the dread red

“They screamed. We laughed.
They told us to stop. We continued.
They told us to go to hell. We sent them to hell.
They begged us to hack a thing. We refused and hacked them. 

So much screams.. So much ”please stop!” sentences… Zero fucks given. 

We had finally taken over them. Corrupted them to the max, making them suffer like we’ve been suffering for years. Now it’s their turn to feel the hellhole we’ve been feeling.


Revenge is sweet.”


It is finished! Finally finished! No matter how much I love doing flashes, it always feels so good do be finished! :D I started this some days before Christmas, so the work process have been about three weeks minus time for Christmas, New Years, exams and stuff.

I want to do some more animations right away!

I hope you like it! :)

Flash with infinity loop:

Art by me


Pinball Spring by Kevin MacLeod ( 

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Late Night Crew meets Persona 4

I was originally going to draw Cry as Vincent Brooks to celebrate his finishing of Catherine, but then everyone else come along. So, Persona. They’re both Atlus games, it’s fine. I love Persona 4. Love Persona 4 Golden backgrounds too. And first time drawing Minx, aye!


Also I’m not really a Snund shipper, I’m more along the lines of a sadistic jackass who revels in the torment of others. ^u^

And Russ had to be the sexy Latina. ^_^

Sweet baby leppy, how do people ink with a mouse all the time?! i ain’t got the attention span for this.

Speaking of procrastination~ this has been on my computer for a couple of months or so and i never got around to doing anything with it.

Would this be classified as a poster? yes? alrighty.