the drearies

This the look of a woman, mother, wife, friend who has basically drained herself of every ounce of energy and “give-a-shit” she has. It’s been a rough week. I have not done anything significant for my self care. No yoga. No reading. No crafting. No face to face friend time. I feel dark and dreary and have such bad self energy.

Tonight is for me. Once kids go to bed. It’s me. I don’t care what is left to do. It can wait.

I know better than to drain myself like this. It takes such a toll on my body and mindset. But I think I’m getting better at recognizing it and knowing how to proceed. I don’t feel like being nice to myself. I feel like drinking a shit ton of wine and feeling sorry for myself while eating everything in sight. Instead, I plan to do my nails, do some yoga and have some tea and watch Netflix maybe. Or maybe I’ll knit. Or read a good book. I will be kind to myself.

Cresswell Soulmate AU

So I took this fic off the hands of the beautiful @lovelunarchron 1-2 weeks ago and I wrote part of it, deleted it and re-wrote it, so here it is.

TITLE: Letters and Numbers

SHIP: Cresswell

\Soulmate AU//\ Dedicated to lovelunarchron //\ On one wrist, you get your soulmates initials, on the other you get a timer  //\ Cress is 19, Thorne is 23 // 1,891 words

00:00:07:33:56 CKT

Were the letters and numbers Cress bore across her wrists at 12:00 on a dreary Friday when she had no classes. She sat at her desk, typing at her computer and trying to drown out the sound of her roommate. Scarlet wasn’t a bad roommate, but Cress really didn’t want to hear her talk over the phone to Wolf. Their timers had ticked to zero while Scar went clubbing a month ago and, although they made a cute (albeit scary) couple, Cress was beginning to be extremely pestered by their late night conversations and mushy cuddles when she was trying to code and hack.

“Okay… I’ll see what I can do… I’ll try, but I’m doubtful she’ll give in… Okay. Bye. I love you.” Cress hears Scarlet hang up the phone and sighs. How does she even have the money to talk for an hour and a half.

“Hey, Cress,” Scarlet asks softly, making Cress turn her chair around. “Do you want to go to Z’s club tonight?” she asks softly, coming and perching herself on the edge of Cress’ desk.

“I would rather not.”

“C’mon. Please Cress. What time does your clock say?”

“11 and a half hours. Why would I want to go and third-wheel with you and your soulmate? I’ve done that for a very long time with all my friends and, don’t get me wrong, I think Wolf is good for you, but I just… I just don’t want to go.” Scarlet sighed.

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Dancing to the Rain (TJeffs x Reader)

Prompt: None, it’s just been raining non stop here so

Summary: The day is dreary and you keep complaint. Which is Keeping Thomas from working.

Warnings: Rainy days

A/N: It’s raining a real hecking lot so this was born.

It had been raining for three days.
If it didn’t let up soon you were moving.
“It’s been raining for three days, if I doesn’t let up soon I’m moving.” You said as you sat on a window seat in Monticello. You were wrapped in one of Thomas’ shirts and a jacket and three blankets.
“Where would you go?” He asked as he continued to work.
“Alexander’s place. I haven’t see Eliza in a while, I’m sure she’d love to have me over.” When you’d said the name of his most hated rival he looked up from his papers. If looks could kill you’d be dead three times over.
“I’m just joking, dear.” You told him and he rolled his eyes.
“It’s just so dreary, I hate it. It never rained like this in Georgia.”
“Read a book.” Thomas suggested.
“I’ve read all the ones in your library.” You groaned and continued to look out the window. He didn’t say anything for a moment. Then you heard his chair scraping across the floor and his footsteps coming closer to you.
“Come on.” Looked up at him, his hand stretched out for you to take.
“Let’s dance.” You looked at him incredulously. You grabbed his hand anyways and stood.
“But I’m barely dressed and the windows are open,” You protested. He rolled his eyes at you and shook his head.
“You’re the one complaining about how dreary the day has been.” He said pulling you close and putting his hands on your hips. You put a hand on his shoulder and rested your head against his chest and danced to the music of the rain.

The march here turned out to be much larger than the organizers anticipated! There were about 5,000 people! The speeches were given by a diverse group of women and offered a variety of viewpoints. One African-American woman chastised the crowd, asking where we’ve been during the BLM marches, and stating that white women have often fought for their own agenda at the expense of black women. I’ve been thinking a lot about what she said, and thinking about ways I can be a better ally and listener.

The weather was ridiculously gorgeous - 65 and sunny! We’ve had what feels like months of grey, dreary weather. The sun was so intense I skipped the shape note sing and went home to take a nap. I packed up more kid stuff. Our living room and kitchen are starting to look less cluttered. I’ve just been dumping stuff in the kids’ room, with the plan to eventually organize everything in there. I ordered new curtains, and have some plans for making our apartment look nicer. Less grad students with kids and more like grown-ups live here. I miss having an apartment with “good bones.” At least, if you have shitty IKEA furniture people can still ooh and ah over the high ceilings and crown molding. This apartment doesn’t offer much (anything) in the way of architectural details.

3.29.16+1:45pm // 26/100 days of productivity // the very kind @men-bong asked if i could post more doodle ideas, so here’s another doodle reference sheet! looks a lot like the first one but trust me; it’s very different! also, it’s a little dreary today. i feel like staying in and snuggling up with just the fairy lights on.

song of the day: “winter” - mree

All the wonderful, generous things Newt has done

-Rescued Frank the Thunderbird from abusive captivity and went on a boat ALL THE WAY TO America just to return him to his natural habitat

-Tried very hard to save the life of a little girl who had developed an Obscurius (and he was genuinely heartbroken he couldn’t save her)

-Tried to do the same with Credence–and almost succeeded. Stupid MACUSA!

-Gave Jacob the collateral he needed to start his bakery. I think he could relate to Jacob being stuck in a dead-end factory job. In the meta-canon, Newt got stuck in a low-paying, dreary Ministry job before he got to be a magizoologist. Newt got to chase his dream, and it was very sweet that he helped Jacob do the same. 

-Helped Tina get her old job back. (I just realized that Newt has been a blessing for both Tina and Jacob’s careers!)

Anyway, Newt is a very generous and caring person, and he’ll go above and beyond for those he considers friends, or those he sees downtrodden, rejected and abused by others, and needing help (i.e. the beasts, the girl in Sudan, Credence).

They dropped some very heavy hints about what happened between Newt and Leta–something that clearly still weighs heavily on him. 

“She’s a taker. You need a giver.”

Newt is a giver. He’s very giving. As wonderful of a trait that is… it’s easy to take advantage of. You can probably think of similar scenarios from your own life. And that’s probably exactly what Leta did. 

Anyway, I can’t wait to meet Leta.