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Taemin Han AU (JuminxMC AfterEnd) [[Please DO NOT repost this set]]
[READ THIS AU GUIDE FIRST if you have questions]

01: Taemin taking a photo with MC. Jumin wants in
02: Yoonri pulling another LOLOL all-nighter
03: Jae Keun sleeping && being pranked on
04: Jincheol ‘stealing’ the affection of Taemin’s dog
05: Seojun: “im in me mums carrrr… vrooom vrrroom”
—–Seven: “get out me car”
06: Hyun-Ae catches Taemin picking up after his dog in the park
07: ??? sent you a photo.

Drew some fake CGs for the AU – i tried ((each took 3-4 hours)) ;;v;; yes sorry I had to draw the original RFA members older ;;v;; reality bites O<-< sorry I had to watermark the heck out of it // things have been quite hectic regarding reposts and art theft ;;v;; anyway thank you so much for your interest && support ♥

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[ENG] 170528 Jun′s Weibo Interaction With Fans

Opening Post: 17’ Chinese Line

Opening Comment: Your Little Huihui, Jun is here

Fan: Please speak since you’re here🤷🤷🤷
Jun: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Fan: Please explain why you’re so handsome! If you don’t reply me, you will become fat!
Jun: As long as you’re happy…

Fan: I still really want to ask, did you all bring this back to play hahahahaha. (image below)
Jun: (doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)

Fan: It’s 11.07AM, you like Little Haohao a lot don’t you?
Jun: Why are you telling truths for no good reason (doge)

Fan: Wen Junhui, if you’re still not appearing, I’m going to start posting pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun: (doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge)(doge) 

T/N: a (doge) emoji on Weibo looks like this

cr: jia @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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So I am in the process of building my portfolio, rebuilding my website and designing new products for my shop! What do you guys think of these space doggies? 

I was going to turn them into a notebook design and I was wondering what kind of paper you guys like to write on most in your notebooks: lined, blank or square? 

The actual background is going to be much more exciting, I just couldn’t upload the final design to here for some reason.

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RFA+V&Saeran with puppies!!

:D. I love puppies too but can someone make a cats request later on? oh wait I think I made one already lol ~~ mod stranger

Zen: kisses and gives puppy love while looking adorable and hot at the same time (if you see this norman reedus please marry me)

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Jaehee: since she’s busy she’ll want to keep her puppy in check at all times (it still gets a lot of love though)

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Yoosung: he loves playing with a bunch of them at the same time (patron saint of puppies right here)

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Seven: he’ll probably play with a doge because memes

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V: he’ll be super gentle and show a lot of love for the puppy (I want to be that puppy ;-;).

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Jumin: *discards puppies and picks up two kittens*

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Saeran: he’s going to do some kind of weird dumb shit with the puppy

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