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19 Random Facts about Yourself that may Surprise People…

1. Do you make your bed every day? Um, no.
2. What’s your favorite number? 21
3. What is your dream job? Coaching
4. If you could, would you go back to high school? Just my Senior year.
5. Can you parallel park? Nope
6. A job you had which people would be shocked to know you had? Burger flipper for Whataburger!
7. Do you think aliens are real? Anything is possible.
8. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes!
9. Guilty tv pleasure? Jerry Springer!
10. Tattoos? Yes
11. Cat or dog? Cat. Cats
12. Things people do that drive you crazy. Terrible drivers.
13. Do you have any birthmarks? I don’t think so.
14. Favorite childhood game? Payday
15. Do you talk to yourself? Let me ask myself.
16. Do you like doing puzzles? Yes
17. Music: Rock n Roll
18. Tea or Coffee? Sweet Tea
19. First thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up? Detective

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Underrated Films

(you should totally see)

  1. Never Let Me Go (2010) (Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley)
  2. The Perfect Score (2004) (Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Greenberg, Erika Christensen)
  3. Just Friends (2005) (Ryan Reynolds, Anna Ferris) (Hysterical)
  4. Grind (2003) (Adam Brody, Jennifer Morrison, Mike Vogel)
  5. Sweet Home Alabama (2002) (Funny as hell and super sweet)
  6. Drive Me Crazy (1999)
  7. She’s the Man (2006)
  8. Chasing Liberty (2004) (Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode, and Europe)
  9. The Skulls (2000) (Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker)
  10. About Time (2013) (Rachel McAdam, Domhall Gleeson)
  11. Orange County (2002) (Jack Black and Colin Hanks)
  12. Alpha Dog (2006) (True Story, chilling, brutal)
  13. Wicker Park (2004) (great thriller)
  14. Stay Alive (2006) (Sophia Bush and a scary ass but good mystery horror)
  15. LOL (2012) (I know it’s Miley but the story is good)
  16. Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (2015)
  17. What A Girl Wants (2003) (Some of Amanda Bynes best and sweetest)
  18. How To Deal (2003) (Mandy Moore, deep, and real)
  19. In Your Eyes (2014) (romance, thriller, telepathy)
  20. Project X (2012) (one of the most epic movie parties ever)
In defense of sniff walks (and the dogs that need them)

It’s very easy for us, as dog owners, to get into a routine that ignores some of the basic drives of our dogs. Sometimes the desires of our dogs are annoying and inconvenient. Sometimes dangerous. Sometimes they are weird and slow us down. But sometimes they are a necessary form of enrichment.

When we work, our dogs are often shut in the house or kennel to rest. When we sleep, we expect them to sleep. When we take them for walks, we expect them to get moving at all times. When they stop to smell the grass (or graze), a weird rock, or a squirrel trail, we often get frustrated and call them to us. After all, most of us are on a schedule. I find myself forgetting that while I experience stimulation constantly, all day every day, dogs do not get the same opportunity. I propose that when possible, and when a dog expresses interest, we allow them those moments to sniff. To track. To excite themselves and eat the grass. After all, their life experiences are shaped by what we allow, and often what we have time for. Make time to let your dog be a dog! Most of us could use the moment to take in our surroundings and observe the world, too.

Unpopular opinion:

  • Neil actually has a really good taste in music
  • This shocks all the foxes later
  • he spent A LOT of time in the car and his mom and him weren’t that… talkative (unless they where planning or going over back stories) so instead of spending that time in silence they would play music
  • He memorized the top ten charts for eight years in a row because he needed something anything to do that had nothing to do with running or he would go crazy
  • Neil and Mary also spent a lot of time in small dive bars (fight me on this) cause they often didn’t have cameras and was full of drunks who kept their heads down, dont ask questions, and pay no mind to a random lady and a tough lookin kid sitting by themselves at a table in the corner
  • What these bars lacked in size they made up for with live entertainment
  • Mainly Local bands that would play covers of practically anything
  • This is where Neil learns a lot of classics and other popular songs
  • Neil kept a lot of secrets (duh) but most of them where shared with Mary… some he kept himself
  • Like that these where his favorite night’s while on the run, he always got excited when Mary stopped the car in front of a crappy looking bar and he would see someone dragging in a drum and some speakers in through the back
  • He (also securely) really wants to sing with one of the small little bands at least ones but he knew it was unrealistic
  • One band preformed Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the machine and the song stuck with Neil for years. he knows every word
  • Years down the road all the foxes make playlist for long bus rides or work outs and they are all surprised when Neil actually has one to share
  • And it’s really Good!
  • It’s got a bit of everything and they transition really well (never goes from a fast song to a slow song, or a soft song to a loud song, nothing jaring)
  • everyone is for once happy with the playlist they all have to listen too
  • Now Neil is the one shocked as the Foxes unanimously elect him to be in charge of music from now on
Note to her: Things will work out, don’t worry. Whatever happens, happens. Don’t try reopen a door, that has already been closed. Don’t be silly, you aren’t lonely. You have the most uplifting parents in the world. The best of the best of friends. The life you live, people only dream to have. Don’t sweat it, you’ll graduate, find the perfect guy. You’ll fall in love with that cute dog at the store. You’ll drive that dream car of yours. So Just hold on. Take a deep breathe and wait. Don’t rush into anything to fast, you wanna make sure you make the right decisions. You only live once right? So make this count.
—  @poems-4her