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This is the total time Mulan was on screen after there was any indication she might be LGBQ+  (excluding subtext)

Less than the time it takes to microwave a burrito. So if you decided you wanted a pepperoni hot pocket at the right time, you may have missed the entirety of OUAT’s queer representation.

Anyways, let’s run some numbers…

The total show running time in seconds is about 240300. (89 episodes of about 45 minutes)

Mulan was only ‘out’ for 103 of those seconds. (I use the phrase ‘out’ loosely. Many viewers, including myself, thought that Mulan was actually in love with Philip. It wasn’t until I read about it online over a year later that I found out.)

This means that queer characters got about 0.0004% of the screen time on Once Upon a Time.

Do what you will with these numbers.

Inquisition DLC Ideas That Will Probably Never Happen (+Estimated Prices)

Extra Accents Pack - $5 - Gives a total of 3 extra accents; Orlesian, Dalish (Welsh/Irish), Qunari (That deep but thoughtful voice the Arishok had in DAII)

Extra Origin Pack - $10 - Gives extra chooseable origins: Apostate, Elven Slave, Elven Servant, Trainee Templar, Dwarf Merchant, Tal-Vashoth (as apposed to regular Vashoth), Qunari Spy. And maybe some others.

In-Game DA:K - $0 - The ability to create a save state using Dragon Age Keep during Character Creation.

Returning Specializations - $5-$15 - Shadow, Spirit Warrior, Blood Mage, Bard, Berserker, and Shapeshifter.

Unique Bonus Specializations - $20 - All Classes: Red Lyruim [Class Name], Venatori [Class Name], and Inquisitor (Expanded). Rouge: Harlequin and Sniper. Warrior: Chevalier and Gladiator. Mage: Summoner and Half-Abomination.

Extra Hair Styles - $2 - What it says on the tin.

Scars and Freckles - $2 - Same thing.

Transgender Option - $1(Putting a price on it because they’d have to pay whoever programs it in) - A few story changes here and there, like additional dialogue with Krem.

More Horns - $2 - We need some more horns for the Qunari, lets be honest here.

Qunari Helmets - $5 - Maybe not even that, just metal masks or something. Bull gets one.

Something, anything with Sandal in it - $1,000,000,000 - Seriously Bioware, I need this.

Elven Correction - $1 - By the Dread Wolf, I fucking know that Elves used to be immortal, I’m DALISH.

Qunari Correction - $1 - Tal-Vashoth.

Companion Advisers - $1 - Because we all wanna see Josie kick someone’s ass.

Dalish Decor - $1- We will get what we were promised.

Weapon Swap - $5 - The weapon-sets from Origins were actually realy good and it saddens me that they are gone, as it limits your tactical ability.

Ash Warrior’s Arsenal - $5 - Mabari Companion, Ash Warrior/Berserker Specialization, Kaddis (for both Mabari and others), New Weapons and Armour.

Fog Warrior’s Arsenal - $5 - Fog Warrior Specialization/Fog Warrior Grenade (Basically Stealth in a Bottle), Fog Warrior Companion, New Weapons and Armour.

At least this is all just what I want.



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  • Bioware:wow look at all these ladies in our cast. see that one female character everyone is rly hyped about? female only romance option. super awesome mage wearin sweet ass clothes? woman of color. oh you wanted to play as a non-sexualized female qunari? here u go.
  • Nintendo:3:1 ratio of female to male characters in hyrule warriors. zelda bein a badass in awesome fucking princess armor
  • Ubisoft:women are 2 hard to animate lol