the dover test

monriack  asked:

I want to know about "Dover", she have any kind of training, her fighting style, techniques, has she been in any military group, she have resistance to temperature changes,how much as she can lift, how fast it is, I really love this character I think is cute and I'm curious about her

Dover’s past is a complete mystery and they don’t divulge any information to people about it, even Dr. Lancaster. Because of this it’s near impossible to know if they have any specific fighting styles or martial arts training. Their uniform seems to indicate some sort of past military service but this is also questionable. 

Dr. Lancaster has been able to run limited diagnostics and testing on Dover’s form and they do have an incredible resilience to damage and things like radiation and temperature change. Small arms fire (like in the picture) do absolutely nothing, fire and flame-throwers have no effect (napalm though can singe them slightly). RPGs usually yield slight bruises. They also block and absorb alpha, beta, and gamma radiation without any harmful effects. The most modest piece of human technology so far that has been recorded to significantly damage Dover (as in breaking the skin and causing bleeding) was as direct hit from a depleted uranium tank round. Dr. Lancaster has concluded any weapons more powerful than that has the potential to deal very real damage to Dover. 

They can lift cars and other vehicles with ease, and while they don’t have super speed they can move deceptively fast even in their larger more intimidating form. They also have an abnormally fast healing rate. Because of these incredible powers, Dover is actually a sort of “auxiliary member” of the Strangewatchers team, tagging in during dire times if one or more of them is out of commission.

They refuse to be a full member however, as they are loyal to only Dr. Lancaster and prefer to always be around her to guarantee her safety.