the drawings turned out different than i wanted

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to color the sketch, so I made two painings :p They both give off different feels! The right one is more my go-to-style, but I like how the left one turned out too! It feels warmer than the right one

But Steven Universe again! xD I really like making SU fan art, the characters are so much fun to draw! This time it’s Pearl, although Garnet and Peridot are my favorites…

Magic for Everyone

If you are a woman, you’re welcome at the table.
If you are a POC, start shuffling the deck.
If you follow a different faith than I, it’s your turn to roll the dice.
If you are trans or nonbinary, let’s bust out the playmats.
If you are gay, lesbian, bi, pan, or ace, I’ll cut your deck.
Weather you’re a child or a senior citizen, we’ll all draw 7.

If we ever call a judge, it’ll only be for silly rulings.
If our voices raise, it’ll only be from laughing.
If someone gets singled out, it’ll only be because they tried to Spike in a Timmy game.

I want my playgroup to be as diverse as the decks in it.

they are out for blood (blue version)

Daryl & Jesus -> “Into the wild I go: losing my way, finding my soul.”

I don’t want to write a story to this one, because you can interpret it in so many ways. I used @edenmo122‘s edit again, but my drawing turned out way different than her edit, for whatever reason. Anyway, what do you think is the story behind this ‘scene’? ;)

The Foxes + Paintball
  • The team goes paintballing and splits into two teams
  • Obviously, the upperclassmen vs. the monsters
  • And the monsters get custody of Neil without argument, even though everyone is sure Kevin and Neil are going to be unbearably competitive about this, because no one wants to piss off Andrew
  • Also, they’re not even sure Andrew counts as a real player because tbh there’s a huge chance he’s not going to put in any effort
  • You bet your ass there’s a wager on it
  • Whichever team wins best 2 out of 3 matches gets to choose what bar they go to
  • The monsters win the first match no problem
  • Aaron has played before and is crazy accurate
  • Sadly, all the shooting video games they play does not make Nicky as accurate, but he shoots enough paintballs fast enough to make up for it
  • Andrew, why aren’t you shooting? And also how the fuck did you just dodge that shot from Allison so fast?
  • Kevin definitely coached his team in strategy that Andrew does not follow, Nicky and Aaron vaguely follow at first, and that Neil follows but not up to Kevin’s standards
  • Neil completely disappears for a while, but shows up again when he shoots Matt in the back
  • The monsters don’t have the element of surprise on their side for the second match and Dan runs a tight ship, so the upperclassmen manage to pull off a win
  • Renee moves soundlessly and manages to sneak up on Aaron within the first few minutes
  • Allison shoots Kevin in the face
  • Coincidentally, Andrew shoots Neil in the face and then shoots Nicky when he starts complaining about it
  • While they’re arguing about whether friendly fire counts or not, they make enough noise that Dan and Matt find them and it doesn’t matter anyways
  • It’s up to round three to break the tie and determine their bar fate

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here anon u get a full david design and a lil bit of jasper bc i realized i’m not nerd enough to know how to draw a mage outfit ahfbka

but also be on the lookout for something a lil different but with all three of my boys later tonight ;)))


My experience with creating without music or noise. It didn’t go well…

I like to listen to artists or people speak in the background while I’m drawing. It’s something I’ve always done. Never knew why, but it just felt right.

An artist I was listening to gave a piece of advice: draw without music. They sited at least two studies where the results favored people who drew in silence, saying they could focus on their artwork instead of being distracted by their music.

And so, I thought I’d give it a try. It didn’t last long.

Don’t get me wrong, my art was pretty nice looking, but it didn’t look any different than what I usually draw. There were still flaws, messy lines, and wonky anatomy. 

And worse yet, I got bored after 10 minutes and wanted to do something else.

Of course, you can’t base a hypothesis off of one experiment, right? You gotta have fun, get messy, make mistakes and all that jazz. So I tried it at different points of the day.

Same result. Each time, I got bored 10 minutes in.

Finally frustrated the last time, I turned on music that fit what I was trying to draw. Man oh man, did I whip out a nice piece of art. There were still errors, but I sat down and finished what I was working on. I drew for an hour straight.

So hey, maybe some advice from other artists doesn’t fit your needs. Maybe all they can do is tell you what works for them. It’s up to you to figure out what works for you. Remember when you’re frustrated no artist works in the same conditions that you do, and that’s okay. 

Art tips are as subjective as the art itself.

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Could you do some more whose line stuff? I love the stuff you've posted <3

Actually I randomly started rewatching Whose Line and Improv-a-ganza recently so yeah! :D

I really wanted to reply to this with actuall drawing but it turns out that drawing someone I didn’t draw in few months in kinda different style is harder than I expected… But I have some small doodles! :D

I hope they’re okey~ This is the first time ever I made decent drawings of Greg and Chip and I personally love them~ XD

Also yes, I’ll draw more of them, hopefully~ Wouldn’t mind suggestions who to draw doing what (because drawing just faces in simple style may be a bit… repetitive~ :D)

enemies to lovers!jonghyun

a/n: for razzle dazzle anon!

Originally posted by smoldinopup

  • i don’t talk about shinee that much but they’re my second bias group they mean the absolute world to me
  • and this one is for the softest boy in the world i love him so so much
  • anyway let’s get to the rivalry
  • wedding planner!jonghyun is known throughout all south korea as the best in the world

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Jonerys 7x07

I had fun drawing this one!  It’s a bit different from my usual style (and better than the previous Jonerys drawing I did, in my opinion.)  I wanted to convey the emotion between them by focusing on the eyes, and I think it turned out well.  *sighs* now we have to wait until late next year or early 2019 for the new season.  


So… this turned out better than expected. I should paint more often.

I felt it might have gone differently if Frisk messed with Flowey at the start of Undertale. In the picture Frisk is pinching Flowey’s cheek, and ohmygosh didn’t you want to do that too? At least before you found out that Flowey’s a cute psychotic flower?

I don’t know. Enjoy, though :)

Speedpaint video:

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you can draw whatever emotion for nightmare just make him ina grumpy additude :)

Grumpy cat, check!

Actually, I kinda got overboard with this one. I swear I wanted it to be one of the poses from the expression meme, but it turned out completely different than expected. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nightmare Sans belongs to @jokublog

The second day of Inktober2017. Well, laziness has not killed me yet. heh.  It turned out a little differently than I wanted. Well, okay.
Undertale AU - Dreamtale. It’s one of the most interesting AU, what i know. The history of the two twin-brothers, particularly.  It’s inspires *-*
Dreamtale & Nightmare!Sans by @jokublog

Inspired by “The Golden Spirit in the Dark Forest” by @fallenwithstyle. It’s really good! I recommend it. A warning, though, that the story itself is not at all like this picture. There are no bunnies. :)

There was a part in the story where they mention Zeno being asleep under the tree and covered in snow and ice, and I really wanted to draw the picture I had in my head. I tried to do something a little different than what I normally do and try to see what watercolors could do, so I tried more textures and no ink, and I think it turned out pretty well!

Links to the fic: archiveofourown, tumblr

actually i had a slightly different colour-atmosphere in my mind when i started working on this, but…yeah, usually it ends up different than i first imagined and as long as it turns out ok it’s fine i guess :’)

this also is a super simple, boring motive but all i wanted to do is work with colours once again?? most of the time when i really got the urge to draw it’s because i want to create an atmosphere rather than an interesting motive ..or when i know an interesting motive then i want to make it even better with colours! just like i try with my pokémon-scenery art :‘3

Now or Never

Summary: Big decisions have to be made in the reader’s life regarding Dean.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1414

Warnings: language, angst, drinking

A/N: I wrote this one for @mamaredd123‘s “Shred Some Hearts” challenge. I chose the song “Now or Never” by Halsey. I hope you guys like this. It’s my second challenge and only my second song fic. Song lyrics are in italics and here is a link to the song if you want to listen.

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

I don’t wanna fight right now
Know you always right,
Now I know I need you ‘round with me
But nobody waitin’ 'round with me
Been through the ups
Yeah, the ups and the downs with me
Got a whole lot of love
But you don’t wanna spread it 'round with me, yeah

You tipped your head back and let the burning whiskey run down your throat. You set the glass down and glanced at the door again. Why you kept looking when you knew he wasn’t coming was a mystery to you. You supposed it was the small flicker of hope that was still in your chest. 

You and Dean had been growing farther apart over the past few months and you had no idea why. You tried talking with him but Dean didn’t want to talk. He never did. He bottled up his emotions and never opened up to you. It frustrated the hell out of you. Perhaps that was part of the reason you had barely talked to each other and hadn’t had sex in months. Then again, you knew the reason he was drinking at the motel room and not here with you. 

That one conversation that you had with him ages ago about getting out of the life. Well, it wasn’t so much a conversation as it was an argument. A big one. You hated how distant you had become from him and you missed him but maybe things needed to change. Whether you wanted them to or not. The moment you stepped foot in the bunker, your life changed for the better and you were the happiest you had been in forever. Dean was there with you for the ups and downs of your shitty lives and it was amazing. Until that moment.

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 Altean Lance and Keith / Role Swap Voltron AU

(Back with another AU. This one’s a hodgepodge of a bunch of stuff that just kinda made since when I threw them together.)

  • So the obvious: Lance is Allura’s younger brother, the Prince of Altea. Keith is also Altean, and his bodyguard. 
    • Before the war, Keith was assigned to Lance when they were 14-ish and though Lance didn’t like him at first (”I don’t need another person telling me what to do all time!” n stuff) they grew into very close friends who could never quite realize the other was pinning too. 
    • Then, when the war first started, they were caught up in an attack. Lance was severely injured by an explosion and Keith was terrified that he was going to die because it took so long for them to finally get to safety and Lance in a healing pod. 
      • He survived, but was left blind and with a scar on his face.
    • It was then that their feelings for each other finally had to be said aloud. Keith was just so received that Lance was alive, he barely realized he even said “I love you” until Lance said it back.
    • However, their relationship didn’t have much time to grow after that. They were too focused on the crisis of the war and the shock of Lance not being able to see. And then, of course, they were put in the cryo-pods along with Allura and Coran.
  • Back on earth, things are a bit different too. 
  • Matt didn’t go on the Kerberos mission. Sam Holt (and Shiro, of course) go missing all the same, though, and Pidge and Matt both want to find their father.  However, they completely disagree about the best way to do so and end up parting ways.
    • Pidge gets into the Garrison under her fake name and becomes fast friends with Hunk. They bond over their mutual dislike of the pilot assigned to their team (because, c’mon, no Lance, no garrison trio) and Pidge eventually tells Hunk about why she’s really at the garrison.
    • Matt, meanwhile, is trying to figure it out “from the outside”. He comes across like a crazy conspiracy theorist, talking about “energy in the desert” and Pidge stops talking to him because that’s not gonna help them find their dad.
      • He ends up in the Keith Shack, but never quite finds the blue lion.
  • Then, right on schedule, Shiro comes crashing down to earth. Pidge and Hunk are watching from the garrison, not sure what to do, until Matt sets off an explosion as a distraction. Pidge sees him through her binoculars:
    • “It’s Matt!”
    • “Are you sure?”
    • “He’s my brother. Yes, I’m sure!”
  • Basically, instead of Lance and Keith’s rivalry, we have Pidge and Matt with a broken sibling bond who argue every chance they get. Especially when rescuing Shiro.
    • Pidge: “Nope, no, no, no, no you don’t. I’m saving Shiro.”
  • When they get back to the Shack, Hunk figures out the thing about the wavelength and they decided to check it out, finally stumbling upon the blue lion’s cave.
    • Matt touches the wall, and the carving’s glow.
    • He pilot’s them out of the atmosphere, away from the Galra ship, through the wormhole, and finally the the Castle of Lions.
  • The four Alteans wake up, explain the situation, and the search for the Lions begins. Pidge is assigned green, Shiro black, Hunk yellow, and Keith red (as usual) but Matt pilots blue. Allura and Coran are needed to run the ship, but Lance is left relatively jobless and rather incompastitated because of his blindness.
    • Keith does his best to ward off his insecurities, but it doesn’t go away.
    • At the very least, he enjoys getting to know the humans. Hunk and him get along really well.
    • And something else strange starts to happen: he starts feeling things. Feeling energy. Quintessence runs through everything on the ship, and now that Lance can’t see, he starts to feel more. He walks with a hand on the wall, but at some point he starts to feel that the wall is there without having to touch it. 
      • He tries to explain this to Keith, but it’s a faint feeling now, so they don’t know what to make of it.
  • When they have the party, Pidge tries to leave, but it’s Matt who gets mad and yells at her. 
  • And it’s Lance and Keith sitting together when the fake rover comes in to blow up the crystal.
    • Lance realizes its there because he can feel it’s negative energy, but it’s still almost too late. He gets nocked unconscious in the blast and Keith is freaking out.
      • He knows it’s no where near as bad as the blast during to war that blinded Lance, but still, he feels like he let it happen again. 
  • After that, Lance is fully aware of his ability to sense energy and informs the team. It’s because of this that when Allura decides to sneak onto that Galra ship at the hidden base, she decides to take Lance with her (as well as Shiro) because he can sense where everything is. 
    • But then, somehow, instead of Allura getting captured, it’s Lance.
      • (And Keith feels like he failed. Again.)
      • Also, side note, it’s totally Matt who decides to go see what the druid is doing and Pidge who yells “don’t walk through that door!”
  • In the season finale, Keith rescues Lance and Hunk is the one stuck on fighting Zarkon. 
    • “You fight like a Galra soldier”
  • And when they get separated, Lance is still in red with Keith, so he ends up on the planet with Keith and Shiro.
    • The same scene plays out, but as Keith is focused of trying to save Shiro directly, Lance feels the energy of the black lion calling out to him and decides to take a chance.
      • When he pilots black, it’s like he can see again because he’s seeing through her eyes.
  • Meanwhile, it’s Matt and Hunk on the ocean planet. Hunk takes it as an opportunity to finally talk to Matt alone about Pidge. When they ruinite, he takes Hunk’s advice and apologizes to Pidge for everything. She apologizes too, and they make an honest effort to mend their broken bond from then on.
  • Then, when they get to the Blade of Marmara base, Shiro decides to bring Hunk with him (because he’s not playing favorites with Keith anymore, he’d actually think it through and decide Hunk probably has the best diplomatic skills, as proven in his efforts with Pidge and Matt.) 
    • Only, they end up running into the same trouble when the BoM sees that Hunk has a blade. 
    • He goes through the trails and discovers that he is, in fact, part Galra.
      • Side note: I wanted to make his blade look different than Keith’s since I saw some theories about the shape of the blade being different for each member, but I don’t particularly like how it turned out when I tried to draw it, so, feel free to use your imagination.
    • Hunk being Galra is a shock to the Alteans, but because Lance had already decided to trust him, he gets over it right away and insists that Keith do the same. Allura is… y’know.
      • (When Shay finds out, though, it’s kind of a big deal. She’s shocked and doesn’t know what to think, but soon decides that it shouldn’t change how she feels about Hunk and it ends up leading to a very sweet moment between the two.)
  • Finally, when Shiro goes missing, the team collectively decides that Lance should pilot the black lion. He’s done it before, after all, and his ability to connect directly to the quintessence of the black lion makes him that much stronger of a pilot. 
    • He finally feels useful, and Keith is happy about that, but secretly terrified because he’s in so much more danger now. 

And, uh, that’s about as far as it goes. Maybe I’ll update this after season three if I can think of how the role swapping would fit in with the new stuff that happens? (Also, sorry this is so incoherent, but because it’s so similar to the plot of the actual show, I skipped anything that wouldn’t change too much.)

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I feel so bad looking at other people's art...Especially if their good...Do you have any tips on how to do anatomy and semi-anime faces likes yours? I want to improve, but I'm stopping myself...

Hello my friend! I am sorry you are feeling like that… drawing is difficult, and sometimes even when you put a lot of effort into it, things doesn’t turn out as you want. but the key is always not giving up!

For anatomy, I suggest you to browse my tutorial tag. some of them are a bit old and rusty, but you might find them useful!

for the faces, I am not sure what you’re looking for specifically so I prepared a gif where I sketch a face (hi mamo)

External image

every style is different but generally speaking, anime-like styles have usually bigger-than-usual eyes. as I said it depends, there are some authors that draws very small eyes but the anatomy of the face is anyway always over-exaggerated.
I tend to draw big eyes even when I try to draw them smaller, I guess that’s just my style (even tho I’d like to be able to draw older-looking characters with smaller eyes in a style similar to kizu natsuki’s).
another important thing is that there aren’t too many details on the face, often the nose is just sketched or even just a small dot, the mouth often doesn’t have visible lips and usually the only enhanced one is the bottom one

concluding the only thing i can say is that you probably still have to find a style that suits you. you should try to mimic other author’s styles until you find one you are comfortable with. from that, you can start to develop your own personal style

Good Luck!!