the downward spiral era

Later he tells me that when he was making TDS, he never finished recording the most disturbing song of all. It had just two lines: “Just do it. Nobody cares at all.”
—  The Art of Darkness 1995 Interview with Trent Reznor
America isn't capitalist.

I do not consider America a capitalist state. The areas that could claim that are few and nearly non-existent. We stopped being a capitalism nation officially during the progressive era. The downward spiral came about after Lincoln but it truly ended with the progressive era as progressives tried to make America the golden city in the sky. They had nation envy of England and wanted America to be number one. Congratulations we’re number one. We are the Empire that progressive always wanted.

But now the people are sick of the economic system that puts the country and the power of industry over people. In response the progressives say that America is still capitalist in order to push for laws away that do nothing but give the state more power that keeps the country stable and them in power to enjoy their subsidies and handouts. 

Judges stopped protecting the property rights of others in order to grow industry. We invaded countries for resources and to try and become an empire with Roosevelt. Wilson created the federal reserve and helped make us a war mongering nation. They banned Alcohol, weed, cocaine and many other drugs. FDR through propaganda, sold us on the ideas of social programs. They created a minimum wage and from that caused black unemployment to rise. They were behind the circumcision and anti masturbation movement. The progressive era was the worst in American history. And it killed capitalism in America.

The progressive era brought us nationalism, depression, war, and imperialism. And we never tried to right our wrongs from this era. The progressive era was little more than nationalists seeking to create a state in which the government is all powerful. Progressivism is nationalism. 

So before you say that America is capitalist, it isn’t. 

America isn’t capitalist. And I fear it will never be again. 

We are a welfare state now. We lost. 


Closure Stock Footage Appreciation Post
I just love these short interludes from the Nine Inch Nails Closure VHS/DVD
They just have a really disturbing but alluring quality to them
Directed by Peter Christopherson