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Sweet Lies

summary: He dodged the subject of his career as much as possible but he still had to lie. Until he finally decided to tell you about it all.

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pairing: Chanyeol x fem reader 

genre: angst, fluff, smut, mob! au 

word count: 3,064

warnings: mob boss! Chanyeol, mentions of blood and violence, fingering 


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anonymous asked:

I've got a non- romantic headcannon request for the UF, SF and US skelebros if you like. What do you think their internet search history would be like?

(Ahhh I lvoe the non-romantic asks, because I imagine them all as big doofuses and it’s nice to share some of those doofy headcanons :3c)

UF Sans: Mostly really weird. But not because he looks up a lot of weird stuff. Nope, he just uses the voice to text tool to google things, because it is to much effort to type in a couple of words apparently. And it works terifically terrible. 

So if you look trough his history, you can find beautifull artefacts, such as “gross earie store in tow ent”, “Gross earie store in town”, “buy gross earies in town”, “say gross earies”, “fuck roo you pie s off shed”, “Why dead you get the second but note the first you”.

UF Papyrus: Mostly looks up new reciepes when he is on his phone while taking a break. Yes he does take breaks, but he want’s to use them productively. So he searches or new things to cook for lunch. 

He also has a secret, or not so secret interest in history, so he sometimes looks up randome things from whatever time period he has been reading or thinking about.

SF Sans: He loves different tutorials, from makeup tutorials, over metal casting ones, woodworking ones, doll repainting, sewing, crotcheting, even cosplay tutorials. His history is full of them, since he often listens to them while doing other things.

He is also a big fan of creepy pastas, so he visits r/nosleep quiet often.

SF Papyrus: He has a ritual he does every day he wakes up feeling worser then usual. There is a thing he found online, a list of all the people who would miss him if he didn’t exist or if he jsut stopped existing. All the things he wouldn’t be able to do, all the things his friends and family would have to go trough. He reads it everytime it’s one of those mornings, never adding it to his favorites so nobody would know about it, but he has a way to find it again fast enough. He delets that part of his history usually right afterwards, but he sometimes forgetts. 

That’s why Sans knows, once accidentaly finding it on Papyrus phone, borrowing when his wasn’t working while trying to find one of the sites he accidentally closed. That’s why his brother knows when it’s one of those mornings, he looks out for the to tired eyes, or the to forced smile. That’s the days where they spend time together and Sans shows him that he doesn’t need a list to get trough the day, there are other things to.

He also loves lookin up old and new action figures, auctions on ebay, collector blogs, just everything that has do do with it.

US Sans: He seems like an innocent, cute guy. He of course isn’t as innocent, he can stand up for himself and others well enough, he doesn’t take beeing pushed around and he knows more then he shows. But of course his cheery personality isn’t an act. He is a cheery guy, who loves cute and cheery things.

His search history is mostly cute animal videos and pictures. He also loves reading heartwarming stories, mostly about animals, like the ones about therapie dogs, the stories just make him happy. Also some searches for cute clothes inspirations, he really has a thing for very frilly, puffy dresses and skirts and most of the pastel lolita fashion, even though the clothes are either to expensive or to hard to sew for him to own a lot, he still enjoys looking at all of them.

US Papyrus: Ugh. the memes. All those memes. He is to lazy to add anything to his favorites, so he has to search it again. So his search history is mostly meme generators and memes, some vines nad other things he can send to differnet people.

He also love the try not to laugh things, so a lot of those videos in the history too.

{Part One} A Jealous Jinyoung

Anon requested:
can I have a jr scenario where you hang out with the guys more than him (you’re dating) and you get closer to mark he tries to keep his cool but he ends up getting jealous and tells them to stop stealing you? thank you :)

Jinyoung let out a sigh of relief as the dorm door clicked closed behind him. Hearing the familiar sound signalled that he was finally home again, finally at rest. He checked his cell phone as he walked through the hallway towards the living room of the dorm – still no reply from you. It was well past midnight, so you must already be asleep. He unconsciously pouted – missing you. He had been filming his drama all day and hadn’t had a chance to really talk to you. He was extremely tired, but most importantly, he missed you.

“You’re home?” Mark’s voice almost surprised him as Jinyoung walked into the lit living room. Everybody else was already in their own rooms, but Mark was sitting on the couch, playing some game with Coco. The little dog gave a happy yelp at the sight of Jinyoung

Jinyoung gave a tired nod as he took a seat on the couch next to Mark and started petting the little puppy. “Filming finished a little later than expected. Ugh, I’m so exhausted.”

Mark nodded understandingly, and handed Coco to Jinyoung, hoping the cute ball of fur could help him relieve some stress.

Jinyoung gratefully took her onto his lap, the dog frantically waving its tail in glee. “So what’d you do today? Day off and all. So jealous.”

“I saw _____ today.” Mark said casually, not noticing the alertness that exuded from Jinyoung at the mention of your name. “She needed some help shopping for a gift for her friend’s birthday, so I tagged along.”

Jinyoung’s heart sank. Even though he was grateful towards Mark for wanting to help, he couldn’t help feeling the tang of jealousy

That should’ve been me. I should’ve been there to help her.

“Thanks for accompanying her. Did she pick out something?” He felt so weird having to ask about you and hear about you from someone else. He swallowed hard. The feeling hurt him.

“Yeah! It went well. Don’t worry about it, man.” Mark smiled proud – a little too proudly in Jinyoung’s perspective.

“Well, I’m quite tired from today. I’m going to head to bed. You get sleep soon too!” Jinyoung forced a smile as he handed Coco gently back to Mark.

“Night.” Mark didn’t notice a thing as his undivided attention returned to happy little Coco jumping up and down.

As Jinyoung laid in his bed, he couldn’t help but check his phone one last time.

Still no message.

In his drowsy state he barely remembered that he had typed another message and sent it to you.

“I miss you. So much.”

{Part Two} || {Part Three}

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#Supernatural TippiTV Recap: 10-14 "The Executioner's Song"

Previously on Supernatural

Crowley found out his mother was still alive and that she’s a witch who speaks verrrry slowwwwly. Together, they had a lot of scenes that were surprisingly boring. Dean suffered the effects of the Mark of Cain and nobody even mentioned the Cain part of it for an agonizingly long time.

Currently on Supernatural

An inmate lies in his prison cell while a guard makes his rounds. For some reason, the camera pays close attention to a single tear falling from his eye.

The inmate calls out some threats about the guard’s wife, gloating about murdering someone of the same name once. He stuffs some tissue up his nose that I think is going to come into play somehow later, but it doesn’t. Maybe the guy just has leaks in all his face holes.

Not long after the guard secures the block, a shadowy figure walks down the length of the hall. Lights go out as he passes them. He vanishes, then pops up in the inmate’s cell. “Who the hell are you?” the inmate gasps. “I’ve gone by many names in this life,” Cain says.

I like how Cain obviously could have just teleported directly into the dude’s cell, but he’s all, “Nah, I’m gonna make a big entrance.” Anyway, he stabs the inmate right in the gut. Together they disappear into thin air, leaving behind only a whiff of sulfur and high-end shampoo.

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