the drawing gods actually hate me

So I’m about to lose my frikkin mind with animating and drawing in my style which means meME TIME!! 

Some people have noticed that I have this knack at style adaptation but this time I really wanted to put myself to the test with some great spn art styles!!

Each person here has granted me permission to draw in their style for the meme and oh my god I had a ton of fun!!!!!!

first box is mine and i hate my own style with a burning, fiery passion rn ngl it is so difficult even for me (which is why i slapped a drawing i had on hand lol)

@kamicom oh my goddd i swear ur artwork is exactly everything that i love smashed into one i’m such a sucker for cute girly pastel shoujo stuff i have no idea why my actual style is the exact opposite…!

@vinnie-cha holy shit your style made me use a SAI brush I never knew eXISTED LMAO??? This was fun bc this forced me to do some airbrush and flow brush techniques for oNCE. I think I also spent the longest time on yours homg.

@sketchydean DOING UR STYLE OF LINE ART WAS SO THERAPEUTIC YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Also it’s taken me this long to realize you shade with about 3+ colors how u do dat on a daily basis.

@consulting-mutt Your style had me think a lot it was very educational on how to nail everything down perfectly like you do ;q;

@diminuel hhhHHHH I LOVE YOUR STYLE SO MUCH???? Adapting it has been on my bucket list since forever I wish my style was like yours oh my god ;w;

@jennilah I FEEL LIKE UR STYLE IS FORCING ME TO USE RAD SUPPLIES LIKE BRUSH PENS AND SPRAY PAINT CANS idk every time I see it’s i call it the “fuq da police” style and I think that’s beautiful.

Thanks again to everyone who allowed me to do this meme I am forever grateful \o/

(more rambling about beginner decks)

I’M SORRY I’M NOT SHUTTING UP ABOUT THIS but you guys I’ve had years to think on this and @mother-of-swords started a great discussion.

One other thing to note is that beginner deck doesn’t necessarily mean “first deck”. Like, my first deck was the Mythic Tarot, which I actually think is a great deck for beginners in the sense that the cards relate to Greek mythology and a lot of us either have a natural interest in that or learned it in middle school probably. So there’s a lot to draw from there already.

But god I hated that deck after like, three days. I couldn’t work with it at all and didn’t understand anything. Which sucked, like a lot!! Later, it became one of my favourite decks (and I miss it dearly now that I don’t have it anymore) but it just wasn’t right for me at the time.

After that I got the Goddess Tarot. This….wasn’t any better. And the less said about my time with that deck, the better.

Next, I got the one two punch of the Robin Wood Tarot and the Housewives Tarot. The Robin Wood Tarot was very well done and very accessible to me, and it shaped a lot of the way I think about tarot.

But I learned how to read tarot on the Housewives Tarot.

This is not often considered a “beginner” deck. In fact, it’s considered a novelty deck, which generally means “no one should seriously read with it”. (Novelty decks are, of course, now my favourite decks to read with)

My beginner deck was the Housewives Tarot, because it perfectly spoke to who I was, what I liked, who I wanted to be, and how I thought at the time. To this day it is probably the cherished deck in my collection, despite still being readily available and cheap. It was not my first deck. Certainly wasn’t my last deck. But it’s what I learned on.

With that in mind, I didn’t get a proper Rider Waite deck until I’d been reading tarot for almost a decade, so. You manage, is what I’m saying with all of these words everywhere.

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If u could draw bts in greek gods au, what would they be?

((sorry haha im getting impatient so i’ll posts these now but pls do not come to me and say “oh this person should’ve been this!!” like no dont do that ok))

Namjoon: So can we get out of these costumes now and go back to bed??

Hobi: No we still got one more left

Yoongi: I feel naked

Jin: Shut up, all of you

quicklikelight: Think about Danny doing random room checks and walking in on Scott kissing a boy. And suddenly, Danny really wants to be the boy Scott McCall is kissing.


Danny fumbles over whatever he was about to say and backs out of the room before either Scott or his gentleman caller can react. Except he doesn’t do it so quickly that he misses Scott’s slow, deliberate lick of his lips, just a casual little post-kiss self grooming that umm. Does things. To Danny.

Who beats a hasty retreat to his room, where he stands in the center of it, frozen while his mind mentally revises years worth of interaction with his former classmate. Then, in a move worthy of neither his IQ nor his education, he dials Jackson on his phone.

Look, everyone has their own unique ways of self-sabotaging. Some people skip class. Some people party more than they should. Danny asks Jackson for advice. It is what it is. 

“What?” Snaps a groggy voice, answering the phone. Which is Jackson speak for ‘hello, I missed you.’

“Scott McCall kissing boys is a thing. Why didn’t you tell me Scott McCall kissing boys was a thing?” Danny demands in response. It isn’t really code for anything.

“You’re saying words, and I feel like I’m expected to know what they mean, but I don’t,” Jackson yawns. “Also, I don’t care. Can this wait until you’re coherent? When answering, keep in mind that I don’t care.”

“Scott McCall goes to UC Davis now. He lives in my dorm. I just walked in on him with his tongue down another guy’s throat. This is highly relevant information that would have been really helpful to know, there was that monosyllabic enough for you?”

“You started strong but then it got away from you at the end,” Jackson drawls. Faint pew-pew sounds from the other end of the line convey that he’s not paying this conversation the attention it deserves, and he still has terrible taste in video games. “Still not seeing the part that makes any of this something I care about. What’s your point?”

“My point is how come you never told me Scott was into guys? Aren’t you supposed to be able to smell that or something?“ 

“Maybe if I’d ever sniffed his underwear or something,” Jackson verbally rolls his eyes. “You realize I only ever got the Cliff Notes version of the How To Werewolf Good manual, and weirdly enough, how to smell where your loser classmate points his boner wasn’t a chapter heading anywhere in it.”

“Maybe I’d realize that if you ever bothered to tell me about any of this stuff. Instead of having to figure it out for myself while I was DATING a werewolf…”

“Oh my god how many times do I have to say I’m sorry - ”

“Once would make a good start.”

“Look, we’re never going to get anywhere on that front. Mistakes were made,” Jackson says magnanimously. No, its actually a hell of a concession, coming from him. And people wonder why Danny now has an actual, honest to god vetting process when making new friends. “Seriously though, what’s the big deal? So McCall looks both ways before crossing the street. Who cares? You’ve never been into gossip before.” 

“I never knew Scott McCall kissing boys was an option before,” Danny all but yells into the phone. “I now have to reevaluate every single time I’ve ever spoken to him….do you even know how many of those times might have been him hitting on me, in light of this new information? I don’t even know because I can’t count that high and I can count pretty goddamn high, Jax.”

“We’ve both been hit on by losers before, Danny. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll survive.”

“Why are you being like this? We both know that you’re not actually as oblivious as you pretend to be. There’s no possible way you missed that I’ve had a crush on him since sixth grade.”

“No, I noticed. I was just hoping if I ignored it, it’d go away. Like gum on the bottom of your shoe.”

“That’s not a thing that happens Jackson. Ignoring gum on your shoe doesn’t magically de-gum the shoe.”

“How the fuck would I know that? I don’t step on gum, it would ruin my shoes. It was a metaphor. Jesus.”

“Stop it.” Danny places a palm to his forehead, reflects on two decades of poor decision making, beginning with befriending Jackson on the playground first day of kindergarten. "Stop doing your WASP-y Whittemore boilerplate evasion tactic thing where you piss me off until I hang up on you, hold a grudge for several days and forget what I originally called you about by the next time we talk. This is happening. Me having a thing for your high school nemesis or whatever is a thing, him kissing a boy is a thing, and you getting on board and helping me is a thing so get on board, Jackson or so help me god -”

“I most certainly will not,” Jackson hisses dramatically. Its times like things where you can really tell the whole ‘he used to be part snake’ thing. “I have standards, and I won’t be party to some path-”

“I am cashing in my chips,” Danny hisses back equally dramatically, and he may not have ever been part snake but goddammit two musical theater electives have got to count for something.

“What chips?”

“ALL THE CHIPS Jackson. All the chips from being your friend and putting up with your shit for year after endless year and never asking for anything in return other than the occasional wingman at the Jungle and okay, you know what, so I do ask you for stuff and you’re not actually as terrible a friend as everyone assumes but there has still been some shit and I most definitely have chips and I am cashing them in, so here’s what’s going to happen.”

Dead air reigns. Then. Begrudgingly. As though being tortured: “I’m listening.”

“You are going to call Lydia,” Danny intones, holding up a finger that Jackson can’t possibly be expected to see, but he feels powerful, intoning while holding up that finger so he decides to stick with it. “You are going to apologize for the many, many things you have yet to apologize to her for. You are going to make it good so she doesn’t just hang up on you. You are going to grovel. And then, when she’s been entertained enough that she’s willing to listen to your obvious ulterior motive for finally calling her out of the blue after all this time, you are going to find out everything she knows about Scott McCall kissing boys. How long has he been kissing boys? How many boys has he kissed? Ballpark, I don’t need hard data points. Is kissing boys just a euphemism for other physical interactions with boys or the sum of his experience?”

He pauses for breath and Jackson seizes the moment.

“Wouldn’t it be easier for me to just slip her a note that says ‘Does Scott like Danny? Check the box for yes or draw a frowny face for no.”

“I fucking hate you so much, I swear to god.”

“I’m just saying, I feel like you were less pathetic when you were actually twelve years old, and you were a pretty pathetic twelve year old.”

“I hope were-cheetahs eat your face.”


“Where the fuck did that come from?”

“I don’t know,” Danny sighs. “Look I’m in a very strange headspace right now. I don’t even know what I’m thinking. Can you just do this for me? Please?”

“Fine,” Jackson draws out through obviously gritted teeth. “I want it on record though, I’m doing this under extreme protest.”

“Noted. Irrelevant.”

“Just saying. He’s beneath you.”

“Not yet, but give it til the end of the semester.”

“Eww. If I do this, you have to promise not to disgust me with references to McCall’s anatomy or anything you might do with him.”

“Too late. Negotiations are over, you missed your window.”

“Ugh, dammit. You suck.”

“And thanks so much for helping to facilitate my sucking of your most hated -”

“You’re such a shithead. I hate your guts. Don’t die because of werewolf drama, I’ll call you when Lydia tells me something worth passing along and I swear to god you better not be waiting by the phone when I do.”

“Aww, see you do care,” Danny manages to get in gleefully before a click announces Jackson’s hasty departure.

He flops onto his bed like the pathetic twelve year old he is, and wonders if they still made the line of Armani aftershave he wore while in high school. He was pretty sure Scott liked that one.

Plus its not like he can be accused of waiting by the phone when he’s out buying aftershave, now can he?

Obviously not.

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Im so glad you're on the right side of the shipping discourse, im so fucking scared to follow ANY jojo blog bc literally like at LEAST half of the community is shipping something gross like josuke and rohan or koichi and an adult and it just makes me sick. The jjba fandom is a frightening one tbh.

2/2  Like, ur an insp to me and ur blog is mainly jojo so im glad to see you have a good view, that blog w the sheith on it is.. Disgusting…

thank you!!! also YEAH honestly i only interact w/ mutuals or people they trust in here i swear to god every corner i turn there’s some Shit…….you can have my promise i’m not gonna advocate or (forbid) draw any of that stuff lmao….i hate seeing all that disgusting shit w/ jjba…..good luck out there

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;> but what is the premise of snictionary is it tae and jimin competing to draw snakes with things and see which gets mild approval?? actual pictionary snictionary?? also that first panel is me doing literally anything lmao "is it good" while looking vaguely sleep deprived and hiding half my face behind my creation

its a mix of ‘get mild approval from the god boy’ and actual snictionary which is probably why namjoon hates it. snictionary is a damn mess

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Hiya Fran! Um... What are your thoughts on MT!Prompto and Ardyn??

Short version:

In which I’m letting Oracle boy draw answers to my asks

Long version: Grouch has it canoned that MT actually dislikes Ardyn despite his alignment and I support it fully because I too dislike Ardyn (as a person, his character is brilliant. It really is. But I hate him. Gods I hate him.). I also must admit that Prompto and Ardyn interactions make me uncomfortable from the get-go sooooo


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yo where can i read/ryden conspiracy things? or proofs? whatever? pls im bored :(

now THIS is the kind of message i like to see !!!! okay these are mostly just from google/my ryden tag

edit: oh my god i cant believe i forgot basementdemo‘s ryden lore tag once u enter ur in a downward spiral and u can never escape!!!!! have fun!!!!

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You do realise that you're erasing hellenic culture and turning it into some shady yaoi au for funzies, right? By saying that you don't think the gods should conform is like erasing actual native gods heritage. You wouldn't white out an African god.

Originally posted by the-reactiongifs


Alright!! Where to start.

First of all, if you consider the relationship I’ve established between Icarus, Helios and Apollo as “for funzie”, you’re completely right! I draw for fun! I’m not paid nor do I have some ulterior political motive. Im doing all of this coz im passionate and i love interesting couple dynamics.

And if you call their gay relationship “yaoi” just coz I enjoy portraying them in sweet loving moments then my boi, have I got news for you about the definition of “yaoi”. See, if I had created them solely to fetishize their bond and draw them in sexual context for the entertainment of a straight female audience then yeah, you would be right. But I have never drawn them in sexual intercourse???? They haven’t even held hands yet omfg, their story just isn’t centered around the sexual aspect of their relationship. In other words, I’m putting emphasis on story-building and character development rather than how they would frick frack.

Also, you do have one point, I would NEVER white-wash an ‘african’ god, nor an egyptian god, nor a chinese god, nor an aztec god…and u get the pattern. Why? What makes them different from Greek gods? It’s because there’s already so little representation of them in mainstream media, that it would make a great impact to take it away from them. Greek gods have been all over television, internet, literature. They were popular figures even at renaissance. I’m sure the world won’t miss one lil artist like me drawing their favorite gods with black skin. And you can’t deny that Greek mythology is far more know by the general public than, say Mayan mythology. There’s far more representation of Greek mythology than other ‘native’ mythology. So why would it be fair to put them on the same level? 

Soo, yeah, thats why I will keep adding diversity to my interpretation of the Greek gods, and if you’re not happy with it, go search on google, im sure you’ll find plenty of ‘hellenic conforming’ portrayals of ur gods.

me making aus like: let me take this thing i like…….. and put it with…………………… heathers………………………… the musical…………

but itd be like if jd wasnt just a blatantly evil manipulative shitbag and actually thought what he was doing was for veronicas own good

Alison : “Come on, guys. You need to be more excited!”

Helena : “…”

Cosima : “Whatever, been here done this”

Sarah : “What the bloody hell is this, Al?!”

Rachel : This is the last time that I said ‘bored’

Krystal : “This is sooo… weird”

* * * * *


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did you go to college or study art somewhere?

nope nop I dropped out of secondary school when I was 17 ish so I haven’t been to either! Actually hated art at school, only ever made it to lessons briefly. Last one I ever tried was life drawing; I stood at my easel staring at the back of an old man’s crusty foot trying to work out how to get it onto the page and I thought ‘this is not for me’ so I ran out crying then never came back. I think it was being unwell that did it rather than the foot itself, but yes I’ve never been a successful art student

Here I’m at it again!

Yup, the female one. A friend said she doesn’t look feminine at all. and…well……… ..sure *after all, I actually didn’t think Cloudjumper is female to begin with*

But I feel like I do better with the design here.

Here’s the thing. here’s how much I hate people oversexualize non human characters when they made them into females characters. First, always big boobs, big butts and wearing next to nothing, or a full armor except where it really should cover, i.e breast and butts.

and I have every problem with those. *thank god I haven’t saw any of those done to any dragons. Have seen an Optimus Prime tho*

I do like my humanized dragons showing somewhat more skin than their vikings partners. *my male humanized Cloudjumper and Toothless are shirtless, because, me want*

so in the end. I’m actually pretty pleased with drawing her here.


I was actually really happy when I found out Gosohyun was the female lead in BTS’s Boy in Luv. I became a fan of hers after watching Korea’s next top model season 3 a while back, I really really love her face >< she has such nice, delicate but sharp, streamlined features. (some ppl are saying she looks a lot like BTOB’s ilhoon, well I love ilhoon’s face!) So I was inspired to do these couple-y drawings, plz don’t hate me XD these are just fictional situations, not based off the teaser obviously. I drew more but these were the ones I decided to take further. O god what will become of my life when the actual mv comes out tmrw ;__; dat Jin tho!!!! what ever happened to princess Jin?

Which pair your favourite here 8D?

Here’s the other, less appealing version of the Christmas picture I did where I attempted to do a background and tried to actually make it look like Donnie’s lab. (I was going to put the speech bubble in the bottom left corner, which is why I didn’t draw anything there), but after mumbling ‘God I hate this’ to myself for the hundredth time, I tapped out and just went with the simple plain background that I always do. XP Just thought I’d share this. I don’t know why backgrounds are so fucking difficult for me. XP Does anyone know of any good tutorials?