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There were scenes in the script depicting much more blatant sexual relations between the characters of Matthew and Theo, but they were not filmed. Director Bernardo Bertolucci said, “The gay sex was in the first script, but I had a feeling that it was just too much stuff. It became redundant.” Actor Michael Pitt said in an interview, “It was in the script and it’s what I’d signed to do. But they said we weren’t going to do that.”

To the fighters, the protectors, the dreamers,

MOMS that undertake long journeys and brave horrifying conditions in the hopes of saving their babies. 

On board rescue ships, in bombed-out hospitals, in day long roadside labors, in sweltering heat and numbing cold,

we witness the depths of courage in the women we help.

We rejoice in the naming of a new little loved one.

Moms around the world, we salute you. Happy Mother’s Day