the doors [album]

Snap Out Of It - Next Door Edit
Arctic Monkeys
Snap Out Of It - Next Door Edit

Imagine living next door to Alex Turner and every Friday night him and his band rehearse in his garage, because the music is so loud you can hear it through your bedroom walls.


The Doors
Strange Days

Side A
1.“Strange Days"3:11
2."You’re Lost Little Girl"3:03
3.”Love Me Two Times“3:18
4."Unhappy Girl"2:02
5.”Horse Latitudes“1:37
6.”Moonlight Drive“3:05
Side B
7.”People Are Strange“2:13
8."My Eyes Have Seen You"2:32
9."I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind"3:26
10."When the Music’s Over"10:58


The Doors - The End (1967)