the dooors

E.E Cummings- i carry your heart

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Persephone: Husband, what do you exactly do while I’m away?
Hades: sleep on your side of the bed, watch Disney movies and sing out loud, and eat all the pop corn.   
Hades:  ( ✿ ・//ε//・。)
Hades: ah, and I also jer… 
Persephone: okay enough! Shut up. I don’t miss you either. Why did I even ask?
Hades: I didn’t say that I didn’t miss you! I sing “Love is an Open Door” and think of us. Is perfect song… We finish each other’s… pomegranates! :D  ♫  I’ve never met someoone who thinks so much like me? Jinx, jinx again! ♫
Persephone: …okay but the dude singing there is the antagonist of the story!
Hades: well so am I ;)
Persephone: ….no, you… Ah, whatever.
Hades: Life can be so much more with you with you dooor oohhhh. ♫ Oh, can I say something crazy?
Hades:sandwiches with pomegranate jam! ;)
Persephone: ….
Hades: c’mon.
Persephone: *sighs* Can I say something even crazier? Yes!
Hades: :,) we’re such a perfect marriage *tears on eyes*
Persephone: :)

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I love your fan ficton's could you write one about kohai and Takahiro ? Thank you senpai

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dannyfenton wanted 4/5 brotp style, so here’s some study buddies!!!

Wally probs got into some doctor books her dad had lying around and thought it lookd pretty cool so she pop quizzes him whenever he has the free time, the big medical jargon words confuse him but he usually gets em right if they sound funny enough

Today I watched “When You’re Strange”, the Doors documentary.
It was really interesting and made me admire and love them even more.

Also I finally have an answer to that question, “if you could see a band dead or alive, who would it be?” And I’ve decided it would be the Doors because Jim Morrison’s stage presence was so out there and he had a profound impact on the crowd. Everyone seemed captivated by him. Plus I would really love to photograph him. He was energetic, or passed out depending when you got him hahah. plus he was a total babe.

Ok okay but legit. This opens so many dooors!

ONE: Shun is actually first son and heir. Everything thought he was the second son so could do whatever he wanted but with the older brother dead… nope he’s the heir. 

TWO: Blood. Their is blood between them… and it got me like  _:(´ཀ`」∠):_

THREE: LOVE! THERE IS LOVE BETWEEN THEM and she admitted it AND I THINK’S LIKE ROMANTIC… UM THIS MIGHT BE A CULTURE THING. Because I can’t marry my uncle but I feel in Edo century Japan it may have been a’okay

FOUR: Look how badass Nanao is! Her sword is amazing. She’s amazing. This chapter amazing if not a little stomach churning.