the dollhouse murders

Mona’s Murder

Mona’s fake murder provokes so many unanswered questions in Pretty Little Liars. 

Right before she was “killed,” she calls Aria and says, “Ali is A, and I can prove it.”

I always believed that TWO people went to her house that day. You can see that the bottom of the hairline is different for the two girls they showed in black hoodies, unless this was an error on the producer’s part. In the first picture, the hair is shorter and straight, and has a blunt cut. The second picture has longer hair, that looks curlier.

The girl in the second picture walked and moved just like Alison.

Remember the look on Ali’s face when the cops were in Mona’s house?

And look at her hair! It’s exactly like the picture above of the hooded girl in Mona’s house.

But why would Ali be a part of this when Mona’s fake murder lead Ali to be jailed and put on trial for her murder? 

I think I have the answer. 

What if Ali is- and always has been- the leader of the A team? 

She purposely framed herself for Mona’s murder, so that she would be in JAIL when the girls got abducted and taken to the Dollhouse. Eventually, Mona would be let free- and Ali would be released from prison.

What’s a better alibi then “I was in jail when the girls were kidnapped/tortured?”

CeCe took credit for the Dollhouse  (although I still don’t believe that was her dressed up in the tux) AND we saw that Noel was involved (pouring the blood on Spencer). CeCe, Noel and Ali have worked together before, remember? 

Why did Mona call Aria and say that she has proof that Ali is A? 

What if Mona actually DID find evidence that Ali is in fact A. Ali has a hidden camera in a doll in Mona’s room. She saw that Mona found out she was A, and decided to put the “fake murder” plan in motion to divert attention away from herself. 

Once Mona was released from the Dollhouse, and Ali was released from jail, Ali knew that Mona couldn’t put the blame on her because she was in jail the whole time.

This seems crazy, but it sounds exactly like something Ali would do. As we have seen, A will do anything possible to protect their identity.


There are so many things that do not make sense when Mona reveals what actually happened to her that day. 

Mona claims that her and A planned to fake her death and frame Ali for the murder, that’s why she was keeping vials of her blood. However, Mona claims she was going to double-cross A, find out shims identity, and come back to Rosewood to free Ali from jail.

YEAH RIGHT. Is this the same Mona who formed an "army" of people to fight against Ali’s return?

But apparently A double-crossed Mona,put her in the Dollhouse, and used the vials of her blood to make it look like she was dead (confirmed by Marlene on Twitter). We see footage from a hidden camera in Mona’s house, of a hooded person attacking Mona, pushing her down the stairs, etc. It is later explained the A wasn’t trying to kill her, just trying to drug her so she could take her to the Dollhouse.

Ali is arrested for Mona’s murder, but the girls aren’t sure they believe that Alison killed Mona because A keeps terrorizing them while Ali is in jail. Which if my theory above is true-is exactly what Ali wanted. Ali now looks like a victim to the girls.

Eventually the girls and Mona are rescued and taken back to Rosewood, and Ali is released from prison. 

If CeCe truly was behind the Dollhouse, why would she want Ali (who she claimed to love) to go to jail for the rest of her life? Wouldn’t she rather have the real Ali in her Dollhouse along with her other ‘dolls’? Why would she go through alllllll that trouble to fake Mona’s death?

What exactly was the endgame for the Dollhouse if the girls were never rescued? Keeping them there forever to play with? Why? 

We need some CONCRETE meaningful answers as to what provoked A to do all this. And if there is a new A (A.D) that is different from CeCe (Big A), Marlene better produce a major explanation for her motivation for torturing the girls so much. Because “they didn’t care that Ali was missing” is not flying with me. 

Did anyone else ever see the movie version of the Dollhouse Murders? I think it was called Secrets in the Attic or something.

I remember watching it at my 8th birthday party, and freaking everybody out. Apparently it never made it past VHS, and the trailer for it isn’t anywhere on the internet.

Man, that was one of 3 books that terrified me as a kid. The others being “Wait Till Helen Comes”, and “Time Windows”. I actually had to keep Time Windows under my bed it scared me so badly.

Does anybody else remember these books/movie? I can’t be the only person who read them and was terrified.

Alternate A Reveal

It’s pretty clear that most of the Pll fandom, myself included, was disappointed with the Big A reveal. Many things didn’t add up, and the episode felt very rushed. I decided to write an alternate reveal that I feel is more interesting than the actual one. Please keep in mind that this is not perfect. I had to work around the information Marlene has already given us, and Pll is also full of red herrings, so I wasn’t able to explain every single little detail.

This turned out to be really long, but hopefully you’ll read through it. Tell me what you think, and feel free to ask me any questions!

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