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make me choose@mortalitaasi asked: morrigan’s romance or cassandra’s romance

“We have been…close…for some time now. You are…impressive…in many ways, and you even protected me from Flemeth without hope of reward. I feel…anxious when I look upon you. I dislike this sense of dependency, ‘tis a weakness I abhor. If this is “love” I wish to ascertain that you do not feel the same.”

Varric is “gives you a sip of his beer when you’re 14, includes too many embarrassing anecdotes in the ‘Birds and the Bees’ talk, helps you get into R-Rated movies” Dad.

Solas is, “Unwanted impromptu hikes and camping trips, lets you paint your own room but won’t help paint over it when you decide you hate it two weeks later, ’Let’s talk this out in the yurt’” Dad.

Dorian is “up at 3 AM passive aggressively reading in the living room with a glass of wine when you arrive four hours past your curfew, watches cheesy terrible tv shows with you, gets WAY INTO your science fair project” Dad. 

Blackwall is “really bad at gift giving but you know he’s trying very hard, carved your baby cradle by hand himself, tried to teach you to fish but stopped when ‘cleaning’ the fish made you cry and throw up” Dad.

Iron Bull is “Yells REALLY LOUDLY at the TV during both football and cooking shows, scares the shit out of your date while being perfectly friendly, won’t let you out the door in the morning without breakfast ‘At least take this protein bar!’” Dad. 

I love how if you type g-dragon into the search bar you get things like:

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But the second you switch to Ji Yong, it is all:

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Boku no Hero Quest

Guess who just saw the new ending song?

The new art is the cutest thing ever and if someone doesn’t write a fic about it soon, I will. Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Plus Ultra or something.

Izuku Elf leaves his home in search of great adventures…

Meets Mage Uraraka and Knight Tenya who instantly become friends because that’s how plot works…


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I posed myself a little challenge last night, roll up a random DND 5e character and this little one came out. A half elf/orc bard called Deela. She’s a bit of a spinster who never stops chatting, even to herself. She’s fantastically talented on the harp, which is her mother’s heirloom unfortunately she INSISTS on singing despite being absolutely atrocious. 

I love her rockin’ hips.

Prompt #144

“A lion, a tiger, and a dragon walk into a bar. Wait the dragon actually flew into the bar.”

“Technicalities don’t matter. Just tell the joke already.”

“Joke? What joke? I’m being completely serious.”


So this is really neat/funny. While browsing around for DQ Heroes stuff, I found out that Luida’s Bar, the Dragon Quest-themed restaurant in Tokyo made some drinks/desserts based on characters to promote Dragon Quest Heroes II last year.

The Angelo one is a cocktail (can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic) with Calpis/Calpico and strawberry soda with an apple garnish and a Timbrel of Tension/Mysterious Tambourine made out of chocolate. Japanese fans refer to Angelo jokingly/derisively as “Tambourine” since he gets relegated to using it later in the game.

The Maya one is a parfait with chocolate, milk tea pudding, and black sesame marshmallows for her… assets, and is topped with little silver sugar confectionery candies.

The Meena one is a fruit parfait made with mango and grapefruit gelato and topped with chocolate. Her crystal ball is made out of jelly (I think it’s boba/tapioca pearl but not 100% sure).