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Kpop Fans on Black Music

By black music, I’m talking about African American music; probably the only black music that’s recognized globally. Not just the music, but the dances, too. Now although it’s enjoyed, there are many people out there who despise the music as well as the dance, because of their prejudice against black people AND their culture. Sweet, right? Many people say that black artists’ music contains no substance, is extremely vulgar, and just straight up horrible. Now I know there are people who don’t really like jazz, rap, or R&B, for example, and I get that (I know black music is more than just those three but those are the most popular). I’m not into R&B that much myself (more of a rap fan). But there’s just something about, “Western artists aren’t real artists and their music sucks,” “Korean rappers rap better than any rapper in the USA,” and, “Hip Hop is just a concept” that ticks me the hell off, and I’m not even African American. I’m black, but from the Caribbean. My music and shit is different, but I do enjoy American music. This is just something I noticed and felt like making a post about it. “Western Artists aren’t real artists and their music sucks.” Bitch…Now we all know what kind of an idiot talks like that. Well, at least I do. It’s always Kpop fans that say that shit. I would say Jpop fans do, too, but I don’t know shit about Jpop or people who listen to it, so I’m going to stay mute on that. Anyway, a lot of kpop fans have this stigma against western artists (white and black people). Why? I’m not quite sure. I mean, a lot of their Kpop faves are inspired by the stage presence and hard work of Michael Jackson and the clear, almost perfect voice of Whitney Houston. Most Kpop idols aren’t even up to par with those late stars. These are facts. Name a Kpop idol that changed the dance game for the rest of our world. Name a kpop idol that can hit more notes and hold more tunes than Miss Whitney Houston. I’ll wait. No, really, I’ll wait. *sits on bench with Dunkin Donuts coffee* I honestly cannot stand when they say Western music sucks. Bitch, western music is versatile as hell. That radio shit? It’s just that: radio shit. We all know every Kpop group or idol whatever releases the most annoying sounding song in hopes that they’ll ingrain the annoying pop chorus of their songs into our brains. Everyone does it. Bitch, if western music was so horrible, you most likely wouldn’t even know what a fucking Kpop IS. Kpop is a rip off of western music. Does “Blood, sweat, and tears” sound EASTERN to you? NO. That shit sounds WESTERN with KOREAN WORDS. No hate to BTS though. They’re my top bias group. Love them. The song is GOOD. But, it also has western elements. They got inspired. So…You know what else inspires Kpop? Rap music. The shit most non black kpop fans hate; which is odd considering they love GDragon, T.O.P, Zico, and CL (just to name a few mainstream rappers in Korea). They cream their pants when they hear these people rap, and swear up and down that they’re “cool”. 😐😐

Here’s what I don’t get. A lot of these Kpop fans find rap/hip hop horrible, but like when Zico raps. Okay, cool. Here’s the part that fucks me up: Zico once said something *along the lines of* “I got black soul.” From what I’ve read, Koreans like to say shit like that to say they’re just as good as black people when it comes to probably anything involving dancing, rapping, and singing. Hmmmm….I’m not going to talk about how stupid and racist that is, because I’m sure that I don’t need to, but let’s talk about the fact that although it is completely fucked up, he’s still holding black rappers up to a completely high pedestal. What I’m saying is: *Kpop fans, stop hating on music you hate but deem decent/civilized when people who have nothing to do with its creation, shaping, and molding prance around a stage spitting nursery rhymes. These same people are actually inspired by all those rappers you call trash. Stay pressed.* (You know, I’ll probably make a post about how in Korea they hold black people to such a high pedestal when it comes to talent PERIOD [stereotype us but think it’s a compliment], but dehumanize us and use blackface in their media). I also hate when people use Hip Hop as a concept. A fucking concept. How is hip hop a concept? It’s a genre of music. These Kpop idols go out of their way to dress up (in horrible costumes) as “thugs” and exaggerate their gestures in music videos to fulfill their “concept.” They appropriate the fuck out of gang culture (that’s what people call it, gang culture). You know that also is just them stereotyping black people. *it’s not a concept* I don’t get why a lot of people in Kpop just don’t dress up in whatever clothing suits their personalities and individuality when they’re using hip hop elements in their music. They use different elements in their music all the time, but when hip hop is used, they go out of their way to get dollar store dreads and plastic braids and appropriate culture. Then, the Kpop fans think it’s “cool.” Then Kpop fans speak for black people and dismiss their anger to defend their faves. Like, okay. This is just one of the hardships us black Kpop fans have to go through. Just one. Many non black Kpop fans, as well as other black Kpop fans might read this and think I’m being a hater, you know how they usually do when a black Kpop fan points out racist bullshit. No ma'am. No. Just stating facts. This entire post is pure facts. Until next time. This has been ya girl, Jay-C.
Cultural Appropriation in Kpop and other media

I am so sick of non-blacks treating appropriation of dreads as nothing. Where are you guys when black people are told that their hair is not appropriate for jobs and school? Yall should be the first one in line to help us fight the discrimination we face for the “hairstyle”.

But yall are not because yall only care about how you can use our culture to make you look cool and edgy or weird and/or to make money off of it. You don’t actually care about the actual people that you steal from because if you did you would not do it.

An example is Jackson Wang because if he really cared, appreciated, and respected Black people as much as he says he does then he would have listened to members of the community and heard them out.

Most recently, Kai is cosplaying as someone from the African diaspora (in this case someone from Jamaica). He CHOSE his hairstyle because they were doing a island concept. He thought well since we are doing a reggae style song i should have “reggae” style. They ( the company and kai) could have easily done a island concept without the locks. The reason why most of yall non-black fans can’t understand that because you, yourself can not seperate the stereotypes from the people and yall live so far up the a** of your idol.
  • *flashback* Yoongi: You’re moving through the tall grass, getting a glimpse of the prey, the shoulders mostly, the mane. You prepare your rifle. You’re very quiet. And then there’s a moment. The wind changes, the grass stops swaying. The lion turns, looks at you. The moment you realize you are no longer the hunter, you are the prey.
  • BTS: ...And that's why we no longer disturb Yoongi when he's sleeping.