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Olicity Holiday Project: Dec. 3 - Best UST moment

He had to hold in a shaky breath. Oliver didn’t even trust himself to open his mouth at the moment.

What is she doing? Is she trying to tease? It’s not fair. He’s not supposed to think about her this way and he knows it. She’s his friend and his teammate. She’s Felicity and he shouldn’t be letting his mind wander.

Mr. Queen.

Those two words coming from her mouth were somehow so attractive. How did she do that? Maybe it was the tone or the way she said it. Or maybe it was the fact those plump, pouty, pink lips were incredibly perfect. He could seriously picture her lips…


She looked so proud of herself, so smug, and it just added to her level of attractiveness. This smart and beautiful woman was also extremely sexy.


He kept his mouth shut and turned away from her. All he could do was walk away and suit up before he betrayed himself.

Ignis/Aranea (ignea) featuring some grade A+ wine. Ending references this fic

With the younger men finally asleep in the tent, Ignis stood up from his chair to pour some wine for him and his party’s unexpected guest. He had several different wines he relegated only for cooking, but he brought several bottles straight from the Citadel’s wine rack that he sometimes enjoyed with Gladiolus when Nocis and Prompto had fallen asleep. He supposed she could do as the man’s substitute for today.

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Since @toradhart drew and posted that lovely piece of fanart for my silly little Disney/Andersen Little Merman AU for Zestiria this morning, I haven’t been able to get Part Of Your World out of my head.  At all.  Especially the “What’s a fire and/why does it/what’s the word/buuuuu~rn?” part.  So here, have a quick drabble of Sorey showing Mikleo the more useful aspects of fire for the first time.  Other parts of the AU, including the original anon ask I answered over at @zesty-zestiria are here.

Also, now posted on AO3.

The first time he showed Mikleo fire in the form of a lit candle, Sorey is immediately enchanted – Mikleo is cradling the candleholder in his elegant hands, face nearly pressed up against the glass enclosure.  The gentle candlelight danced across his features, adding a gentle golden glow to his pale skin, and his violet eyes sparkle even more than they did before.  His circlet peeks out, glinting in the light from behind candlight-kissed hair.  He tilts the contraption to and fro as confusion crosses his face – no matter what he does, the flame continues to point straight up, as melted wax dribbles all around the glass.

“This,” Mikleo said as he continued to tip and turn the candleholder, “is amazing! I never thought it could be like this!  Or this warm!”

Sorey laughed, “Well be careful, if you hold it like that for too long you might burn yourself.”

Mikleo immediately sobered, “Like what almost happened to you on the ship that night?”


“So it’s dangerous then.  Why use it?”

“Because it lets us see, and it gives us warmth.  We humans can’t see in the dark as well as merpeople can.”

“That makes sense then, why you would need to use this to help you see.”  Mikleo set down the candleholder onto the table, his eyes still sparkling with curiosity even as he watched it.  “But it won’t,” he paused, as though to search for the right word, “burn the, what did you call this?”

Sorey smiled, “A candleholder.”


Sorey shook his head.  “The flame from the candle doesn’t get hot enough to melt the glass or the metal.  So we use it to block the wind which might blow out the fire, and to make sure we don’t accidentally set other things on fire.

“But you know what the best part of this is?”  Sorey walked over to the bookshelf, returning with his favorite book – a collection of autobiographical stories written by a famous adventurer. “It lets you read at night, even when the moon isn’t shining brightly enough to read by.”

He held the tome out to Mikleo, whose smile widened as he took the book and read the title on the cover.

But the absolute best part, Sorey thinks, is how beautiful you look in it.

Also, Sorey is so in love, someone stop me before I turn him into a walking purple prose machine.  I mean, really.  Also, I’m sure I heard my mental Edna gagging/snarking in a corner over how mushy this all came out.

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“Hey Julie” by Fountains of Wayne - “Filling up my mind”

Daryl thinks that he must be coming down with something. The viral disaster at the prison is long past, but that doesn’t mean it can’t resurface. Even the flu or the common cold could be deadly in this world.

But he isn’t so much worried about the prognosis as he is the symptoms. Sweaty palms, hot flashes, a pounding heart beat and a throat so swollen he can’t find it in himself to breathe.

He must have caught it from Beth. It happens sometimes when he thinks of her but when he’s around her it’s worse, so it must be that. Doesn’t matter that she doesn’t seem to be sharing the symptoms. She’s as pleasant as ever—warm, even, especially when he comes to see Judith. She has Judith most of the time so seeing Judith usually means seeing her and she never seems to be suffering like he is.

It isn’t suffering, not really, not compared to all he’s been through, what they’ve all been through—but somehow at the same time it’s worse, because the one person he could blame it on he… can’t. Won’t. Can’t. He doesn’t know. When he tries to get mad at her and ask what the fuck she thinks she’s doing to him she smiles and he forgets to be angry because there go the hot flashes up and down his neck again and his hands get to sweating and it isn’t until he’s back in his cell that he remembers why he was supposed to be angry in the first place.

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Home Remedies (850 words) by Longcat
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Rob Benedict/Richard Speight Jr.
Characters: Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr.
Additional Tags: High School AU, sick, Fluff, care

Rich was sick and home from school for the third day in a row.

Prompt: “It is my medical opinion that you need to shut the fuck up.”

@krisn5 @hudine @vyles-ray @laffytaffyhumor @cutierobandrich @girlwithacardigan @your-not-invisible-to-me @skkitle @waywardswain

(and anyone I’m forgetting. I should just make a tag list for when I come up with these things.)

Title: Still Point (9/12)

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3 /

Ratings/Warnings: T

Notes: A wild update appears! Getting into the homestretch at last~

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The First of Many

Olicity Holiday Project: Dec. 6 - First Olicity holiday as a family

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff || 812 || more fics

Felicity narrowed her eyes at the food Oliver was preparing. “Are you sure that’s enough food?” she asked, leaning up on the counter.

He slowed his chopping and looked up at her. “Yes?”

“Okay,” she said, though it wasn’t very final.

“How many people did you invite?” he asked.

“Just the important people.”

It was the first night of Hanukkah, the first holiday that Oliver and Felicity were together as a couple, and it seemed only right to celebrate with the people they held near and dear.

He narrowed his eyes at her, “I invited your mother and Thea…. and you invited Lance so he wouldn’t be alone, right?”

“Yep,” she gave a single nod.

“Then this should be plenty of food, Felicity.”

“Okay,” she said again.

There was a knock at their apartment door. She scurried off to answer it with the widest smile on her face.

The door swung open, “Hi,” said a very nervous Rory.

“Happy Hanukkah!” she pulled him in for a hug.

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okay but please consider kuroo in his first semester of uni:

  • none of his teammates or friends went to the same school
  • he meets tons of people but it’s hard to make friends when everybody’s rushing off to their next class
  • everyone around him seems to know what their future will be
  • he still has no friggin’ clue
  • what the fuck are these tests and midterms. why are there two midterms
  • all of his friends are always busy when he invites them out
  • he gets his first low mark on a quiz
  • he skips class for the first time
  • he’s homesick, he’s tired all the time, he’s confused
  • at least he made it to first string on the school’s team
  • but he’s still on the bench, and the senpais are exactly like the ones kenma hated back then
  • and kenma, whose messages keep piling up on his phone
  • it hurts to open them, but he can’t delete them
  • kenma, who doesn’t give up even when all he receives is silence
  • finally kuroo cracks and gives kenma a call at 3 am
  • they talk, kenma listens, kuroo cries a bit
  • the next break he has, kuroo heads home for the first time since entering post-secondary
  • kenma stays over, and they hug for a very long time
  • it’s the first night in a long while that kuroo gets a good night’s sleep

We’re the only two people in the group project that care what we’re doing, for anon.

“Okay, James, you need to put three drops of acromentula venom in the cauldron, please. Sirius, stir the potion until you get something blue-ish. And-”

“How come James gets a please?” Sirius raised an eyebrow, folding his arms.

“Obviously, Lily loves me the most.” James smirked as he obeyed Lily’s polite orders.

“Shut up, Potter.” Lily blushed, pushing a strand of silky hair behind her ear. “We have to stay focused. Marls, cut the mandrake into thin slices.”

“Nuh uh, i’m not touching this.” Marlene said, examining her nails.

“Don’t be such a girl, McKnickers.” Sirius snickered.

Marlene glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes, and unexpectedly grabbed a baby octopus and threw it at his face. Sirius roared in anger as he tried to get rid of the sticky tentacles, while James and Marlene were split in two with laughter.

“Will you all stop acting like toddlers?” Lily asked, her fists on her waist.

James quickly went back to what he was doing, struggling to hold back his laughter. But Sirius grabbed a fistfull of fish eyes and threw them at Marlene, and the war began. Lily groaned in frustration, when suddenly an idea came through her mind.

“Guess we’ll have to do this alone, James.” She said, and for the first time of his life, James noticed something that looked like mischief in her eyes. “Squeeze the sopophorous bean…” She read. A smirk appeared on her face as she did so, sending all the juice at James’ face.

“Hey!” James gaped at her, not used to such a behavior from Lily Evans.

She winked and nodded at Sirius and Marlene -who were still fighting-, before handing him another sopophorous bean. James smirked at her as she mouthed one, two, three, and they both let out a war cry, squeezing the beans at the other couple.


Words: 2053

Series: K Project

Pairing: MikoTotsu

There is nothing here but cold and snow. No wind. No sound. Nothing but the stifling, cold silence around him.

He recognizes this place of course. He had just fought here only minutes ago, or so it felt like. While he could not see any sign of Munakata or even a battle outside the large crater he had made, he knows this is the spot he died.

Was this it? Was this all death was? Or had he been cursed for his sin? Surely forcing Munakata’s hand had not earned him points with whatever maker created him. Or perhaps this was limbo. The fate of a fallen king. No one knew what came after death after all. No one knew what became of the kings who lost their control. Maybe those chosen by the slate were doomed to this from the start.

If that was true, could it also be true for a King’s clansmen?

The very thought makes his heart twist. Tatara deserved to have a peaceful afterlife. Not stuck in a limbo such as this. Though, he hadn’t seen any sign of the male at all in this heavy, foggy place.

He looks down, noticing the wound at his midsection, now painless but still there. The blood was still wet, still recent as if the sword had just run him through. He really must be dead then. There was no other logical explanation.

There isn’t much to be done just standing here so he takes a few steady steps, walking through the fog, walking the perimeter of the past battlefield. He had done far more damage than even he had expected, splitting the ground and blowing the trees to bits. He had leveled a small area in his bid for revenge. Better that, than Munakata letting his sword fall and wiping out all of Japan.

Tatara would be upset with him if he could see this. See the damage his powers had caused. All those years. All the times he spoke to him, telling him his powers were there to protect his clan, his family. Yet, here he was in the middle of his own destruction. His own suicide. He doesn’t have to think hard to know it would have made his smaller lover sad to see him reduced to this.

He hears a crunch behind him, the sound of a foot falling through snow and it makes him tense instinctively, turning his head. He hadn’t seen any sign of life in the stagnant, limbo world and now suddenly right behind him? He was lazy but he wasn’t unobservant. Did sound not travel properly here?

His eyes widen considerably, staring at the form stepping through the fog. The size..the walk…how he carries himself…

“Tatara.” His voice is heavy with pain, shock, and want all mixed into a cocktail of emotion. This was Totsuka. Even though the fog still made him difficult to see, this was definitely Totsuka.

“It seems…I get to see you much sooner than I had hoped.” Were the first word’s out of his lover’s mouth as he came to stand in front of him, arms heavy at his sides and ever present smile on his face. His eyes showed nothing but sadness and pain, however, staring up at Mikoto with what seem to be the start of tears. His lips did not meet his eyes as they usually did and that familiar smile now had a whole new meaning to it.

Mikoto can’t say anything. Can’t hope to come up with any thought through the noise bouncing around in his head. He was here. In front of him after weeks of being without him. The last image he got to see being him placed in the coffin they set for him. Pale. Eyes forever closed. The smallest of almost smiles present even then. Now he was here. The sickly paleness of his skin had faded, his cheeks back to the healthy glow he remembered so well.

Then there’s the wound. The blood. Red staining the dark blue of his jacket from the injury that had started it all. The thing that had taken his life so quickly that night. He can’t pull his eyes away. Would things have been different…if he hadn’t let Totsuka walk home alone? It was dangerous for them at night. They had cautioned him time and time again but still…they had all waved him from the bar with smiles and well wishes, fully expecting him to be there in the morning. They had let him leave. Mikoto had let him go. Would things have been different…had he been there on that roof that night?

“It doesn’t hurt.” That warm familiar voice sounds and his eyes are drawn up again to meet honey brown irises. “It’s there…it has been since I got here…but it doesn’t hurt.” Even though the blood looked fresh as if it had just been spilt. “I think…it’ll go away once we leave here.”

He sees the confusion yet mild relief on his king’s face and his smile becomes softer. “I was waiting. What kind of vassal doesn’t wait for his king? I’m not meant to lead, I’m here to follow. I told you I would follow you wherever you went.”

Warm hands lift to Mikoto’s face, hands he had seen go through hobby after hobby. Hands that were strong enough to hold Mikoto back with but a touch, yet gentle enough to care for Anna with loving fingers running through her hair. They were the hands of someone who could not keep still, lightly callused yet still almost soft to the touch and Mikoto can’t help but lean into them.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way, King.” That sad lilt to his voice, the way he says it, hurts. He knows he may have been able to last a few months longer, pushing himself if he truly tried to, for Izumo, Anna and the others but…he couldn’t. He had not been strong enough on his own. Suoh Mikoto, the man everyone on the streets feared, had been rendered helpless with the loss of one human being.

“I couldn’t.” It’s the only thing Mikoto can get out of his mouth. The only thing that would come to him despite his want to actually speak up. To say so much for the first time in years. “I couldn’t…Tatara..” He had failed. For years, his younger lover had told him the true intentions of his powers. How he was meant to protect with them and not destroy. The crater they were standing in was testament that it was a false claim. No matter how he wished to believe it, there was no denying the devastation his revenge had caused.

The fire storm had been too strong for him to control. Night after night, for two weeks straight he fought tooth and nail to keep any emotion in check, to keep any strand of his power from breaking free. It was as if his very soul sensed the loss of his chain, the beautiful chain that kept him tethered to the sane world.

Anna had even taken to curling with him at night, trying to take Tatara’s place as a buffer for his power, his nightmares. It had worked somewhat, allowing him some sleep but as soon as it became apparent his power would soon overwhelm her as well he quickly distanced himself, locking the door and letting no one near unless they had to be. On the outside, very little had changed other than the tenseness of his shoulders, but on the inside there was nothing but boiling rage. Without Tatara, that rage continued on unchecked.

Totsuka’s hand settles over the wound in his king’s abdomen, fingers staining red with blood as he shook his head. He wanted to say something. Mikoto could see he wanted to say something but was at a loss of what to say for once. He saw tears finally leak from the corner of his eyes, trailing down his cheeks in silent pain and it makes his chest clench in agony. Many things belonged with Tatara. Smiles. Laughter. Tears was not one of these things. He did not cry often, but when he did it tore Mikoto to shreds.

Then Totsuka lifted his head, smiling at him through the tears. “You saved them.” He said quietly and Mikoto can’t help the widening of his eyes at the words. “You did exactly as I said. You protected them. You…didn’t let your sword fall. What you did…was cruel to some but…in the end, you didn’t let it fall on anyone. You made it fall when and where you wanted…doing what you wanted. I don’t…I can’t approve but you protected them. You and Munakata both.”

He felt as if someone had kicked him firmly in the chest as he stared at him, trying to comprehend. He had been rash. Had practically tried to tear down a school. Even he knew the things he had done were inexcusable. Yet here Tatara stood, showing him what little good did come from the revenge he had wrought. He had never thought of it in that manner. He let his sword fall. Had failed them all in the name of killing the person who stole his happiness from him and yet…

He pulls him close, arms wrapping around Totsuka tight as he clenched his eyes shut, feeling the unfamiliar prick of tears. This was familiar. This calming reassurance. This beautiful, wonderful person who acted as if their very existence was meant to take care of Mikoto when really it should have been the other way around. Totsuka was someone, in his opinion, who had been too good for the world they had occupied. People like him were uncommon in the grand scheme of things. He deserved to be protected from everything.

“It wasn’t…the same. I couldn’t..” Tatara reached up his hands, sliding them in red hair to help hold him as tight to him as he can manage.

“I know, King. I know. I was watching.”

Mikoto can’t help but snort at the nickname, fingers massaging Totsuka’s head lightly as he pulls back to look at him. “I’m not a king anymore. There’s no reason to use that ridiculous title anymore.” All he got in response was the widening of Totsuka’s smile before he pulled him down, pressing lips to his firmly.

Mikoto let out a gasp into his lover’s mouth before tightening his hold, hand coming beneath Totsuka’s chin to hold him close. He needed to keep him there. Needed to show him how much he was loved, no matter what life they were in. He poured every emotion he can into it, feeling a freeing feeling at doing so. It felt nice, to let his emotions free without worry of whether he would burn everything around him to ash. He doesn’t want to pull away but eventually they do and he’s left with Tatara’s blissful, smiling face in his sight again.

“Silly Mikoto, you act as if you being chosen ever mattered. You’ve always been a king to me.” Long before he was chosen by the slate. Before they knew of any powers in this city. Mikoto had been a king to him even if Mikoto thought it nothing but a foolish nickname.

Mikoto closed his eyes with a sigh, shaking his head and smiling his first, genuine smile in a very long time. “That so? Guess there’s nothing for it then. Looks like I’m stuck being your king for a while, hm?”

Totsuka took his hand and pulled away, giving a tug back in the direction he had come before taking his place at the redhead’s side. “Mmm, seems that way but..we do have an eternity to think about it.” He threw out his arm, bowing and gesturing the way in a dramatic flourish that would have earned him a knock in the head any other time. “Lead the way.”

Mikoto resisted the strong urge to smack him, deciding instead to throw an arm around his shoulder and take a step, dragging him along. “Come on then. Or are you falling down on the vassal job you never stop talking about?”

All he gets is a laugh that’s music to his ears as Totsuka follows him, walking together to where they belong.

Nice ( Lafayette X Reader )

This was already done Yesterday, as part of Father’s Day drabbles project, but I couldn’t post it. Anyways, here you go. I swear I’ll go back to the requests now. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 1.002

Warnings: blood, birth, probably swearing because it’s me.

Setting: Modern Day AU

Originally posted by alexanderlafayette

Lafayette hardly ever lost his cool. He was the only one in his group of friends to actually have any chill. At all. John was way too driven, Hercules always sounded aggressive and Alexander… Well, he was Alexander. That should explain enough, right? Either ways. He was always the calmest one, the one who’d only get in a fight if his friends’ honor was endangered or something along that line. Besides that, he was always soft and charming, the one Frenchman who got all girls sighing.

Yet, he felt helpless.

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Keiji finds Koutarou huddled on the bed, only the top of his head sticking out from under the blankets. The lights are off but there is fading afternoon sunlight streaming in through the half-closed blinds. The Koutarou-lump on the bed is shaking.

In three steps, Keiji crosses the room. He sits on the bed next to the other, who doesn’t respond and doesn’t stop shaking.

“Kou? What’s wrong?”

There’s some shuffling and shifting until the blanket is pulled down a little. Koutarou’s tired face, red with drying tear tracks, meets Keiji’s patient gaze. 

“I don’t know,” he says, his voice hoarse and scratchy. “I just feel… bad. About myself, and school, and, and… And everything.”

Reaching up with both hands, Keiji carefully wipes the last of the tears away. He keeps his hand there, thumbs rubbing small circles on Koutarou’s cheeks. The other boy’s eyes are trained on the bedsheets, but he leans ever-so-slightly into Keiji’s touch. 

“Hey, why didn’t you come to me?” Keiji asks quietly. “We’ve agreed before that you can always come to me when you feel bad, right?”

Koutarou nods, but his eyes refuse to meet Keiji’s own. “Felt like a bother,” he mumbles, “Annoying. Bad for you.”

Keiji makes a small noise of understanding. He doesn’t like it when Koutarou thinks of himself like this, like he’s a burden, like he’s a terrible leech that Keiji puts up with, just because of his mood swings and bouts of low self-esteem. But it’s part of Koutarou, and Keiji has long since accepted these moments, even if he disagrees wholeheartedly. 

“Hey, Kou. Kou? Look at me.”

Slowly, his mouth wobbling, golden eyes lift to meet Keiji’s gaze. Keiji brushes a lock of his hair away, giving him a small smile.

“You’re never bad for me. You’re kind, you’re enthusiastic, you’re determined. I think you’re incredibly smart, and you’re so gentle with me, and I think you’re an amazing person. I know your moods aren’t ideal, and sometimes the world can be a little scary, but you always push through it. And you might not believe me right now, but I love you, Koutarou. I love all of you.”

Koutarou doesn’t look away, but tears are leaking from his eyes again. As his whole body begins to tremble again, Keiji pulls him to his chest, holding him close. The other boy lets out a shaky sob, pushing his face into Keiji’s shoulder. 

“It’s okay,” Keiji murmurs, rubbing the other’s broad back, which seems so small and fragile in his arms at the moment. “It’s okay.”

He knows that Koutarou might not believe him, might never will, but he’ll tell him that a million times over if it meant he might ease the other boy’s hurt for a little bit, if it meant Koutarou will never feel like he’s alone. No one, least of all someone as radiant as Bokuto Koutarou, should ever have to feel like they’re on their own. Damn if Keiji is going to let him believe that.

Reylo Exile Headcanons

I made an earlier post saying I wanted Rey to follow Kylo into exile and the more I think about it…..

–Rey loves the planet that Ben gets exiled to, it’s lush and green and perfect

–Rey and Ben have a little cottage

–Rey tinkers on the cottage CONSTANTLY always renovating things in her own little way

–Ben has a garden, he wants to nurture life after years of ending it

–Ben knows that Rey loves his garden and she just looks at it never attempting to help plant anything. It’s his garden, he needs it and she knows it

Red is…it’s a color. It’s bright and vibrant and it screams at people who look at it. It’s angry and passionate and loving all at once, and red is…red is a popular color.

Misaki is red. Misaki glows like the fiery power running through his blood - which is also red - and holds action, excitement and confidence in every drop coursing through his veins.

But red - red is also angry and violent, aggressive and overbearing, obstinate, intolerant.

Misaki is red. Misaki has always been red.

Blue - blue is depressing. It’s weak and passive, and deceitful. It makes things look smaller than they are, and dulls the atmosphere. It’s not a very popular color. People aren’t very attracted to it.

Saruhiko is blue. Manipulative and frigid, emotionally unstable. He lies low in the sidelines, merging in with the background - not a relaxing blue like the color of the sky on a sunny day, but the colour of the deep sea during a storm, pulling people in to their deaths.

But blue - blue is peaceful. Blue is for trust and loyalty. Devotion, reliability, caring. It is all blue.

Saruhiko is blue. He has always been blue.

And maybe, just maybe, that is why he has always been attracted to Misaki.

Just Imagine

Fushimi Saruhiko staring into your eyes like your the only person in the room and casually walking over to you. He whispers something and you’re in a daze… These bedroom eyes of his have you frozen in place and he pushes his glasses up on his face. In the blink of an eye he’s directly in front of you and there is a knife in your heart. And your dead because Fushimi Saruhiko killed you cause he was sick of you following him around and fangirling…. Didn’t expect that plot twist now did ya? Fucker.

365 days


Imagine Person A dying and coming back to life after a year, and Person B freaking out seeing A being alive again.

Fandom: [K]

Characters: Reishi Munakata, Mikoto Suoh
Relationship: Shipping!MikoRei, Friendship!Mikorei (depends on your view really)
Additional info: Plot? What Plot? (In which Ranty attempts to write without a plot.)
Tagging: tasyatazzu​ (because she needs a dose of fluffy!mikorei afer horrendous doses of angsty!mikorei.)

It was on the 366th day after the Ashinaka High School incident that Reishi decided to visit the school personally.

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In the works now, is the last chapter of the single dad Wonho thang, another Wonho scenario, two taehyung things from the drabble game, and another project that wasn’t requested, its just my own personal thing. You’ll see what it is soonishly (? hopefully).

I’m also now writing for Ikon 🙌 and I should be writing for Day6 shortly, hopefully some time in the next couple of weeks. I just need to learn their personalities better and they’re not as big as bts and some others, so its harder to find stuff for them. If anyone has any really good youtube links for reality shows or anything with them, then I’d love to see them so please by all means, send them to me! 

Originally posted by crying-in-korean

(I would like to know what inspired him to do this.. I mean, I’m certainly not complaining, its frickin adorbs but… what if the bunny bit his lip? And I don’t remember, but I hope he didn’t eat the rest of the strawberry that the rabbit had been nibbling on, that would be very unsanitary. I love it, it’s just… *sigh I just have some concerns…)

chronicwhimsy  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

o-oh… I… haven’t written much of anything ;^; but I’ll recommend what I have written so far.

Maps: Gundam Wing, eventual 02/05, slow burn and technically calm and humorous due to it dealing with the pilots trying to fit in a normal lifestyle. It’s actually a drabble project I feel the want to return to and finish.

Snippet Playground: Gundam Wing, multiple pairings and my dumping ground for unfinished drabbles and one shots I wrote here on tumblr.

…Oh: Gundam Wing, established 02/05, a one shot about a misunderstanding. One of the fics I enjoyed writing the most.

These next few are current leftovers that I have written and enjoyed, but aren’t polished at all. Not really recommended but who knows. I’m sorry.

Undercovers: Hetalia, human AU modern times, slow burn towards UK/CHN. It’s a drabble I was insta writing for @the-violet-shinitato and I would love to continue eventually. But in no way it’s polished.

The Watcher: Gundam Wing, vampire AU, slow burn for eventual 02/05, possible 02/03/05. This was one of the drabbles me and @maevemauvaise used to talk about a lot.

Thank you so much @chronicwhimsy for tagging me, I really appreciate it ;w; you’re very sweet.