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Let’s get cynical.

Apparently, people think saying anything positive about autism or saying stims are cute or posting stimboards is ‘glamorizing autism.’

Apparently, people think laughing at our own expense because of an executive dysfunction fail, making videos or gifs of our stims or taking selfies with stim toys is ‘not taking autism seriously.’

Apparently, people think anyone capable of understandable communication or navigating some of the world without needing help means we ‘have no clue of what real autism is.’

Apparently, people think the autistic community is full of fakers who self dx because they think people just go ‘I’m quirky and awkward so I’m autistic.’

Apparently, people think self dx’ing is wrong and yet they are happy to armchair “undiagnose” somebody they never met in their life because ‘self dx isn’t real.’

Apparently, people don’t like it when the autistic community they just shit on has something to say back and they want us to look like ‘the bad guys.’

[Animated gif of the 9th Doctor rolling his eyes, tilting his head and slow blinking as if to say ‘whatever.’]

Don’t claim (general) you are okay with autistic people expressing themselves or having autistic headcanons if you’re going to shit on the autistic community for those very things in the next sentence. All you do is contradict yourself and look foolish.

I have a photo of everyone who has ever done that. Here ya go.

[Image of a douche bag.]

Trying to pick a favorite Phantom is like trying to pick a favorite Doctor

Do I want sass? Do I want raw emotion? Awkward and quirky? Darker and compelling? Older and gentlemanly?

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Imagine sassing Doctor Strange over his failed attempt to reconnect with Doctor Palmer.

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Imagine sassing Doctor Strange over his failed attempt to reconnect with Doctor Palmer.
A/N: This is technically part two of my first Doctor Strange one-shot, but it can also work as a stand alone. I have a few more ideas for this character, so hopefully people are interested in her.

One of the few things that brought you great joy during your residency, was watching your attending Doctor Strange fail at getting back together with fellow attending Doctor Palmer. To see the normally cocky man get turned down so easily, truly did brighten your day. “Doctor Montgomery-Shepherd.” Strange called, catching your stare.
  You bit back your smile trying hold in your laughter. “Yes, Doctor Strange?”
      “Mind telling me what’s so funny?” Strange inquired, annoyed.
   Most residents would’ve quickly shrank back, replying nothing before scurrying off somewhere safe. However, you weren’t scared of Strange. Sure he could be overzealous, conceited and rather in considerate, but you’ve met worse surgeons with twice the arrogance of him. Besides, despite your student-teacher relationship the two of you were actually friends. So you felt no qualms replying, “Just watching your failed attempt at getting back together with Doctor Palmer.”
Or your jab of, “You know showing a little humility might be attractive, especially if you’re going to woo an equally great surgeon.”
 Doctor Strange cocked an eyebrow, looking slightly amused. “You’re one to criticize. Last time I checked you were still dating that poster of Captain America in your locker.”
   You shrugged, smiling. “ What can I say? He has my heart. Besides I date, just not with co-workers.”
  He scoffed, amusement vanishing from his face. Looks like you struck an unintentional cord. “You and Christine have too much in common. Let me guess the reasoning behind your refusal to date co-workers is named after me.”
 “ Me. Me. That’s all you ever think about. The world doesn’t revolve around you, Stephen. I don’t date co-workers, because I’ve seen how messy it gets, first hand. Mom and dad were co-workers. Mom cheated on dad with his best friend and co-worker. Dad later cheated on mom with his new co-worker whose family followed the same trend. So you can see my reluctance to follow the same path as them?”
“Family issues. Classic.” Strange nodded, glancing at you. “I take it, that means you won’t go to the ceremony with me?“
 “And deal with your ego outside of work? Nope.”  You snorted, walking away. “Have a great night Strange, try not to let your ego grow too much.”