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I’m trying to image the tiny cross on his cheek, so near to my subject, with my 210XL Super-Symmar 5.6 Aspheric lens, I can barely set my aperture, to f/64…….

Dantes Inferno
Marble bench, terrace
The Detroit Public Library, 8/18/17
#8x10 gelatin silver contact print

 Inferno, Hell, is the first part of Dante Alighieri’s 14th-Century epic poem, Divine Comedy. Started in 1308, he completed it 12 years later in 1320, one year before his death.


My 93-year-old grandmother had a successful knee surgery on Monday. Two pins and some keen wiring closed a two-inch gap on her broken right kneecap. 

I had a chance to spend time with her today at Methodist Hospital. Lying in bed with a new bionic leg brace, she clutched a stuffed toy dog, named “Propwash,” that my grandfather had given her during his military service in World War II with the U.S. Army Air Corps in Europe, where he helped build communication systems to land British bombers.

According to my mother, anytime the children were sick, my grandmother would give them Prowash to have in their beds. The grandchildren received similar comfort when we stayed at our grandparent’s home.

The first image in this pair of photos was made this afternoon, Jan. 31. The second image was made the night before her surgery, Jan. 29, as she rested in my grandfather’s lift chair. My uncle, who’s been at her bedside for much of the past week, appears in the background of the first image.

Many thanks to all my tumblr friends who’ve expressed their concern, love and support after I shared images from my grandmother’s initial ER visit last weekend. It’s meant the world to me and to my family. 


sprace hcs

me ?? putting off doing homework with hcs ?? more likely than you think.

enjoy!! send in requests if you want

-spot doesnt drink he doesn’t trust himself with alcohol

-but race sure does

-race is also a lightweight

-when he gets drunk he’s really flirty and giggly and clingy

-spot thinks it’s adorable and funny

- ‘spotty you have a lil freckle above your lip gasp’

- 'i know race’

- gasp

- spot sleeps in a tank top and sweat pants like a normal person

-but race gets these giant ass shirts and they’re his favorite thing

- i don’t mean kinda large shirts i mean they’re huge

-they go down past his knees

-spot doesn’t know where he gets them but he has SO MANY OF THEM

-they just keep appearing

-theres even one from some tourist place in france

-neither of them have ever been to france

-race likes to paint and he’s actually pretty good at it

-he doesn’t do incredibly detailed ones like jack,  he does abstract paintings

-race loves disney movies

-spot oddly loves documentrys

-specificaly ones about the ocean

-he loves fish

-one lazy weekend while race was out of town he went to the pet store and got this big ass fishtank 

-its huge

-so many fish 

-when race got home he was really confused

-”hey babe I’m hom- what the fuck is that”


-”how much did that cost you”


-one time while on a walk a guy muttered something homophobic and spot fucking pushed him over

-it wasn’t like beating up

-it was more pushing over a lamp

-he did it so effortlessly and the guy just fell strait over

-the guy was really tall too

-race was laughing his ass off

-spot reads a lot

-its annoying for race for when he wants attention

-”hey spot”


-”hey spot


-”hey spot”


-race kisses him and runs away

-spot chases him and tackles him

-soon followed by a make out session

-speaking of 

-theyre so physically affectionate

-its disgustingly adorable

-when they cuddle race is the big spoon

-he likes to kiss the back of spots neck

-race sleep talks and it never makes any sense 


-”racer its three am what the fuck”


-”jesus christ”

i think thats good

Collecting Citadel Scenery

Forge Teleporter? (( I remember watching a documentry about japanese sword making and there was a MASSIVe forge that reminded me of this thing)) I’m thinking either this is just a really neato looking teleporter or a combination of the forge which can be also used to send said sword back through time. Have to wait and see.

Scanning Area?

As Tsurumaru explains..

Now this is especially interesting to me because there is a distinction between treating injuries and being scanned for “glitches”. 

Plot point? We’ll see.

The Shrine. Now there are two thing this can be in my oppinion. 

1. Just a special Shrine used for the restoration of injured touken danshi-

Or- it might be the armoury.

It looks very similar- at the back art of this thing in the game.

Mind you I say similar- not exact. The items are all different but the structure is very close. There is also no rule to say it cannot be both, used for different things depending on needs and thus items inside are changed accordingly.

Next we haaave-

The hallways and corridors, we’re getting a bigger scope of the scale and size of this citadel. 

If you had to contrast citadels from hanamaru’s series to this one-

THIS citadel looks WAY more complicated and larger!

There’s a massive cafeteria like room. In hanamaru the eating room was much smaller, containing only one long table which is interesting considering the population of toudans is very similar as we can see a great number live here in the citadel of Katsugeki. I wonder what their kitchen looks like. 

Fox attendants. So… in hanamaru we’d sometimes see the little armory sprites, I’ve spotted them in some of the credits, and somtimes in the room used for treatment of injuries. Here we don’t see those sprites but instead these kitsune ( which are also supposedly androids- a melding of technology and magic. Oh- so magitech. gotcha!)

These foxes seem to be in charge of doing everything from running certain programs like scanning toudans, to accompanying teams on missions, to recording and observing events as they unfold and compiling information. Also judging from the last episode that little fox-howl they do might be either be a signal of warning OR even a trigger for emergancy recaling of troops.

Now onto rooms!

It seems toudan at least have the option of having their own chambers.

roughly the same size when needed.

((some acceptions may apply- though I think this may be a recovery room))

In hanamaru there was a large dojo used for training, but it seems in Katusgeki either people can find remote locations to train against equipment or various locations can exist. . (those storage buildings in the back?)

I didn’t get a shot from the other angle but the room that Mutsunokami is standing in the doorway of- isn’t very wide.  The scale seems smaller than the one I saw in hanamaru.

Most examples were shown of the dojo’s interior in hanamaru- with all associated equipment seemingly inside.

((hanamaru dojo interior))

Another change from hamaru’s lay out is Saniwa’s Room!

In hanamaru the saniwas chambers were in a room on the second floor, but this one is much more accurate to the game which was on the bottom floor.

Saniwas room seems to be the most complicated for obvious reasons, being their living quarters and office. It’s also containing most articles of modern and retro technology!

And finally the pretty viewing room.

For lack of a better description. I have a hard time believeing the older tachis get such a big room to themselves, though it seems very well furnished. then again I could be wrong- that screen tent to the right is one often used to shield a bed from various things, from bugs- to just providing privacy.

Anyways that wraps it up for me for now.

hope you enjoyed this as much as I did compiling information.


The Godfather of Disco (2007)

Documentary about Mel Cheren, West End Records and the Paradise Garage.

This is a well edited, well researched and finally, proper made documentary about the underground disco scene in New York City. If you have seen Maestro from 2003, this takes a more insight look in West End Records that Paradise Garage was closely associated to. The focus is on the label and Mel Cheren who ran it (and funded the Paradise Garage project)

The big difference between this documentary and Maestro is that Maestro focuses too much of the myth around the Garage, while this focuses more about the music, which the Garage was all about.

So West End is a natural choice to start with. And a better standpoint to start with. Thus you can draw strings to everything that was connected with the label.

While Maestro’s biggest selling point was the live footage from the Garage, you will see even more footage and photos from inside and outside the dance floor. You will be told about what happened on the social area around the club & the tragic HIV epidemic that struck the scene with a horrible outcome.

Music that is featured here are mostly West End material, but with so many classics that they put out it is still a great selection. And Mel Cheren who died the same year this was made, gives a heartbreaking yet thrilling story about what he saw around the time. (though a more deeper insight is told in his auto-biography which this documentary is based on)

So my verdict of this is: superb. Well done. Gene Graham has done a well job on a hard task of the REAL disco scene of New York.




In a revealing new documentary investigating the reality of what being a professional DJ is really like, from the hype and parties to relentless touring and the toll that can take on both physical and mental health.  

Following the success of last year’s ‘The Underground Sound of Paris’, ‘Why We DJ – Slaves To The Rhythm’ delves deep into the psyche of the DJ, exploring the motivations that drive people to pursue a career behind the decks in the first place and the effects it can have.

In refreshingly candid interviews from artist managers, tour managers, Psychologists, music industry professionals and DJs including Carl Cox, Luciano, Seth Troxler, Erick Morillo, B.Traits, Ben Pearce and Pete Tong MBE we hear stories of the lofty highs and plunging lows DJs can experience on a daily basis.

‘Why We DJ – Slaves To The Rhythm’ provides an honest look at the lives of professional DJs from the point of view of the people subjected to a heavy schedule of travel, sleep deprivation and creative pressure, whilst constantly under the social media spotlight.

For the first time, the film examines how DJs can suffer from conditions such as imposter syndrome, opening up the discussion about the sometimes-dark places artists can easily find themselves in when they’re off stage.

A month ago we heard Enzo got kicked of the tourbus by Roman Reigns who is the locker room leader on Raw,Enzo also got himself kicked out of the locker room and was not allowed to get dressed with the rest of the guys.Enzo has gone from being well liked,to not liked at all.Even before Roman kicked him of the bus,Enzo had a bad reputation for spending his time partying it up in LA in strip clubs,insted of trying to better his wrestling skills.

Now the truth is out,and i think Roman was justified in kicking Enzo out of the bus as well as the locker room.

So they are on the tourbus on the way back from Asia….People are tired and want some rest,Enzo is on the phone talking verry loudly to someone.He is bragging about how much money he is makeing in the WWE,how the WWE needs him more then he needs them.He was also heard makeing fun of the people who buy his merch, just acting like a real douchebag and pissing of the other wrestlers with his whole attitude.Roman kicked him of the bus,cause the boys had enough of his bad behavior.

As for the locker room…Enzo has been bringing a lot of questionable people into the locker room,there is an unwritten rule among the guys that you don’t film or take pictures in the loocker room.Enzoes “guests” keep takeing pictures and videos of the wrestlers with out their permission,Enzo doesn’t respect the rules and that’s why he got kicked out.

It’s being said that Enzos behavior off screan, is the main reason why they had him and Cass split up as a tag team.There is also talk about Enzo being sendt back down to NXT orr 205 live,i can’t see Enzo in 205 live.Be honest…what is he going to do there?He can’t keep up with Neville and the rest of the guys in the ring.Going back down to NXT? man what a demotion that is.Going from being on the main roster in one of the most over and loved tag teams on Raw,to getting sendt back down again.

What i find sad about this whole thing,is when i think back to the documentry i watched on the Network with Enzo and Cass makeing their main roster debut last year.Enzo said in the interview he was told in NXT,the only reason he had not been cut was due to his mic skills.Cass was told in NXT the only reason he had not been cut,was due to him being 7 feet tall.Cass cried after he said that,i felt so sad for him.Think being told the only reason you would ever make it,was cause of your height and had nothing to do with how hard you work to better yourself in the ring…kind of heartbreaking.

So here they are,on the main roster.A golden opportunity to prove all the doubters wrong,and what does Enzo do?He has been on the main roster a little over a year,and in the end his ego is going to be his downfall and ruined his chances of getting great opportunities for himself.
I hope/think Cass is smarter then Enzo here,and makes the most of the opportunities he is given.I have faith in Cass 😊

We were a family, we were divorced. Married and then divorced. I dont know who divorced who, anyway
—  Richard Wright (from the BBC documentry ‘which one’s pink?’, 2005)