the doom of lannister

After GRRM said Jon is gonna be a fire wight in the books, I’m even more excited about Jon/Dany in the books because that feels to me exactly like the sort of doomed romance GRRM loves to write, like “The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr” or “This Tower of Ashes,” all doomed.  

Think of it tho!!! A fire zombie and the bride of fire!!! I think there will be elements of classic Beauty and the Beast to it because, in Cocteau’s BATB, which GRRM loves, “The Beast’s own task is […] the reclaiming of the human within himself.” After Jon spends time in Ghost (not to mention the zombie part), I think he’ll be “less human” / more Beast for a while, and there will be such a great internal messianic struggle of why Jon wants to save humanity after he was betrayed by people he trusted. 

And what better way for Jon to find his humanity again than by falling in love, “our great glory,” the greatest celebration of our humanity, a defiant declaration of resistance to the Others when Jon and Dany visit the alien realm of faerie beyond the curtain of light at the end of the world

and just!!! a fire wight who’s already semi-dead but still has one last mission to accomplish, and a living girl who would give her life to save the world if that’s what it took, WHAT A GOOD DOOMED ROMANCE, I’M SO EXCITED, BRING ME THAT HORIZON

16 Villain Archetypes starring some of my favorite villains. Descriptions taken from this post. Obviously some of these can fit in multiple categories, but I just picked the ones I felt fit best.

Doctor Doom (Marvel) - The TYRANT: the bullying despot, he wants power at any price. He ruthlessly conquers all he surveys, crushing his enemies beneath his feet. People are but pawns to him, and he holds all the power pieces. Hesitate before getting in this man’s way – he’ll think nothing of destroying you.

Daken (Marvel) - The BASTARD: the dispossessed son, he burns with resentment. He can’t have what he wants, so he lashes out to hurt those around him. His deeds are often for effect – he wants to provoke action in others. He proudly announces his rebellious dealings. Don’t be fooled by his boyish demeanor – he’s a bundle of hate.

Hades (Hercules) - The DEVIL: the charming fiend, he gives people what he thinks they deserve. Charisma allows him to lure his victims to their own destruction. His ability to discover the moral weaknesses in others serves him well. Close your ears to his cajolery – he’ll tempt you to disaster.

Jafar (Aladdin) - The TRAITOR: the double agent, he betrays those who trust him most. No one suspects the evil that lurks in his heart. Despite supportive smiles and sympathetic ears, he plots the destruction of his friends. Never turn your back on him — he means you harm.

Loki (Marvel) - The OUTCAST: the lonely outsider, he wants desperately to belong. Tortured and unforgiving, he has been set off from others, and usually for good cause. He craves redemption, but is willing to gain it by sacrificing others. Waste no sympathy on him - he’ll have none for you.

The Riddler (Gotham/DC) - The EVIL GENIUS: the malevolent mastermind, he loves to show off his superior intelligence. Intellectual inferiors are contemptible to him and that includes just about everyone. Elaborate puzzles and experiments are his trademark. Don’t let him pull your strings – the game is always rigged in his favor.

Russell Edgington (True Blood) - The SADIST: the savage predator, he enjoys cruelty for its own sake. Violence and psychological brutality are games to this man; and he plays those games with daring and skill. Run, don’t walk, away from this man – he’ll tear out your heart, and laugh while doing it.

Magneto (X-Men/Marvel) - The TERRORIST: the dark knight, he serves a warped code of honor. Self-righteous, he believes in his own virtue, and judges all around him by a strict set of laws. The end will always justify his nefarious means, and no conventional morality will give him pause. Don’t try to appeal to his sense of justice – his does not resemble yours.

Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones) - The BITCH: the abusive autocrat, she lies, cheats, and steals her way to the top. Her climb to success has left many a heel mark on the backs of others. She doesn’t care about the peons around her – only the achievement of her dreams matters. Forget expecting a helping hand from her – she doesn’t help anyone but herself.

Eris (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas) - The BLACK WIDOW: the beguiling siren, she lures victims into her web. She goes after anyone who has something she wants, and she wants a lot. But she does her best to make the victim want to be deceived. An expert at seduction of every variety, she uses her charms to get her way. Don’t be fooled by her claims of love – it’s all a lie.

Regina George (Mean Girls) - The BACKSTABBER: the two-faced friend, she delights in duping the unsuspecting. Her sympathetic smiles enable her to learn her victims’ secrets, which she then uses to feather her nest. Her seemingly helpful advice is just the thing to hinder. Put no faith in her – she’ll betray you every time.

Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) - The LUNATIC: the unbalanced madwoman, she draws others into her crazy environment. The drum to which she marches misses many a beat, but to her, it is the rest of the world that is out of step. Don’t even try to understand her logic – she is unfathomable.

Amora the Enchantress (Marvel) - The PARASITE: the poisonous vine, she collaborates for her own comfort. She goes along with any atrocity, so long as her own security is assured. She sees herself as a victim who had no choice, and blames others for her crimes. Expect no mercy from her – she won’t lift a finger to save anyone but herself.

Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty/Kingdom Hearts) - The SCHEMER: the lethal plotter, she devises the ruin of others. Like a cat with a mouse, she plays with lives. Elaborate plans, intricate schemes; nothing pleases her more than to trap the unwary. Watch out for her complex designs – she means you no good.

Morgana Pendragon (Merlin) - The FANATIC: the uncompromising extremist, she does wrong in the name of good. She justifies her actions by her intent, and merely shrugs her shoulders at collateral damage. Anyone not an ally is an enemy, and therefore, fair game. Give up any hope of showing her the error of her ways – she firmly believes you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Cora (Once Upon a Time)  - The MATRIARCH: the motherly oppressor, she smothers her loved ones. She knows what’s best and will do all in her power to control the lives of those who surround her – all for their own good. A classic enabler, she sees no fault with her darlings, unless they don’t follow her dictates. Don’t be lured into her family nest – you’ll never get out alive.

I was gonna make a snarky post about how ridiculous it it for people to think Cersei’s faking this pregnancy for manipulation purposes, making bawdy allusions to her and Jaime’s recent bedroom behaviors for effect. I was even going to throw in a “but look at how happy she looked!”

But I don’t even need all of that. 

Quyburn straight asked her if she wanted moontea before Jaime was even in the room. Why would Qyburn ask her if she wanted to terminate a pregnancy that didn’t exist? And why would she, not knowing that Jaime was coming around the corner at that very moment, give a fake refusal for a fake abortion to her doctor and trusted adviser?

I’ll wait.

Things I want in life

-More fan art on Rhaella Targaryen

-More about the Valyrian Freehold and the Doom of Valyria

-More Rhaella Targaryen

-More about the original conquerors Aegon, Visenya, Rhaenys, and Orys (I’m including this man too because I love him)

-More about the Targaryens really

-More about Jaehaerys the Old and all the “good” Targaryens

-More shit against the Starks (I need some bad Starks in my life because they’re all mostly good and it’s annoying me because we have soooooo many Targaryens that are “bad” but not a lot of Starks)

-More about Joanna Lannister

-More about Elia Martell

-Rhaella Targaryen

-Rhaella Targaryen

-Rhaella Targaryen


-Rhaella Targaryen


Jorah deserves better!  Despite the odds, this man traveled halfway across the world to cure himself of a disease he contracted while doing HER bidding…just to return to return to Friendzone. 😭   He is not unsullied or a slave to serve her for all eternity…he’s a noble lord of Bear Island; It means he would rather be sitting around comfortably in his Lord’s chair and have servants tend to his every need. He has been through hell and back for Dany. And yet he chose to be with her since he’s so desperate to win her love that he even volunteered in the fighting pits just to see her, and recently ventured on a dangerous mission to kidnap a wight. Now the odds of Jorleesi happening is down to Zero but the least she could do is name him hand of the queen or a better position that gives him comfort for all he has done. I’m sure Tyrone will understand if he’s being replaced, besides, he has been a terrible adviser as of late. 


Historical Jonsa Event (Day 1): The Italian Renaissance AU (c. 1330-1550)

At the height of the cultural and religio-political tussles between the papacy and several patron families of the 16th century Italian city states, Sansa of the House of Stark, called “The Jewel of Valenica” for her ethereal beauty, and a patroness of aesthetes, lyrical literaure and music finds herself drawn towards the dark tales of enigmatic and alluring Jon, Captain of the condottieri, the mercenaries who haunt the alleyways of Valencia. Jon is recruited by the rival House of Lannister to murder Sansa and her family. Instead, the hunter and the hunted start a dangerous clandestine affair, challenging the Church and the Lannisters, bringing doom upon themselves….and irresistible, sinful pleasure.

for the Jonsa Historical Event hosted by @jonsa-creatives

An untitled Gendry two-shot (part 1)

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(All credit’s to the gif’s owner)

Well…it seems I’m digging up my old fics instead of moving my ass and writing something new. Shame on me. 

Word count: 1040

Pairing: Tyrion x fem! reader; Gendry x fem! reader

Warnings: none I suppose…maybe a little angst


“You are marrying me off to…” increasing despair made me speechless, I needed a few deep breaths to be able to finish the sentence “…the Imp?!”

 I knew how important it was to my father to keep alliance with the Lannisters but still couldn’t believe he would doom me to such humiliation. My name is (y/n) Bolton and a daughter to Roose Bolton, Warden of the North. I thought it makes me deserve more but I was terribly mistaken.

 “My dear sister, look at yourself, even that little monster is too much.” Said Ramsay, his voice snappish as always.

 “Mind your words, bastard.” I snapped back with anger.

 I hated my brother; he was cruel and bad to the bone, and above that – stupid, but Roose Bolton announced him his heir anyway. And in this case they didn’t need me anymore.

 “My dear daughter, you’re already fifteen years old and ready to give birth. It’s about time you get married.”

 “But father!” I protested my voice breaking. “I don’t feel ready to get married yet…”

 “End of discussion!” lord Bolton announced calmly and firmly, then got up and left the Dreadfort’s dining hall.

 “Congratulations on tying the knot!” Ramsay hissed and followed out father out.


The day we arrived at King’s Landing was the worst day of my life. I didn’t want to be there, and the view of upcoming marriage didn’t make it any better. Other girls dream of this day, they can’t wait to have the dress, the feast and dances. But not me. Not with this man.

 When I saw lord Tyrion Lannister for the first time I didn’t even try to hide disgust. He was short, crooked and didn’t have a nose! But he was a Lannister and it was the only thing that mattered to my father. After a short exchange of courtesy my fiancé offered to show me my chambers. We were to sleep separately until the wedding day.

 “Perhaps you’d like to freshen up and then we’ll eat dinner together?” my future husband offered. I was unable to answer so just nodded my head yes.

 After a quick bath my new handmaiden led me to a small cosy dining room located just half way between my and Tyrion’s chambers, at least that’s what I concluded from her words. Inside I saw a richly set table and Tyrion Lannister slowly sipping wine.

 “Wine helps increase appetite.” He announced trying to start a conversation.

 “I don’t drink alcohol, my lord.”

 “What a shame. Sometimes alcohol helps to solve problems.”

 “Could we stay alone?” I asked glancing over to a frightened boy standing in the corner.

 “Of course. Podrick, take care of your business.” Tyrion orders.

 When the door closed behind Podrick the youngest Lannister offered me a chair to sit. I took the seat desperately trying not to lose control of myself, what appeared extremely difficult.

 “Is everything alright, my lady?”

 I felt tears stinging my eyes. “I’m sorry, my lord, but I don’t want this marriage. It’s not only about you, I don’t feel ready to get married at all.”

 Tyrion’s face showed no emotion but a hint of understanding appeared in his eyes.

 “We don’t always get to do what we want. I know I’m not what every young woman desires, but I’m not a monster although everyone thinks different. I will do you no harm and I will not force you to anything. We cannot avoid the marriage but perhaps one day you will learn to at least like me.”

 I looked at him in shock. I expected rage and yet he talked about the whole wedding thing so calmly. I knew I will never love him but maybe, just maybe, I will get used to him.

 “Thank you for your words, my lord. It means very much to me. I will do my best not to bring you shame.”

 For the rest of the evening I listened to Tyrion telling stories about his life. It wasn’t an easy one definitely. I also opened up a little bit to break the ice. I kept telling myself that every next time would be easier. After dinner I felt a little weary. “Please, excuse me, my lord, but the journey made me tired. I would like to go to my chambers and rest, if I may.”

 “Oh, of course! Will I see you tomorrow?”

 “Perhaps, but I would like to explore the city. I’d like to see if it’s really as dreadful as everyone says.”

 “Alright, so I will ask my best guards to escort you.” Tyrion offered.

 “With your permission, I wish to go alone. I can handle myself.” I replied standing up.

 “As you wish.”

 “Thank you. Goodnight, my lord.” I glanced over my shoulder with a warm smile.

 “Please, call me Tyrion.”

 I nodded my head slightly and closed the door behind me. I couldn’t wait for the next day to come.


 King’s Landing was extremely lively from early morning. Ragged children were playing in the streets, merchants inviting passers-by to their stalls, smell of food coming from the inns. The view was so different from what I’ve been used to in Dreadfort.

 I turned random streets watching everyday life of ordinary people. There was something interesting at every corner – exotic fruits, carved wooden figures, intricately forged swords on stands. I wish I was as ordinary as all this, I thought.


 Gendry’s POV

 The day was no different from other days in King’s Landing. Same children running in the streets, same merchant’s calls, same smells, and yet one tiny detail has drawn my attention. A detail that made this and every day to come different.

 Delicate features, pale skin and black hair tied in a tight bun. She wore a simple dress from grey linen. There was nothing extraordinary about her at first sight, but taking a closer look I noticed something dignified in her posture, something that was rarely seen around. She intrigued me, so I decided to abandon my duties for a moment. I approached her trying to make up right words in my mind.

 “What is a highborn lady doing in such place?” The words slipped from my mouth and then she turned to me.


Quick Thoughts:

- Daenerys is a villain. Don’t care about how right you think you are to the contrary. She’s a villain.


- Don’t care about Jorah.

- I really, really, really don’t like Bronn.

- Here for Gendry being back. Not here for Gendry hero worshipping his piece of  shit father…

- Lannisters in rooms together make me so very happy.

- Trying not to feel anything about Doomed Fetus™, but awwwwsss 

- Arya girl, what are you doing?

-Petyr girl, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

- This episode was for a very specific demographic. I am not in said demographic.

Next week, I better get that sexy Jon snow fight pose from the trailer. Also, when is that trailer scene of Cersei in her sexy winter coat, coming to stunt on Dany&Co for shits and giggles happening? Literally the only thing I’m excited about when it comes to this shitshow anymore.

Lannister gold and the Doom of Valyria

campaignrations asked:

Do you make anything of the Valyrian prophecy (from WoIAF) that Lannister gold would bring about the Doom? I mean, the Lannisters bought their sword right before the Doom, and “Brightroar” is about as succinct a description of the Doom as one can get.

“Right before the Doom” is a highly suggestive statement. Brightroar was bought a century before the Doom. As were who knows how many other Valyrian swords (of the 227 currently existing in Westeros). As TWOIAF says:

Perhaps in preparation for their crossing of the narrow sea, the Valyrians also established their westernmost outpost on the isle that would come to be known as Dragonstone some two hundred years before the Doom. No king opposed them—and though the local lords of the narrow sea made some effort to resist it, the strength of Valyria was too great. With their arcane arts, the Valyrians raised the citadel at Dragonstone.
Two centuries passed—centuries in which the coveted Valyrian steel began to trickle into the Seven Kingdoms more swiftly than before—though not swiftly enough for all the lords and kings who desired it.

–The World of Ice and Fire

And note that Ice was also bought around a century before the Doom of Valyria:

Catelyn had no love for swords, but she could not deny that Ice had its own beauty. It had been forged in Valyria, before the Doom had come to the old Freehold, when the ironsmiths had worked their metal with spells as well as hammers. Four hundred years old it was, and as sharp as the day it was forged. The name it bore was older still, a legacy from the age of heroes, when the Starks were Kings in the North. –AGOT, Catelyn I

As for Brightroar’s name: Nightfall, Lamentation, and Red Rain are also sword names that are pretty good descriptions of the Doom. Heck, even Blackfyre sounds a bit like a volcano erupting ash and flame, doesn’t it. Threats of war and death, fire and blood; most of these Valyrian steel sword names want to tell the same kind of story.

Also, you’ve got the wording of the prophecy wrong, sorry.

The wealth of the westerlands was matched, in ancient times, with the hunger of the Freehold of Valyria for precious metals, yet there seems no evidence that the dragonlords ever made contact with the lords of the Rock, Casterly or Lannister. Septon Barth speculated on the matter, referring to a Valyrian text that has since been lost, suggesting that the Freehold’s sorcerers foretold that the gold of Casterly Rock would destroy them. Archmaester Perestan has put forward a different, more plausible speculation, suggesting that the Valyrians had in ancient days reached as far as Oldtown but suffered some great reverse or tragedy there that caused them to shun all of Westeros thereafter.

–The World of Ice and Fire

Now, the fact that Septon Barth is discussing the subject is a general clue that he was right and we should ignore whatever the skeptic Yandel says. But note that the prophecy does not say “Lannister gold will bring about the Doom of Valyria”, it says “the gold of Casterly Rock would destroy them” – “them” meaning Valyrians.

So it might be that the gold from the purchase of Brightroar – or any other Lannister gold from any other trade – made its way into the hands of those who paid the Faceless Men to assassinate the sorcerers who controlled the Fourteen Flames, and so brought about the Doom. Or it might be that this prophecy refers to Tywin’s part in Robert’s Rebellion, and especially Jaime’s assassination of Aerys Targaryen (remember that Jaime was wearing his Lannister gold armor at the time). Or it might be that the prophecy refers to something that hasn’t even happened yet – and do recall that Tyrion has promised over 150,000 golden dragons of Casterly Rock to the Second Sons for allowing him to join them.


Moodboard: Jaime x Brienne - Photography AU

Jaime Lannister seems to be forever doomed to pose for pictures for the family company as the poster boy. And that even though he would rather do anything else. When the next photoshoot comes up for the businessman slash part-time model, Jaime is less than pleased, as always. He hopes to be over with the ordeal soon so he can get back to work, but apparently, this shoot involves more effort than he is willing to put into it.

However, as his father reminds him, this is for the company, so Jaime doesn’t really have a say in this. So, the oldest son of Tywin Lannister heads to the ominous photo studio on the outskirt of King’s Landing to meet the mannish, tall photographer Brienne of Tarth who is known in the industry as someone who has a very particular style of taking pictures.

And against the odds that they are both there to get down to business, it turns out that the two are less than pleased with the arrangement, because, Brienne, too, is pretty dissatisfied with having the likes of Jaime Lannister in her studio. She does not rely on the money as she comes from a wealthy family, but even she knows that there is no saying “no” to Tywin Lannister when he asks you to have some pictures taken. As of late, she has spent far too much of her time taking the “standard” pictures, stuck between taking generic wedding photos and repetitive business shootings. Brienne would rather dedicate much more of her time to the photos she is most passionate about, the ones where she can photograph the “broken and ugly things,” simply the imperfect parts of the world normally no one bothers to take a picture of and put into a portfolio or exhibition.

And Jaime, for his part, is so annoyed with his job as a model and his business job in general that he doesn’t even know how to cope with the woman seemingly not willing to just get over with it, but instead actually making the effort of a rather big set-up for what he knows to be just another poster campaign to help his family’s crumbling reputation.

Thus, that they clash seems almost inevitable. However, Jaime soon has to realize that Brienne, in fact, takes magnificent pictures as she manages to make them look different from all photos he had taken of himself over the years. She somehow manages to capture not so much the mood but the essence, himself in those photography by giving him the freedom to move according to his wishes across the set instead of barking out orders, as he is used to it. Instead, Brienne captures the moment right when it arises so that they look surprisingly natural, surprisingly real.

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anonymous asked:

Love your blog! Do you think there are any mysteries in the series that we simply will never find out the answer to?

Aw, thanks anon ❤️️❤️️  What a fun question!

I think whatever the source of the Others is, whether it’s a singular leader or an elemental force or some metaphysical wormhole they’ve slipped through, we’ll never get a full explanation of its nature or reason for being. If GRRM keeps telling the story right, we won’t care–or rather, he’ll give us just enough spine-tingling psychedelic horror for our sick brains to fill in the rest. (The Land of Always Winter is probably going to be heavy on the imagery and light on the exposition, which is for the best.)

Same goes for the Doom of Valyria. (Ice and fire.) There have certainly been strong hints that the Faceless Men were responsible, but again, GRRM has left room for multiple fascinating scenarios. What matters is the hubris and hideous mass exploitation that prompted the Valyrians’ downfall; anything more we learn will be filtered through the present-day characters’ plans and desires, especially Dany and Euron. 

Asshai seems likely to remain opaque as well, as GRRM has said we won’t be heading there in ASOIAF. That city is just one giant horrible pulsating enigma, a “zero point for evil” as racefortheironthrone​ put it, so maybe we’re better off never plumbing its secrets; with such an exquisitely spooky reputation, a full reveal would probably disappoint. We’ll get a flashback or two from Mel, though, bet on it.

Then there are the Maester Conspiracies. I think we’ll learn much more about the metaphysical one outlined by Marwyn, thanks to diligent student Sam Tarly, but little and less about the political one that Barbrey Dustin mentions to Theon. Partially, this is because the “southron ambitions” plot is increasingly irrelevant given the massive changes in Westerosi polity since Mad Aerys’ day (and the fact that almost everyone involved is dead), but also because outside that specific scheme, what Barbrey is describing is less a conspiracy per se than a gradual, decentralized, largely passive accumulation of institutional power, so there really isn’t an “answer” to be had.

As far as the missing persons cases go, we’ll definitely get resolutions regarding Benjen and Tyrek, but probably not for Gerion or poor Stonesnake (though I would love a prologue POV from the latter).  

I don’t like thinking about Patchface for long because my brain just turns into a giant scream, but I doubt we’ll ever get a full explanation of his background; again, Mel might have an intriguing vision or two, but that’s it.

Oh, and then there’s Quaithe. The end!

anonymous asked:

What was Tywin implying when he commented that Jeyne Westerling was her mother's daughter ? They don't really seem to have much in common, unlike Ned & Robb (the 2nd half of the comment).

My take on this is twofold. One, I think Tywin is assuming that Jeyne being “her mother’s daughter” means that she will go along with any scheme her mother orders her to do, and that consequently both will stay loyal to House Lannister in the treachery Tywin is helping orchestrate to bring Robb and his kingdom down. Jeyne having presumably no distinguishable personality to him (if loyal lieutenant Kevan “only saw her once” and thought she was nothing more than “sweet” despite her “doubtful blood”, I doubt Tywin Lannister ever or thought of her as an individual), Tywin probably considered her as her mother's absolute pawn, to do exactly as Sybell Spicer said.  

Two, and more importantly I think, Jeyne being “her mother’s daughter” is probably a reference to the marital fortunes of Jeyne’s mother’s family. When talking about Maggy the Frog (Sybell’s paternal grandmother), Cersei notes that “[s]ome say she cast a spell on him, though more like the only charm she needed was the one between her thighs”. (Oh, Cersei.) While it’s not explicitly stated that Sybell did the same with Gawen Westerling, Kevan’s comment that “the Westerlings always did have more honor than sense” has always suggested to me that Gawen might have felt compelled to marry Sybell after compromising her honor (in any event, I’m sure that the Lannisters assumed that Sybell must have “tricked” her way into becoming Gawen’s wife, because how else could a blue-blooded Westerling marry a woman whose grandfather hawked saffron on the streets of Lannisport?). The Spicer line, in other words, has in the minds of the Lannisters been composed of ambitious women scheming and tricking their way into the beds of better-off men; Jeyne might be a Westerling by birth, but in Tywin’s estimation she is “her mother’s daughter”, able to tempt the Young Wolf into bedding and marrying her and sealing his own doom.

Parallels of Ice and Fire


Ice and Fire is a theme that permeates all of A Song of Ice and Fire (unsurprisingly). It represents many things within the text: the Starks and Targaryens (through the Pact of Ice and Fire), a distillation of Faulkner’s and Martin’s “the human heart in conflict with itself” philosophy (ice and fire being polar opposites), and specifically Jon (as the only person in history to share Stark and Targaryen blood). And the one bit of symbolism GRRM has confirmed is the Others as Ice and the Dragons as Fire; which makes sense, considering both are the only things in the text described as Ice or Fire made flesh. Expanding on this idea, here are all the parallels of the Others and the Valyrians:

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holy-cannol1  asked:

Do you think Jon and dany will end up together?

Take a look at this LOTR quote:

“In this phial,” [Galadriel] said, “is caught the light of Eärendil’s star, set amid the waters of my fountain. It will shine still brighter when night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

Now take a look at the oath the foot soldiers in the War for the Dawn have sworn for thousands of years:

“I am the sword in the darkness [click me]. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold [click me], the light that brings the dawn [click me]” 

What separates ASOIAF from a lot of other fantasy imo is that GRRM isn’t writing about magic rings or horcruxes or captured starlight or long-lost swords saving the day. GRRM is writing about people. We – humanity – the heroes – we are our own lights in the darkness, when all other lights go out. 

The idea threaded throughout ASOIAF is “We only have each other.” It’s this idea that humanity has to come together, or we’re all as doomed as House Lannister. “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” 

In my opinion, Jon and Dany are the pinnacle of humanity coming together to save the world. As they fight in the War for the Dawn, they must look to each other to find the strength and the will to continue flying into the heart of winter while everyone they know is being slaughtered on the ground by advancing ice zombies. Jon and Dany will take comfort in one another in their moment of darkest despair, they’ll represent hope, not only to the world, but to each other. 

Do I think Jon and Dany will end up together? Yeah. I do. 

Now that doesn’t mean I think they’ll get married and have babies** and grow old together and live happily ever after. They’re messianic figures, and I think they’re going to die saving the world together. But will they fall in love in the process? I sure hope so. Some of GRRM’s most beautiful prose is about love, and I want ADOS to be beautiful. 

**babymaking may be a necessary part of saving the world, if Daenerys bearing “a living child” and naming him Drogo is a true prophecy.