the dog from that movie

I’m really hesitant about that Dog’s Purpose video because not only was it PETA that released the video, but TMZ is one of the most unreliable news sources available. I’d wait a few more days until more information is released before jumping to conclusions. 

childhood viktuuri prompts

-yuuri becoming an amazing braider because viktor always liked to style his long hair and yuuri loved to play with his hair so it all worked out

-them going to the movies with yuuri liking movies with an extra deep plot with amazing fight scenes and strategizing and viktor just crying over sad romance movies and sad dog movies

-them shamelessly sharing everything from clothes to food to beds

-when 5 year old yuuri starts off skating 9 year old viktor would hold his hands and skate around the rink for him and do tricks for him

-them actually never having large fights?? but viktor would sometimes accidentally hurt yuuri emotionally but they would always solve the issue

-17 year old viktor getting the idea from cheesy romance films where friends sleep in the same bed and somehow end up cuddling to sleep in the same bed as yuuri and and slowly waiting for him to fall asleep and then pulling him to his chest and just not letting go until he wakes up

-viktor would steal yuuri’s glasses and try them on and yuuri would always get flustered because he looks absolutely stunning with the blue glasses and his gorgeous silvery hair

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mad clown (ft suran), love is a dog from hell 사랑은 지옥에서 온 개
“Like a scene in a movie
Your words are like broken subtitles
You have your gun out, pointed, like a villain
Love is cold and we’re like a night desert
Please don’t do this, I say as I cry
I’m pathetically begging
But in the end, you go bang, bang bang
You shoot at the back of my head
Then you give me a band-aid as if you want me to piss off ”

the signs as old school movie characters
  • aries: Bender from 'The Breakfast Club'
  • taurus: Chris from 'Stand By Me'
  • gemini: Marty from 'Back to the Future'
  • cancer: Duckie from 'Pretty in Pink'
  • leo: Stacy from 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'
  • virgo: Cameron from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
  • libra: Cher from 'Clueless'
  • scorpio: Mia from 'Pulp Fiction'
  • sagittarius: Penny from 'Almost Famous'
  • capricorn: Sarah from 'Terminator'
  • aquarius: Kat from '10 Things I Hate About You'
  • pisces: Mr. White from 'Reservoir Dogs'

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hehe, I’m not going to say no to that, anon ;)


Molly: *leans forward* Do it.
Sherlock: *reading the paper* No.
Molly: *playfully prods his foot with hers* Just once.
Sherlock: *turns the page* Nope.
Molly: Please?
Sherlock: *looks up* Molly-
Molly: *pouts* For me?
Sherlock: *sighs; folds his paper, clears his throat* Well, thief, where are you? Come now, don’t be shy-
Molly: *grinning* No, the other one.
Sherlock: *frowns* What other one?
Molly: *twirls her hair on her finger* The one I like.
Sherlock: …
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow* Ohhh, the one you…like?
Molly: *nods*
Sherlock: *smirks* Shall I destroy-
Molly: Properly.
Sherlock: *mutters* Why did I marry you?
Molly: *teasing* ‘cause you love me.
Sherlock: *looks at her; slicks his hair back and deepens his voice* Shall I destroy you, Mrs. Holmes? Or will you give me what I want?
Molly: *giggles; holds her hand up*
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow*
Molly: *waves her hand* Come on, you were very good.
Sherlock: *pats her hand and clasps their fingers; pulls her to him* Now… *lifts her into his arms* …shall we begin?
Molly: *giggles* Yes, please.


this got a bit out of hand…

New friends!

Hi! My name is Natalie and I’m currently looking for new people to talk to on a daily basis.
I am 18, currently living in the US.
My interests vary from playing with my dog, listening to my favorite artists, watching movies/ tv shows etc.
Music: Drake, Lil Uzi, Architects, basically rap and metalcore haha very odd combo.
I love Stranger Things and The Perks of being a Wallflower. I love marvel Netflix tv shows like Jessica Jones and Daredevil.
I’m very shy and conserved at first but I’d love to get to know new people and hopefully build friendships.
My perfect pal would be someone around my age but if not it’s okay! Same interests as me but if we can hold a convo then yay!
Any gender is fine.
I don’t tolerate any racist or homophobic people just FYI.
I’m a very clingy person so please don’t be alarmed by that Haha.
My tumblr is liquorlost, you can message me there or on my twitter @ keyofevergreen
Hope to hear from someone soon! :)

thoughts on Prom
  • is a Cheez-Its kind of person
  • tongue piercing
  • has once quoted a meme and then proceeded to convince Noctis that it was actually from a religious text
  • if a dog dies in a movie, he becomes a sobbing wreck
  • has the “best” half of a best friends necklace with Noctis
  • fought Noctis for aforementioned half of said necklace
    • (it was best 2 games out of 3 in the card game War, which Prompto won)
      • [after loosing the third game, Noctis threw a tantrum for an hour, but eventually came around]
  • teases Noctis for wearing his half of the necklace everyday after all these years
    • (he still wears his, too)
  • eats spray cheese straight from the nozzle of the can (partially because he likes it, partially because he wants to gross out Noctis)
  • thinks people don’t like him, but they do; they tend to gravitate towards him and his loud ass laugh
  • goes to hardware stores to shop for things to wear as jewelry (ex: has a bracelet made from nuts and washers)
  • teases Gladio for using Internet Explorer and not a piece of software that actually works
  • has weird superstitions
    • (ex: if you pass a corn dog vendor, you must buy a corn dog, or else you’ll have bad luck for three days)
  • can be a convincing son of a gun at times, especially towards Noctis
    • (most prominent case: the Incident™, which involved a cactus, a can of Iggy’s hairspray, a used physics textbook, and a lighter )
  • likes math just enough to think that being an accountant isn’t that bad
  • has ungodly skills in Photoshop
    • (he is the sole reason the Citadel’s PR rep got replaced. twice.)

(Noctis || Prompto)


-telling him he’s awesome to make him feel good
-having drinking contests
-arguing over his ego
-playing air guitar together
-attacking Rodereich together
-working out together
-Taking care of Gilbird
-travelling with both BEILDISMIDT brothers
-waking up early
-your room being a mess
-owning a pack of dogs
-acknowledging that he was an amazing country to make him feel important
-play fighting
-his bragging about how hot you are
-living with the bad touch trio to save money
-being confident when he’s with you
-taking selfies together
-late night runs together
-sleeping with the dogs
-telling him to pick up him underwear off the floor
-having white hair on your clothes either from him or the dogs
-watching action movies together

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Name: Kaila
Nicknames: So many… K, K-bear, K-dog, Inspector Gadget, Skylee 
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 
Height: 5′4
Orientation: Um…
Ethnicity: White
Favorite Fruit: Blackberry
Favorite Season: Spring?
Favorite Book: I really liked Runt and The Graveyard Book in middle school. The Dustlands series had a good ending. 
Favorite Flower: Cockscomb 
Favorite Scent: Campfire
Favorite Color: Red, purple, silver
Favorite Animal: Bats (especially giant golden crowned flying foxes) and Tasmanian devils 
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate
Average Sleep Hours: 7
Cat or dog person? Animal person. (Dog, if I had to choose)
Favorite Fictional Character: From a book? Movie? Video game? There’s so many characters in the world. I guess any character from Tales From the Borderlands, Captain America, Wash from Firefly, Topher from Dollhouse…
Dream Trip: I’d like to go to New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania 
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