the dogs are safe

reminder that

- if you ever feel ugly, kyouka would softly remind you that you’re the prettiest/attractive person that she’s ever met, both inside out.
- if you ever feel uncomfortable with your gender and sexuality, chuuya would still ask you out on a date and pop open an expensive bottle of wine.
- if you ever feel anxious about shopping or buying things because the cashier is scary, yosano would order for you and scare the cashier just for the hell of it.
- if you ever feel left out or lonely, ranpo would sit down next to you and start judging everyone on what they’re missing out on in their lives (surprise!! it’s you!!) and how much of a good person you are to be with.
- if you got a bad grade, dazai wouldnt see you as stupid and still consider you bright and clever (and the light of his life)
- if someone upsetted you, both the akutagawa siblings would offer their services of beating them up.
- if you feel bad about yourself and self conscious, kunikida would rant on about how you meet most (if not all) of his ideals and admit you’re an adorable person. you’re valid, and there’s always going to be something that’ll lighten your day even just by a few words.

My sister an I decided to put a cotton ball on Neville’s head. Here’s some context so you can enjoy this without thinking something bad is happening:
1. The tape used was masking tape, a weak kind of tape.
2. The cotton ball was only taped to his head for max 45 seconds.
3. Should he have shook the cotton ball off we had a high value treat ready to trade for the cotton ball to prevent him from eating it.
4. The high value treat was given to him immediate after I took the cotton ball off his head.
5. He showed no distress after this short bit of fun, he was in fact ready to play after. His ears were not back, the whites of his eyes weren’t showing. He was licking his lips a lot but I think that was more from annoyance than distress. And I made sure not to let it go on for long.

I love my dog. And I love seeing him do funny things, I hope you do too. If I had thought that this action would in any way distress my dog I would not have done it.

🌸 Lunefrog’s Witchcraft Masterpost 🌸

These posts are from reblogs on my main blog, because for some reason whenever i linked them back to the original blog they either didn’t work or the posts were unavailable. There’s so many. please enjoy


Practicing safe hex :

🌸 Curse reversals
🌟 The Guard Dog warding powder
🌸 Ash writing 
🌟 Restraining Order Bottle
🌸 “Bitch, Be Gone” powder
🌟 Misfired curses & how to avoid them
🌸 Enemies have no power here sigil
🌟 Bury 2016 spell
🌸 Ward types and components 
🌟 Spell to give protection to a loved one
🌸 Quick protection ward
🌟 Jiji’s protection spell
🌸 Deep cleanse shower spell
🌟 Patronus ward
🌸 Sigil cancelling

Getting nasty : 

🌸 Submit to the soil curse
🌟 Curse sigils
🌸 Spell to make someone understand the pain
🌟 A curse on white pride
🌸 Curse the perv

Getting spacey : 

🌸 Astral travel
🌟 Star grounding
🌸 Making each finger into a constellation - spell idea
🌟 Hedgecraft - a guide to astral work
🌸 Galaxy classification sigils
🌟 Garnet future vision
🌸 Dreaming with tarot
🌟 Meditation method
🌸 Constellation sigil code
🌟 Unique astral projection techniques

Spirits, beasts, monsters : 

🌸 Wikipedia monster compilation
🌟 Simple spell to call the spirits
🌸 Calling a familiar spell
🌟 Communication with spirits
🌸 How to contact nymphs
🌟 Spirit drive out
🌸 Spirits and dangers of spiritwork
🌟 General offerings for spirits
🌸 House rules
🌟 Why you shouldn’t use imprecise language
🌸 Thoughts on conjuring spirits
🌟 Spirit do’s and don’ts
🌸 Faeries

Pokemagick : 

🌸 Victini spell for energy and victory
🌟 Geeky idea / type stuff
🌸 Shaymin spell
🌟 Klefki “where’s my stuff?” spell
🌸 Working with pokemon spirits
🌟 Pokemon spirits and objects
🌸 Meowth’s payday spell

Correspondences, seasonal witchery, & misc  : 

🌸 Properties of sands
🌟 Times of day
🌸 Winter witchcraft
🌟 Winter witchy things to do
🌸 Spells and the moon
🌟 One word spells
🌸 The importance of salt
🌟 Salts - magickal properties
🌸 Cleansing crystals
🌟 Music genres

Guides and tips : 

🌸 Witch bottles - explained!
🌟 Cleansing in witchcraft
🌸 Gem sigil code
🌟 Other witches and you
🌸 Spell loopholes
🌟 Low effort witchcraft
🌸 Baby witch tips
🌟 Witchy tips for artists
🌸 Cool site for learning ancient languages
🌟 Some basic terms
🌸 Tips for writing spells
🌟 Methods for spells
🌸 Grimoire organization tips
🌟 Candle magic
🌸 Actions in witchcraft

Green witchery : 

🌸 Flower crown magic 
🌟 Useful plant sigils
🌸 Two more sigils for plants
🌟 A beginner’s guide to growing
🌸 Plant protection magic
🌟 To those considering buying plants

Technowitchery :

🌸 Thoughtforms 
🌟 Piskel!

Kitchen witchery : 

🌸 Soups and broths
🌟 A word to kitchen witches
🌸 Witch tip - draw sigils in oil
🌟 Magic coffee
🌸 Kitchen witch items for beginners
🌟 Food magic tips
🌸 Veggie correspondences 
🌟 Gingerbread poppets
🌸 Fruit correspondences
🌟 Chai tea recipe from a wonderful human
🌸 Sugar, spice, and everything nice cookies
🌟 Hot ponyo recipe
🌸 Clarity hot chocolate

Emoji magick : 

🌸 Emoji curses
🌟 Ways to give emoji spells power

Feeling good and looking better : 

🌸 Soap magic
🌟 Banish dysphoria / encourage self love
🌸 On glamours
🌟 Rose quartz healing tears
🌸 Hair magic
🌟 Self care sigils
🌸 Celestial nail polish magic

Energy work : 

🌸 Energy sensing exercise 

Tarot and divination : 

🌸 Things to consider (when reading tarot)
🌟 Sentence/passage generator
🌸 Spirit companion communication spread
🌟 The yearly spread
🌸 Mermaid’s song spread
🌟 Seashell divination
🌸 Monthly forecast
🌟 Garden divination
🌸 Tarot questions
🌟 Runes
🌸 Tarot in magic use
🌟 Non-gendered suit associations
🌸 D20 divination
🌟 Dragon’s flight spread

Other masterposts : 

🌸 Spirit and energy work masterpost
🌟 Resources for wands and wand making
🌸 Fun ways to divine
🌟 Orriculum’s spell masterpost
🌸 Weather magic page
🌟 Protection masterpost
🌸 Spirit worker’s holy grail
🌟 Updated resource masterpost
🌸 Blood magic resources
🌟 Spellbook masterpost
🌸 Youtube divination masterpost
🌟 Emory’s back to school witchpack
🌸 Useful witch stuff

can I get some good vibes, pls?

I sent in my application (about a week ago) to a job at one of the libraries in Tulsa. it’s full-time, includes benefits, and pays a salary that would let me afford a NICE apartment. not just like, nice-for-our-broken-millenial-dreams


this bitch has a pool, a yoga studio, a fitness room with exercise equipment, a tv lounge / mini library / open kitchen space

every apartment has a 17 x 9 balcony I could put planters in for flowers

all stainless steel appliances AND pets are allowed

I would only be 1 mile (~5 min by car) away from the library, right next to the riverside with jogging paths, and tulsa is a very liberal city in a very red state!

so yeah, this could be life-changing and a huge improvement for me and I’d really appreciate prayer, well-wishes, just any sort of positive thought you could send out for me

An important phrase for any dog-loving traveler:

Japanese: いぬを なでても いいですか。

inu o nadetemo ii desu ka?

[Is it alright if I pet your dog?]

Feel free to add it in other languages so that all dog lovers can ask the all important question for safe doge love.

Mutt was a YMCA cigarette delivery dog during WWI. These dogs delivered cigarettes and even provided psychological comfort, even just for a fleeting moment, to the soldiers out on the field. They were known to boost moral. Mutt was injured twice during WWI. Quite often, mascots such as Mutt were left behind when conflict was over but it is said that Mutt was smuggled on board and returned safely to New York.