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I’m Counting On It*Peter Quill x Reader*

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Summary: You are sent to retrieve an important artefact, only someone is coming between you and the precious, expansive item. 

Idea given to me by @firewolfkelly because I wanted to test if I could write Star-Lord before I ask you all to send requests. 

You pushed the old ruins door open, your heeled boots clicking against the stone floors that were crumbling away, you gave a small sigh and pulled the scarf covering your mouth from your face and walked further inside. What was left didn’t look that great, the roof was almost all caved onto the floor, various small creatures bustled around the floors watching you.

You skipped up few steps and looked around for a door or anything out of the ordinary, your job consisted of collecting important artefacts for potential bidders, it was a tough business but the more valuable the artefact the better the pay you’d get.

Your eyes catch something moving, something much larger, a man size large. Dancing. He looked to be around six feet, red long coat and he seemed to be dancing with some weird thing covering his ears, the only question you had in your head was how he knew about this place? It had been off the radar for years, no one ever really thought to come this far out just for this now, uninhabited planet. You crossed your arms as he shook his hips in an odd fashion, whoever this guy thinks he is, he clearly doesn’t know what an utter loser he is right now.

He turns to face you but his head down as he continues to dance, a small rectangle object in his hand as he spins on the spot and the music? You’d never heard before was blasting through the weird mechanics covering his head. He glanced up before double taking, stopping dead in his tracks as he stares at you in shock, didn’t expect to see someone else clearly. You quirk an eyebrow and he quickly pulls the object covering his ears off and looks around awkwardly.

“How long have you been standing there?” He asked his voice holding minor embarrassment.

“Long enough,” you answer back with nonchalance, “Who are you?” You uncross your arms and place your hands on your hips, flashing the blaster guns in their thigh holsters and he glances down at them for a second before looking back to you.

A small smirk edges its way on his face, “Peter Quill but you may know me as Star-Lord!” You frown and look at him, you had no clue what or who a Star-Lord was but apparently he is. “C’mon Star-Lord,” it sounded like a whine, “legendary outlaw?” You shrugged at him in response and he sighed, “who are you then?”

“Y/N,” You turn on your heel and walk away from him but he quickly runs in front of you, looking down at you with curiosity in his blue eyes. “Can I help you. Star-Lord?”

He nodded, “What exactly are you doing here?”

“I don’t have to answer that,” you tell him stepping around him, “but since you don’t seem like a threat, I’m actually scavenging for something, an important something and you’re in my way, so please, go back to whatever I walked in on.”

You walk up to a door with Peter Quill trailing behind, “Excuse me? Don’t seem like a threat? I’m an outlaw.” You refrain from rolling your eyes.

“So is half the Galaxy, but please, do continue your little rant.”

“I will-” You hold up a finger and he promptly stops talking as you kneel on the floor and begin to unlock it, these old types of locks were always the hardest to crack but usually, in your time of doing this held the most remarkable of interests. Once opened you nod at him to continue as you step inside.

You smile when you see the golden artefact shining on the wall, it was part of a whole painting on the back wall, it looked magnificent; you almost felt bad for taking away the possession but you needed it. You walked over not bothering to look or even continue to listen to Peter if he was talking, you stared up at the small golden disc, a few pieces of the wall had gone missing it was enough to enable you to get close enough. You began to climb the wall, thankfully you had fingerless gloves on, once you were close enough you reached a hand towards the artefact and pulled it from the wall. Holding and releasing your breath when it set nothing off.

Jumping down with a small proud smile to yourself. “-As I was saying earlier, I’m gonna need you to hand that over to me!” You had forgotten about Quill, turning around you notice his own weapon aimed at you, his other hand outstretched. “Legendary outlaw, I did warn you.”

“You didn’t tell me you were here for this!” You quirk an eyebrow at him.

“You didn’t ask.” He motions with his hand for you to hand it over, you remain staring at him, “it’s just business, babe.” He smirks confidently.

That hit a nerve, as he reached over you threw the object in the air causing him to look up, you quickly kicked him in the chest and he fell landing on his back. You grabbed the golden disc and picked up his blaster aiming at him with a small smirk, walking over with a cocky grin as he groaned and looked back up at you, holding his hands up.

“It’s just business, honey.” You recall voice edging dripping with sarcasm and laced with challenge, he gave a gentle sigh as purse your lips, “I doubted you, you are a threat to me and I am not entirely sure in what way yet,” he cocked an eyebrow despite laying on the ground with a gun pointed at him. “Don’t get too cocky, Star-lord. I’ll be seeing you around!”

You turn swiftly and before you could step away you feel a hand grab your ankle, yanking you to the floor and you fell with a thud, gun falling out of your hand as you groaned. Rolling onto your front as Peter grabbed the disc in a flurry, you yanked him down by the coat and he landed next to you, on his front and you straddled his back. The disc inches from both of your hands as you struggled to both grab it in the haze of winning. Shoving his head into the dirt floor, you reached for it and grinned, leaning down to Peter’s ear.

“Better luck next time, Star-Lord.” You jumped off his back and skipped down to the door, turning as Peter lifted himself onto his knees.

“I’m counting on it,” instead of looking angry or defeated, he was grinning like this was a game for him. You laughed out of slight shock and amusement, nodding before slinking out of the door and back towards your spaceship.

Slightly counting on seeing Quill next time.

(First time writing Peter, hope this okay. If I ruined Peter Quill tell me and I’ll stop writing for him because I know how badly I can write some characters. - Rosalee)

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Well ! This took me forever ! This is an AU for 2X05 “The Weaponizer”. I hope you like it! {FF] or [AO3]

Where The Demon Hides

Chloe was digging a hole in the floor with her pacing.

She was worrying her phone in her hands, her jacket already on, her long ponytail swinging left and right with every new step she took. She kept pushing the button to bring the screen to life, counting the minutes since Maze’s call.

She was up to thirteen when she finally heard the knock. She opened the door before Dan was even done, leaving him to stand there with his hand in the air. She grabbed her car keys from the bowl and automatically checked that her weapon was in its holster on her hip.

“What’s the emergency?” Dan frowned. “You said…”

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ayyy remember like, a month ago i wrote this thing about country Eren/ motorcycle hipster Jean becoming housemates? well haha THERE’S MORE. please enjoy a continuation of this strange erejean AU~


The first week passed, unbelievably, without incident.

Jean spent most of it going back and forth between the house and his old apartment in the city, settling stuff and grabbing whatever he’d left behind. Eren didn’t know much about it, but the whole situation seemed kind of tense, and honestly Eren had to take care of his own shit. Point was, Jean wasn’t around much, came in at odd hours, and Eren might have been doing his absolute damnedest to avoid him.

Avoiding Jean, as well avoiding Jean’s very tight jeans and his fucking manbuns or tiny ponytails—all of the things Eren had once mocked for being staples of the art school dropout crowd suddenly plagued his every waking thought. Not to mention the open-side muscle shirts that any practical person would never wear.. 

Still, Eren had never been more sexually frustrated over a rib cage in his entire life.

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Body and Soul (1/~5)

Eighth Doctor, Rose Tyler

When fate seems to play a cruel joke on Jonathan Miller, he tries to move past it, only to have the girl he’d missed out on show up again in an unexpected way.  

Rated all sorts of adult, and graciously beta’d by lotsofthinkythoughts.  Title from this song.

Happy birthday aeonish!  Hope it’s a great one!


“Oh, listen, and don’t forget about Auntie Pat’s birthday next week.”

“Lucie, I never forget Auntie Pat’s birthday,” Jonathan told his sister, rolling his eyes a little before checking for traffic.

“Yeah, well, you still manage to miss it nearly every year,” Lucie retorted as he crossed the street.

“I can’t help that! You know I can’t actually control when babies are born.”

“Your emergencies still seem a bit convenient to me,” she huffed in reply.

She continued to prattle on, but Jonathan suddenly found himself incredibly distracted by the view down the street.  It was a girl, just a girl…but something about her caught his eye, and kept it. Blonde, probably average height without the heels, wearing a smart skirt and jacket with a red blouse…and strikingly beautiful.  She glanced his way as she hailed a cab, her movements hurried, impatient, and he slowed to a stop as a cab pulled over to pick her up.  She got into the car, and it pulled away, and just like that she was gone.

“Oi!  Are you even listening to me?”

Jonathan shook himself, pushing the odd incident from his mind.  There was no reason he should suddenly be distracted by some woman in the street, no matter how gorgeous.

“Of course, Lucie,” he lied.

“Yeah, right.  What’d I just say then?”

“That…you’ll hunt me down if I try to beg off from Auntie Pat’s dinner again?”

Lucie was quiet a second, then snorted.  “Lucky guess.”

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