the doctors plus one

  • Feliciano: Lovino!
  • Feliciano: I sat next to the nicest man at Starbucks today! Yale. Spanish. Aspiring Doctor. Very Attractive. I showed him your facebook picture, your number, & hopefully you two will have a date planned out for next week!
  • Lovino: can't just give out my number to strang-
  • Feliciano: YALE FRATELLO. YALE.
S4 Theories (So Far)

Feel free to add others that you’re leaning towards.

  • John was texting Sherlock in the night scene. The woman on the bus is just a distraction meant to derail us. If John really was texting with Sherlock it may explain his anger and resentment towards Sherlock. He’s confused about what he’s been feeling whilst texting Sherlock and this feeling translates to immense guilt when he sees Mary die before he can confess what’s going on.
  • John is in on Mary’s fake death plan. That scene was so fake. There was too much blood, the death seemed to quick, especially seeing as Mary was shot in the same place as Sherlock was and it took him a while to flatline. Plus, John is an army doctor and a bloody good one at that, and yet he didn’t frantically panic and scramble over Mary’s wound like he did when he found out Sherlock had been shot.
  • I keep on thinking back to the line “It takes John Watson to save your life” and Sherlock’s statement of “You’ve saved my life so many times and so many ways” What if this is somehow foreshadowing the fact that John has to do something that he thinks will save Sherlock’s life? The wanting Sherlock out of his life? Fake. It’s just to keep Sherlock off the scent that John is up to something. I mean, where the hell is he at the end? He certainly isn’t looking after Rosamund.  What if John thinks that he is saving Sherlock’s life but this drives Sherlock to the brink of insanity and destruction in TLD? Could that be why John is so upset in that 221B scene, because he sees how far Sherlock has fallen and realises he’s massively miscalculated.
  • Sherlock has been drugged/poisoned/is hallucinating/ is in a coma because in reality he is already facing Culverton alone.

  • TST is a dreamscape, his memories replaying what happened inside his mind. Didn’t Mycroft’s office look a bit as though it belonged in a mind!palace scene? Moriarty’s voice from TAB comes to mind…  “Is this silly enough for you yet? Gothic enough? Mad enough, even for you? It doesn’t make sense, Sherlock, because it’s not real. None of it.”

I have no memory of who that character was but I’m both happy and sad he didn’t play him. Happy in case it would’ve prevented him from being the Master, sad because imagine all the theories there’d be now about how that character was actually the Master in disguise. There’d be at least one obscure EU story where it’s canon.


Tenth Doctor + family

Headcanon that the reason regeneration is so explosive post Time War is that the Time Lords genetically engineered it to be during the war.

‘Most powerful warrior race’ because they literally turned their bodies into weapons.


Earlier tonight I posted a picture of my Adric costume on my facebook page, which prompted my mother to send me a bunch of pictures of Adric I didn’t know she had!

I made this costume exclusively to wear to the Night at the Museum event my local museum was hosting, where guests could come to meet, take pictures with, and get autographs from different characters both from history as well as science fiction. It was a ton of fun getting to hang out with some of my Doctor Who friends, plus the TARDIS was parked right beside one of the large dinosaur skeletons which, I FEEL, totally helped me get into character, haha.

Special appearance by redscarfmina as River Song <3