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8 Facts about your muse

1. Jenny doesn’t dream. After being resurrected she lost her ability to, and her nights are devoid of anything apart from an abyss of nothingness.

2. Castillian has seen Titanic at least thirty times and it still to this day remains his favourite film (he has it memorized so much that he can quote any line/pick up on any reference to it). Also a sucker for Pride and Predjudice.

3. Theo is allergic to shellfish (will get awful hives and her tongue will swell up making it hard for her to talk or breathe). Although she doesn’t use it often, she carries an epipen with her just in case.

4. Minjae used to collect rocks when he was younger (yes he was that kid), usually going after the ones that were uniquely coloured/shaped. He would have buckets upon buckets in his room, and if you were someone very close to him or special don’t be surprised if you’d find a pretty rock in your bag/coat pocket the next time you were with him.

5. Sehun’s signature feather earring was made by a boy a few years younger than him he’d befriended at the reconditioning school; a boy named Ahn BoSung. Coincidentally, the scar on his left ear was result of the principal warden ripping it out.

6. Nala is obsessed with the Animal Planet channel upon coming to Earth, and during their temporary stay she always made sure to be back by 4:00pm for Meerkat Manor.

7. Arthur is nearsighted, meaning he cannot see things clearly from far away, yet he refuses to wear glasses since they leave little red marks on his nose. He often argues that it’s a nuisance since he’d just have to take them off again to read.

8. The titan has no memory of her life before, but every year on the seventh of may Bane has a dream where she’s lying on the floor of a little ship, looking up to see star whales floating by above her.

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