the doodles though

haven’t drawn anything outside of work since the year started.. oops. i forgot how to draw so i’m trying to start with simple doodles.

Here’s a Link!!!! I still don’t have a switch or BoTW!! I’m getting spoiled everywhere!! TT__TT gotta get on that bandwagon soon.

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I'm not sure if the met in cannon or not but what would Remus's and Dr Elias's relationship be? (Friends? Enemies? Love this blog okay bye)

their lives are two completely different narratives at the moment but if their paths somehow crossed

Elias isn’t particularly interested in others so he wouldn’t pay Remus much mind
Remus on the other hand; you know how you sometimes run into people and there’s just something off about them so you’re kind of intrigued to find out more about that person to satisfy your curiosity
someone as observant as him would definitely be interested in hearing about Elias’ life (and boy does he have a rich freakin story)

(we’ll see what possible future interactions will bring i guess)

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Could u draw Widowmaker as the proud huntress?

Hello anon!

I haven’t lined and colored her yet on my computer but there she is. The next post I make on this AU will include her and a few of the others with a lil bit of the beast and the archer thrown in!

Thank you for the ask!

Since I started posting my doodles for Pink Diamond’s (and recently White’s too) design, followers have been popping like daisies 0_0

I’m almost reaching 150, planned to do smth for my 100 followers but was in a family trip so ended up doing nothing

Meanwhile here are MOAR Diamond Authorithy doodles and sketches to thank you guys! (people can ask me too or suggest me which one of these would like to see finished ^^)

In this first one I like to think that the diamonds are all of differnet heights (WD being the tallest, then followed by Blue, Yellow and finally Pink being the shortest) I headcannon YD being the 2nd shortest mainly because a lot of people that I know in RL that have a strong temper are all short people :P

Playing around with WD’s design, have seen a lot of great drawings of her online! (atm I’m liking better the 3rd design here)


quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal


had a lot of fun doing some expression challenge requests on twitter last night! 

challenge used is by soupery~