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"How do I send texts again? I press this?" "No, wait, don't! Oh shit you sent it to ALL YOUR CONTACTS!!" "I DID WHAT"

This prompt literally made my shitty exhausting day a hundred times brighter and I love you for it.

Draco: Listen, Weasley, I have a favour to ask of you. Humongous favour. One that you can never tell anyone about if you don’t want to lose your balls, your dick and your nipples all at once.

Ron: *alarmed* I’m listening?

Draco: See, since Harry is on a mission and I can’t physically reach him I would like to send him some photos, to, khm, keep him entertained. And I forgot how to send photos along with texts.

Ron: *nervous* What kind of, umm, photos exactly?

Draco: *smirks* Exactly the kind you’re thinking about.

Ron: Uhhh

Draco: C'mon Weasley. I will cover your ass in front of Granger for a whole year.

Ron: Really? Hmm..she does go hard on me sometimes… Circe, fine. I just hope I don’t go blind from seeing your ugly naked arse. 

Draco: Ugly? Potter begs to differ. *winks*

Ron: *chokes*

Draco: *takes out his spell phone* Look, these are all the photos I want to send.

Ron: *squints at them sideways*  MERLIN’S MIGHTY MOUSTACHE. *covers his eyes with his hand*  How much must I have sinned in this life to deserve to see this. *opens his eyes a tiny bit * NO! No! Don’t click on it. That’ll only enlarge it and I don’t think I’ll survive seeing your ass up clos-  ohmygod I see your balls too and is that your di- OHGOD *closes eyes*

Draco: Stop being so dramatic, Weasley. My ass, as well as my other parts, is exquisite. Now, how do I send these again? I press this, right?

Ron: NO! No, wait, don’t! Oh shit, you sent it to ALL YOUR CONTACTS!!

Draco:  I DID WHAT?

Ron: *whispers in shock* You sent it to everyone.



Draco: Of course, he does! He likes to keep up with the trends!


Master List 2.0

My previous master list is kinda messed up since I changed my blog’s name so with a little push I decided to remake and revamp the whole list. I’ll make sure to keep this as updated as I can.

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  • *after hearing about Sirius and Marlene's breakup*
  • James: where's Sirius
  • Remus: he's grieving
  • Sirius: *running through the walls*
Not the Right Double Date

Author: Craftybadger1234

Word Count: 2k

Chapter(s): 1

Warnings: -

Summary: Harry, Ginny, Luna, and Draco go on a double date. Just not the double date Harry thought it was.

Read on AO3

“So, how long have you and Malfoy been an item?”

Harry’s stomach dropped. “What?”

Harry: What do you mean? What’s the rumor going around about me?

Ginny: Everyone’s saying that you really fancy someone.

Ginny: I wanted to asked if it was me because I’ve always had a feeling that maybe y-

Ron: ‘scuse me.

Ron: So anyway, about Draco. How long have you had feelings for him now?

Ginny: … *In her mind* Are you fucking kidding me.


Draco doesn’t exactly sure about what was going on at the moment, but honestly, he hasn’t really certain about anything in his life since the war ended, so this could just be another weird thing in that pile of uncertain moment. A few minutes ago, he was just lounging in his bed, trying to solve his Transfiguration homework, while managing to steer clear from the now combined common room for the entire Eight Year students. Suddenly, Harry Potter, who somehow managed to become his roommate at the start of the year, noisily barges into the room and slams the door closes, making Draco jumps in his bed. Draco keeps his silent but not averting his focus from the raging boy in front of him. Potter seems livid, even though Draco doesn’t understand why, it’s not everyday people can see the savior of wizarding world openly fuming in anger, especially after the war. After a few minutes with Potter only facing the wall wile trying to even his breathing, Draco finally decides that it doesn’t worth his time, so he tries focusing in his homework. Well, that turns out to be a futile idea because Potter suddenly decides to punch the wall with an angry shout, which once again makes Draco jumps.

“Screw this.” Draco mutters before putting his homework aside and tries to assess the situation with his whole focus. He draws blank on what could possibly makes Potter furious before dinner even starts, but there he stands, basically oozing negativity out of his pores. Draco rolls his eyes, this must be some Gryffindor’s sensitivity nonsense. He gets irritated when once again Potter just channels out his anger by yelling out in anger. “Dammit, Potter, stop it! What makes you so bothered before dinner even started?!”

“Shut it, Malfoy.” Harry only mutters without any resentment in his voice, his shoulders suddenly hunch, his posture slumps down in a matter of second. He suddenly just flops down in the middle of the room, curling up with knees on his chest, glasses thrown away, and face hidden behind his palms. Draco is stunned. Never once in a million year he imagines he’ll witness something this bizarre. Harry bloody Potter is openly having a mental breakdown in front of his one and only arch enemy. So yeah, Draco is pretty baffled right now because one, this is not something he ever expects to happen, and two, he’s not even good with emotions. What on Earth he must do now?! He can’t just ask Potter to stop being weak and face his problem head on, can he? No, of course not, he would get hex before he can utter a single a word, but he can’t just stay here and do nothing, or worse leave him to weep alone?! Wait. Wait a second, yes he can, where the bloody hell on earth do these thoughts of comforting Potter even come from? He’s Draco Malfoy, he’s the enemy of Harry Potter, of course he can just get up and leave, it will be the most logical thing to expect from him anyway.

Draco is halfway across the room when suddenly there’s a sob echoing around the room, a loud and clear sob followed by a small whimper, and Draco’s feet stop by their own accord. He looks back at the boy he always thinks as a hero, the strong powerful young wizard who managed to single handedly defeat the most evil wizard of all time now seems small, defeated, and broken. And somehow it doesn’t feel right for Draco to leave the room, Draco believes that if there’s one person who deserves happiness after the war ended, it’s Harry Potter, at least for managing to save wizardkind, because Draco is certain that Potter was not obliged to search and kill Voldemort, he could just leave and hide so that Voldemort didn’t kill him, but instead he faced the evil wizard head on. Draco is forever in debt with the boy, even if he won’t admit it openly, not leaving the boy alone at his lowest point is the least he could do to pay him back.

So, Draco turns around and hesitantly walks toward Potter, trying to see him from the eyes of one’s acquaintance instead of a predator. Potter hasn’t made anymore sound but Draco can see how his breathing is rapid and uneven, how his shoulders move in jerky motion, Draco can see that whatever this is about, it’s really affecting Potter in a way Draco has never seen. Merlin, Draco doesn’t know what to do. Does he have to touch, Potter? What if he violates Potter’s personal space? Does he just stay? How the bloody hell Potter can understand that Draco is here? He just needs the man to understand that he is not alone; that Draco is willing to be a company even though they never have the best of history; that if he wants to let it go, then he can because Draco is not going to judge him. Everyone knows that Draco is never good at social interaction, why do you think he always bullies Potter in his young age instead of gaining his attention in a normal way? Yeah, that part hasn’t changed; Draco still sucks at social interaction. So, he tries to remember what his mom used to do when he was young and upset. Draco smiles at the memory, Mother always hugs him, and that’s the sole reason that he sits down cautiously in front of Potter in a very close distance.

Draco hesitantly tries to tap Potter’s shoulder before putting his hand in it, he is not sure how Potter will react if Draco suddenly invades his personal space in this situation, so he makes sure to put a few moments before actually putting his hand on Potter’s shoulder, letting Potter flinches away, letting Potter reacts the way he needs to, but most importantly letting Potter knows that Draco is here and he’s gonna touch him in a few moment. Potter finally lifts his face to look at him, green eyes are welling with tears, the rims are red and swollen, cheeks wet with fallen tears –honestly, Potter looks like a mess, but his eyes look so confused and somehow that makes Draco smiles a little. He only opens his arms, inviting Potter in on his own accord. Potter only looks cautiously between Draco’s face and his open arms, he seems to try to understand what the hell does Draco thinks he’s doing, whether this is just a prank, whether the thing that’s happening in front of him is real, but after a few long minutes of self debate he finally scoots closer, letting himself inside the circle of Draco’s hands, putting some respective distance between them. Draco only wraps his arm around the broken boy, letting him hiding his face in Draco’s shoulder, one hand instinctively holding the back of Harry’s head gently, sliding between the strands of surprisingly soft dark locks, the other wraps itself around Harry’s figure, making him moves closer inside the embrace, shielding him from the rest of the world. A broken sob finally cuts the heavy silent, which makes Draco held the boy tighter.

“It’s okay…” Draco says softly, awkwardly, which draws another choking sound from Potter, Draco’s fingers stroke the black hair in what he hopes as a soothing motion. “No one else is here, just let it go.” Draco finally whispers genuinely. And only then, Harry actually breaks down in heart breaking sobs and tears. Draco doesn’t do anything else for the rest of the night besides settling Harry in his embrace, letting him lashes out all of his pent up emotions in the form of tears, tightening his embrace when needed, whispering nonsense that he thinks might help when the sobs turn to painful heaving, trying his hardest to convey the secure feelings he always gets whenever his mother hugs him, but most importantly staying even when dinner already started. At that moment, Draco understands one thing in his life, he will try his hardest to be less of the git that he was to Potter, he might not know the boy at all, but he knows the man in his embrace already has a hard life without Draco being an annoying little shit to him, this is the least he could do to repay his debt to Potter.

Dinner has already finished when Potter finally calms down, his breathing has evened out, his body is heavy in Draco’s arm, and even though he hasn’t lifted his face from Draco’s shoulder, Draco knows he must be exhausted. It’s okay though, at least some of the weight in his shoulder would be lifted after letting it all out. Draco doesn’t stop stroking Potter’s hair in a slow pace. After another long moments of silent, Harry finally speaks, his voice cracks in odd places and it feels like there’s a lump that hasn’t completely gone in his throat.

“I’m sorry…” Harry says with scratchy voice without lifting his face.

“Don’t apologize, you make no mistake.” Draco says softly beside the boy’s ear, this suddenly feels like the most normal thing he has ever done in his life. It somehow feels so right –to hold Potter in his embrace, to stroke his hair, to support him when he’s at his lowest point- but Circe, does that make Draco scared shitless.

“Don’t you dare pity me, Malfoy, I know you’re probably thinking along the lines of how the chosen one is all alone and broken.” Harry says with as much irritation he can muster in his voice. Draco doesn’t push him away, for once in his life, Draco doesn’t push Harry Potter away, and instead he tightens the arm around the boy’s figure. They can fight any other day, tonight just doesn’t seem right.

“I don’t think that you’re alone, Potter. You might be broken, but you’re never alone.”

“This day just felt lonely enough for me to have a bloody mental breakdown.” Harry scoffs, face still hiding in Draco’s shoulder, voice sounds so exhausted, Draco thinks he’s only a few seconds away from blacking out.

“You’re not alone, Potter, you’re never alone.” Draco once again says with as much conviction he can out in his tone.

“Do you see anyone else in here?” Harry finally snaps sarcastically, probably not even thinking the effect of his sentence.

“I’m here, aren’t I? I might not be enough, but you’re never alone. I’ll make sure of that.” For the first time, Harry finally moves, he wraps his arm around Draco’s neck and shoulder, enveloping Draco in a hug.

“I’m sorry. Thank you for being here.” Draco can feel the way Potter once again hide his face in the crook of Draco’s neck. And so, Draco melts inside the hug, feeling Potter’s scent enveloping his being, letting it be embedded inside his brain.

“You got me now.” Harry hears Draco whispers in his ears before finally giving up to the exhaustion inside his body and letting the warmth and this weird feeling of security blankets him as he falls into a deep pit of darkness.

so i had this thing for that bit in deathly hallows when the trio meet everyone in the room of requirement. what if some slytherins, who were sick of this drama, were there? what if slytherin was not excluded from fighting?

i can see some snakes kicking butts there  and some brilliant spellwork near that pillar and some greeny balls of awesome over there and some- oh wait… is that draco malfoy using his inside-death-eater-gang information to save people on your left?


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I don’t want your help! Don’t you understand? I have to do this! I have to kill you! Or he’s going to kill me.

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