the drawings turned out different than i wanted

they are out for blood (blue version)


mentioning his height is probably like a taboo in the house

yeah if you haven’t noticed before, the age differences in this au are slightly different from canon. I wanted the kids to be closer in age so I made the gap smaller (I mean Wendy is like, what, 6,7 years younger than Natsu and Gajeel? Yeah, I just didn’t want to make them teenagers here I guess)

alternative title for this post: everyone bullies Sting


Last sketches of the day. Red queen got me sketching like crazy.

First is of Maven Calore. He doesn’t look quite like I pictured him. The style turned out far more anime-esque than I would have liked. I’ll probably try to do a more realistic version of him and his brother once my skills are more honed.

Second is a quick doodle of Elara. I really just wanted to draw some dresses. I think I went through a dozen different designs, and I still think this is a little too “frozen” for my tastes but I got to draw a messy bun and stabby crown so it was fun. Again I’ll probably redraw at a later time. When I read her parts I always picture I kind of refined Charlize Theron crossed with Lena Headey’s Cersei kind of lady.

Anyway, more to come…hopefully. Forgive my inability to properly line anything. It’s a hatchy mess I know.

nightmaresans1  asked:

you can draw whatever emotion for nightmare just make him ina grumpy additude :)

Grumpy cat, check!

Actually, I kinda got overboard with this one. I swear I wanted it to be one of the poses from the expression meme, but it turned out completely different than expected. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nightmare Sans belongs to @jokublog


So… this turned out better than expected. I should paint more often.

I felt it might have gone differently if Frisk messed with Flowey at the start of Undertale. In the picture Frisk is pinching Flowey’s cheek, and ohmygosh didn’t you want to do that too? At least before you found out that Flowey’s a cute psychotic flower?

I don’t know. Enjoy, though :)

Speedpaint video:

Anonym hat gesagt: this is directed more at that anon than at you but it’s totally ok to depict roadhog as caring abut junkrat.

Anonym hat gesagt: whispers what if i said ur tender junkers was really nice and refreshing and i lived 4 it tho

y__y <3 !

Anonym hat gesagt: I want Junkrat, Roadhog, Tiny Tina and Gaige the Necromancer to be friends

i can totally see that ;_;!

Anonym hat gesagt: Heya wachtel I was just wondering, how long does an average piece take and how much do you draw a day??

this differs from piece to piece, really! sometimes the simplest things take me a day or two, then there are things that turn out greater than i thought and it only took me like 2 hours : c the average piece although with colors is like… 4 hours? and currently only the evening and night hours are for drawing x’c when i’m not too tired that is

Anonym hat gesagt: Do you think you can make a part 2 to the pic of Roadhog sucker punching Junkrat in the face? Perhaps a moping Junkrat, maybe even crying in secret, doing a poor job at treating his swollen and bruised cheek, avoiding Roadhog at any means, but Roadhog notices this and tries to make it up to him.

losing some more teeth… hehh… and when you look right under the pic where he punches him there is already a little little continue, nothing big though  

Anonym hat gesagt: hey! i was wondering, are you currently open for nsfw commissions? im in love with your junkhog stuff and would love to show my appreciation for more. thank you!

MMMmmmmmmmmmm ‘‘‘‘‘: ) commissions are closed atm actually but… i dont know… i think it depends on what you wanna see, write me in privat and i think we can talk about this !

Anonym hat gesagt: I can’t get over the fact that Roadhog can pretty much hold Junkrat’s torso and arms in one hand. It gives me unclean thoughts.

two-hand-grab because… ergh whatever, proportions are off anyway……. but yea same here anon T_T

Okay let’s give this a shot

There are a million reasons to write fanfiction.   The first fanfic I ever read was by my dad, and he wrote it because I told him to, on account of how the ending of Stuart Little as written distressed me, and I needed it to turn out different.  (I didn’t understand at the time that Margalo the bird was meant to be a symbol, rather than a person - I thought Stuart had lost his friend and his car, and that was no way to end a story, as friends are very rare and difficult to come by.)  An unbelievable amount of years later I wrote a fanfic about the feeling of having had just the one friend, because playing Undertale reminded me of that feeling, and I wanted to highlight that element of the game, to illuminate it, in the sense of drawing in its margins.  I think these are both pretty decent reasons to write fanfiction, but I also think all other reasons are pretty decent reasons to write fanfiction.  It’s a useful practice.  It’s a way to expel stuff that’s in your brain without having to worry too much about whether it’s art or truth or good or evil, because it’s fundamentally a limited act, a thing meant for a particular crew who know the colors in the palette you’ve chosen and will surf your context without asking questions.   We are weirded out by the Yudkowskis and E.L. Jameses of the world because they let the thing grow too big – it’s meant to be a cipher, a curio.  A present.  A bit of writing on a wall.

Of course, that’s what it means to me.   There are folks for whom it’s a basic human way of being creative – talkin’ about Milton’s epic fan-poetry, Plato’s habit of writing RPF about his buddies, Dante’s self-insert adventures in the apocrypha, and so forth. That’s pretty big.   There’s people who are into the possibilities of fanfic as a narrative form, or more accurately as a metanarrative form, as a place where fiction can actively tangle with its artifice and characters can fight their multitudinous authors.  And then there’s fanfic as a statement of identity.  Fanfic as rebellion, fanfic as reclamation.  Fanfic as politics.

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Lesson learned: Drawings turn out different especially when sick.

Hey everyone! I’m sorta back from my sickness but my school load has doubled… Anyways, heres a bit of Matthew to brighten up you day! I wanted to draw him in clothes other than his usual outfit! Hence this! 
I do have to apologize for the off-ish proportions and delay of works.

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Maybe I should do the other boys next~ hehehe~

-adds this prompt in my notebook filled with stuff to draw-




- Paypal only

- the *star on a price means that it is an optional addition to the work.

- Nothing nsfw, bare chest is fine but anything beyond that, I can not draw it

- Include a detailed explanation (as detailed as you can make it without turning it into a chore to read) of the character that you want me to draw if it is a character that I am not familiar with so that I know their personality(ex. OCs or characters from shows I don’t watch)

- If I am not familiar with the character you are commissioning me to draw, include a visual reference of the character, please don’t make me have to figure it out based on reading only.

- If you want anything special or different than what is listed on my commission sheet, we can discuss a price change (increase or decrease)

- If something you are asking me to draw makes me uncomfortable in any way, I have the right to say no and not give a detailed explanation as to why I am saying no to a commission request.

- Don’t send payment until everything is approved.

- Don’t be afraid to ask me questions if you have any!

- Send your commission info to this email:


All I wanna do

Is see you turn into


I was going to upload this sooner, but I wanted to wait until I finished Malachite so I could put all of them together. I drew Stevonnie before, but I didn’t want to include her here because it was in a totally different style than how these look. Overall, I really like how they came out, but my favorite one to draw was Sugilite :D

And I just realized that Opal is about to shoot her lol

Opal, Sugilite, Alexandrite, Malachite © Rebecca Sugar