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huge film rec list
  • films about teenagers and coming of age: ghost world, a bronx tale, the breakfast club, girl interrupted, perks of being a wallflower, blue is the warmest color, rushmore, the last picture show, the virgin suicides, submarine, stand by me.
  • films about running away from home to find yourself: frances ha, spirited away, moonrise kingdom, 127 hours.
  • films about transgression, nihilism, and altering reality: fight club, american psycho, donnie darko, naked, the matrix, the piano teacher, martyrs.
  • films about finding your passion: kiki’s delivery service, american beauty, reality bites, school of rock, harold and maude.
  • films about drugs and existentialism: requiem for a dream, enter the void, trainspotting, spun, fear and loathing in las vegas, the trip, christiane f. 
  • films about deconstructing the manic pixie dream girl trope: scott pilgrim vs. the world, amelie, fucking amal, paper towns, shame, annie hall.,  500 days of summer.
  • films about punk rock: sid and nancy, we are the best!, jubilee, rock n roll high school, suburbia, the runaways, rocky horror picture show, ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains. 
  • films about lesbians: fucking amal, bound, saving face, blue is the warmest color, heavenly creatures, the kids are all right, high art
  • films about unconventional love: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, adventureland, silver linings playbook, amelie, lars and the real girl, when harry met sally, lost in translation.
  • films about art & artists: the antics roadshow, ai weiwei: never sorry, fame high, just like being there, woodmans, who the fuck Is jackson pollock, jean-michel basquiat: the radiant child, my kid could paint that, mona lisa smile
  • films about girl best friends: thelma & louise, spring breakers, thirteen, pitch perfect, dreamgirls, mystic pizza, the last days of disco, frances ha

message me for any requests!

Things I hope happen with Mystery Girl

Pearl eventually ends up calling her, and in their conversations drops these really confusing fact, “oh yes, Shakespeare, I remember him. What an odd man to become famous”, and mystery girl is so confused. 

Pearl bringing her new phone on missions and answering mid battle. Pearl slowly coming to understand humans, not just as Rose saw them but forming her own understanding.

Mystery Girl eventually goes to visit the Pearl and asks Pearl where she lives and has to clarify, “did you just say the giant temple on the beach? … does that have an address”

Visiting without saying anything to surprise Pearl, and showing up during a sword fighting lesson, where Garnet meets her at the temple and takes her via warp pad to the cloud arena, and mystery girl sees Pearl teaching children how to fight in this ancient floating arena and it finally hitting her that she is dating an alien.

talking to Pearl afterwords like: “You’re an actual alien!!” “Yes… didn’t I say that?” “I THOUGHT YOU MEANT YOU WERE FOREIGN” 

Seeing fusion for the first time, talking to Garnet about it and then going straight to Pearl and blurting out, “I want to try fusion” and pearl just starts stammering and agrees. 

Learning about the gem war, about how pearls were servants, and constantly telling Pearl how much she is worth on her own. 

tbh i see a lot of womenz complaining about the joseph ending and a lot of menz defending it

a lotta of women saying that they were lied to about the tone of the game, that they just wanted to play a non-confrontational story about cute men in their fluffy little relationships

lotta men reading josephs rout as a cautionary tale about a very real thing that happens in the lgbt community, on par with a lot of the other emotional bombshells that are dropped in other routs

lotta women raging about how this isnt good enough for them and the project should be boycotted

lotta men saying “well its not like we have a lot to choose from”

funny that. 

Imagine if you will:

Agent Maine with thick dark hair. Hair he is actually kinda proud of. But then enter Sigma. With his ai, Maine starts to feel pain. It hurts. It doesn’t stop. Nothing the doctors do makes it stop. Maine starts pulling at his hair. At least that pain distracts him from the headaches, though it also starts forming bald spots. But it still hurts. It still doesn’t stop.

To counter this destructive behavior those of the project decide to shave his head. And it stops the hair pulling but it doesn’t stop the headaches. It just doesn’t.

The Meta doesn’t care about his hair. Doesn’t care about pain. Maine does. And it still hurts. All the voices. They just don’t stop. Soon Maine finds himself with his hair back, but only in patches. He is only in left with patches.

Nothing helps. The pain is still there. Until one day it isn’t.

last night I had a dream I owned a huge-ass grove of maple trees (which were called cherry trees but they were most definitely maple trees) and seto fucking kaiba was trying to bully me into selling my trees so he could build a kaibacorp office or something. 

me being the brat I am told him exactly where he could shove that office building and said fuck off and when he tried to argue with me dark necrofear?? showed up from behind a tree??? and she slapped him across the face so hard he fell onto the ground as she bent over and screamed at him don’t take his fucking trees

i should probably avoid pain medication before bed.

Okay - so I’m going to throw this into the Bughead!void.

There aren’t very many fics where Juggie is the murderer. 

In fact, Fugue is one of the few I’ve ever seen even a Dark!Juggie (and when I say Dark! I mean like dark stalker Juggie). Maybe it’s my love for American Horror Story - but can someone please write me a dark dark Juggie. Like a Jug who might be a little more than just a tiny bit sociopathic? A Jug who doesn’t have a problem maiming someone (especially if they’re gonna hurt/hit on/be involved with Betty) - and who plots and plans and is dark!? Still the writer, broody, sardonic Jug we love… only a bit more like Dexter?

I mean - I don’t want him to ever hurt Betty - He LOVES Betty and would hurt anyone who even looked at her funny let alone touches her - and I’d even go so far as putting it out there that Betty could be a little bit dark herself (especially if we don’t know about it at first and it’s a surprise even to Juggie) but seriously - Dark!Jug is a severely underutilized trope in this fandom and a story like that, if done well, could be a freaking amazing epic piece of fanfictional literature. And I’m here for it. 

At least, I know /I/ would love it anyway. Anyone want to just write ME a story?


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