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If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight, some of them might live; maybe not many, maybe not for long. Hey, you know, maybe there’s no point to any of this at all, but it’s the best I can do. So I’m gonna do it, and I will stand here, doing it, until it kills me.

Clara Oswald Meme [9/?] 

I know who Clara Oswald is. I know how she came to be in my life, and I know what she will always mean. I found out the day we went to Trenzalore.

  • Feliciano: Lovino!
  • Feliciano: I sat next to the nicest man at Starbucks today! Yale. Spanish. Aspiring Doctor. Very Attractive. I showed him your facebook picture, your number, & hopefully you two will have a date planned out for next week!
  • Lovino: can't just give out my number to strang-
  • Feliciano: YALE FRATELLO. YALE.
Fanfic Writer Wednesday, 4/5

When we were talking about the monthly self-recs, @sequencefairy gave me a great idea. Once a month, do a round-up of all the fic I’ve recced on my blog. Only… I haven’t done a FWW post in ages, and there’s a lot I’ve loved just in the first three months of the year… So I’m going back to January 1. And I’m splitting it into multiple weeks, so there will be a post every week in April. 


  • Found and Lost by @whoinwhoville 
    • One of my favourite fics ever, back online again! Ten x Rose, post New Earth, telepathic bonding, romance, happiness… what more can you ask for? Adult
  • Fobbed!Nine x Rose by @professortennant
    • There’s not enough Fobbed!Nine, and this is so, so good. All ages
  • Seeing Double by @wordsintimeandspace
    • Ten x Rose–the Doctor accidentally creates a double of himself, one who has no hearts-to-mouth filter stopping him from telling Rose how he feels. Teen
  • Timeless by @tenroseforeverandever
    • Christmas fluff! Post-reunion fluff! I loved the lighthearted humour in this story as they worked out their misunderstandings and finally moved their relationship forward. Teen
  • Miracle at the Powell Estate by @rudennotgingr
    • Jesse really writes the best Protective!Doctor fics. And this one is so good, plus it’s holiday themed, plus the classic “I thought you didn’t do this kind of thing” and the Doctor proving that he definitely does. Adult
  • Stolen Hours by @perfectlyrose
    •  Dimension hopping Rose meets Six! And she absolutely nails his personality in like… under five minutes. It’s brilliant. And of course he is instantly smitten, because every Doctor x Rose Tyler. All Ages
  • Same Auld Lang Syne by @caedmonfaith 
    • Nine/Rose holiday au fluff with long-lost lovers. :D All Ages
  • Perfect Match by @lastbluetardis
    • Okay, I’m sure most of you have read/are reading this, but just in case… Ten/Rose soulmates AU. It starts when they’re kids and takes you all the way through their developing relationship to their honeymoon. It is romantic and wonderful and I love everything about this fic. Adult for the last few chapters
  • Met Their Match ch 2 by @dimensionhoppingrose and @lastbluetardis
    • Ten/Rose matchmaker AU. Rose is a professional matchmaker, and James is her problem client. But does she even want to match him up?

Miraculous Ladybug:



Cosplay Couture interpretation of the 8th Doctor

Costume by Courtney Coulson

Photography by Luke Milton

Location: Taylor’s College Nedlands

It’s great to finally get back to our Doctor Who series and Eight is one I have been greatly anticipating as he is my absolute favourite Doctor. He may have only had one movie but I am in love with the Big Finish audio dramas. I was so glad that McGann got to continue in the role even if only in audio form.

As his run was the most unconventional, the evolution of his character and his costume bare the evidence of that. Eight is very romantic, easily the most refined and elegant of the Doctors.The original costume never really felt lived in, he was so buttoned up, and because we only see him wearing it in one film, he never got the opportunity to break it in and make it his own like the other Doctors.

But over the years he’s changed, starting out as an old soul with a child-like enthusiasm that gradually gave way to a darker side as he was traumatised by certain events, which culminated in him becoming the War Doctor. As such, my costume reflects elements of his journey, it’s not quite as stuffy as his original costume, there’s a bit of edge there.

Courtney Coulson

I’m not a massive Doctor Who fan, but I am very attached to this series of shoots as Courtney’s desire to do a fashion portrayal of each Doctor was a catalyst for many of the shoots you see on this site. After a year of working closely together it was fantastic to finally add another couple of Doctors to the collection - this one, plus one another who you will see next week. And the location couldn’t have been more perfect, we were incredibly lucky to discover that the location we’d picked had a very similar palette to the costume we were working with. Another in a long string of happy accidents.

Luke Milton


*Note. All readers so far are classified as female. I have absolutely nothing against male readers, its just my default, being female…*



The Deal Is Off

You make a deal to swap herself with a group of people kidnapped by vampires. Castiel, the dashing hero he is, shows up to save you, and then has a nice little conversation to convince you that you are worth saving.

Doctor Who:

Tenth Doctor:


You are kicked out of your apartment and find the Tardis but with no Doctor inside. You fall asleep waiting in the rain and wake up in your room in the Tardis.

A Promise Once Broken (1)

*Spoilers for Doctor Who special ‘The Waters Of Mars’*

You witness the ‘Time Lord Victorious’ and argue with him over his actions. You tell him in the Tardis later to take you home, despite a promise once made.

The Note

You stopped travelling with the Doctor a while back and return from work late one night to find a note in your apartment from the Doctor. At the end of the note, he gives the chance for you to join him on the Tardis again, saying he will leave by midnight if you decides not to. It’s almost midnight… Includes fluffy ending with little kids <3

Eleventh Doctor:

A Promise Twice Kept (2)

After the events with the ‘Time Lord Victorious’ you confronts a man who tried to follow you home, only to find the man you were least expecting with a new face. You resume your travels and later you catches sight of your Doctor, saying goodbye.

To Travel

You are working late one night when a disturbance has you finding a swarm of cybermites. You wake up with the Doctor, who helps you overpower the cyber technology before offering you a place on the Tardis.

The Fight

You and the Doctor fight about keeping each other safe and it ends in an awkward silence until you both apologize.

To Get To You (I)

You goes to visit your brother only to find him missing with his house trashed. The Doctor gives comfort and assures you that you’ll find him.

To Get To The Doctor (II)

The Doctor tracks down your brother and you run in Doctor style (without any plan whatsoever) to save him. Oncoming storm from both of you.

Absolutely Perfect

You and the Doctor kiss and the next morning the Doctor drops you home without an explanation. Two years later, he’s back.


Both sides of a breakup between the Doctor and the Reader.

Captain Jack Harkness:

The Best Thing

Captain Jack Harkness is the best thing to have ever happened to you, or that’s what you tell yourself one night walking back to Torchwood. It turns into a night at the bar with Jack when you get a little too drunk and admit your feelings.


You wake up in bed next to Jack with no memory of what had happened and a horrible hangover.

Series; Sweetie, Darling, Love:


You and River chatting in your cells in Stormcage gets a lot less boring when your friend the Doctor arrives.

Those Three Words

A nice trip gone bad turns into you and River facing down Daleks with the Doctor missing

The Library (1)

The events of Silence In The Library with an added character. (Mainly the Doctor and River’s interactions plus one)

The Death Of River Song (2)

The events of Forest Of The Dead plus one.


Sherlock Holmes:

Be Okay

You, an ex-soldier with a dis-honorable discharge, have a nightmare and wake up to Sherlock, who is ready to listen.

Special thanks to @sincerelyalivia, who told me over messages how to add the links. I got it working! #superproudofmyself

Through time and space (part 3)

Part one, part two

→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ← ←
“Right then, Rose Tyler and Y/N Winchester, you tell me. Where do you want to go? Backwards or forwards in time. It’s your choice. What’s it going to be?” The Doctor says with a cocky smirk.

“Forwards.” Both you and Rose reply. The Doctor then asks how far forward and Rose goes with 100 years.

“Come on Rose, be a little more adventurous.” You tease. “I say a thousand years into the future.” The Doctor takes you 10,000 years in the future just to show off. You and Rose aren’t buying it.

“Right then, you asked for it. I know exactly where to go. Hold on!” The Doctor says messing with a few controls. When outside of the TARDIS you notice that you’re not on earth- but above it. A small smile forms on your face. “You lot, you spend all your time thinking about dying, like you’re going to get killed by eggs or beef or global warming or asteroids. But you never take time to imagine the impossible, that maybe you survive. This is the year five point five slash apple slash twenty six. Five billion years in your future, and this is the day…” The Doctor checks his watch as the sun flares and turns red. “This is the day the Sun expands. Welcome to the end of the world.”

“No way.” You say trying really hard not to sound shocked. The Doctor laughs and tells the two of you that the three of you should make way to wherever the other guests are.

On the way there, the Doctor gives you some details about what is going on at the moment. The steward stops the three of you, he’s suspicious- also blue. “But how did you get in? This is a maximum hospitality zone. The guests have disembarked. They’re on their way any second now.” The steward points out. The doctor pulls out a piece of blank paper and shows it to the steward.

“That’s me. I’m a guest. Look, I’ve got an invitation. Look. There, you see? It’s fine, you see? The Doctor plus two. I’m the Doctor, this is Rose Tyler and Y/N Winchester. They’re my plus one and two. Is that all right?”

“Well, obviously. Apologies, et cetera. If you’re on board, we’d better start. Enjoy.”

“What was that?” You ask in a soft tone of voice.

“The paper’s slightly psychic. It shows them whatever I want them to see. Saves a lot of time.” The Doctor answers.

“That’s one of the most ingenious things I’ve heard of.”

“We have in attendance the Doctor, Rose Tyler and Y/N Winchester. Thank you. All staff to their positions.” The steward says interrupting the conversation between you and the time lord. The staff quickly gets into position. “Hurry, now, thank you. Quick as we can. Come along, come along. And now, might I introduce the next honoured guest? Representing the Forest of Cheam, we have trees, namely, Jabe, Lute and Coffa.” You weren’t expecting actual walking and talking trees, you’re a little surprised to say in the least.

The steward then announces the other guests, which you tune out because you’re thinking about Sam and Katie, and how much they would enjoy this. You pull yourself out of your thoughts before you go in to deep. “The Gift of Peace. I bring you a cutting of my Grandfather.” One of the trees say. She offers the three of you a potted twig. The Doctor pats his pockets looking for a gift, he can’t find one.

“Thank you. Yes, gifts. Er, I give you in return air from my lungs.” He says before gently breathing on them. He does this for all the guests, guess it works as a gift… the steward then introduces the last guest: the last Human. The Lady Cassandra O'Brien Dot Delta Seventeen.

“That is a mouthful.” You whisper in Rose’s ear. She smiles in response. Now you and Rose were expecting an actual human with limbs and things like that, not a trampoline of skin with a face on it.

“Oh, now, don’t stare. I know, I know it’s shocking, isn’t it? I’ve had my chin completely taken away and look at the difference. Look how thin I am. Thin and dainty. I don’t look a day over two thousand. Moisturise me. Moisturise me.” Cassandra says to everyone else before talking to her attendants. One of them sprays some form of liquid on her. “Truly, I am the last Human. My father was a Texan, my mother was from the Arctic Desert. They were born on the Earth and were the last to be buried in its soil. I have come to honour them and say goodbye. Oh, no tears, no tears. I’m sorry. But behold, I bring gifts. From Earth itself, the last remaining ostrich egg. Legend says it had a wingspan of fifty feet and blew fire from its nostrils. Or was that my third husband? Oh, no. Oh, don’t laugh. I’ll get laughter lines. And here, another rarity.” The other gift is a jukebox. “According to the archives, this was called an iPod. It stores classical music from humanity’s greatest composers. Play on!” You have to hold back your laughter when the trampoline woman calls a jukebox an iPod- there is a huge difference between the two.

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anonymous asked:

Kidd, Killer, Law and X Drake reacting to their S/O with a pear-shaped body pleeeeease🙏🙏

Pear is one of the few fruits i like…

(it’s so short I’m so sorry T-T)


  • This mean more butt right ?
  • You’re so fucking beautiful to watch like, keep walking it’s for science
  • He prefer someone with a body like that, it have a tougher aura and it’s nice to look at
  • If you say you don’t like it he’ll just say “you’re dumb because you’re wrong”
  • He likes to lay his head on your thighs
  • He’ll be a little more jealous though, and he’ll keep you in the corner of his eyes in case someone try to flirt
  • Like a lot to put an arm around your waist


  • Like Kid, he prefer a body like that.
  • But if you say you don’t like it he’ll be really confused. He doesn’t understand at all
  • He’ll often pinch your butt and act like he did nothing but if you don’t like that he’ll stop (after forgetting once or twice)
  • He like a lot to hug you by behind. Even in public he often stand behind you.
  • He doesn’t really know why, but he like it
  • If he sees anyone looking the wrong way at your body shape he’ll glare at them and will make them go away


  • Why would he mind it ? That’s really pleasing to the eyes. 10/10
  • He would put his hands in your pockets a lot while his head in on top of yours
  • He’s also really confused if you don’t like your shape
  • He’s a doctor so he know people have different shapes, plus in the One Piece’s universe there’s really all kind of shapes so he’s fine with yours
  • When you’re close he like to run his hands everywhere. Not necessarily minding it
  • He just like touching things
  • Like Kid, he like to rest his head on your thighs when he’s taking a break

X Drake

  • In his eyes you look more badass than anyone ever
  • He’ll like to carry you bridal style. Like that he can be in contact with you
  • He doesn’t really see in what it can be a problem, it’s really nice to look at and everyone has a different shape
  • Plus, under his dinosaur form, he has tiny arms. Tiny arms.
  • You can be sure he’ll also like to just put his hands on your waist
  • He like it when you wear clothes who show your shape. It give an illusion of something fast and elegant

For @doctorroseprompts “Autumnal ball with autumnal decor and Rose is in a red dress” and @timepetalsprompts Autumn Fic Bingo “cider” square.  Ten and Rose attend a Halloween dance in Salem, MA.  Credit lyrics to Moondance by Van Morrison. 

Chapter 8 of Fun Sized (Ficlets for Fall Fic Fest)

Rose had loved the idea of visiting Salem, Massachusetts at Halloween.  When the Doctor had suggested it she thought she’d be in for a day witch themed Halloween festivities. Instead, Rose was to be the Doctor’s plus-one for the Bewitching Ball on the town square.

The TARDIS provided a red lace dress with a full skirt and a glittering red mask. The Doctor wore his usual pinstripes and a dark blue mask, which amused Rose.

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siiigh there wasn’t enough of the good doctor who.

ya know 9 and 10. maybe a few episodes of 11. but it’s too….shiny. in the newer ones, too polished and perfect. i mean the effects have become better in some areas but its just dull in the rest. 

give me grunge and cool sound effects. give me actually well written plot lines. give me thought out characters that are well developed and not just for the general audience to relate to. and for the love of god stop trying to make the doctor look either ridiculously out of place whilst also making him relate well, pick one or the other and ride that choice into the ground in any ways that you can and not just in one awkward way. 

remember when the daleks looked cool and like they’d been through actual combat killing stuff and not fresh out of the car wash? or what abt the cybermen who looked like they actually had human bodies underneath the metal and not just a human brain stuffed inside? or what about the weeping angels? oh wait nvm those have stayed pretty much the same i think the episodes just werent written well. 

also remember when the doctor had an entourage all scattered about time and space but with different personalities. so we had characters like captain jack harkness, martha jones, mickey from an alternate dimension, sarah jane smith, k-9. his whole group of people there were many different personalities but they all had a hidden kick behind them, lots of different stories and they weren’t all conventionally pretty, they all had their moments and they all had their own relationship with the doctor. 

what have we got now? uhh lizard sherlock holmes, 19th century maid and a dumb potato. great. also the occassional historical figure that only pops in once an episode. sure there’s a few people from the companion’s life but its one or two and they dont make too much of an impact and they’re replaceable in the doctor’s eyes. 

basically what im saying is we need to go back and learn from ten because its years on since i first sat down and watch that last finale with all the companions and all his entourage and it still gives me goosebumps and makes me tear up.

screencap meme:

Colors Abound + Twelve & Clara in pink and blue

Headcanon that the reason regeneration is so explosive post Time War is that the Time Lords genetically engineered it to be during the war.

‘Most powerful warrior race’ because they literally turned their bodies into weapons.