the dooors

  • Me: well Beebo has door problems
  • Alone together: It's not my fault I'm a maniac
  • The Phoenix: One maniac at a time we will take it back
  • American beauty American psycho: she's an American beauty, I'm an American psycho
  • Me: Pete has a thing for crazy people?
  • Anathema: My heart's getting harder I'm calling my father
  • Addict with a pen: but you specialize in dying, you hear me screaming father
  • Me: ok nope goodbye

E.E Cummings- i carry your heart

(tagging @akai-ayleid because i see you and your new chapter hey here’s to more genyatta contents n stuff *raises cup*) 

  • Mark: Haechan, I found the perfect song that suits you to a tee.
  • Haechan: *hesitant* ...Okay, lemme hear it.
  • Mark: *presses play on his phone* ♪ You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the dooor-♪
The Banshees

Banshee #3: *sits in front of a mirror, smiling and posing*

Banshee #2: What are you doing?

Banshee #3: Practicing for the Cameras! I need to figure out my best angles.

Manager: *pokes head around the dooor* You’re on in five, banshees

Banshee #1: You might need a trash bag over your head for that then.

Banshee #2: *Shrieks in laughter*

Manager: *slumps to the floor, dead*

Banshee #1: Shit, not again


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Note: I’ve been putting this for forever and the ending is okay-ish (I just wanted to get this done since I put off the end of it but otherwise I feel good about it)

Warning: Implied smut and swear words

Pairing: Anthony x Reader 

Word Count: 1,625

Masterlist  / Prompts

“How can you not manage to do one simple fucking task.” You sewed Anthony’s buttons back on his coat.

“Well with an incompetent costume designer it’s possible.” He pretty much spit out. You rolled your eyes, finishing the last of his coat buttons.  

“I’m not incompetent, you’re just a careless douchebag.” You shot back.

“I try” He smirked. You opened your mouth to fire another insult but instead got cut off by Lin barging into the room to tell Anthony “it’s showtime.”

Anthony walked out the room purposely nudging you. You looked back to a Lin giving you a sincere face. The cast has noticed you and Anthony’s extreme hatred for each other. You rubbed your eyes and rubbed at your neck.

Before you knew it, you were pushed and almost tripped over a box of thread. “What the fuck Ramos.” You snarled at him. He being the dick that he is pretend he didn’t do anything. He always seemed to push you in some way even if you didn’t do anything to piss him off. “What do you mean y/l/n?” He was beaming, you could feel it behind your back.

“You know what I fucking mean Ramos, you being a complete dick for no reason.” Fuming,You were fuming at this point. Both of you were darting insults at each other. It was all fun and games till he hit where it hurts.  

“If you weren’t such a idiot maybe you’re father would’ve still been alive.” 

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  • Steve: Tony, I found the perfect song that suits you to a tee.
  • Tony: *hesitant* ...Okay, lemme hear it.
  • Steve: *presses play on his phone* ♪ You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the dooor-♪

sarang-element  asked:

Imagine passionate and emotional get back together sex with bucky. After 3 months of separation, you are both dying. So when he showed up at your dooor and as soon as you made eye contact, no words were needed. He kissed you. You took off his clothes. You melt into each other's touch. And now you are in your bed him thrusting into you. He's mouth never leaves yours unless he whispers how much he loves you and can't live without you. Your arms wrap around him. You'll never let him go again.

God I love this. I can imagine it perfectly and the angst yes

Sinful Sunday™

I’m Sorry (Gray)

Anonymous asked: NYE kiss with gray? Can you make it kind of angsty in the beginning and fluffy at the end? Thank you so much!

Originally posted by grayground

    This was supposed to be a special evening- Sunghwa was going to come over and you were going to cook lasagna for dinner together and then watch movies until midnight, when you’d open up your champagne and drink it from the fancy glasses you’d bought for the occasion.

    Instead you’d ended up arguing with Sunghwa that morning over the most stupid stuff and told him not to come after all, to which he said he didn’t want to anyway, and stormed away.

    So here you sat at 11:55 PM, a bottle of Mountain Dew in one hand and a half-eaten bowl of ramen on the table in front of you, watching the countdown and wondering whether you’d be single when 2017 started.

    Five minutes passed, the countdown hit 0, and the clock kept ticking on. 12:01. 12:02. You didn’t feel excited. You didn’t feel like coming up with New Year’s resolutions or celebrating. You just wanted to go to bed. So you left your bowl on the table and headed back to your room, not stopping to brush your teeth or change into pajamas before you flopped down on the bed.

    Which was when there came a knock at the door.

    Your heart dropped but at the same time you jumped out of bed, crossing your apartment in quick steps to the door. You hesitated, wondering whether you were up to dealing with more pain, should it come. Then you opened the dooor without drawing a conclusion.

    Sunghwa said nothing, his dark eyes full of both pain and hope as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a tight hug, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “I’m sorry,” he murmured.

    Your whole body relaxed and you wrapped your arms around him too, your fingertips pressing into his upper back. You squeezed your eyes shut, resting your cheek against his. “I’m sorry too. That whole thing earlier was stupid.”

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idontknowwhattotitlethisplshelp trevor x reader

Originally posted by princess-clauds

“ hey loser whats up?” you said with a smile and Trevor laughed on your phone screen.

“ nothing really, just taking a break at work, what about you?” he asked and you shrugged. 

“ just going for a small drive.” you lie, “ i missed your face.” you told him and he chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. 

“ i miss you too y/n, someday, well be able to meet in person, i promise.” he said and you smiled and nodded. 

of course this moment was ruined when Gavin’s head popped into view. 

“ hullo y/n!” he called out and waved at you as you laughed and waved back.

“ hello Gavin, “ you said and Trevor sighed. 

“ hey Gavin can you leave cuz’ -”

“ hey what are you guys looking at? oh hi y/n!” Jeremy said with a smile and you hide a laugh at Trevor’s face. 

“ can you guys just leave please!?!?!?” Trevor shouted angrily and geoff walked over. 

“ hey what’s going on over here?” he asked and Trevor let out a loud groan.

“ EVERYONE LEAVE!” he shouted and you giggled as you opened the door.

“ sheesh trev’ never seen you get so angry, it’s hot.” you flirted and he blushed then noticed the change in your background and frowned. 

“ wait a minute, where are you?” he asked and you grinned, you were currently standing outside the door do the achievement hunter office with Barbra at your side. she helped you plan out this surprise for Trevor since she was a close friend of yours. 

“ where do you think stupid? you should know, you walk by here like every day.” Barbra scoffed as her head popped on screen and Trevor then got up and sprinted over to the door, throwing it open and freezing. 

you stood in front of him with a smile and held your hands up expectantly.” well?” you asked playfully.” you gonna hug me or just stand there all day trev’?”

“ you fucking dork.” he said before running forward, taking your face in his hands and pressing his lips against his. you smiled against his lips and wrapped your hands around his neck.everyone in the office awwing and catcalling.

“ ow!! get some trevyy boy!” geoff called out with a grin. 

when you both pulled away you let out a light laugh as he sighed and hung his head in shame. “ i hate them so much.” he mumbled and you shrugged.

“ i don’t know, they seem nice.” you said and Michael called out.

“ damn straight!”

“ anyways..” Trevor said and sent you a smile.” since im working right now i guess you can just hang out here for a couple hours until-”

“ Jesus Christ, Trevor really?” geoff asked with a scoff. “ dude take the day off and spend it with your girlfriend dumb-ass.”

Trevor’s face lit up.” really? thanks geoff!i’ll finish editing tomorrow!bye!” he said, grabbing your hand and running out of the building. 

Barbra laughed and turned the camera so it was facing her. “ and then they fucked, the end!”

this is horrible, im so sorry. i am a peasant who sucks. but if you enjoyed this and i hope you did yay! dont feel shy to request or anything like that, see ya ‘roudn!

Persephone: Husband, what do you exactly do while I’m away?
Hades: sleep on your side of the bed, watch Disney movies and sing out loud, and eat all the pop corn.   
Hades:  ( ✿ ・//ε//・。)
Hades: ah, and I also jer… 
Persephone: okay enough! Shut up. I don’t miss you either. Why did I even ask?
Hades: I didn’t say that I didn’t miss you! I sing “Love is an Open Door” and think of us. Is perfect song… We finish each other’s… pomegranates! :D  ♫  I’ve never met someoone who thinks so much like me? Jinx, jinx again! ♫
Persephone: …okay but the dude singing there is the antagonist of the story!
Hades: well so am I ;)
Persephone: ….no, you… Ah, whatever.
Hades: Life can be so much more with you with you dooor oohhhh. ♫ Oh, can I say something crazy?
Hades:sandwiches with pomegranate jam! ;)
Persephone: ….
Hades: c’mon.
Persephone: *sighs* Can I say something even crazier? Yes!
Hades: :,) we’re such a perfect marriage *tears on eyes*
Persephone: :)

dannyfenton wanted 4/5 brotp style, so here’s some study buddies!!!

Wally probs got into some doctor books her dad had lying around and thought it lookd pretty cool so she pop quizzes him whenever he has the free time, the big medical jargon words confuse him but he usually gets em right if they sound funny enough