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Overwatch OC/Canon Week
Day Three:  Theme A Outfit Swap

I’ve actually had these sketches for Shuichi sitting in my art folder for awhile, when I was starting to decided what his combat outfit would look like.  Then I was joking with @gnomeicecream how Shuichi might look like stealing his mates’ clothing.

1)  Shuichi’s combat outfit.  Shuichi wields a naginata when using a physical weapon, having been trained by his eldest sister Tori (Hanamura dragon kami of Fall).  He switches to hakama pants, and a kimono top with the sleeves loosely tied out of the way.  There is also a kaiken (short blade/dagger) tucked into his belt, traditionally worn by both men and women of the samurai class for self defense/close quarters combat.  Japanese women still wear them tucked into the obi of their wedding kimono as a special charm. 

2) Variation of Shuichi’s combat outfit.  Basically the same, but with one side exposed.  Usually in a cheeky imitation of Hanzo’s bared chest.  Besides, Shu has cute nip-nips~

3) Hanzo outfit swap.  If Hanzo is gonna expose one breast, Shu will expose both.  Shuichi was also trained in the yumi, the traditional Japanese longbow where the grip is featured on the lower third of the bow.  A weapon Shuichi can wield with surprising ease, both in combat and spiritual rituals, despite the bow being taller than he is. 

4)  Jesse outfit swap.  At 5ft tall and a small but sturdy build, Shuichi is smaller than Hanzo (5′8) and Jesse (6′1).  That doesn’t mean that the dragon kami isn’t any less interested in Jesse’s traditional clothing, even if Shuichi is swimming in it.  Which is kidnapped frequently.  Besides, the gunslinger’s scent is just as soothing as the archer’s. 

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I was tagged by the wonderful @theangriestlittleunicorn

Nickname: Ain, pronounced like “Rain” (Sometimes Ainy)

Sign: Gemini/Cancer Cusp

Favorite Music Artist: Oh geese, I have a lot! For now I’ll say a tie between Ed Sheeran and whoever wrote the songs for Moana and La La Land!

Last TV Show You Watched: “Dragons: Race to the Edge"

Last Movie You Saw in the Movie Theater: La La Land! (pauses for shocked gasps) I finallyyy was able to bring my dad and sister along and they both LOVED it and thanked me for being so adamant we see it. ;)

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Short, watermelon-themed pyjama pants and singlet. Too Dang Hot for anything with sleeves :^D
What Do You Post: Whatever, really! But recurring themes are posts with an odd sense of humour, social justice, birds, and various fictional obsessions. See bio for possible candidates

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Yes! I have an Art Blog: @ainsartstuff , and ask blog for Tak from “Invader Zim”: @ask-irken-tak and a story blog for a character of mine called Delta that I may actually put into action one day :^) : @delta-world-jumper

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Interesting story! My old username was Aingirl, which is a reference to a fictional species I made up called “Ains”, but one day I found it was taken on another website so I called myself Ain-Individual, realised it was a pun, and kept it. :D I never anticipated it would become like a second name but I like it!

Do You Get Asks Regularly: Nope! Well, not on this blog anyway. :P


Patronus: A weasel. ò vó My smol teeth gonna cut my enemies

Pokémon Team: Mystic

Favorite Colour: Lavender, soft pink, baby blue and turquoise. 0v0

Favorite Characters: HOO BOY HERE WE GO
Emma Swan and Rumplestiltskin from OUaT, Hiccup and Astrid from the How to Train Your Dragon series, Cynder from Legend of Spyro series, Sonic (the Hedgehog) & Knuckles, Astro Boy, aaand Katara and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Hobbies/Crafts? Drawing, writing, reading, singing, animating, and sooometimes cosplay!

Collect anything? Unintentionally landed with a dragon statue collection. :^D I say “unintentionally” because some of my family members just kinda assumed I already had one and just bought me dragons statues every birthday and Christmas and now I have a whole shelf full of them, along with other cool stuff! I love it, personally.

Current challenges you face? Getting better at managing my anxiety and not getting socially over-stimulated, finding work, improving my animating skills (though that one’s more a goal that I’m looking forward to) and just handling myself in real life social situations in general. I still get nervous before I need to speak to the cashier. X|

Things you’re looking forward to? Getting my animation done, finishing Uni, hopefully being able to go on exchange to California next year, and the day I get to meet all my overseas friends!

Anything you want to promote? Always do what feels the best for you. Try to act in a way you think is true to yourself and your own ideals, but also try to keep an open mind to other peoples’ experiences and views. Keep in mind you are not always right, but you can learn about that which intrigues you and educate yourself about world matters so you can fight for what you believe is right. Follow your passions, but understand there are times there will be road bumps on the way. If you don’t know what your passion is, travel! Do things! Save up for it! Just. Do the thing that makes you feel whole, do what feels right, and surround yourself with people who encourage you to be the best you can be, and who you also want to see succeed.

Anything else you’d like to share? I have a lot of love in my heart for a lot of people here but I can’t always show it as much as I like ó vò Whoever is reading this, have a lovely day, week, month, year, life. ❤

I’m lazy so I’m tagging anyone who’s eaten an apple in the last 24 hours ` w ‘

Costume Progress: Shadow Prince Utena (#3) It’s done! Mostly! I finally put the pants together, so the only remaining bits are buttons/embellishments, getting stuffing for the shorts to give them MAXIMUM POOF, finding some super cute shoes, and fixing a few little seams here and there. I’m so stoked to wear it. Why must Dragon Con be so far away?!?

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