the drawing took about 30 minutes


Okay,there’s a lot of things about this cute drawings I made.A few days ago I watched the full playlist of Cartoonz’s Gang beast game and they’re cute and funny at the same time.So why not draw them in chibi form?

It took me like 30 minutes to doodle this drawing and then 4 DAYS of colouring and I knew why it took forever…because of the background.

So my last result turned out to be this simple background of minimalist…It’s cute and fine by me.Poor @brycemcquaid being sat on by @ohmwrecker I had fun drawing these chibies:3

Now,Imma continue my comic!

anonymous asked:

This is probably a extremely dumb question but how does one draw carefree? I am just so insanely stressed about my art and how it looks, so I literally can't even let myself doodle fun goofy things because my mental state is always telling me "that isn't art" i am just so stresssssed HOW DOES ONE NOT STRESS SO MUCH ?

s orry about answering this so late ;,,,00 i’ve been really si ck for the past couple days and looking at a screen made me head really h urt ughutt i’m still pretty sick bu t bl eh i have an essay to write so go t to push through ughHF my throat hu rts so much hgb 

ALSO your question isn’t dumb don’t worry!! i get this all the time too!! i usually just tell my brain to fuck off or i go I D RAW WHA T EVER THE FUC K I WANT I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T THINK ITS ART!!!!1111 StopP BEING MEAN TOOO ME(not guaranteed to work but man who knows it might help ahA) 

if you’re feeling stressed maybe a take a small break and gather yourself remember that stressing yourself out about your art makes it less enjoyable and that r eally sucks. Being negative about your art doesn’t help you much and just makes drawing a paain. What you should do instead of just being negative is constructive criticism. “this isn’t art” well why isn’t it art? is there something wrong with anatomy?? is the nose wrong?? oh it is?? then lets google some pictures of noses!!! yay!!! if its just the style of your drawing don’t worry about it!! i mean like art isn’t supposed to be drawn or made a certain way so drawing a stick figure is basically art tbh art has no boundaries!!! according to google, art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,” so if you feel that fun goofy thing if it makes you happy and really expresses you, then draw it!

if you don’t like how it looks then draw it again. Draw it over and over again until you like it! not everything you draw will be a master piece and that’s fine! Its all part of the learning process because with every drawing you draw helps develop your skills so you can become a better artist! Art isn’t always going to easy but you kinda just got to keep on going ;,,))

Throw back to when I use to draw strawberry Aradia and arakat all the time ♥

btw, this is a new style I am currently using for a video game my friends and I are working on. Practicing drawing it like this is really good for my muscle memory to keep a consistent style~

Day 003 - aka: without tags you’d never guess it ;)

“I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one.” – Mycroft Holmes
(I’m so curious about the other one, presumably Sherrinford! All the theories!!)

Wow, this picture seriously almost killed me and it still turned out unrecognisable.
Actually it’s already 30 minutes after midnight here but I unexpectedly spent the whole day at the office and this drawing took forever and the light is horrible and and andandand… 

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to lay down and die now ;)


Today Iceland took a nap. It wasn’t like those 30-minute rests that someone would take just to regain energy. No, it was more than just that. He took a 14-HOUR nap. And well, let’s just say that wasn’t the best idea he’s had… The other Nordics (mostly Denmark) decided it would be funny to draw on his whole body with marker. I’m not talking about only his face, but EVERYTHING. It was a disaster. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, the went out to the closest convenience store and brought nail polish and make-up just to fuck around with him. Iceland was embarrassed x4.

So, my boyfriend is an artist. This morning, he decided to draw Todoroki. He did the Todo in the middle, looked at it and said, “Nope, it’s too anatomically correct. His face needs to be more round.”  This led to him doing these little sketches to try and get a grasp on Horikoshi’s style. He spent about 30 minutes on the whole page.

I asked him if he would do requests for you darlings, and he said, “Eh, maybe.” Be sure to encourage him, guys, I want him to draw BnHA more! <3 Leave him a request!

Perspective on art pricing...

My teacher was lecturing in class, and we got into the discussion of pricing your art. He talked about how he priced a 30 minute figure drawing, and got a complaint from someone that a drawing that took 30 minutes shouldn’t cost as much as it did, since it only took the time of 30 minutes to create.

He argued that a customer who buys art isn’t just paying for the time put into that art piece, but the time invested over the years in getting to that point. If someone has crafted their art for 30 years, then the customer should pay for that 30 years put into their art. I thought that was a pretty good point, and something people should think about.

You’re not just paying for that singular art piece, but the hours of improvement that the artist has devoted into their art.

Woah, you’re so shiny!

A quick drawing, it took me about 30-40 minutes, but I had fun! I just love drawing Tikki, her design is really appealing.

I was bored and I decided to draw Tikki and then this random idea came to my mind: “what if 3D Tikki met PV Tikki?” and then this happened haha xD.

There’s lots of differences between PV Tikki and 3D Tikki’s design, and I honestly prefer 3D Tikki better; she resembles more a Ladybug actually! And it’s funny how they put a clover in PV Tikki’s head haha xD also a sign of good luck C:

Anyway, hope you like it!