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#DumbassMark Roman Reigns vs. Balor Club Finn Balor

Plot Twist: Roman Reigns’ announcement next RAW is his heel turn to go along with his #DumbassMark Twitter rant. Reigns comes out to a rain of boos. Grabs the mic and tries to say something. BOO! Grabs the mic and tries to say something again. BOO! Then he does that where people pat the mic and it annoys people and they shut up. Roman Reigns says “I’m tired of coming out to ungrateful crowds like you”. He goes out of the ring to some guy with a drink who's booing loudly (he’s a plant). Roman asks what his name is and why he’s booing him, the plant says “My name is Mark and you suck”. Roman says “Well Mark, you are a dumbass.” and then pours his drink all over him. Then Roman addresses the crowd “I hate all you Dumbass Marks” and then Finn Balor comes out and says “How dare you insult The Balor Club”, big pop, this is your summer feud and new Roman Reigns.

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