the drawings turned out different than i wanted

Magic for Everyone

If you are a woman, you’re welcome at the table.
If you are a POC, start shuffling the deck.
If you follow a different faith than I, it’s your turn to roll the dice.
If you are trans or nonbinary, let’s bust out the playmats.
If you are gay, lesbian, bi, pan, or ace, I’ll cut your deck.
Weather you’re a child or a senior citizen, we’ll all draw 7.

If we ever call a judge, it’ll only be for silly rulings.
If our voices raise, it’ll only be from laughing.
If someone gets singled out, it’ll only be because they tried to Spike in a Timmy game.

I want my playgroup to be as diverse as the decks in it.

they are out for blood (blue version)

running-fox-leaping-lion  asked:

Could you do some more whose line stuff? I love the stuff you've posted <3

Actually I randomly started rewatching Whose Line and Improv-a-ganza recently so yeah! :D

I really wanted to reply to this with actuall drawing but it turns out that drawing someone I didn’t draw in few months in kinda different style is harder than I expected… But I have some small doodles! :D

I hope they’re okey~ This is the first time ever I made decent drawings of Greg and Chip and I personally love them~ XD

Also yes, I’ll draw more of them, hopefully~ Wouldn’t mind suggestions who to draw doing what (because drawing just faces in simple style may be a bit… repetitive~ :D)


So… this turned out better than expected. I should paint more often.

I felt it might have gone differently if Frisk messed with Flowey at the start of Undertale. In the picture Frisk is pinching Flowey’s cheek, and ohmygosh didn’t you want to do that too? At least before you found out that Flowey’s a cute psychotic flower?

I don’t know. Enjoy, though :)

Speedpaint video:

actually i had a slightly different colour-atmosphere in my mind when i started working on this, but…yeah, usually it ends up different than i first imagined and as long as it turns out ok it’s fine i guess :’)

this also is a super simple, boring motive but all i wanted to do is work with colours once again?? most of the time when i really got the urge to draw it’s because i want to create an atmosphere rather than an interesting motive ..or when i know an interesting motive then i want to make it even better with colours! just like i try with my pokémon-scenery art :‘3

nightmaresans1  asked:

you can draw whatever emotion for nightmare just make him ina grumpy additude :)

Grumpy cat, check!

Actually, I kinda got overboard with this one. I swear I wanted it to be one of the poses from the expression meme, but it turned out completely different than expected. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nightmare Sans belongs to @jokublog

anonymous asked:

I feel so bad looking at other people's art...Especially if their good...Do you have any tips on how to do anatomy and semi-anime faces likes yours? I want to improve, but I'm stopping myself...

Hello my friend! I am sorry you are feeling like that… drawing is difficult, and sometimes even when you put a lot of effort into it, things doesn’t turn out as you want. but the key is always not giving up!

For anatomy, I suggest you to browse my tutorial tag. some of them are a bit old and rusty, but you might find them useful!

for the faces, I am not sure what you’re looking for specifically so I prepared a gif where I sketch a face (hi mamo)

External image

every style is different but generally speaking, anime-like styles have usually bigger-than-usual eyes. as I said it depends, there are some authors that draws very small eyes but the anatomy of the face is anyway always over-exaggerated.
I tend to draw big eyes even when I try to draw them smaller, I guess that’s just my style (even tho I’d like to be able to draw older-looking characters with smaller eyes in a style similar to kizu natsuki’s).
another important thing is that there aren’t too many details on the face, often the nose is just sketched or even just a small dot, the mouth often doesn’t have visible lips and usually the only enhanced one is the bottom one

concluding the only thing i can say is that you probably still have to find a style that suits you. you should try to mimic other author’s styles until you find one you are comfortable with. from that, you can start to develop your own personal style

Good Luck!!  

Anonym hat gesagt: this is directed more at that anon than at you but it’s totally ok to depict roadhog as caring abut junkrat.

Anonym hat gesagt: whispers what if i said ur tender junkers was really nice and refreshing and i lived 4 it tho

y__y <3 !

Anonym hat gesagt: I want Junkrat, Roadhog, Tiny Tina and Gaige the Necromancer to be friends

i can totally see that ;_;!

Anonym hat gesagt: Heya wachtel I was just wondering, how long does an average piece take and how much do you draw a day??

this differs from piece to piece, really! sometimes the simplest things take me a day or two, then there are things that turn out greater than i thought and it only took me like 2 hours : c the average piece although with colors is like… 4 hours? and currently only the evening and night hours are for drawing x’c when i’m not too tired that is

Anonym hat gesagt: Do you think you can make a part 2 to the pic of Roadhog sucker punching Junkrat in the face? Perhaps a moping Junkrat, maybe even crying in secret, doing a poor job at treating his swollen and bruised cheek, avoiding Roadhog at any means, but Roadhog notices this and tries to make it up to him.

losing some more teeth… hehh… and when you look right under the pic where he punches him there is already a little little continue, nothing big though  

Anonym hat gesagt: hey! i was wondering, are you currently open for nsfw commissions? im in love with your junkhog stuff and would love to show my appreciation for more. thank you!

MMMmmmmmmmmmm ‘‘‘‘‘: ) commissions are closed atm actually but… i dont know… i think it depends on what you wanna see, write me in privat and i think we can talk about this !

Anonym hat gesagt: I can’t get over the fact that Roadhog can pretty much hold Junkrat’s torso and arms in one hand. It gives me unclean thoughts.

two-hand-grab because… ergh whatever, proportions are off anyway……. but yea same here anon T_T
Story Board for Dancing on My Own
Storyboard for Dancing on My Own by Calum Scott (I put a different song in the background for this because it's not finished and doesn't fit the song properl...

*I know Dancing on My Own was originally made by Robyn and I appreciate both versions, I just happened to pick the cover by Calum Scott*

Story Borad I put together for a music video project in my Film class :D (I put a different song bc its not fully complete and doesn’t fit the music!)

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Hey!! How are you doing? How are you feeling now? I'm glad you don't have anything really dangerous, I was really worried >.< are you resting properly? Taking medicines? I don't want you to get that even worst... And if you want, can you draw Suga and Daichi resting forheads in one another? I'm sorry I don't know how to express this, I just want to see them really happy (^w^) I hope you feel better soon, I love you with all my heart :3

I’m doing okay, thanks <3 I have meds from the doctor and am taking them as instructed! Hopefully they’ll start making a real difference soon (omg please work soon lmao). Thank you for the suggestion! 


Last sketches of the day. Red queen got me sketching like crazy.

First is of Maven Calore. He doesn’t look quite like I pictured him. The style turned out far more anime-esque than I would have liked. I’ll probably try to do a more realistic version of him and his brother once my skills are more honed.

Second is a quick doodle of Elara. I really just wanted to draw some dresses. I think I went through a dozen different designs, and I still think this is a little too “frozen” for my tastes but I got to draw a messy bun and stabby crown so it was fun. Again I’ll probably redraw at a later time. When I read her parts I always picture I kind of refined Charlize Theron crossed with Lena Headey’s Cersei kind of lady.

Anyway, more to come…hopefully. Forgive my inability to properly line anything. It’s a hatchy mess I know.

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Part Fifteen! This part is about twice as long as usual to get all of it in. So, bonus for you guys! Super short summary? Reader drops her barriers a bit more, mostly to help Sam out. Hope you all enjoy! :)

Previous: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | TwelveThirteen | Fourteen 

Warnings: Possible childhood abuse triggers, Smut , Bit of fluff

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Word Count: Roughly 4,300

“Sam?” Your eyes opened as you looked up to the man who was sitting beside you, talking to Cas. As he looked at you, you launched yourself into his arms. Clinging to his broad frame. His strong arms held you to him, and his face buried into your neck. When you finally pulled back, he did the same- though unwillingly. As you looked at Cas, you realized how much saving your ass had cost him. “I told you not to make him help me, you ass!” Your fist slugged into Sam’s arm, making him cry out at the attack. “Why didn’t you dorks take me to a hospital?”

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Preface to the Chuokoronsha edition of Kaze to ki no uta
Takemiya Keiko

I recently received a letter from a reader which started, “This is the first fan letter I’m sending you in 18 years.”

When you’ve been drawing manga for 25 years, this is not so uncommon. When I do book signings, many people bring their little children. Some men in suits claim to have come to get their daughters’ books signed, but then turn out to be fans themselves.

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candy-corps  asked:

Would you draw my Aqua Man in F2?

HI! OKAY! SO! This took me WAY longer than I originally thought it would, but turns out, water is super fun to draw~ I spent quite a bit of time working out shapes that I could draw well instead of destroying your designs; It will probably look a lot different but I promise I tried >w<’’

Anyway, I’ve also done two versions (With opacity effects and without) because I know this was a pallette challenge, opacity affects colour, and I didn’t want to break any rules ^^’ So without further preamble, here’s your Aqua Man!


In a land filled with ridiculous abilities like invoking death, controlling nuclear fusion, and temporarily leaving reality, Lily’s ability is to announce Spring. She still managed to weaponize it. She then went on to repeatedly challenge Reimu, Marisa, and even the Yama multiple times, without the cushion of being a playable character. She’s tougher than you give her credit for. With help from others none too pleased about the mailman being attacked, I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Lesson learned: Drawings turn out different especially when sick.

Hey everyone! I’m sorta back from my sickness but my school load has doubled… Anyways, heres a bit of Matthew to brighten up you day! I wanted to draw him in clothes other than his usual outfit! Hence this! 
I do have to apologize for the off-ish proportions and delay of works.

Originally posted by michaelshillingburg

Maybe I should do the other boys next~ hehehe~

-adds this prompt in my notebook filled with stuff to draw-


“Well Typ, here is it, a little, fluffy, happy, Pines Family bonding pic for you, hope you like it! :D

The fact that Stan had those cute pug puppies for trafficking, hidden in some place of the Mystery Shack, made me think about the kids overjoyed for finding them, playing with them, showing them to Ford, Soos and Wendy… and then Stan being all worried that his brother finds out the kind of business he is into! ha ha!

I tried my best to do a good job, remember i’m not very good at drawing, but your kind words about it, encouraged me to practice, and i think this one turned out being not so bad ¿huh? I also apologize for the quality of the photo, i wish it looked better than this…

I wanted to thank you for being so awesome; you see despite being from very different places, (i’m from Costa Rica, a small central-american country) we share some interests in music and cartoons at least, and it makes me feel that the people from all around the world are not so far apart, and we all can share an amazing friendship.”

- S

 I was in car when I saw this and this is literally my reaction:


The characters are so on point, your lineart is so good and clean too! THOSE PUGS ARE SO CUTE AAA!!! Their reactions, Stanley on the background, chill Wendy… I LIKE EVERYTHING IN THIS! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DRAWING THIS! 

You took your time to draw this and the result looks so GOOD! And I’m honored to be called “awesome”, oh pls now i’m blushing!! You’re too kind! It’s so great to hear your positiveness! We need more people like you!

Again, Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this for us! You’re amazing! <3

So I’ve had this sketch of missus-ruin ’s (human??) Paprika lying around for a little while now… I have so many unfinished sketches so I thought I’d work on this and try something new when splashing on colors.

I really wanted to draw her with balloons, though it turned out a little different than I had imagined! Very sketchy too, I had also planned to do some sort of balloon print on the dress but perhaps I will on the next one I try.. Either way I hope you like it dear, thank you for continuing to be an inspiration ❤