the drawing took about 30 minutes

Like One Of Your French Girls

Pairing: Not really any pairing, but perhaps kinda Dean x reader?

Word count: 1500 words (I think this is my longest fic yet)

Warnings: None i think? mentions of alcohol consumption and nakedness though…

Summary: Dean and the reader gets drunk together after a hunt, and plays never have i ever. the next morning, none of them remember what happened. Soooo what happened?

A/N: Sorry that i haven’t posted any fics for a while, but i’ve been deep in a writers block, and this is basically me trying to get back to writing again. i hope you’ll enjoy it!

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You opened the door to the bunker slowly, dragging your tired and grime-covered form down the stairs before calling dibs on the shower. The brothers for once didn’t argue, apparently finding it fair that the most dirty person took the first shower.

Not even bothering to go find a clean pajamas first, you trudged down the long dimly lit hallways of the place you called home, on your way to the big bathroom. You stepped out of your filth covered clothing, getting under the warm spray of the old showerhead, your muscles relaxing as the water slides down your body, leaving clean skin in it’s wake. You tried to hurry the best you could, but the comfortable warmth enveloping your body made it hard to resist the desire to stay there for just one more moment.

After about twenty minutes you stepped out of the now humid room, dressed in nothing but a towel. Walking to your room, you grabbed one of Dean’s old band shirts, which you had taken from him ages ago. It was soft and worn out, small holes in the fabric showing off tiny spots of your skin.

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Okay,there’s a lot of things about this cute drawings I made.A few days ago I watched the full playlist of Cartoonz’s Gang beast game and they’re cute and funny at the same time.So why not draw them in chibi form?

It took me like 30 minutes to doodle this drawing and then 4 DAYS of colouring and I knew why it took forever…because of the background.

So my last result turned out to be this simple background of minimalist…It’s cute and fine by me.Poor @brycemcquaid being sat on by @ohmwrecker I had fun drawing these chibies:3

Now,Imma continue my comic!

Anonymous said Could you do a scenario of ayato and his kids spending family time together

Ah yes, your favorite time of the week, family time. The chance for you to sit down and spend some time with your children and your husband, ayato. You all sit there watching a random kid movie for the thousandth time. You and Ayato sat on the couch with your new born fast asleep on ayatos chest, and the other five children sit on the floor with blankets, popcorn, and drinks.

“Oi, chichinashi” whispers ayato, careful not to wake his sleeping baby, “this movie is lame can’t we watch something better? Like ultimate fighting?” You narrowed your eyes at him. “Yeah like our children need any more dangerous ideas.” You stated flatly. Ayato puffed at this and looked down at the baby on his chest. “You’re lucky I love you so much, little nugget.”

About 30 minutes into the movie, Ayato was fast asleep. His snores caught the attention of his other 5 children and your 7 year old son jumps up, nearly knocking his soda on his sister. “Momma!” He whisper-yelled, “lets draw on daddy’s face!” The other children giggled at this. Every motherly bone in your body was against it, but you thought, why not?

You took your baby boy off of Ayatos chest, being careful not to wake either of the sakamaki boys, and let your other children go to work on their ‘art project.’ Your daughters drew flowers and dogs and your sons drew mustaches and different kinds of animals. After your husband was all ‘prettified’ as your children scattered off into different parts of the mansion giggling as they hid.

Soon enough, Ayato woke up not yet noticing the multiple drawings that adorned his face. He yawned and headed down the hall to find out where his family had ran off to. As he walked he passed a mirror and immediately noticed the multiple scribbles. “CHICHINASHI! MY FACE?! LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO ORE-SAMAS FACE!” He screamed bloody murder as he tried to wipe it off with his hands. You came to the location of the screams and held back a giggle. “Gee ayato, looks like our children could be artists!” He glared at you and continued to try and rub off the marker. “What even is this one drawing?!” He said pointing to what looked like a green, upside down ’m’. Your face turned red as you realized, one of your sons had drawn a pair of boobs.

“Well ayato, there’s no question about it,” you stated, he gave you a questioning look. “These are definitely your kids….”

I hope I did okay, thank you for your request!

ITS DONE!!! This took me about two hours, I’d say?? It took me about 30 minutes to do the actual drawing, and the fucking galaxy note 2 decided to fuck up with the wifi, so I screwed with that for about an hour before trying to send it to my laptop. I then looked up how to do that, and it took me about 30 minutes to finally get it to my phone. It’s a gift for @ask-showstopper-bendy because Bonnie is probably one of my favorite toon OC’s from the fandom. Before anybody says anything about the gun, it’s a pistol or something like that, yeah, but I really just wanted to get it done. Sorry if it doesn’t look that good, I tried a slightly new style that varies from my style for humans. The song that inspired me to do this was Angel with a shotgun - The Cab(?) I hope you like it!

anonymous asked:

How long does it take you to draw a picture? You're making so many of them, I'm amaze :O

Anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on how detailed the picture, how many people in the picture, or if I include a background. Sometimes I draw a picture at night and post it the following day which is usually the case if I post more than two pictures on a day

This picture took about 30 minutes to give you an idea.

Thanks for asking!


The first time you were called to help they wouldn’t have known that you and your friends were even there had you not had to literally cut Peter down, you’d hoped that the arrows would have been enough and they did a substantial amount of damage but yu had to jump in when you realised that he was not going down with just arrows.

The second time you were called you pretty much 100% won the fight after the Kanima was ordered to kill them all you, Jace and Izzy had managed to keep its attention until Alec and Clary managed to get Lydia there. “Who are you?” were the first words that the soon to be alpha would ask you.

“(Y/N).” You answered.

“What are you?” The Mundane asked.

“I’m something you’re going to love to hate.” You answered before you and your friends were gone.

The third time you weren’t called by your uncle you were called by them, your uncle had explained what you were, what you were and that was all they needed for you to be there go to for all their supernatural problems. “Are you sure about this?” Stiles asked.

“We don’t have a choice we need to save our parents,” Scott answered.

“So you need us to find your parents?” You asked. “We can do that as long as you give us one possession of theirs.” 

You found their parents but they still did something stupid because 2 out of the 3 people involved didn’t trust you.

The fourth time that you were called Stiles was not Stiles. You walked into Derek’s loft and you ears were immediately assaulted with yelling so you yelled louder “Okay everyone shut it!”

“Ah… the shadowhunter now you are a worthy meal.” The Nogitsune smirked.

“Hmm hmm” You hummed as he moved closer, you pulled your Seraph Blade up to stop him from moving but he only smirked pressing Stiles body onto the Blade.

“I dare you…” was all he said and you looked at him pressing the blade firmly to his chest cutting through the shirt but not piercing the skin.

“You see you looking at the wrong person if you want some kind of inner turmoil because my whole life there has been nothing more important than the mission and the mission is killing you” You explained as the sheriff pointed the gun at you. “It just so happens that there is a spell that we can use to separate the spirit from the body and save the Mundane. Magnus.” 

The warlock entered the room and began chanting, Clary had used a glamour and drawn the pentagram around the Nogitsune which you had kept still and since the Nogitsune was looking through a Mundanes eyes he couldn’t see past the glamour either. Soon you saw to identical bodies standing in the pentagram you grabbed to one that was Stiles and pushed him in the direction of his father while Alec helped Magnus. You twisted your head to the side as you looked at the Nogitsune. “You think you can kill me?” he asked.

“No… I know I can kill you but seeing is believing.” You mumbled stabbing him in the stomach with the Seraph Blade and watching him turn to dust. “Alec you need to get Magnus out of here that spell will draw the Oni…” 

“Hey!” Alec called over to Allison as he threw her his bow and quiver. “Shoot them with those and they will die.” It took about 15 - 30 minutes but you managed to kill them and then you all stuck around to be normal teenager for a little bit before going back to New York.

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It all started with a tattoo

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Since it’s a long story there will be many parts to it

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Characters: BTS: A South Korean boy band with seven members 

Rap monster: The leader of BTS, also known as dancing(?) machine

Jin: The oldest one who’s life is awkward

Suga: The guy who has tongue technology

J-hope (J-hoe): Also known as J-horse

V: The one who wants to be a sexy porn star (saxophone star).

Jimin: One word, Excuse me! 

Jungkook: The youngest mofo who thinks he’s better than his hyungs.

You: A tattoo artist that’s prettier than most of the superstars

Summary: When suddenly the mofo wanted a tattoo, so he came to your shop at midnight. 

Part 1

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anonymous asked:

How long does it generally take you to draw a piece of art (colored and everything)? You're so prolific!! It takes me more than a month to complete a piece of lineart :(. How do you do it?

It depends, doodles can take me minutes if I’m the mood. Coloring takes between half an hour and 3 hours depending on how complex it is.

I go through “moods”. Sometimes I can do around 50 doodles in one day (that may or may not be completed) and sometimes I can’t even draw a stick figure. What works best for me is drawing a lot without worrying about the anatomy much, just getting the idea out of my system.

This took around 30 minutes

Throw back to when I use to draw strawberry Aradia and arakat all the time ♥

btw, this is a new style I am currently using for a video game my friends and I are working on. Practicing drawing it like this is really good for my muscle memory to keep a consistent style~

Day 003 - aka: without tags you’d never guess it ;)

“I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one.” – Mycroft Holmes
(I’m so curious about the other one, presumably Sherrinford! All the theories!!)

Wow, this picture seriously almost killed me and it still turned out unrecognisable.
Actually it’s already 30 minutes after midnight here but I unexpectedly spent the whole day at the office and this drawing took forever and the light is horrible and and andandand… 

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to lay down and die now ;)


My name is Dr Claire Walsh.

I am a psychiatrist.

In July 2014 after presenting some research to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, I was approached by a dark haired man in a suit. He told me he was part of a government branch called Whitehill. You haven’t heard of them because you’re not supposed to.

I was led to believe that the job entailed monitoring and aiding in the rehabilitation of some children with particularly difficult personality disorders. I wrote my thesis on childhood psychosis and schizophrenia so of course my interest was piqued.

I worked at Whitehill for 6 months. Now I need the truth to be heard.

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Perspective on art pricing...

My teacher was lecturing in class, and we got into the discussion of pricing your art. He talked about how he priced a 30 minute figure drawing, and got a complaint from someone that a drawing that took 30 minutes shouldn’t cost as much as it did, since it only took the time of 30 minutes to create.

He argued that a customer who buys art isn’t just paying for the time put into that art piece, but the time invested over the years in getting to that point. If someone has crafted their art for 30 years, then the customer should pay for that 30 years put into their art. I thought that was a pretty good point, and something people should think about.

You’re not just paying for that singular art piece, but the hours of improvement that the artist has devoted into their art.

anonymous asked:

Do you study? And if you do, how?

not sure if you mean studying art or school, but i assume art, since.. welp this is an artblog idk

art: i try to study and draw allot of figure and geature drawing on this site. and here’s a video by sycra, where he draws and explains how it works (this is where i started to get better at drawing flowy lines around my homestuck years) i only do 30-60 sek (1-2 hours) doodles of each pose and rarely use the 10 minutes (1-2 hours) thought it’s pretty usefull too, since you get more time to think about the poses). 

other than that, copying other people’s art and style helped me improve and learn developing my own style(just don’t post it and claim it as yours, it’s just for practice!). I allways took these long breaks (1-2 weeks) after getting depressed over my art so it’s ok to take breaks

looking trought photography books and draw from the pictures is a good way to practice too. 

i created a blog where i but my inspirations, references and tutorials because i don’t like to dig trought all my likes ahah. you can just look trought it 

i’m a self-taught artist since there are no art clubs where i live ahah but you learn faster if you have a teacher who are experienced in these kind of stuff 


Today Iceland took a nap. It wasn’t like those 30-minute rests that someone would take just to regain energy. No, it was more than just that. He took a 14-HOUR nap. And well, let’s just say that wasn’t the best idea he’s had… The other Nordics (mostly Denmark) decided it would be funny to draw on his whole body with marker. I’m not talking about only his face, but EVERYTHING. It was a disaster. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, the went out to the closest convenience store and brought nail polish and make-up just to fuck around with him. Iceland was embarrassed x4.