the drawing gods actually hate me

before I start talking, Congratulation anon! first person to get blocked in this blog! woooo-hooo, what an Honor isn’t it?

Now Let me answer you, because tumblr block only work so you didn’t disturb me again but you may be a nosy or hypocrite person so you’ll check this blog to see if I answering or not, or may be you still check to enjoy the blog after you sending hates, *shrugs* who knows?

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anonymous asked:

You do realise that you're erasing hellenic culture and turning it into some shady yaoi au for funzies, right? By saying that you don't think the gods should conform is like erasing actual native gods heritage. You wouldn't white out an African god.

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Alright!! Where to start.

First of all, if you consider the relationship I’ve established between Icarus, Helios and Apollo as “for funzie”, you’re completely right! I draw for fun! I’m not paid nor do I have some ulterior political motive. Im doing all of this coz im passionate and i love interesting couple dynamics.

And if you call their gay relationship “yaoi” just coz I enjoy portraying them in sweet loving moments then my boi, have I got news for you about the definition of “yaoi”. See, if I had created them solely to fetishize their bond and draw them in sexual context for the entertainment of a straight female audience then yeah, you would be right. But I have never drawn them in sexual intercourse???? They haven’t even held hands yet omfg, their story just isn’t centered around the sexual aspect of their relationship. In other words, I’m putting emphasis on story-building and character development rather than how they would frick frack.

Also, you do have one point, I would NEVER white-wash an ‘african’ god, nor an egyptian god, nor a chinese god, nor an aztec god…and u get the pattern. Why? What makes them different from Greek gods? It’s because there’s already so little representation of them in mainstream media, that it would make a great impact to take it away from them. Greek gods have been all over television, internet, literature. They were popular figures even at renaissance. I’m sure the world won’t miss one lil artist like me drawing their favorite gods with black skin. And you can’t deny that Greek mythology is far more know by the general public than, say Mayan mythology. There’s far more representation of Greek mythology than other ‘native’ mythology. So why would it be fair to put them on the same level? 

Soo, yeah, thats why I will keep adding diversity to my interpretation of the Greek gods, and if you’re not happy with it, go search on google, im sure you’ll find plenty of ‘hellenic conforming’ portrayals of ur gods.

Witch Things

-Sometimes birds are just birds

-Magic/crystals/herbs/spells should never replace actual medical treatments

-Spells do not always work in the way you expect them to; use caution

-Spells are not shortcuts for hard work; i.e., instantly memorizing information, increasing magical or psychic abilities. Chanting a poem over a candle or drawing a sigil will not instantly give you special powers or skills.

-Emoji spells may work, but don’t expect strong results.

-Gods are not tools, and cannot be controlled. They are very old, very wise, and deserve respect.

-Magic is potent, and real. It can be a force for destruction or transformation or new creation. But it isn’t like the movies. You won’t levitate, or freeze time, or control minds.

-Magic is unruly and untamable. Even with years of practice a spell may backfire or reveal itself in unexpected ways. Sometimes the effects will be immediate, sometimes they will take days or weeks or months.

-Christians can be witches. Wiccans can be witches. Polytheists can be witches. Anyone can be a witch.

-Witchcraft is a practice, and is very personal. It is not a religion, and though there are modern movements that attempt to standardize specific paths, witchcraft traditionally was personalized and individual. What works for someone else, might not for you, and that’s OKAY.

-Astral projection isn’t like the movies. There’s no one “right way” of doing it.

-The Gods are not tools.

-Nobody can tell you if you have been visited or chosen by a god or goddess.

-Wicca is a new religion, and was not practiced by our ancestors.

-You will receive the best results by creating your own spells, recipes, rituals. Borrowing can be good for learning, but personalizing your craft is vital if you want to grow.

-The Gods cannot be controlled.

-You don’t have to believe in Gods to be a witch.

-You don’t have to practice witchcraft to believe in Gods.

-Witchcraft is not easy. Witchcraft cannot solve all of your problems–in fact, sometimes it may actually complicate them more. But it is real, and beautiful, and empowering. Make it yours. Study others’ paths, become aware of the ridiculous amount of misinformation is out there. Never stop researching and learning. Recognize that some of the popular ideas and beliefs are harmful, inaccurate, and wrong. Accept criticism gracefully. But don’t let anyone dictate your practice. Make it yours. Make it real.

A summary of me attempting to draw, as gathered from last night’s Tumblr messages:

  • This is why I hate drawing blokes. TOO. MANY. CORNERS.
  • Now for the tricky part: actually making this look like Gal. *pulls up a bunch of screencaps* 
  • OK, starting to look slliiiiightly more like him rather than Mr. Generic McPrettyboy… 
  • OK, so apparently I’m drawing a body too?
  • God, I will say again: I hate drawing blokes. Stupid long torsos…
  • Have we now reached the “oh god, I’m going to have to draw them naked to work out anatomy?” stage. Yes. Yes, we probably have.
  • What is so difficult about sitting? Where does all the leg go? Why does he have to be such a sprawl?! 
  • OK, on the one hand, thank god for conveniently placed leg, I will not have to retire blushily to a nunnery, but on the other, hey, this is actually kind of helpful… I can work out where hips go!
  • I forget sometimes that he’s built like a brick shithouse. He’s not exactly your median anatomy study.
  • [Friend] has referred me to a good refs blog. Which is good, but… so much naked. So very much. Wow. I am not desensitised enough. 
  • *is mentally singing led zeppelin while browsing that tumblr* “Whole lotta naked…”
  • OK, I have now decided that men are non-Euclidean, unknowable beings the likes of which are impossible to capture.
  • Oh god, I haven’t even started on the tattoos yet.
  • Dammit. I need more olives for this.

I swear to God, Jian Yi is super stylish here. Blue button down layering a dark shirt, rolled jeans, sneakers… what are you, a model in the making??? 


and I self proclaimed Guanshan a nickname “bomber”. maybe it is true that he has each a dozen of yellow tees and bomber jacket. 

I’m so shook ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Alison : “Come on, guys. You need to be more excited!”

Helena : “…”

Cosima : “Whatever, been here done this”

Sarah : “What the bloody hell is this, Al?!”

Rachel : This is the last time that I said ‘bored’

Krystal : “This is sooo… weird”

* * * * *


me making aus like: let me take this thing i like…….. and put it with…………………… heathers………………………… the musical…………

but itd be like if jd wasnt just a blatantly evil manipulative shitbag and actually thought what he was doing was for veronicas own good

@soliloquy-of-nemo haha its actually less weird than it sounds, I just have to draw what the pelvis looks like from a pose she gives us

see I’m doing this

and just doing a sort of x-ray thing where i fit the bones inside the form. with a pencil, on big paper, because of course.

I just hate the pelvis because it was clearly designed by God to frustrate artists like me :p

(also i’m fine, i was just stupid and was writing when I shouldn’t have been. i get distracted when im bored)



P-Money in the house! Ya’ll better make way!
Seriously, though, this is my girl right here. Absolutely love Pyrrha, and I love writing her just as much. 
Now, you may be wondering, ”Yo, Darky, home-slice, Pyrrha lookin’ like she missin’ some accessories or somethin’? What’s up with that?”
You wanna know the truth? The honest to god truth? I didn’t wanna have to draw it. Like, that neck thing she has, or those ear rings? Yeah, I hate drawing those. Unlike Jaune’s canon armor, I actually have no problem with Pyrrha’s design. It looks glorious! But drawing the son of a bitch is a different story and I decided to make life a little easier on myself and “modify” the outfit just a bit. 
Yeah, I’m a lazy bastard, what of it? Better not be judging me…
Until Next Time…
Stay Happy!
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So this happened, mostly because I hate myself and don’t understand the value of time. It’s all very inaccurate but heh. I tried to include everyone if I didn’t I’m sorry I missed you.  Under the read more if you want to know what’s going on because I actually thought about these.

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