the dragon bar

I love how if you type g-dragon into the search bar you get things like:

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But the second you switch to Ji Yong, it is all:

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make me choose@mortalitaasi asked: morrigan’s romance or cassandra’s romance

“We have been…close…for some time now. You are…impressive…in many ways, and you even protected me from Flemeth without hope of reward. I feel…anxious when I look upon you. I dislike this sense of dependency, ‘tis a weakness I abhor. If this is “love” I wish to ascertain that you do not feel the same.”


ok so i finally got my new macbook pro a couple days ago and i’m just blown away by how well it performs. i got the highest tier graphics card (amd radeon pro 460) expecting it to hopefully run portal 2 or smth. instead i found out that it can run dragon age: inquisition at good quality in 4K with a frame rate of about 30fps. i’m pretty sure that’s better than what my gaming rig can do.
also you can plug the power cord into the left side or the right side this is the future

anyways expect a pic spam of my new inquisitor coming up soon.

okay, but. harvest moon au

doesn’t krem seem like the most boring and levelheaded dude in the world, doesn’t he seem like the kind of guy who rolls his socks into little packages and organizes them by color, doesn’t he seem like he has one favorite beer and one favorite food and hasn’t changed the kind of soap he uses in ten years because he buys it from the same lady every time they swing by that one village on their way up to the free marches.


I posed myself a little challenge last night, roll up a random DND 5e character and this little one came out. A half elf/orc bard called Deela. She’s a bit of a spinster who never stops chatting, even to herself. She’s fantastically talented on the harp, which is her mother’s heirloom unfortunately she INSISTS on singing despite being absolutely atrocious. 

I love her rockin’ hips.