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Keanu singing his very first version of ISABELLE on July 4th 1992 - At that time Isabelle - his goddaughter - was 7 ½ months old (as Keanu says when introducing the song ….) - He looks so happy when he speaks about Isabelle ♥

A july 4th Jay Davis party in burbank CA. 1992. Keanu sings his 1st ever version of “Isabelle” into ‘Going up" (echo and the bunnymen) Gregg Miller in Guitar and vocals, Rob Mailhouse on drums Keanu Reeves on bass 



OMG!!!! Gregg Miller posted another - never before released - version of Keanu singing ISABELLE!

So far I have only seen the 1993 version from the Troubadour.

Thanxxx so much, Gregg ♥

Greg posted four more so far unpublished vids from Dogstar’s 95 Japan tour:

Dogstar!! live Kawasaki Japan 95 “Blue Dog” / Gregg Miller / Keanu Reeves

Dogstar/ Keanu Reeves/ Gregg Miller/ never before seen footage Live Kawasaki Japan 95 “MAMA SAID”

New Dogstar footage live Kawasaki Japan 95/Keanu Reeves/Gregg Miller   “HAZE”


Dogstar Live! Keanu Reeves/Gregg Miller/ Kawasaki Japan 1995/ - ‘In A Goldenfield"


Gregg Miller: Keanu Reeves/“BFS” DOGSTAR rarities @ 6 months! recorded by MTV “Leaving Train” 7.4.92

The rarest of footage.
We still went by “BFS” Dogstar at the time.
It was July 4th 1992. We were so raw, and only had a few gigs.

2 - The girl and her dog

Starring Tiny Tina and Enrique.

Those who played the Torgue Campaign DLC know what’s up.
Those who did not… will not be surprised anyway. I mean come on, it’s Tina and a Skag going on a walk, nothing strange here.

More Post Apocalyptic Wanderers x Borderlands


Gregg Miller:  Original Dogstar-rarities/Keanu Reeves 3 songs! Whiskey a Go Go 93  

One of only 2 performances at the famous Whiskey a go go on the sunset strip in West Hollywood….where Jim Morrison played!
Here’s rare footage of the original Dogstar with all 3 members singing, and collaborating. At the time I lived right up the road, so we walked to the show! it was awesome!


Gregg Miller:  Original DOGSTAR Unreleased Studio Recording “Sign of the Trees”  

Recorded in L.A. Produced by Earl Martin
Original members Gregg Miller, Keanu Reeves and Rob Mailhouse
Music by Keanu Reeves

Gregg Miller:  DOGSTAR Unreleased studio recording/Tried To Say So

Dogstar made several studio recordings with Gregg Miller never before released this one entitled “tried To Say So” was originally called “round C”

Gregg Miller:  DOGSTAR Unreleased Studio Recording- “Morning Comes”

“morning Comes” recorded in the valley 1994
Music and Lyrics by Gregg Miller
Keanu reeves on Bass

Gregg Miller:  DOGSTAR Unreleased Studio Recording- “Visions Gone”

Unreleased Dogstar material written by Gregg Miller / guitar and vocals
Keanu Reeves on Bass Guitar
Rob Mailhouse on Drums

there is a

courtship of pine

across the field’s

nameless blue

a wild mouth breaking

over the wet jasmine

and dogstar clover

your name arrives

I am nowhere

meadow looms lark’s

song over murky water

some salt of our youth

still in us

the world tells me

I am its creature

the world betrays

forest yields its jewel-light

of bedded leaves,

nightfallen to themselves

we are all failing,

I enter where there is no

changing of hours

I go where there is no place,

I am, once again,

a praying thing