the drama queen is dead

Therapy sesh w/ Hook

DISCLAIMER- If the following content ended up on the wrong dash, please do understand that this is light hearted humour by a heavy-hearted person. 


Next time on Therapy sesh w/ Hook: “The man I ruthlessly killed a long ass time ago, although he begged me not to and wouldn’t have caused any trouble, turns out to be the father of David DAFUQ DO I DO ARCHIE??!!!”

shameless S07E3

Carl finding out the hoe he cut his dick for is cheating on him

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Carl snitching on the hoe like she deserves

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Liam actually saying sentences

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no one asked me to be here but hERE I AM, AGAIN

idk i’m feeling emotional about ‘leave out all the rest’ by linkin park as an andrew x neil song again. like during book 3 when neil thinks that he’s not got long left to live, that pretty soon he’ll be dead without a trace (like what a drama queen omg i love him) and i just !!! 

I dreamed I was missing and you were so scared
but no one would listen cause no one else cared 
after my dreaming i woke with this fear 
what am i leaving when i’m done here? 

when my time comes forget the wrong that i’ve done 
help me leave behind some reasons to be missed 
and dont resent me 
and when you’re feeling empty keep me in your memory 
leave out all the rest. leave out all the rest 

I just saw a cute little beetle crawling around on my bedroom floor, getting a bit confused by the carpet and struggling to make the odyssey across the room somewhat, and so I put a bit of paper down so that the beetle (Tigerlily La Rue) could crawl onto it, and then I put that bit of paper in a shallow box so that I could carry Tigerlily outside and free her, and I GOT SO WORRIED because Tigerlily is a goddamn drama queen and thought it would be a great idea to lie on her back and curl her smol legs up and play dead

and all I could think was “did I somehow put the paper down near her too violently and scare her??? Did she have a heart attack at seeing this gigantic humanperson looming over her like anthropomorphic dread??? Did I do something wrong?! Have my efforts been in vain? Am I too late? God, what if she has a family? How do I contact them? Will they understand? Is a lawsuit impending? How do I find a good lawyer?” and I decided that I would take her outside anyway and deposit her on our front doorstep, just to see if her family came to collect her body 

and like the goddamn method actor that she is, she kept up this ruse all the way to the front door, and as soon as I put her down onto the pavement outside she started to wiggle her legs and I had to help set her the right way up and she toddled off, not even thinking to apologise for scaring the shit out of me

Tigerlily, you heartbreaker


I’m so proud and happy for her because she deserve it more that anyone else !!! She is the strongest woman !!!

Congrats again & be ready for the new season !!!

Melissa McBride won Best Supporting Actress In A Drama !!!

Our Queen !!!

Please allow my sleep deprived brain to be a drama queen for a minute and wonder

just how much that dead ball from last summer must have affected everybody else, not just Eijun.

Okay fiiines, yes, we’ve moved on from all that drama but sometimes I wonder you know?

When he pitches a dead ball, do they worry that he’ll fall back so low again? Do they worry that his yips might come back?

Yeah I know, they know Eijun has come out from that stronger than before and he’ll always come out strong from whatever shit life throws at him but

just a little bit,

just a crease in the brow, a tinge of unease, a moment of panic, a creeping anxiety, a pang of worry,

in that moment he throws a dead ball

I wonder if they do.