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Why Rick is so fucking sexy? Sbsbdbdbbdd I love your serie so much c:

Allow me to let you in on a little secret… The four basic principles of making a sexy character.

1: Large eyes

Notice how large Rick’s eyes are. Now imagine him with small eyes. You really think that would be sexy…? No. Didn’t think so.

2: Socks

I make sure to have Rick’s pants a bit too short for him, so that the viewers may see that he is, in fact, wearing socks. Countless times have I not been able to enjoy a character, because I keep thinking to myself - Is this character wearing socks? Are they getting blisters from walking? It’s painful to imagine. So I took care of this, and you are able to enjoy him without any inner turmoil.

3. Hair

Rick’s hair takes inspiration from Vegeta, a popular anime character from the show “Dragon Ball Z”. Vegeta was always the sexiest, I thought growing up as a kid, and many of my co workers agreed. We captured a piece of his beauty in Rick’s design.

4. Morty

We placed Morty, the un-sexiest character we could think of, next to Rick, so that it would accentuate Rick’s appeal even more so than before. If Rick had been standing next to another sexy character, they would be competing with one another. But with Morty, there is no competition. People are automatically drawn to Rick where they would otherwise hesitate.

Thanks for the ask!

Hakobe Resort. Chapter 1

Warning! Rated M for foul language, sexual content (in every chapter), and adult situations. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. This is my submission for NALU LOVE FEST 2016. It is also a sequel for ’Hakobe Ice’. (You don’t have to read ‘Hakobe Ice’ to understand this story, it just references it a few times.)

This is a lighthearted NALU story. Just a nice fluffy/smutty story between Natsu and Lucy.

I hope you all enjoy the story. :)

Summary: Natsu and Lucy’s two year wedding anniversary is coming up, and Natsu wants to do something to surprise his lovely wife. A weekend alone at the newly built Hakobe Resort should do the trick! 

Word count: 7,326

Read chapter: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

Read on or AO3.

Chapter One: Sweet/Rough

Natsu raced through town, dodging pedestrians and jumping over small obstacles that got in his way. His excitement kept him going, even when his stomach still twisted from just riding a train. He had to get to her, he had to see Lucy!

The fire dragon slayer smiled brightly when the ground under him changed from pavement to grass. He entered the forest and continued his run, not caring that his body was aching from the long mission he just finished.

Gray and him were gone for three weeks, trying to find and take down a new dark guild. It seemed like a simple mission when they accepted it. Only when they started did they realize what a challenge it would be. Still, they found the bad guys, beat them up, then let the royal army come in to arrest them.

The reward was worth it! Ten million jewels split in half meant Natsu had enough! He’d been trying to save for a while, but something always came up. The renovations to his house, the new furniture, but best of all, the wedding!

Even after almost two years of marriage to his beautiful wife Lucy, he was still paying for the wedding. At first they were just going to invite members of their guild, but soon they received requests from other guilds to join in on the fun. Before the two knew it, over half the guilds in Fiore wanted to attend the wedding between the fire dragon slayer and the celestial wizard. It was a fun day, despite the crippling debt it brought on.

After this mission, he had enough to pay off their debt, and pay for the surprise he’d been planning for over a year. He knew he wanted to treat Lucy to this, he just didn’t realize how long it’d take to get the money together.

Smoke could be seen over the treetops, making Natsu smile. Lucy was definitely home, and she was using the new fireplace they had installed. The blonde had been complaining that it was too cold whenever he left, so this was his way of making it up to her.

Lately Lucy had been taking less missions in order to focus on her novel. She was nearly done, so Natsu didn’t mind picking up the slack. He did miss having her on missions, but he understood that this was something she’d wanted to do for a long time.

Unfortunately without Lucy, that left Gray as his partner. Over the years the two had grown a little closer, and by that, he meant they could do a mission without it ending in a brawl between the two. Juvia used to join them from time to time until she became pregnant with the ice-make wizard’s baby, so now she was forced to take it easy.

Usually Happy joined them, but it seemed like more often than not, he chose to partner with Wendy and Carla, since the youngest dragon slayer wanted to go out on her own. Carla wouldn’t have that, and Happy was a sucker for the white-furred exceed.

That left Natsu alone with Gray, but he didn’t mind, as long as he provided for his little family -that would hopefully expand soon. It was still just him, Lucy and Happy. They agreed to wait until after Lucy finished her novel before they started trying to have kids. She was now even on birth control, making their 'alone time’ much more pleasurable.

The fire dragon slayer could still remember how much he wanted Lucy and his first time to be without a condom, but she wasn’t ready for kids, and honestly looking back now, he wasn’t either. Still, once her birth control became effective, he never looked back, because it felt much better with skin on skin contact.

The sign in front of their house was the first thing he saw. Natsu, Happy & Lucy was printed on the cat head shaped sign. Lucy argued that she should be next to Natsu, but Happy had a good point, he was there first. Natsu remembered how often they would come up to him with their reasons for being named second, so finally the fire dragon slayer gave up and just drew names out of a hat. They seemed fine with that outcome, since it was the only fair way to do it.

Natsu ran up the steps, then burst through the door. “I’m back!” He was immediately met with a shriek, realizing he surprised his wife while she was in the middle of writing.

“Oh no!” Lucy threw her head back, a frown surfacing on her face as she closed her eyes.

The pink haired man’s shoulders fell. “Aren’t you glad to see me? I was gone three weeks!”

“Huh?” The blonde opened her eyes, seeing her upside down husband with a pout. “No, not that. This!” She righted herself, then showed him a piece of paper. It was nearly filled, with only a few lines left blank. However, that wasn’t what she was showing him. She was upset because a large black line stained the paper from bottom to top.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he gave her a sheepish grin, “I was just excited to be home.”

Lucy’s brown eyes softened before placing the paper down. “It’s okay, I was almost done, but I can still see what I wrote. It shouldn’t take too long to rewrite it.”

“That’s good,” Natsu said, closing the door behind him then walking up to his wife. “Did'ja miss me?”

“Of course,” she smiled, standing up to meet him in a hug. His warm arms felt comfortable around her, melting away the bitter cold she’d been feeling since he left. Even with their new fireplace, nothing could replace Natsu’s heat. “I always miss you when you’re gone.”

Natsu mumbled against her golden hair, “I missed you too.”

“Well I would hope so,” Lucy giggled, until she felt something pressing against her hip. “I see you’re very happy to see me.”

“I am,” the dragon slayer admitted, not feeling the least bit of shame from being hard. His wife was the sexiest person he’d ever known, no matter if she was naked, in lingerie, or wearing a white shirt with pink shorts. She always made his heart skip a beat and his pants get a little tighter. “I couldn’t stop thinking about ya.”

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Some flavors of Castlevania:

  • Dudebrovania—Looks like you’d paint it on a metal album cover. Or your van. Sounds just as loud. The Belmonts don’t wear pants, and Alucard doesn’t wear a shirt. The ladies are literally either from heaven or hell. What is a man? You are. You are a man!
  • Bishievania—Smells like the ancient tomes from LiveJournal and accounts long since abandoned. The men are beautiful, and the women are non-existent. Where did these showers of rose petals come from? Oh, wait. That’s blood. Still pretty, though.
  • Kookyvania—Came for the skeletons on motorcycles, stayed for the little girl throwing dragons, the obscene amounts of curry, the dramatic readings of Worlds of Power novels, and the chair porn. Life is too short to take seriously. Better enjoy it while you can. Maybe visit the Statue of Liberty. Beat her trivia contest, too.
Royal Baby: Part 1

Description: You’re just starting college when you meet a mysterious hottie named Dean Winchester. You later find out he’s royalty, will this scare you away? Or intrigue you more?

Pairings: Dean x reader

Warnings: Supernatural AU

Authors Note: I’ve never written a Supernatural AU before and now I’m busy writing two different series! I hope it’s as good as I think it is! Love you guys!!

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

“Hi,” you said shyly as you waved a friendly hello. His bright green eyes seemed to be piercing into your very soul.

“Hey,” he smirked and scratched the back of his neck. He was so gorgeous, “I’m Dean by the way, Dean Winchester.” He reached out his hand for a hand shake. You looked down at all the bags you were carrying. He laughed and put his hand down. “Sorry,” he smirked again, “Let me help you with those.” He grabbed the two bags from your right shoulder and one suitcase with wheels.

“Which dorm building do you live in?” he asked politely. I look at the crumpled sheet of paper in my hand.

“The south wing,” you bite your lip out of nervousness, “I’m not sure where that is…” He smiled kindly and nodded in the opposite direction.

“It’s this way, it’s such a shame you live so far away from me,” he smiled as you two began walking towards your dorm, “Oh, and I never caught your name.” You smiled and looked up at him.

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N,” you look down as he smiled at you, “Anyways why, where do you live?”

“My dorm’s all the way on the north part of the campus,” he turned and pointed off in the direction, “What major are you going for?” You smiled.

“I’m actually a triple major: technology, business, and physics, with an art minor,” you smiled as you looked at him. His eyes were wide.

“Wow, you’re going to be here awhile!”

“I think they estimated it to be about 8 years, which isn’t that bad I guess.” Dean stopped in front of a building and held the door open for you.

“Ladies first,” once you were inside you looked at the paper once more.

“Looks like the tenth floor,” you murmur as you press the up button on the elevator.

“Anyways, that’s still a long time, I’m going for a business degree as well.” He stepped into the elevator with you. There was something about him that drew you into him. You smiled as you pressed the 10 button and the doors closed.

“I hear a slight accent, where are you from?” You ask politely. He smiles nervously and looks at you.

“A small country in Europe,” he laughed, “Mother wanted me to come to the US for school.” There was something missing from his story, something he wasn’t telling you. You ignored it and saw his phone light up.

“I think you’re getting a call,” you point out as the elevator opens up to the tenth floor and you walk out with Dean behind you. “Room 1023,” you whispered to yourself as you walk through the hallway filled with half naked, skinny, blonde bitches. You opened your door and saw you were the first to arrive in your room. You dropped your bags in exhaustion and turned to Dean. He was still on the phone.

“Yeah Sin I know, tell you where I’m going. Sorry,” he looked annoyed, “I’ll be there in a minute. I was helping someone with their bags.” He rolled his eyes and looked at you. “Okay. Mmhmm. Okay, bye.” He hung up and looked apologetic.

“I’m sorry, my bodyguard wants me to come home so I can unpack,” he said as he set your bags down.

“You have a bodyguard!?” You looked at him and laughed slightly. Why would he need a bodyguard. He scratched the back of his neck.

“Let’s just say mother’s over protective,” he laughed, “But, Y/N? I’d love to meet with you again. You’re truly the definition of beauty and…yeah, it’d be fun.” You blushed and handed him a piece of paper with your number on it.

“You’re really handsome as well,” you smiled, “Call me.” He winks and leaves the room. You watch him as he leaves. His perfect face and dusty brown hair. Ugh. 

You turned towards your room and for the first time actually got a decent look at it. There was only one bed on the left side of the room and a dresser and a desk on the other wall. You step forward and look out the window. Looks like I have a room to myself, you thought as you turned back to your bags. It would have been nice to have a roommate, but you liked being alone. 

Once you had unpacked a little you decided you needed to go out and meet some people. You grabbed your purse, phone, and keys and walked out your door. You walked out into the main courtyard and saw a lot of stands with different organizations on their banners. You walk through, trying to ignore the annoying preppy people trying to hand you brochures.

You looked up and saw Dean talking to a tall black guy in a suit and pitch black glasses. They looked like they were having a somewhat heated conversation as they walked out of the library. You saw that black guy look your way and then say something to Dean who then also looked in your direction. You looked down and started a conversation with the nearest person. 

“So how often do you guys meet?” You asked the guy sitting at the Dungeons and Dragons booth. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a red and yellow BAZINGA tee and brown pants. He looked up at you nervously and replied. 

“Once a week if we can, do you play?” He was visually nervous as he fidgeted with his pen. 

“Yeah, my ex got me into it and I haven’t found anyone to play with again so…” you smiled and look at the sign up list. Two people had signed up so far. You grabbed a pen and wrote your name and number down. 

“Awesome! We’ll start in a week or two to let everyone settle first,” he said as you smiled.

“Cool, well, just uh…let me know!” you smiled goodbye and began walking throughout the rest of the stands. You signed up for the LGBTQ+ club, as you were bi. Not many people knew this, but it was college and you knew no one. It was time to be your true self. You had also signed up for the writing club. You had loved writing since you were young. As you began walking towards the campus square, where there were little cafes and donut shoppes, you heard the sound of someone running up towards you. You turned on your heels and smiled when you saw who it was.

“Dean!” you turned back around as he caught up with you.

“Hey gorgeous,” he winked as you blushed, “You want to go out to eat?” You licked your lips and looked up at him.

“Sure,” he looked delighted as he offered you his arm, “But is your bodyguard going to allow it?” You smirked and he rolled his eyes. 

“Yes, he’s pre approved the place and everything,” he said with a slight chuckle. You smiled and laughed a little. And you were off on your first date during college.

This Punk - Part Two (End)

Part One  *Part Two (End)*

Request: “ANNYEONG! naneun yuna! ㅋㅋㅋ so my request is a bad boy smut of jimin! can i be your friend aka #1 fan? ㅋㅋ thank you so much 💕💕” - @ayoderpo 

Genre: Smut/Fluff/Angst

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 11,176 (bloody hell this is so long!)

A/N: This took so so so long and I nearly cried trying to figure out how to end it! I am so so so proud of this and I hope you guys like it!! I also haven’t edited it! so if there are mistakes PLEASE let me know so I can correct it!! I might get round to it later who knows!

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The next day came by, and before 9, you were up, showered, dressed and ready to leave for your first lesson. After your meal last night, you and Cha-Hee returned to your dorm and climbed into bed after getting changed. When tucked under your warm sheets, you faced each other and spoke more about your day like you did most nights, staring into the darkness until the conversation died, or one of you fell asleep; or became too tired to talk.

And after a good night’s sleep, you were ready for the day. You shoved your books and laptop in your bag, alongside everything you would need, pushed money into your pocket, whispered a goodbye to your sleeping roommate, and left.

You left far earlier than you needed to, just so you could wander around campus for a while and maybe buy yourself some breakfast that you didn’t want to make yourself. You remembered someone mentioning an internet cafe not far away from where you were walking. So, after some time of walking, you made your way to the cafe, ordered yourself a blueberry muffin and a coffee, and sat down to get some research done for the lessons you had today.

You also did a background check on the books you were going to be studying in literature class, looking where you could buy them, researching the author and looking deep into the meaning behind the book. They were your typical ‘perfect to analyse’ books, but you were going to enjoy reading them no doubt. And after checking the curriculum again for which ones you were going to study first, and purchased them.

You had finished the muffin, and did the things you had to and then leaned back in your chair, stretched and checked the time. You still had at least an hour to kill before your first lesson of the day. So, you rested your head back on the chair and stretched your arms again, closing your eyes momentarily just to relax.

“You look relaxed.” A familiar voice snapped you or trance and brought you back to reality.

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The Date. (Part Two)

The second and final part to this little story I’ve been writing. I do plan to keep using these two of course, but for now, Please enjoy!

Suaco had recently managed to convince Vek to add some more casual clothes to his wardrobe, the Kobold wearing a neutral colored hoodie with some shorts, going barefoot as usual. Suaco himself having picked out a simple shirt and pants combo, not really feeling the need to dress up anything fancy-like.

“So, where are we going then Big Green? This one is not familiar with the ‘hip’ and 'cool’ locations” Vek said, his fingers going up for exaggerated air quotes.

“Nowhere special, just the Pub. I took you there a long time ago when we first met” Suaco noted.

“This one remembers it as being loud and smelling of piss” He said, turning up his nose.

“Thats because we sat near the restroom.” Suaco replied with a chuckle, leading his way down the stairs and out onto the street, glancing back as Vek hopped down the steps one at a time. Goddamn it was cute to watch. That was one of the things it took Suaco a while to get used to, the Kobold having much shorter strides then the dragon, causing him to need to usually walk slower if they ever went anywhere. His mind wandered to one of the first nights of them being together, where during the night he nearly barged the Kobold through a wall when he got up for a drink, completely forgetting about how small and less weighty Vek was.

Knowing that they were a little short for time, Suaco stooped down and grabbed the Kobold as he reached the bottom stair, casually placing the Kobold onto his shoulder and holding him there, again, much to Vek’s embarrassment.

“Vek can walk Big Green! This is entirely unnecessary”

“Maybe, but its fun!”

Vek grumbled to himself and let the dragon have his fun, ignoring some of the strange looks from passing people, The dragon whistling happily as they made their way down to the pub. It wasn’t that far, about a ten minute walk, meanwhile the two scaled’s made small talk, Suaco joking that he should grab another four Kobolds and start a balancing act.

“Completely impractical. Nobody would watch it, yes-yes”

“Maybe, but I think you are misunderstanding the point. Its a joke”

“Well, this one didn’t find it very funny”

“You never find any of my jokes funny”

“Exactly” Vek replied, an uncharacteristically cheeky smile on his mouth as he looked down at Suaco’s draconic visage from his shoulders. Suaco couldn’t help but smile, eyes glancing upwards back at Vek.

As the pub came into view, Suaco slowly kneeled closer to the ground, allowing Vek the chance to climb down and plop onto the floor, his claws producing little click-clack noises as he made his way into the establishment from the pavement outside, Suaco generously holding the door open for him.

The pub, its name out the front reading “The Broken Bard”, was a lively place, people and creatures of all shapes and sizes spending the late afternoon with friends and with drink. In the corner was a group of harpies, all taking photos of each other and complimenting their plumage, while at the bar was a mix and match of burly tradies, no doubt having a drink after a long day.

Vek had to take a moment to attune himself, the loud noises and laughter all a little much for him. He already missed the quiet of the apartment, where his books lay, waiting to be read so he could continue his work. He could feel his tail start to curl up against his leg and had to focus on stopping it, not wanting to appear nervous or weak.

With a sigh, he made his way to one of the free tables and clambered up onto a stool, his eyes only just barely coming up across the edge of the wooden surface. He sighed again and climbed up and onto the table itself, sitting cross legged and waiting for Suaco to sit down. Suaco did indeed sit down, taking the stool directly in front of Vek and resting all of his weight on it, the stool giving a creaking sound in return.

“So… a drink?”

“Alcohol is a waste of this ones time. Has much better uses in cooking or for a bomb, yes yes.”

Suaco glanced around for a moment and leaned in a little closer to Vek. "Maybe try not using the word 'bomb’ in a public place like this.” The dragon said quietly, although with how loud the place was, it wasn’t really needed.

Vek raised his brow in response, the Kobold not being one to pay attention to current events. He disregarded his comment and moved past it, instead peering at the large chalkboards hanging over the bar, his tongue immediately poking out of the corner of his mouth as he read the titles of the drinks, Suaco meanwhile watching him with an amused expression on his face.

With a sigh, Vek began.“This one supposes that in an effort to try new things, he will allow you to order something for him yes yes.” He was acting above it all, but it was hard to hide the small smile on his face.

Suaco gave a nod and made his way to the bar, ordering a set of drinks for himself and a sweet-flavored cruiser for his smaller partner, making his way back through the crowd with ease and placing the drinks down on the table, retaking his seat and extending his hand to The brightly colored drink, Vek grasping it with both hands and popping the top off with his teeth.

“You know, thats probably bad for your chompers” Suaco said, his eyes following the bottle cap rolling off onto the floor.

“Kobolds can eat dirt, do you really think some flimsy metal will be a problem?” The Kobold replied, giving the beverage a sniff and letting the ingredients read through in his mind. While not one hundred percent accurate, he had a good grasp of what was in it and he found the smell passable at the very least. With Suaco looking on with much curiosity, Vek tipped the neck of the drink to his mouth, taking a mouthful and tasting the cool liquid, giving nothing away to the large dragon seated away from him.

There was a brief pause.

Its alright" Vek said, taking another drink as Suaco chuckled, opening up his own drink and downing it quickly. A large burp made its way out from his maw as he grinned, his eyes narrowing at Vek.

“I knew you’d like it little guy” He teased, Vek shifting a little as he avoided eye contact at the first hint of that nickname being dropped.

“Well…maybe this one should trust you more often. Who knows what has been… missed out on.” Vek replied, opening up slightly to his partner.Suaco just smiled, happy to see Vek trying new things. They continued to talk and spend the night away, Vek forgetting all about the noise and sights, instead genuinely enjoying his time out for the first time in a long time, a fact that Suaco was not blind to. The sun set on the two scaled’s, as their worries and problems seemed to disappear in each others company. While they talked and joked and spent the night away, a thought struck through Vek’s head like an arrow, causing the Kobold to grin for the first time in a long time.

He was happy.

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Hi, lately fans are talking about will/hannibal in pink shorts, where this came from?

It goes all the way back to the original film adaptation of Red Dragon, a movie called Manhunter, in which whenever Will Graham is at home on the beach in Florida, he’s wearing pink shorts. 

I’ve seen a couple interviews where Bryan said he’d tried to put our Will in pink shorts in the Red Dragon arc in S3, but they didn’t have the budget to film anywhere other than deepest darkest Toronto winter and well, that would be cruel. So instead he’d moved to Maine and wore sweaters and long pants and we were sad.

And then Bryan revealed that the S4 cuisine is planned to be Cuban, well, naturally hopes were renewed that we will finally get to see Will in his beloved pink shorts again!

Costume Progress: Shadow Prince Utena (#3) It’s done! Mostly! I finally put the pants together, so the only remaining bits are buttons/embellishments, getting stuffing for the shorts to give them MAXIMUM POOF, finding some super cute shoes, and fixing a few little seams here and there. I’m so stoked to wear it. Why must Dragon Con be so far away?!?

PART 01!
PART 02!

Fraxus: Just Five More Minutes

Rated M for mature language and somewhat sexual content

“Babe.” Laxus chuckled as the rune wizard buried himself deeper into his pillow, oblivious to his mate’s calling. It was Saturday, the day Freed spent lazing around with his dragon slayer. He was never up before ten on Saturdays, mostly because he used the weekend to unwind after hectic weekdays in the guild. Today, however, had a little more meaning; and Freed didn’t want to get up.

“Babe,” Laxus repeated, “c'mon, you ain’t gettin’ off the hook this time. You promised me. Now wake up.” The rune wizard’s response was to turn the other way, effectively wrapping himself up in a duvet burrito. “Freed, I know you’re awake. C'mon, you still owe me from the last time you promised and backed out on me.”

“Mmmph,” Freed groaned sleepily from beneath the duvet. “Five more minutes, Laxus.” The Lightning Dragon Slayer was the only one who got to see the rune wizard with this attitude, and it made him feel great; although he wished Freed would open up just a little more to their comrades in Fairy Tail.

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Love Lost

Summary: When Acnologia meets Lucy on the battlefield, he sees his past love. Short Drabble
Parings: Annalogia Nalu

Summary It had been 400 years since he had seen her. He remembered the heartbreak that he had felt when he lost her. Now, standing before him, was the woman he loved and lost. Her blonde hair was pulled up perfectly while her golden bangs framed her face like silk curtains to a marble window frame. Her chocolate brown eyes still held immense kindness and love in them.
“Anna,” he tried to yell, but it came out as a whisper. Even still, she heard him. She turned slowly. It was not the reaction he had been hoping, praying for.
No, her eyes widened in fear. He couldn’t understand why. Yes, he did terrible things, but they loved each other all the same. Her mouth gasped. He couldn’t decide if she was surprised or trying to scream for help.
“Anna,” he pleaded,“ It’s me.” She showed no loving recognition, only fear.
Her voice came back,“ Natsu!” she screamed out. The man she called for didn’t come. She stood there frozen. Time seemed to stand still. She blinked once. When she opened her eyes, she stood firm. Vengeance and determination flared in her eyes. They no longer glittered.
“I don’t know who you think I am,” her voice trembled with rage as did her body,“ But you took from us. You took from Fairy Tail, and I will never forgive you for it.”
“No….no. You’re not Anna?” he was in shock.
“I am a decedent if that means anything to a monster like you,” a flash of gold struck his eyes. When he could see, she was wearing a very different outfit. It was a pair of black pants that were only long on one side with a silvery belt slung around her hips. Her top was a black and white cow pattern that resembled a bikini top with short white pieces of fabric rippling out from the bottom. Her hair was tied into two messy buns with her bangs still straying out. Another glint caught his eye. She was carrying a very large axe that was perfectly sharpened.
“You took away seven years of our lives, you took away the dragons, you killed them. Igneel, Grandeeny, Metalicana, Wessilogia, Skidrum and countless others. You stole their future. Now,” she stated her next actions as a fact,“ I’m going to steal yours.”
She had Anna’s hair. She had Anna’s eyes. She had Anna’s magic.
She didn’t sound like Anna. She didn’t even sound like the girl that he knew Anna was. She wasn’t Anna.
She didn’t matter. He would fight. She was only a pest in the way of his plans. He would destroy all of the dragons. But first, he was going to kill her.


i would do anything to see hiccup without his armor/flight suit on. Like what are those weird extra short sleeves he has over the longer sleeves. why does his pants come up so high. where does his shirt stop, what does it look like. are his pants actually sewn to the wing sleeves or does he wear another pair of pants sometimes. i need to know these things for science. and sanity.

Alistair wearing jeans and a soft red flannel shirt.

Wynne wearing a sensible jacket and a deep purple sheath dress.

Sten wearing brightly coloured swimming trunks.

Leliana wearing impossibly short shorts and a bright yellow tanktop.

Zevran wearing Sten’s swimming trunks and Leliana’s tanktop.

Morrigan wearing straight black pants, a white dress shirt and high heels.

Oghren wearing pajama pants and a festive Christmas sweater.

Shale wearing someone’s black lacy underwear on her head.

Dog somehow stealing the underwear.

Confession: It always saddens me a little seeing the male city elves wearing short pants in DAII. Gamlen will even mention to a male Hawke at one point about a time when they were a child and still wearing short pants. It seems as though it kind of infantilizes them, or at least makes them appear even more “powerless” than ever, which may be the point. It’s something I always notice, anyway.