the doom of lannister

Thank you @guanin for tagging me! c:

Name: I prefer don’t say it publicly ‘cause I don’t want to be tracked down by irl people.

Nickname: a couple of my closest friends gave me a nickname but… same reason as above

Star Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Color: Generally I would have said most of blue shades, but lately I’m really attracted by white and very light colors

Gender: Female

Height: Under 165 cm

Average hours of sleep: 7-8

The last thing I googled: Inches

Number of blankets I sleep with: with this Mount Doom temperature just one or even zero.

Favorite fictional characters: Tyrion Lannister, Jesse Pinkman, Jon Snow, Marty McFly…these are the first that come up in my mind…

Favorite celebrities: I always say male celebrities so this time I’ll say Emilia Clarke, I love that she is always so smiling and funny. Such a positive inspiration.

Favorite books: Lord of the Rings (and every Tolkien book basically), The Neverending Story, A Song of Ice and Fire series, Harry Potter series… I read other literary genres, I swear, lol! But apparently I have a preference here…

If you were to choose one fandom: even if I don’t post about it like I used to, Gotham is the best fandom I’ve ever been into. It’s really the best <3

The OTP of OTPs: Tyrion x Happiness? (please Martin, please, I’m not asking for much :c ).
But, uhm, I think I’ve never shipped as I shipped with Gobblepot, as far as I can remember. But a special mention for Jon x Daenerys.

What I’m currently wearing: a black top and my pajamas shorts

Random fact: I live near the sea but the last time I went to the beach was something like 10 years ago.