the doll maker vine

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The face only a mother could love. Is it OK to say that? Say hello to Medusa by artist Freya Jobbins in the The Tinkering Studio.

It was cold winter day, the hills freshly covered with snow and the trees spiraled with white snow. The ‘doll murders’ had continued~ As Senka walked down the darken walkways, hugging herself to keep warm, she noticed a ball jointed doll. It was gorgeous, a masterpiece. Senka looked around before picking up the beautiful doll, she held it close to her. @the-doll-maker-vine


Okay so I know it is not that big a deal to most people but as Vine’s creator it is very weird to me!

What you are about to see below is the first sketch of The Doll Maker Vine I did about two years ago, the same night I wrote the shitty idea/draft thing of his story.

His hair was neater and less in his face, he had less scars and the lips scar on the opposite side from now. He had no stitches and his head was rounder. His glass eye was different too. He also looks more depressed or angry in comparison to how the current fully developed Vine is. My drawing skills were also shittier back then! Haha ^^

Now I will put the first completed drawing of Vine which I used for his story.

The only difference between this piece and every Doll Maker piece sense this one is in this one his skin looks tanner than it should for I used different materials.

And then here is his current reference sheet

Anyway I thought this would be a kinda cool thing to show you guys ^^ I hope some found interest in it ^^