the dread dormammu

Baby Blue Eyes || Fitz and Hunter

>> @whiskeyandtwoshotglasses

It started innocently enough, with Fitz reading in a book they’d gathered during the search for a new portal, but he made the mistake of reading a passage aloud. At first, he didn’t realize what a Vishanti was or whether the dread Dormammu was some other name for the creature on Maveth, but once he felt his facial hair retract and the room get bigger, he knew something was wrong.

Before too long, Fitz was outgrown by a pile of his own clothing and tumbled out of the chair, seemingly around fifteen months old, bright blue eyes looking around in confusion. “No,” he frowned definitively, before saying it with more enthusiasm and a lot more frustration, not hearing that someone else had entered the lab. “No, no, no!”