down the hall and snuggled it while she carried it back so maybe she actually was a witch idk


I’m a quasi-only child. With my brother and sister, I’ve more of a tendency to be semi-maternal. So, yes, I spent a lot of time talking to myself – I had this big dressing-up box and would just dress up as lots of characters and talk back to myself… Verging on schizophrenia, I suppose, if you analyse it carefully. —  Natalie Dormer for That Magazine, 2011

Gemini ascending 

The condition of the ascendent in chart illustrates the individual’s social presence and characteristics, our understanding of “I”, and in many cases the  When Gemini is ascending it opens a toy box of multiple costumes for the individual to evoke. This multiplicity becomes apparent in her social conduct. Her face is always changing only subtly but strangely so, sometimes she looks ultra young, sassy, and fresh, at other times she appears older, confident, and cultured. The structures of her face can really change, like a fascinating transitionary play. The Gemini rising is more chameleon and physically changeable than her solar sister, there is even less substance in the Gemini risings physical form. Often Gemini risings are light footed and kind of elevated as they walk. She can be quite pixie-esque, elf-like, and she can certainly evoke a fairy’s mischief with enviable charm. Gemini risings love to learn, and each of their personalities have a unique sect of knowledge and questions ready to be released through satiating conversation. It’s impossible to predict what Gemini rising vibration will appear at any moment, and neither does she, so life can really appear like its a game. Her erratic nature has fleeting meltdowns that can be forgotten in a moment, and it can be impossible for people to tell if she is over excited or simply nervous. Throughout her instability, she has an admirable way of making strangers feel like they could pour their hearts out to her within a moment of meeting her. She lives for the flowing and energetic exchanges of information that give her personalities purpose and play. Gemini rising is the eternal child, so she never has to put her toy box away, she can dress up in any costume she wants any day.


Tea Party

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1,434

Summary: Kim Taehyung is the class clown who you’ve really never had time for, but when your parents invite his over for dinner, you find yourself getting to know him in a way you’d never anticipated.

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Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

“(Y/N) what a lovely sight to see so early in the morning.” Kol declared as he came down the stairs to find you and Klaus sat at the breakfast table.

“Kol, ravishing as ever.” You hummed sarcastically as he offered you more coffee.

“Why do I not get greeted in the same manner.” Klaus huffed and you snickered as Kol span to face him.

“My dearest brother, time has blessed your face, you have not gained a wrinkle since the dawn of time.” Kol hummed in an old timey voice which had you doubled over in laughter.

“Do you not have other places to be?” Klaus snapped and Kol shrugged.

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Domestic Life | Sebastian Stan

Domestic Life - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words - 716 (I swear, i’ll get my fics longer.)

Warnings - Pure fluff. Because I needed it.

AN - After the longest time, I am back! Hope you all enjoy! Also, I’m thinking on maybe doing the whole ‘Domestic’ thing for other characters or people? Request if you have anyone you’ like to see <3

If Sebastian Stan had been asked in an interview several years ago, where he thought he would be in five years time, there is no way he would possibly be close to the correct answer.

After a semi-long day of filming, the dark haired man had pulled into the neighbourhood in his car, keeping his eye on the surroundings as he became ever closer to the only house which mattered to him. The one with the white door which you had insisted would be perfect. The one with the balcony on the front and the back, so you could see everything. The one with the french windows which you’d be behind.

Your house. Your home.

The moment he stopped the car, and parked it outside, he heard a shout from behind the front door. The unmistakable doubt of his five year old daughter, whom he presumed as always, would be sitting in the garden, playing with her dolls, having a mad tea party with her baby sister and mother. 

Hint; everytime she mentioned having a tea party, of course his wife would splutter and mention that ‘The Mad Hatter,’ might be coming, earning a look of of her husband. 

Sebastian couldn’t help the smile on his face at the thought, as he got out of the car, making sure to lock it, and hearing the front door come off the latch, the patter of small feet, and the sweet sound of ‘Dada!’ from the girl. A grin was instantly found on his face at seeing the young girl, dressed in a princess dress, no doubt from her dressing up box, and a pair of heels, donated from mummy, of course.

The girl tottered out, only to be lifted up by her father, who rested her on his hip, giving her a kiss to her red cheek.

“Hey sweetheart! You have a good day with mama?” He asked, keeping the girl in his grasp as he walked inside the house. The mirror which you saw as you came in reflected them both, and standing on the shelf below it, was your Academy Award and his. Standing side by side. That evening had been date night for you two, and both of you teared up and thanked one another.

“It was good!” She responded, wiggling out of his grasp, in order to get back to the garden. “We’re having a tea party, and we all dressed up!” She laughed, taking her dad’s larger hand in her own, and walking onto the patio.

There, was a sight that Sebastian couldn’t help but smile at. You were wearing your white dress, patterned with roses; the dress he had asked to marry you in. You had your hair loose, and your pale flat shoes on, and seemed to glow with beauty; not that it mattered to him. You could be dressed up for an award evening, or just in some tracksuit bottoms and no makeup; you were the most beautiful woman to him. 

Sitting up in your arms, was the baby, in a fairy dress obviously chosen out by her older sister. Her blue eyes were blinking, and upon seeing her father, she gurgled in excitement, which was enough to make you smile too. You took yourself up from the garden chair, walking over to your husband, grinning. 

“You’re lucky you have a shirt on. We’re having an important party here.” You grinned, motioning to the tea party set out by your daughter; cups of tea, (well, juice,) set out by you, and biscuits and cakes you had bought at the shops with her a couple of days prior. Sebastian smiled at the sight, putting one hand behind your waist, and kissing you softly, until he heard the baby in arms whine, making him laugh.

“Awah, do you want a kiss too?” He smiles, giving the infant a kiss on her nose, to which she squealed in delight. “Now, where is this party at?” He questioned, with the three most important girls in his life leading the way.

No doubt; if the Academy Award Winner, Gym Mafia Member had been asked where he would be in five years time, he never would have said this. Married to the most beautiful person in existence, and living happily ever after with his family. 


(GIF is not mine, but I adore it) 

Requested: No! But the new trailer gave me so many ideas!

Warnings: Fluff, Angst. 


Everything has happened so quickly. You walked away from Peter for one second to go grab a drink and just like that your feet were dangling in the air, a tight metal arm wrapped around your waist.

 When you let out a blood curling scream the gymnasium became silent–and everyone looked your way. You struggled, making your heels fall off and hit the tile floor with a ‘clank’–and Peter looked at you helplessly, unsure how to exit without ‘Vulture’ noticing.

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((aaa i know i said that i woulen’t take anymore of these but i dident want the people who sent in ones after i closed it to leave dissapointed.. So i made some chibi sketches of the rest aaaa i hope its okay!! Thank you all for sending one in and i hope everyone continuse to enjoy White dress Miku!))


anonymous asked:

8 with Peter Quill

8. “We accidentally got married in Vegas, oops” 

“We should get married.” 

You nearly choked on your sandwich as Peter walked into the room, nonchalantly. He eyed you carefully while you scrambled for your water to wash down the offending piece of bread. It didn’t go down easy, as you’d decided to treat yourself to a bit of extra peanut butter today, but after a few gulps, you emerged victorious. 

“Excuse me?” 

“We should get married,” Peter shrugged, now facing the cassette player you’d set up for him. He fumbled around with the controls a bit, cursing when he couldn’t get the fast forward to stop at the proper time. He gave up after a while, and just let the last 45 seconds or so of O-O-H Child to play out, leading into Hooked On A Feeling.  

“Its been a year and you just recently let me start leaving a toothbrush on your ship. Now you want to get married?”

“Where I come from, toothbrushes are a sign of eternal love,” he replied as he dug around the kitchen for food. His entire body moved to the rhythm of the music. 

“You come from two towns over, and I’m pretty sure that’s not what it means.”

“I mean space. There are customs that you aren’t familiar with.”

“Stop using space as an excuse for every time you act like an idiot. Why do you want to get married?” 

Peter drummed his fingers against his side. “Because I love you?” 

“Try again.”

“You know, here I am trying to propose and you’re shooting me down. Do you not want to get married?”

“No. I do. But any time I even slightly mention that, you get all panicky and change the subject,” you paused, “Yesterday! You even did it yesterday! Remember? I was–”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Peter held his hands up in surrender. “You can’t freak out. If you freak out then…then I don’t know. Something bad,” he ran his fingers through his hair nervously and continued when you didn’t speak. “Remember like two weeks after we met, you took me on that trip? You know, to show me what I’ve been missing out on since I left Earth?” 

“Yes,” you replied slowly. 

“And remember when we did Vegas? You won all that money playing Blackjack and we celebrated with like…so much alcohol and we got really drunk and we had sex in the back of that limo–which, come to think of it was the first time we had sex and–”

“Peter. Focus.”

“Right, right,” he smiled sheepishly. “Well we got drunk. Really drunk. And actually you were way drunker than me because you can’t hold your liquor–”


His mouth snapped shut and he pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing in defeat. “We accidentally got married in Vegas, oops.”

You stared at him blankly. “What…?”

He pulled two rings out of his pocket and tossed them on the table before you. They were cheap looking. His was gold, though the paint was chipping off to reveal an ugly brown color underneath. Yours had a comically large faux diamond on it; something that looked like it could be found in a child’s dress-up jewelry box. 

“We got married. We’ve been married. We’re married. You were still blacked out the next morning. I hid everything. It was a panic move.” 

You tilted your head to the side. It should have been a lot of information to take in, but you were surprisingly okay with the whole thing. This definitely wasn’t the first time that you’d imagined your name with his behind it. Sure, you were irritated that he’d kept such a big secret from you, but in a way, it was sort of romantic. Or maybe you were just being stupid. It wouldn’t be surprising. You had, after all, apparently picked out that god awful ring. 

It sparkled in the light–as much as cheap plastic could–and you smiled. 

“I’ll only forgive you if you give me a proper proposal and a proper wedding.”

“Deal,” Peter said quickly in a breath of relief, and got down on one knee. He looked up at you and mirrored your smile. Perhaps this accident wasn’t such a bad thing, after all.

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Hi! Could you write more kit and junior + parswoops maybe?

“It’s called a date,” Kit explained, seeing the confused expression on Junior’s face. He was camped out by the doorway, hoping Kent would rub his belly again.

“What does that mean?”

“It usually means there’s someone he wants to impress,” Kit said, nodding his head towards where Kent was shaving through the open door of the ensuite bathroom.

“Who?” Junior asked predictably.

Kit shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“It looks like he’s just getting ready for a game,” Junior said as he watched Kent.

“Kent doesn’t wear cologne during pregame,” she said, wrinkling her nose. “And he hardly wears this shirt either,” she said as she flounced across the sheets to roll on the blue shirt that had been neatly laid on the bed. “Oooh, it’s so soft!”

She got in a couple of rolls before Kent came out of the bathroom to shoo her off of his shirt. “Kit!” He groaned at the cat hairs all over it. “I don’t have time for this.” He threw the shirt in the laundry basket and went back in his closet. Kit followed him and watched him as he went through the rainbow of shirts on his hangers. He pulled one out to consider, but she nipped him gently. “Hey,” he warned, shaking his leg.

“Don’t wear that one,” Kit said. He wisely put it back, and after several minutes, he finally settled on a dove grey shirt that Kit approved of.

“Tie or no tie?” Kent asked, holding two different ones up to his neck in the full-length mirror. “Is it too much?”

“No tie,” Kit meowed

“Tie!” Junior barked at the same time.

Kent decided to forgo the tie in the end.

“Ha! I win,” Kit crowed in victory. She smiled smugly at Junior who seemed like he couldn’t really care less, but Junior had grown to be bigger than Kit these days, and she had to get find other ways to reassert her dominance as top cat.

Kent, oblivious to their antics, suddenly swore and took off running down the hall and the stairs with his pets racing after him.

Kit and Junior dashed in the kitchen  just as Kent was opening the oven. He took out the salmon that Kit had drooled over earlier. “Shit,” Kent muttered as he half-threw the hot pan on a spread towel. “Shit,” he repeated again, which was never a good sign. Junior, ever the empathetic one, rubbed his head against Kent’s calf and barked softly at him.

“What’s wrong?” Junior asked when Kent had given him a quick pat. “What happened? Why is he sad now?”

“He overcooked the salmon,” Kit replied, washing a paw calmly.

“Does that mean he won’t have any food? What if I share mine?”

Kit rolled her eyes and didn’t even bother to reply. Apparently, according to Junior’s logic, if Kent shares his food with him, then Junior should be able to share his food with Kent. Junior still hadn’t learned the dogs were the only ones who seemed to enjoy dog food.

Kent was already on the phone, by the sink, and this was Kit’s chance to jump on the stool before hopping on the island counter. “Hey, yeah, hi, could I order two of your salmon steaks with the works, potatoes, beans, and a throw in a salad too,” Kent said distractedly, but unfortunately, not distracted enough. He snaked an arm around Kit’s middle and grabbed her before she could reach her delicious prize.

“Just a little bite,” she protested, kicking her hind legs uselessly. “It’s not like you’re going to be eating it for dinner.”

“And I’ll pay you double if you can get that to me in the next half hour,” Kent said to the person on the phone, ignoring Kit’s irritated yowls.

Twenty-eight minutes later, the doorbell rang while Kent was vacuuming the couch and muttering about Kit’s shedding. Three minutes and forty-six seconds later, the doorbell rang again, and Kent looked up with wide, panicked eyes. “Shit! Shit, shit shit.” He finished dumping the foil tin of potatoes onto a nice platter before wiping his hands on a dish towel.

Kit waited for him to leave, but Kent was smarter than she gave him credit for because he kicked her and Junior out of the kitchen. Junior was already two steps ahead of Kent as he ran full speed ahead to the front door, yipping excitedly. Kit begrudgingly followed, only because she wanted to see who Kent had dressed up for.

She was disappointed to find Swoops standing on the other side with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his basketball shorts. “Never mind,” Kit muttered to Junior. “It’s not a date after all.”

“It’s not?” Junior cocked his head and looked up the humans.

“It’s just Swoops,” Kit said as she stalked away with her tail in the air. “And he’s dumber than a box of rocks.”

“Oh, was I supposed to dress up too?” Swoops asked in confusion, taking in Kent’s outfit.

“Uh, no. I just haven’t had time to change yet. I just got back from my…um… accountant,” Kent replied.

Kent made some half-hearted excuse as he dashed back upstairs to change, and left Swoops in the living room with Junior and Kit. Swoops and Kit regarded each other warily. She was considering jumping on him just to rile him up, but he already knew the tricks to avoid her claws. Junior, on the other hand, was currently trying to show Swoops his new toy.

When Kent came back, he was wearing faded jeans and a grey t-shirt that Kit had seen him wear countless times before. “So, uh, food?” he asked.

Kit sat on the island and watched while Kent and Swoops ate. Normally, at this time, she would probably be napping, but the suspense of whether the two of them was going to going to admit their mutual attraction was too riveting to miss. It reminded her of the daytime soap operas she watched with Kent when he’d sprained an ankle and was forced to stay home for weeks while it healed. The only thing missing was the evil twin bursting in, or something to that effect. Maybe, Swoops had a crazy ex-wife that everyone thought was dead.

Swoops certainly looked shifty enough as he stared at the food that was laid out. Finally, part way through dinner, he set his fork down. Junior, who had camped out on the floor, waiting for food to “accidentally” fall, perked up.

“Is everything okay?” Kent asked.

“Uh,” Swoops replied as his gaze flickered between Kent and the bottle of wine. “Parser, is this a date?” he asked. His tone was light and joking, but Kent’s eyes widened.

“Uh,” he said as he started to panic. “I–”

It was Swoops’ turn to freeze, and for a long moment of silence neither of them did anything. “You should have told me,” Swoops finally said, wiping his mouth on the napkin one final time before getting up.

“I didn’t– I mean– wait!” Kent caught up with Swoops before he opened the front door. Kit and Junior followed them. “Jeff,” he said softly. Kit could hear that hitch in his voice which meant her night was probably going to be busy licking and cuddling Kent if this didn’t go well. “It doesn’t have to be. I mean, it’s not. It’s not a date.”

“It is though. I should have realized it sooner,” Swoops sighed. “I’m sorry, Kent.”

This time, Kent didn’t stop him when he left. He stood there for a long time, not even responding when Junior whined sadly and nudged him. Eventually, he moved stiffly in the living room. Junior dropped the remote on Kent who automatically turned it on and stared at it blankly. Kit sat in his lap and cuddled up to him, but it even that wasn’t cheering him up.

“I fucked up,” he said a moment later with no emotion.

“The next time I see him, I’m going to bite him,” Kit promised cheerfully. Kent didn’t reply; it was too bad he didn’t understand her because he would definitely smile at that. “Also, I’m going to claw him.”

The light gradually dimmed until the living room was only lit by the flickering TV and the streetlights outside. Junior and Kit could hear the sound of an engine long before Kent could. Junior was the first to jump off the couch and climb up on the arm chair that Kent had pushed against the window. “Swoops is here?” he barked.

“What?” hissed Kit. “He came back!?”

“He’s back,” Junior confirmed.

She sat up quickly in anger and agitation as she tried to think of a word to properly express how she felt. “Fuck!”

Junior looked back her curiously. “What does that word mean?”

“I have no idea,” Kit admitted. “Kent says it all the time when he mad, or sad, or… excited?”

The doorbell rang, but Kent made no move to answer it. It wasn’t until the banging started that he started push Kit off. “No,” Kit meowed. “Don’t answer it. Stay here with me!” She gave her best approximation of her “cute” face, but it didn’t have the effect she wanted on Kent.

In the front hall, Kit was ready to spring as soon as Kent opened the door. This time, she wouldn’t hold back her claws on Swoops. This was what he deserved for upsetting Kent. However, when the door opened again to reveal Swoops again for the second time that evening, he was wearing a suit. Kit was momentarily thrown, but Junior was already barking angrily up at Swoops.

“Stop,” Kent ordered. He held onto Junior’s collar and rubbed his back until Junior was calm enough to shut up. “What are you doing here?” Kent finally asked.

“I brought you these,” Swoops said, pulling out a bunch of flowers from behind his back. Kent’s jaw dropped, unable to come up with another reaction. “I know they’re not great, but the flower stand on the way here didn’t have a great selection.” After another pause, Swoops thrust them further towards Kent.

“You brought me flowers?” Kent said slowly, accepting the half-wilted blooms.

“Don’t accept them. It’s a trap,” Kit meowed. Everyone ignored her. Even Junior was glancing back and forth between Swoops and Kent.

Swoops scratched the back of neck. “It was a date. I didn’t realize it, but now I do.”

“Yeah, and you left,” Kent snapped.

“I was going to come back,” Swoops said, his brow furrowing. “Didn’t I say that?”


“Oh, well, I’m back now,” he said with a sheepish laugh.


“Because it’s still a date,” Swoops said slowly. The duh at the end of the sentence was heavily implied.


Swoops stepped closer and hesitantly reached out to touch Kent’s cheek. Neither of them spoke as they drew closer until they were kissing.

“Aw,” Junior gushed.

“Gross,” Kit complained,

She decided this was her cue to give them some privacy. “Let’s go,” she said to Junior. They went around the corner back to the living room. It was far enough away that she didn’t have to suffer through watching them make out, but close enough that she could still hear what was going on.

“Now, go get dressed. I’m taking you out,” Swoops said.

“But, we already ate.”

“Well, then I’m taking you out for dessert.”

“I’ve got a better idea for dessert,” Kent said. There was a slam of the door and heavy footsteps running up the stairs.

“Should we–” Junior started asking.

Kit immediately cut off that thought. “No! We are not going anywhere upstairs tonight.”


“Trust me on this, kiddo. You do not want to know how dates end.”

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Humans are weird.

Putting some of the things that humans do into words makes them sound weird. (made with @samlicker83 )

“Sometimes dirt gets trapped under our skin and shoots out like rockets after a couple of days.”

“We ride around in giant pieces of shaped metal and leather on wheels that we have to fill with decomposed liquidized dead things to keep it running.”

“Sometimes dust particles tickles these hairs in our nose and our nose becomes a snot canon.”

“We kill baby sheep to please the sky beings that keep our crops good”

“We cut out the genitalia of animals and others sometimes and require a lot of small pieces of green paper or invisible data points to do so.” “Why the fuck-” “For our own benefit and theirs.”

“Sometimes squishy flesh rocks form inside of us and slowly kill us.”

“Our young enjoy activities such as: climbing, playing, and fucking”

“We use plastic molds of other people’s genitals to please ourselves even though there is no advantage of doing so.”

“Some of them write stories about two humans of the same gender fucking and show it to many others to gather a following. They write the stories mainly for an audience who thinks the two people in the story should become mates for life.”

“We heat up sand and look out of it instead of going outside.”

“Sometimes we reproduce while others make a permanent record of it for others to see it. That’s a job for a lot of humans.”

“Having sex with the same gender is consider wrong until the words ‘no homo bro’ are said. Then everything is completely normal in societies eyes.”

“The females of our race bleed from their genitals annually and experience unsatiable hunger, rage, and stabbing pains in their bodies while that happens.”

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You Don't Say (Mike Faist X Reader)

WC: 2227

Warnings: Kinda angst, fluff, Will Roland sorta plays Cupid

Summary: An innocent lunch meet up between Will and Y/N sends a lovestruck Mike into a mildly jealous fury.

Tags: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: This was requested by an anon who wanted Mike and the reader crushing on each other and being super oblivious, and Mike flipping out when another guy hits on her. This is a little different, but I hope you enjoy it none the less.

“Yo! Y/L/N!” Mike called as he walked into my dressing room, earning a glare from me. “Someone’s excited.” Mike muttered and I rolled my eyes, walking up to him and takin a cup from the tray he carried.

“Why does mine have a heart on it?” I questioned, looking intently at the paper cup. “I got it requested, just for you.” Mike said, winking at me.

I shook my head gently, taking a sip from the coffee. “You’re such a nerd.” I muttered and Mike smiled brightly. “You know you love it.” He said, smirking at me.

“Whatever.” I said, smiling at Mike from behind my cup. “So, I have a proposition for you, Y/N/N.” Mike said and I put my cup down, glaring at him.
“I thought I told you not to call me that, Michael.” I said and Mike rolled his eyes.

“Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to come out with me after tonight’s show? I know a great little bar just down the road from here.” Mike said, draping himself across my couch.

“Why the hell not? I enjoy your company, Faist.” I said and Mike smiled, pulling me into a quick hug. “Awesome. Come find me after the show, Y/L/N.” Mike said, winking at me as he left my dressing room.

“Love you Y/N!” Mike called out as he walked down the hall, and I felt a heat rise in my cheeks. “Right back at ya Mike!” I shouted, sticking my head out of my dressing room door.

“Ugh, get a room you two.” Olivia said as she walked past and I scowled at her. “Shut up Liv.” I said, and she laughed to herself. “I’m serious. You two are so in love with each other.” Olivia retorted, and I felt my cheeks flush pink.

Olivia gasped dramatically and poked my cheek. “She’s blushing, ladies and gentlemen. That can only mean one thing! She’s in love!” Olivia said, in a very over the top commentator voice.

“Sometimes I question why we’re friends, Puckett.” I said and Olivia pouted, looking up at me with puppy dog eyes. “Whatever. Seeing as I’m going on for Kris, you’ll go on for Laura. You cool with that?” Liv said and I nodded, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Awesome. I’ll leave you alone, but a word of advice. Ask Mike out. The boy adores you, Y/N.” Liv said and I felt my cheeks burn as I shoved her out of my dressing room.

My phone buzzed and I picked it up, chuckling at the message that illuminated my phone screen.

From: Mikey 😉

Hey Y/L/N. Meet me outside my dressing room at 9:45. We can head off from there. Also, don’t pull an MLB and wear your mic belt out.

I shook my head, remembering when Michael had left home with his mic belt still on. “Y/N! Hey girl!” Will called and I rolled my eyes, gesturing for him to come in.

“What do you want, Roland?” I said and Will fake pouted. “I’m truly hurt, Y/N. Anyway, I was wondering if you, uh, maybe wanted to go grab something to eat?” Will asked, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Sure. Is anyone else coming?” I asked and Will tentatively shook his head. I felt my cheeks heat up a little but I smiled at him. “I’d love to. You got anywhere in mind?” I asked, standing up from my couch.

“I know this little deli that makes a mean Rueben.” Will said and I chuckled, grabbing my jacket and closing my dressing room door behind me.

“You know I love a good Rueben.” I said and Will laughed, shoving his hands in his jacket pockets. “So, I heard that you’re going on for Laura tonight. You nervous?” Will said, and I smiled to myself.

“A little. I’ve always gone on for Kris, so I’m comfortable as Alana. Also, I’ve got plenty of scenes with you when I’m playing Alana, which just makes my night.” I said and Will’s cheeks flushed pink at my comment.

“Thanks.” Will said, giving me a half smile. I returned it and walked a little closer to him, the early October winds crisp. “You cold?” Will asked and I nodded, shivering a little.

“Here. Take this.” Will said, taking off his scarf and handing it to me. “I don’t want you getting cold.” I said, shoving the scarf back in Will’s direction. “Just wear it Y/N.” Will said, a determined look on his face.
“Ok, ok.” I muttered, draping the scarf around my shoulders. It did warm me up, and it smelled like Will. I paused, my eyes widening as I began to process what was happening.

Taking me to this obscure little deli for my favourite sandwich, giving me his scarf, the constant blush on his face. Oh my god, this is a date. At least, he thinks it is.

“Here we are!” Will’s voice interrupted my thoughts, and I mustered up a smile as we walked through the door. The deli was small and homey, in a way, and the decor made it look like something straight out of the 50’s.

“You really do know how to choose a restaurant, Roland.” I said, shrugging off my coat and Will’s scarf and draping them over the back of a chair.

“Thanks. I’ve been in here a few times before, and I thought you’d like it.” Will said and I nodded, smiling widely at him. “I take it you’ll want a Rueben.” Will said, looking at me with a smirk.

“You know me too well. Also, you’ve kinda talked up this deli, so.” I said and Will laughed, his glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose. “I guess so.” Will flagged down a waiter and ordered two Reuben sandwiches, a caramel latte and a hot chocolate.

“Hey. Can I ask you something?” I said bravely and Will nodded, resting an elbow on the table. “Is this, uh, is this a date?” I asked, stammering slightly. Will’s eyes widened and I suddenly felt very nervous.

“You thought this was a date?” Will said and I nodded slowly, hoping I hadn’t just ruined our friendship. “I haven’t been on many dates, but you gave me your scarf and you brought me to this out of the way place. Not to mention it’s just the two of us.” I rambled, waving my hands about awkwardly.

Will chuckled, looking at me with raised eyebrows. “I’m sorry if you thought this was a date. I just wanted to treat you to a little something before tonight’s performance. You looked a little nervous.” Will said and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“Oh thank god. I just didn’t want to jeopardise our friendship, or.” I said and Will waved his hands about, a smirk on his face. “Also, you’re so in love with Mike it isn’t funny. Oh, don’t look surprised. Everyone knows.” Will said, picking up on my shocked expression.
“Even though I’m quite annoyed right now, those sandwiches look delicious.” I said, pointing to the waiter who was carrying a tray with our food and drinks on it. We got our order, and I swear it was the best sandwich I have ever had.

“I shouldn’t have doubted you for a second. This is an incredible sandwich.” I said, my mouth half full of food. Will snorted and I glared at him. “I told you it was the best.” Will retorted, a smug look on his face.

We finished our food and paid the bill (Will paid, just to spite my whole date idea), and began the walk back to the theatre. We chatted about random things the whole way back, and before we knew it we’d arrived.

“Thanks for that. I had a great time.” I said, handing Will his scarf back. “It was no problem treating my favourite gal to something nice.” Will said and I rolled my eyes, punching his shoulder.

“Whatever Roland.” I said, pulling him into a brief hug. I suddenly heard something drop, and I broke the embrace swiftly. “You should probably check that out.” Will said, kissing my forehead briefly.

I waved goodbye before turning to see where the sound had come from. I noticed a discarded box on the floor, and picked it up to see that there was a tag with my name on it.

In that crazy, loopy handwriting I loved so much it read “To Y/N. Happy kinda debut as Zoe! Love, Mike.” I cursed internally and picked up the box, rushing to my dressing room and setting it down on my bench.

“Mike! Mike!” I called, hoping he’d respond. When I didn’t get a reply I took in a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart. I went to his dressing room and knocked hesitantly on the door.

I didn’t get a reply, but I wasn’t ready to give up just yet. “Michael Faist. Open the goddamn door!” I said, banging on it with my fist.

I stepped away when I heard the doorknob creak, and took in a deep breath. “Come in.” Mike muttered, a defeated look on his face.

I walked in, the familiar room suddenly feeling alien to me. “Do you want something, Y/N? Shouldn’t you be off with Will?” Mike muttered, a dark look on his features.

“I just wanted to check in. You looked pretty upset before.” I said gently and Mike chuckled darkly, shaking his long hair out of his face.

“Well, I’m all good now, and clearly you’re perfectly fine.” Mike said and I looked at him strangely, frowning slightly. “What do you mean, Mike?” I asked and Mike shook his head.

“I’m surprised you don’t know. Why don’t you go ask Will?” Mike spat, his words full of a venom I’d never heard him use before.

“What the hell are you on about?” I said, my voice increasing in volume. “You and Will! You two are just the epitome of happiness, aren’t you?” Mike shouted, his hands flying about frantically.

“Will and I aren’t dating, Mike!” I shouted, and even though it was the truth, Mike clearly didn’t believe it.

“You can say that, but I saw you two all cozied up in the foyer. You were wearing his scarf, and you just looked… happy. A happiness I hadn’t seen before.” Mike said, his voice softening towards the end of the sentence.

“Mike, listen to me. Will and I aren’t dating. We just got lunch together, as friends. Friends do that sometimes.” I said and Mike looked at me, hope glimmering in his eyes.

A silence settled over the room, and I awkwardly shifted, fidgeting with the hem of my shirt. “Y/N.” Mike whispered, and I looked up to see him standing almost directly in front of me.

I felt my cheeks heat up and my heart started pounding, Mike’s breath fanning over my face. “Yes?” I said, my hands shaking a little. Mike didn’t respond, and I suddenly felt disappointed.

That disappointment ceased when I felt Mike’s lips on mine, a sudden feeling of euphoria washing over me. I snaked my arms around his waist, fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

Mike’s hands cupped my face, and his slightly calloused fingers caressed my cheeks. His lips were soft, and they fit against mine perfectly, like two pieces of a puzzle.

The kiss finished as soon as it had begun, and I immediately missed the feeling of Mike’s lips on mine. “I may have overreacted, in hindsight.” Mike said and I laughed softly, resting my forehead against his.

Mike’s hands left my face, and he situated them around my neck. “You don’t say.” I replied, holding Mike’s waist gently.

“Either way, I think we can safely say that you and Will aren’t dating.” Mike said and I nodded, bringing him into another kiss. Before anything could heat up, we were interrupted by applause from the doorway.

We broke apart, and I turned to see Will leaning against the doorframe, a wide smile on his face. “I heard shouting, so I thought I’d check up on you two. Clearly, I shouldn’t have worried.” Will said, gesturing to us with his hand.

“Well, I guess we kinda have you to thank for this.” I said and Will looked at me quizzically. “Mike, I have found out, is the jealous type.” I said and Mike’s cheeks went bright red as Will’s jaw dropped.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll just say you’re welcome.” Will said, winking at us. I chuckled, and I felt Mike slip his arm around my waist.

“Thanks, I guess.” Mike said and I chuckled, pecking his burning cheek. “Ok, that’s my cue to leave. See you guys later!” Will said, his voice trailing off down the hall.

“You should go.” Mike said, gesturing in the direction of my dressing room with his head. “Yeah. I’ll see you very soon.” I said, chastely pressing my lips to Mike’s.

“Bye Y/N.” Mike said, reluctantly letting go of me. I blew him a kiss as I walked away, a dumb smile plastered on my face. “Bye Mike.” I muttered to myself, feeling happier and lighter than ever before.

Kiseok; Till death do us part

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[LISTEN TO SAY YOU WON’T LET GO BY JAMES ARTHUR- heavily influenced by it]

Kiseok remembered meeting you for the first time.

You were flustered, red eyes, tears stained cheeks and your hair a perfect mess, but you were beautiful in the baby blue dress. You had a flower in your hair and it only accentuated your adorable dimples; the left one deeper than the right one. There was something about the disproportionate symmetry of your dimples that grew on Kiseok. It was what made him stared at you longer than any girls that night. You were a friend of a friend, and had somehow stumbled upon him on his friend’s wedding night.

It was a happy day for the couple, the bride your best friend but you were seated at the end of the room always cradling a glass of scotch trying so hard to fake a smile.

He saw right through you, especially when you laughed (like twinkling stars) when he threw a line your way.

“Believe me, you don’t want this mess.” You weren’t subtle in rejecting his advances but you accepted his company graciously— even when you were too drunk for words. He had managed to ask for a dance and when his hands were carefully wrapped around your waist. He knew that he wanted to take care of you that no other man would ever be responsible for your tears, except for him. He wanted to be responsible for you.

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anonymous asked:

Could I possibly request team prime's reaction to their s/o using cardboard boxes and paint to dress up as them for Halloween? :)

Man, now I’m wishing it was Halloween now. I miss the spook time…

Optimus Prime is all *heart eyes* he has no words, he’s just smiling like a goof. You are so precious, so smol. He’ll happily take you out for trick-or-treating. 

Ratchet snorts and rolls his eyes. Don’t worry, he thinks it’s endearing. At the very least, he tells you, you’ll be easy for cars to spot with that bright orange. He tells you to be careful out in the dark and don’t eat to many sweets; he’s not going to be sympathetic if you give yourself a stomach ache.

Bulkhead is between laughing and blushing. He compliments the quality of your costume and offers to drive you to haunted houses- hey, why not use the groundbridge to go to some all around the world? He’ll make sure you and Miko have a good spook night.

Bumblebee gushes over your costume. Look, a little him! That is so cute! He takes you and Raf trick-or-treating and plays horror games with you both back at base, all curled up in blankets.

Arcee raises a brow  and smiles. Well, don’t you look cute? She thinks you’re a bit old for trick-or-treating (never!) but will take you to one of those haunted trails. She’s down for a horror movie marathon, too.

Wheeljack says “hello handsome” ;) He swings by the store with you and you chill in the jackhammer with loads of candy and he tells you horror stories. He’s good at it, too.

Smokescreen thinks you look AWESOME and now he has to dress up as you. You help him with his costume and take goofy pictures. Then you two get everyone together for spooky story telling and s’mores (”what are s’mores? some more of what?) 

I have worn heels before, and I enjoyed them. I think I was probably 9 years old the first time I wore them. I’m the youngest of five kids, and my siblings and I had something called the “Dress-Up Box.” We made a lot of home movies and always acted and made plays and stuff. For whatever reason, they loved me in drag, and a lot of the time they would put me in a cheerleading outfit or a dress and heels, so I was very accustomed to it.
—  Brendon Urie explains his own personal history with wearing heels via
A United Front

TITLE: A United Front (Rise for Your King P2)
WORDS: 2,252 


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A Tent Under The Stars 🌍✨

After Will was released from hospital, Joyce innocently assumed that gradually, things would go back to normal. She would arise to the sweet smell of pancakes and eggs being made by Jonathan. She would admire Will’s latest drawings, and help him to come up with a backstory for each and every creature he drew. She thought things would go back to normalcy, but she couldn’t have been more wrong.

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