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Part 2: This was not the plan

Authors Note: This was not the plan will become a series, thanks for the positive feedback! Let me know if you would like to be tagged.

Summary: Everything was perfect at least she thought so until Dean presented the reader with divorce papers. That was just the beginning of a complicated life for the reader.

“No…No this can’t be…” You frantically look at the test results. “But..ho-..why?” You couldn’t help but let a couple of tears fall.

The question wasn’t how because well the memories of that event were fresh in your mind. That was the night where you thought you had makeup sex but you were so wrong. It wasn’t makeup sex but more like a goodbye. At least that’s what Dean told you when you brought it up during a fight. You thought that there wasn’t going to be any more fighting but that didn’t stop the following shouts and curses the next day. The following days continued to be hell, nothing changed and before you knew it there were divorced papers given to you.

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Prompt: “Helllooo could I request a bones one where him and the reader get stuck in small spaces with no room at all? Fluff and embarrassment ensues as these kind of predicaments keep happening???” -Anon

Word Count: 1,559

Author’s Note: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for an amazing end to my year. I only rejoined the community in September, but I feel like I’ve come home. Thank you for that.

I want to wish you all the best for the new year. We’ve overcome so much shit in 2016 and I hope that we can take the hurt from our experiences this year and transform that energy into something positive and productive together. Let’s kick ass this year.

I love you all so much! Happy New Year!

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you’re my home | three.

Is it possible for a home to be a person and not a place?
When you first told Spencer you were pregnant, he had barely contained his excitement.

wc: 1,235 // read part 1 and part 2

“Are you sure?” you asked, wide eyed and breathing deeply.

Besides you, your phone buzzed incessantly. Spencer was away on a case—something in Oregon about six men found dead in the woods—and was instantly overcome with worry when you told him you were thinking of visiting the doctor, your temperature having spiked to 103 degrees for the past three days. You didn’t need to look to know that your phone was filled with messages asking if everything was alright. Spencer was a worrier, after all.

“Absolutely. Congratulations, you’re going to become a mother,” the nurse chirped with a bright smile. “And I wouldn’t worry, it seems like you just have a fever—it seems like it’s going down and can be managed by some over the counter medications. I’d recommend acetaminophen—not ibuprofen, because of the little one of course.”

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A Study of the Day of Birth

Requested Anonymously.

So, this is slightly different from the request I got, but something about the idea really touched me, because I’ve spent birthdays alone and I kind of wrote this fic to… make myself feel better, really. I hope nobody minds that you’re basically reading me. Consider it a character study of myself. You’re getting to know your blogger, right?

The Doctor couldn’t remember the last time he had celebrated his own birthday. Why would he? Every time he hit a decade (more or less), he just poured himself a glass of apple juice and drank it out of a wine glass and that was that. No need to make a fuss. It was more to remind himself to keep track of time than anything (and wasn’t that ironic, being a Time Lord?). He had done it while you were with him, actually- you laughed, asked him why, he told you, and you drank apple juice with him. He couldn’t even remember his exact birthdate, actually, just the year, and the TARDIS had to keep track for him. He didn’t care either way.

But then there was you. You were young and bright. You didn’t have all that many years under your belt, and from the Doctor’s way of looking at things, you might as well celebrate them while they were still all shiny and new and they meant something.

You didn’t seem to agree.

“So, are you… excited?” the Doctor had asked.

“About what?” you said.

Your birthday was only a week away. It’s not as if you could have been that clueless, not really. So the Doctor deduced that you were feigning disinterest in order to downplay the situation. Some humans didn’t seem to like celebrating their birthdays. He hoped that you weren’t like that. But he didn’t say anything. No need to call you out for it, right? No, this called for something completely different.

So, whenever you went to bed, the Doctor stayed up and plotted. He knew how humans celebrated birthdays and he planned accordingly. He wanted to surprise you. He discovered that baking wasn’t something he was especially skilled at in this body- the cake would have to be commissioned. But it would be the best, for you. And the present? Something personal. This wasn’t superfluous ribbon-throwing, after all. He cared, and he wanted to show you that. So he picked the perfect gift. It was just a little thing, but you would appreciate the meaning. He knew you would. He wrapped it with care and tied a ribbon around it, and then it sat in his room, waiting for the big day.

And then the day came.

The Doctor was surprised when you emerged from your room fully clothed. You usually just came out in your pajamas to share breakfast with him before you got ready for the day. It was something he enjoyed. He liked how you looked in jimjams and a robe.

“What’s this?” he asked, gesturing to your clothes. Upon further examination, he realized you weren’t wearing and jewelry or a stitch of makeup. And your clothes weren’t the usual. You knew to dress appropriately for adventures. Jeans, running shoes, nothing too tight, etc. Comfortable but tough enough to take the run-for-your-life events that were always at risk of happening. Today, however, you wore sweatpants and a baggy sweater. You could have slept in those clothes. In fact, the only reason he knew that you didn’t was because they didn’t have a wrinkle on them. They were straight from the wardrobe.

“I need to go home,” you said plainly.

Fear spiked in the Doctor’s hearts. “W-what?”

“I’m not leaving,” you rushed to explain upon his frightened expression. “I just need to go home for tonight, that’s all. You can drop me of, travel to tomorrow, and pick me up again. It’ll only be a few minutes for you.” Then you glanced sideways, suddenly very interested in the console. “Unless you need a break from me. Take your time. As long as you pick me up tomorrow.”

“But today’s-…” The Doctor trailed off. You wanted to go home. You never asked to go home. And that meant that this was about your birthday, because that couldn’t be a coincidence. You had plans, then. Plans that you obviously didn’t want him around for. You didn’t want to spend your birthday with him. That was why you hadn’t mentioned it; pretended that you didn’t know a thing about it. Because you didn’t want him around for it.

Something inside the Doctor crunched painfully. He had thought that you were closer than this. That, maybe… maybe you… wanted more, from him. Your friendship had seemed so strong, so much better and brighter than friendship. He had thought…

It didn’t matter what he thought, though. Obviously. He was wrong.

“Right,” said the Doctor, tugging his ear. “Right. Sure. No problem. Only five minutes, eh? No problem. Over in no time.”

“Exactly,” you said, smiling at him, and he could see it was the emptiest smile you had ever given. That hurt.

The Doctor dropped you off with a curt goodbye and then proceeded to just… focus on breathing, for a few hours, because for some reason, breathing had become very difficult. It was a bit of a shock, really. The Doctor hadn’t realized that he was so attached to you that your passive rejection would break him so much. It’s not like… like you had been together and then decided to end it. This was just you not caring as much as he did.

Who was he kidding? If he weren’t so afraid, the Doctor could have asked you to marry him. His feelings certainly backed him up on that, and he couldn’t imagine, logically, a better partner. You were strong, and faithful, and you forgave each and every one of his flaws. You laughed with him, you cried with him, you stood by him and faced the fire. He wanted you, forever.

That did it.

The Doctor jerked the TARDIS out of the vortex and landed outside your home. Your birthday present was nestled in the bigger-on-the-inside pockets of his coat, and he pressed a hand to it just to remind himself that he had it as he used his sonic to unlock your front door.

He called out your name as he walked in, and immediately knew by the complete and utter silence that answered him that you weren’t at home. That seemed… wrong.

The Doctor glanced at the ticking clock on the wall and jerked in surprise. It was late. Nearly midnight. He had been so shaken up, he hadn’t even noticed how dark it was outside. What were you doing out so late? It was dark out there. Fine for him, but not so safe for you. Where could you possibly be?

A number of possible explanations came to mind, and each and every one of them made the Doctor feel sick. He didn’t want to think about any of them. HE didn’t want to think of you… out there.

The Doctor decided to wait an hour before he went looking for you. That seemed reasonable, didn’t it?

Shrugging of his coat and jacket, the Doctor bent down to take off his shoes. He had spent most of the week planning and plotting and running errands, and with the whole Raxicoricofallapatorius fiasco the week before, he hadn’t slept in exactly fourteen days. Not even a nap. That wasn’t healthy, not even for him. Some shut-eye, even if it was just for an hour, would do him good.

The Doctor grabbed a blanket and then curled up on your couch. Literally, curled, like a Time Lord cinnamon roll. And he was asleep in less than a minute.

You were prepared to awkwardly juggle your keys with your groceries in order to get into your house, but you found your door unlocked.

This was a potentially bad, bad thing, because you specifically remembered locking your door before you left.

You turned the knob as quietly as you could and nudged the door open with your foot. You pitied whoever had broken into your house, if anyone had broken into your house. You were, technically, armed.

Just as you were thinking this, your plans to possibly maim someone for breaking and entering flew out the window. There was no intruder in your house. Well, there was, but he was no burglar or the like. He was the Doctor, and he was asleep on your couch, and it was the cutest thing you had ever seen.

You dropped your keys, and they landed noiselessly on the rug below you while you fished your phone out of your pocket. No way were you going to pass this up. You turned off the phone’s flash and waited for the screen to focus…


The Doctor jerked awake as you congratulated yourself for capturing the perfect picture in only one try. He twisted around in the blanket he had already been folded in like origami. His eyes met yours, and you pressed your lips together in an effort not to laugh. He had bed-head. It was hilarious.

“Um…” You shrugged and not-so-discreetly kicked the front door shut behind you with your heel. “Didn’t expect you ‘til tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” The Doctor swallowed visibly, probably to get the husky sound of sleep out of his voice, and his eyes landed on the grocery back you were holding in your left hand. "What..?“

"I thought you were a burglar or something,” you said, shaking the bag at him. “I was gonna hit you with this. Could’ve bashed your nose in.”

The Doctor chuckled, but then quickly sobered. “Where have been?”

“Uh.” You walked over to the coffee table and set the bag down on it, and your shoulders ached in relief. It was a heavy bag. “Did y'know that wine glasses are usually sold in sets? I had no idea. Like, what if I want wine glasses that don’t all match? You don’t have to buy coffee mugs in sets. I think I want my wine glasses to be like my coffee mugs.”

You were rambling and you knew it, but maybe if you kept talking, the Doctor would be distracted.

You lifted two wine glasses out of the grocery bag. “So, it took me a long time to find these. The were discounted because they were both from broken sets and the sets didn’t match, so… I got two, just in case one broke.” You lifted your knee to tip the bag over and a gallon-container of apple juice thudded dully onto its side. “And I don’t need a gallon of this stuff, but it was cheap, so what the heck, right?”

“You…” The Doctor’s eyebrows drew close together as his mouth worked silently, until he found the words he wanted. “You were going to spend your birthday alone. You planned to spend your birthday alone.”

You didn’t answer.

Why?” he asked, completely confused.

“Well… I just… do. Although, I give you credit for the whole apple-juice-in-a-wine-glass thing,” you said, gesturing the wine glasses in your hand towards the tipped-over container of juice. “It’s kind of funny.”

The Doctor stared at you, and you stared back, silence making the room seem loud. You felt like a bug under a microscope. His eyes seemed to see everything. Superior Time Lord and all that. You examined him in kind, noting how naked he seemed with nothing over his shirt. He wasn’t even wearing his tie, you realized. It had been discarded on the table, while his jacket and coat were both neatly folded on the opposite end of the couch, with his shoes sitting on top. The Doctor himself was a mess- he was obviously one of those people who wiggled around in his sleep. It was cute, and if it weren’t for the uncomfortable atmosphere, you might have laughed about it.

Finally, the Doctor moved. He reached over to his coat, stuck his whole arm inside the pocket, and pulled out a brightly-wrapped box. Your stomach flipped. He had gotten you a birthday present. You didn’t even know that he knew about your birthday. 

“This is for you,” he said, as if it wasn’t obvious. He set it on the table next to the juice. “I wanted to surprise you for your birthday. Make a day of it. Take you somewhere special. I didn’t think about you making plans, or I would have said something.”

You ignored the present and stared, disbelieving. The Doctor, who only celebrated his birth  once every ten years, if even, had planned to surprise you for your birthday, which he shouldn’t even have known about. He got you a gift. He planned a special trip. And when he found out that you were going home, he actually slept in your house and waited just so he could give you your present.

(Stop sniffling. I’m not crying, you’re crying.)

Ignoring the present, you rushed to the couch and quickly snuggled yourself against his side. He immediately wrapped an arm around you and adjusted himself so that you reclined side-by-side. You fit against him perfectly- he made a pleased humming noise when he noticed, despite how startled he was.

“It’s nearly midnight,” he said, sounding mournful. You smiled against his shoulder. “Your birthday’s nearly over and you didn’t get to enjoy it at all.”

“I can celebrate tomorrow.”


“Doesn’t matter,” you said. You pushed yourself up and kissed his cheek, and you were pleased to see the blindingly brilliant smile the Doctor reacted with. "This is the best birthday present ever.“

Forgive Me - Part 5

Summery: The journey back from Hydra, again.

Triggers: mentions of torture, kinda suicidal thoughts, general angst.

Word Count: 1900+

A/N: Very angst today. I put a playlist on shuffle and this song came up and it is perfect. I recommend you listen to it while reading this.

“Forgive Me” Masterlist | Masterlist

Originally posted by whadewilson

‘Y/N, this is Dr Banner. He’s going to-’

‘Dr Bruce Banner! As in THE Dr Bruce Banner’

‘Yeah’ he giggled. He used his finger to push his glasses up onto his face, the light reflecting off them showed that they were as clean as they could be. ‘And you’re Y/N Y/L/N. THE Y/N Y/L/N. Seriously, Tony does not stop talking about your work.’

You couldn’t help but smile, even though the cuts and bruises made it painful. If you weren’t in so much pain you would have probably ripped your skin you were trying to smile so much. It was probably the only thing that made you smile in a long time.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do RFA guys reacting to mc saying their gonna have a baby?? (I love your head cannons.)


Also this got really long really quickly so I’m putting them under the cut so it won’t take up your entire dashboard



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As They Are

A/N: Hello, tumblr! This is my first fic… In entirely too many years. Oddly enough, I am more of an O’Brien/Stiles kinda girl, but this idea struck me and wouldn’t go the fuck away. So… Enjoy and let me know how you liked it, yeah? Also, I totally apologize. I barely edited this thing, and I’m more than aware that I changed tenses a lot. Second person POV is not my normal thing.

Title: As They Are
Pairing: Reader x Tyler Posey
Word Count: 5,994 [I got a little carried away]
Preview: “You looked back up to the TV screen in time to catch Moira trying to seduce the not-so-good doctor, and you were struck by the most wicked idea. A devilish smile crept on your face as you quickly snuffed out your cigarette and grabbed your purse.”

It was your day off, and you were doing the usual: completely ignoring your adult responsibilities and binging some TV. The apartment was dark and quiet. Your TV was putting off a soft blue light and you were a complete disaster as you sat there eating chips in your sweats. It was getting to the scene where Violet led the bitch from school into the basement. Just as Violet turned out the lights and Tate started laughing maniacally, your phone went off beside you. You jumped about a foot in the air before you scrambled to find your phone. An opened can of soda fell over and spilled all over the coffee table and you knocked the ashtray off the arm of the couch trying to save it. Falling back feeling absolutely defeated, you see your phone blinking up from the floor.

Sighing, you pick it up and open the message.

Tyler Posey: 1 attachment

Rolling your eyes, you click the download button. Of course Posey was the one that turned you into a goddamn disaster. He always did.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine the Reader is singing and is trying to get Flug to sing because they know he can and will do what it takes to hear his lovely voice.

After a solid week, the doctor caves. He makes you promise you won’t look. You turn your back, he goes behind a thin paper screen and you hear the bag gently placed on top of it.

You have a wonderful duet together.

Calming the Storm

Nine x Reader

Request: @spacedreamfighter asked: Thanks for answering, would you every do angry Doctor. AKA The Oncoming Storm?

Hello again! Here is some angry Doctor! I wrote this with Nine in mind since he was the first one to say he was the Oncoming Storm, however I think you could see any of the regenerations of the Doctor’s in this one. I hope you enjoy, and I hope to see you drop in my ask box again in the future! Thank you for your patience and support!! xoxo

Title: Calming the Storm

Word Count: 2,562

You knew you were on the planet Skaro. You knew that you and the Doctor had been separated. You didn’t remember being knocked out, and you didn’t recognize the room you had been put in once you had woken up. You had lost track of time not being able to even have a glimpse of the outside world. Had it been three days? Four? Five? You were tired. All you wanted to do was to lay down, but your restraints kept you in place against the wall. The best you could do was sit, but even that was painful with your arms chained above you. You struggled against the chains, helplessly hoping that you may just be able to wiggle your wrists out. You knew it was silly to think that, but you still hoped there was a slight chance, and you weren’t going to quit. You were worried. You worried that the Doctor was in another room somewhere also chained up, maybe being tortured…you didn’t want to think about that, and you really didn’t want to think that there was a possibility of him being dead…No. No he was still alive. He had to be. He was the Doctor.

You knew he would be coming for you if he wasn’t already captured, but you knew that there would be a trap set for him if he did come back. You couldn’t bear to see him get caught because he was trying to save you. As your thoughts continued to run on loop of what could happen, you found yourself pulling and twisting harder against your restraints. When another wave of fatigue hit you, you slumped to the floor, suffering through your arm pain to let your body rest even for just a minute. “Doctor…Doctor please be all right.” You whispered to yourself, shutting your eyes to press the tears that had been threatening to fall for a while. As hopeless as it might be, you couldn’t help but feel the Doctor could sense your plea, and hoped that he would be listening to it.

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vivianwisteria  asked:

If you're up for it, could you write about Obiyuki in modern doctor/patient AU? :3

“So you… you tried to parkour from your roof?”

Oh, god. What in the world was he doing? That had sounded so much funnier in his head than it did when his doctor was standing in front of him with her tablet. He was such an idiot. She looked up from the screen and her eyes squinted at him, as if she was trying to figure out exactly what he was trying to get at.

[more under the cut]

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‘Doctor, where are we?’ you asked, trying to get a better look at the screen. The Timelord, however, was refusing to let you see the current date or location of your latest trip.

‘It’s a surprise,’ he said simply.

You quirked an eyebrow at him. ‘Have we come to that nice little holiday planet?’

‘Getting bored of adventures?’

You shrugged. It was never boring with the Doctor, you’d give him that. ‘Sometimes it’s nice to have a well-earned break. A rest. Time to get over all the running,’ you told him.

He motioned towards the doors. ‘Well then, why don’t you go find out?’

You beamed at him before rushing towards the doors. When you wrenched them open you saw the change on a man’s face from pure amusement to utter irritation. He drew a sword, pointed the tip at you.

‘I think we may have startled someone,’ you said, raising your hands in surrender and glancing over your shoulder at the Doctor.

‘I, Charles II, demand to know who you are,’ the man said, his eyes narrowing between the two of you.

You glanced back at the Doctor, really hoping it wasn’t one of the king’s worse years.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).

10 week reveal (Simon Request)

“(Y/n)” Simon hisses from beside you, “(y/n)”
You grumble and turn over to face him where he lays wide awake in bed.
“Can we tell them today?” He asks excitedly.
“Is that really all you had to ask?” You groan, snuggling into his arm.
“Yes! So can we?” He questions again, wrapping an arm tightly around you.
“Of course babe” You chuckle.
By ‘them’ he meant all of the boys who were coming to the house today and what you wanted to ‘tell them’ was something you had kept private for the past 5 weeks. You were pregnant. You found out when you were only 5 weeks in and you wanted to make sure that everything was good before you told them. Thus waiting until you hit 10 weeks.
Simon’s face turns to a grin and you can already tell how excited he is to let them all know. He would be the first with a child. And he knew how happy they’d all be.
“What is the time anyway?” You mumble, wanting nothing but to go back to sleep.
“3pm” He reads from the clock, “They’re coming at 7”
“Okay” You yawn, “We need to be at the hospital for 4:30”
“First scan! That’s mad” He comments, “I’ll go get in the shower” He kisses you quickly before getting up and heading to your bathroom.
It made you smile how happy he was. He had gone crazy excited when you first showed him the test and ever since he got more and more anticipated about the day when your baby would be born.
Soon enough, Simon is out and you head in there after him to get ready too. You come out to find him in a pair of black jeans with a black t shirt which he soon takes off to find another one.
“What are you doing?” You laugh.
“I wanna look smart for the doctor” He sighs, “I don’t want them thinking I’m immature or whatever”
“Who cares if they think that babe?” You question, going to grab your own clothes.
“They might think I’m gonna be a bad dad” He looks down.
“Simon shut up” You roll your eyes, “I don’t care what some random doctor in the hospital thinks. If I didn’t think you’d be the best dad possible I think I would’ve had second thoughts about all of this right?”
He smiles slightly and looks at your slightly evident bump.
“I love you babygirl” He reminds you and kisses you again, grabbing another T-shirt all the same and trying it on.
You opt for low rise jeans that obviously were below your bump and an adidas T-shirt that didn’t make your bump too clear. Of course, over the past five weeks you’d had to wear very baggy clothes so the boys didn’t question anything.
“Ready beautiful?” Simon asks you when he’s finished.
“Sure” You smile and he takes your hand as the pair of you head out.
“Where are you two going?” Josh frowns when he sees you.
“Just need to grab some stuff from the shop. Need anything?” Simon shrugs nonchalantly.
“Only some more Dr pepper please” Josh mentions, “See you later”
“Bye” You and Simon say quickly, heading outside to the rover.
~~~Time Skip~~~
Simon’s hand gripped yours tightly when the doctor begins searching for the baby. There was so much anticipation.
It is more than a big relief when he turns the screen to show you.
“Everything looks perfect, we have your baby right here” He comments, gesturing to the screen where you could roughly see the shape of your baby, “Looking very healthy”
“Holy-” Simon starts but doesn’t even know how to finish.
The doctor chuckles, “I’ll go get these printed and get your video sorted”
“Thank you” You smile and he heads out.
“That’s our baby” Simon says, trying to comprehend it himself.
You laugh, “Yes Simon. What are we thinking, boy or girl?”
“I don’t care” He grins, “Okay maybe boy”
“We’ll see” You smile, “Now to find the best way of telling the boys”
“Don’t you worry I’ve got that all sorted” He smirks, leaning in to kiss you lightly.
Soon enough, you’re home after stopping off at the shop for some food and for Josh’s drinks.
“Fucking hell you two took your time” JJ exclaims when the pair of you walk into the house, “Everyone’s already here”
“Sorry about that” You smile.
“Why do you two look so happy?” Josh frowns.
“What? Nothing” Simon shakes his head, “Ready to film?”
“Just waiting for you, we’ll do yours first” Tobi comments.
“Lemme just grab my laptop” Simon mentions and jogs upstairs to your shared bedroom.
You head into the kitchen to put everything away and once you’re done, everyone is back in the lounge to film Simon’s video.
“And as you’ve probably guessed I am here with all of the sidemen” He cheers, “So today we’re doing the sidemen react to my old videos. We’ve done this on Harry’s channel before but today it’s my turn”
The boys start chatting away about what they expect to see and after watching a few videos, its baby’s time to shine.
“What the fuck is this?” Ethan questions, leaning over to look at the screen.
“That looks like a baby scan” Harry mentions, all of them none the wiser.
Simon looks at you and smiles and all of the others follow his gaze.
“Is that really a scan?” Vikk raises his brows and you pull out the photos.
“10 weeks today” You grin and all of them jump up to have a closer look
“Fucking hell!” JJ exclaims and all of them wrap you in a big hug.
“Its my baby too guys!” Simon comments and they all break apart to bring him in too.
“If its a boy dibs on calling him Ethan” Ethan quickly mentions.
“No piss off, its gotta be Josh”
Simon finds you amidst the clutter of boys and wraps his arms around you.
“26 weeks to go beautiful” He smiles and you can tell in those eyes there will be nothing but pure adoration for this baby.

Surprise [Roman Reigns]


love ur blog can u do 1 that y/n is pregnant with romans baby(girl)

Originally posted by stellarollins

You looked in the mirror at your reflection as you put your (y/hc) in a messy bun. Roman walked in the bathroom and wrapped his arms around my waist behind me, placing a lingering kiss on my neck. I tilted my head to the side as a reaction from that little sensation he always gave me when he put his lips on me. “C’mon, stop, I’m trying to get ready,” I said as I tried to wriggle out of his grip, but he just embraced me closer and tighter.

“Why? Are you in a hurry to get somewhere?” he smirked.

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GOT7 on Grey’s Anatomy {Requested}

“Would you be able to do got7 as like characters in a medical drama, kinda like a Grey’s anatomy thing? Lmao if that made any sense”

Lol I understand you! Here you go anon! :)

JB: The McDreamy. Spends 90% of his screen time giving sexy looks to the camera. Gets injured almost every episode. Not even your favorite character but when he’s on the screen you can’t look away. Doesn’t even ever do a surgery. Too busy making out with the medical intern in the closet.

Mark: One of the best doctors on the show. Loves his work. Stands by the water cooler and just listens when all the other doctor complain. His female patients usually end up falling in love with and try to stay sick so that they won’t have to leave him at the hospital.

Jackson: 50% chance you’ll die on his operating table. Asks every one of his patients if they think he’s handsome before treating them. Gets too many lines. You have to lower your volume whenever his scenes come on.

Junior: Always caught in the middle of Hospital Drama. Loves it. Once walked out on an open heart surgery because a nurse made a snarky remark and he had to go think of a good comeback. The main characters can’t tell that he’s two-faced. He’ll probably poison one of them in the finale.

Youngjae: The young doctor who’s dreams haven’t been crushed yet. Wears a clown nose for sick children. You’re secretly rooting for him to be the best he can be. Dies in Season 2 Episode 4.

BamBam: Whatever he wears on the show sells out of stores the next day. Always get to his own surgeries late. Hates wearing the face mask because it ruins his foundation. Whenever he actually does work plays “Trap” music in the background for motivation.

Yugyeom: Started on the show as a doctor’s kid. Over the 15 seasons grew up and became a doctor himself. Doesn’t really like to listen to the senior doctors. Wears Heely’s so that he can make his rounds faster. You secretly love him but feel awkward about it because you remember watching him go through puberty.

Going to school with mental illness is hard, so remember:
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking water is good for your body. 

  • Listen to music. If you’re experiencing anxiety, listen to calm music with steady beats. If you’re experiencing depression/low moods, listen to relaxing sounds (ie, ambient noises) such as rain or a coffee shop (check apps, both online and on phones).

  • Create a support system. Contact your school’s disabilities center, you might qualify for special aid (eg, extra days you can be absent from class, transcripts of lectures, etc). Keep a close knit group of friends (or a friend) who know(s) how you are and how to best help you when you need it. Stay in contact with your therapists/doctors/psychiatrists/psychologists, as you might need medication, prescription refills, to let off steam, help with coping methods, etc. 
    If you don’t have a support system at home, I am so sorry. Try to create your own (methods include those mentioned above), or reach out online to a SAFE, ESTABLISHED community (screen these VERY CAREFULLY).

  • Do at least one thing per day. This can be anything that you might feel insurmountable. Examples: get out of bed today, drink 8 glasses of water, do one load of laundry, shower, eat 3 meals, etc. This will boost your confidence in getting things done and propel you to get more things done.

  • Take care. Self care isn’t something you do when you feel awful, it’s meant to be preventative (basically, to PREVENT The Awful). Take a bath, take an hour long shower. Watch ONE episode of a TV show. Have some ice cream. Do what helps you stay sane and you are better prepared to handle when the going gets tough.

    Not school (or school work).
    Not work.
    Not your significant other.
    Not that driver who swerved into your lane.
    You are your number one priority. You deserve it, and you deserve to be cared for and loved by yourself. If you don’t think you can quite manage self-love, that’s okay; but remember to take care of yourself anyway.

Title: Trapped
Bucky x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Sadness
Word Count: 2,615  

@misswinchester221b, You asked to be tagged :D

“Remind me why I had to come with you on this mission again? I’m a scientist not a field agent, I don’t even think I’m cleared to be on a quinjet.”

“Do you really trust Stark to pick up a new alien weapon?” Steve asked from his seat opposite you.

“I literally fell over getting on to here this morning, I feel like you should be asking I can be trusted.” You told him with a frown.

“Well you’re here now, we don’t need to suddenly start questioning it now.” He sighed and you looked over at Bucky who looked like he was picturing you fall over again as he was laughing. “You know the plan right?” He asked for what felt like the twentieth time.

“Yup. Find the weapon, contain it in whatever way possible and bring it back while you and Metal Man over there beat the crap out of anyone who stands in our way.”

Steve rolled his eyes, he had no clue what type of relationship you and Bucky had, one minute you were arguing the next he’d be giving you a piggy back or tickling each other. “Remember to be careful, we have no idea what it is or what it can do..”

“We just know it’ll be bad in the wrong hands.” You continued for him. “I know, you’ve mentioned once or twice before.”

“I just want to make sure everyone makes it out alive and uninjured. I know it’d be a first for us all if we all came out not bleeding but one can hope.” He mumbled and you just rolled your eyes.

You looked back over at Bucky who’s face had suddenly dropped and nudged him gently, he was still new to coming on missions after everyone had accepted that it was time he was trusted enough to join the team properly. “You doing okay, Buck?” You asked quietly. He didn’t answer, it was like he was in some kind of weird trance. You looked around to check Steve was doing his own thing before slipping your hand into his, which suddenly gained his attention.

He frowned at your now joined hands before looking up at you. “Yeah, I’m fine. This is just the first mission I’ve been on against Hydra since everything. I’m just worried is all.”

You smiled and squeezed his hand. “Everything will be fine, Buck.”


Everything had gone to plan, you’d gotten into the building with ease after the main foot soldiers had been taken out by the Avengers on the mission and you’d got to the room containing the weird alien weapon. You looked up at Bucky who was at the door and pulled on some gloves, who knew what this thing could do to you. You had to pick it up, there was no other way to move it into the box beside you.

You held your breath and carefully picked it up, trying not to freak out as it buzzed slightly. You swallowed hard as you lowered it into the box, making sure it didn’t bash any of the sides. You really didn’t want to find out what it was capable of here. You sealed it shut and carried it towards the man guarding the room. “We’re all done here.” You told him.

He looked down at you and nodded. “Steve cleared the path, we should be good to just walk to the quinjet.”

Of course, he’d spoken too soon and as soon as you were outside of the building, gunshots were heard. You heard him tell you to run, and you did no matter how cautious you were of the object concealed beside you, you didn’t want to get shot.

You made it back to the jet quickly and you weren’t wounded surprisingly, turns out those particular agents weren’t the best with their aim, or so you thought. You turned to Bucky, who was trying to contact Steve from the screens on the side of the jet. “You doing okay?” You asked as you noticed he was holding on to his arm.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothing.”

You shook your head and made your way over to him. You were no doctor but you knew he’d been shot. You put your hand on his shoulder and turned him gently once you heard Steve tell you he was on his way back. “They couldn’t have hit your left arm?” You asked him with a smile and pushed him down onto the seat to have a look at the top of his right arm where it looked like a  bullet had gone straight through.

“You should probably get that patched up. I know you heal quickly but it still looks bad.” You told him and pulled the first aid kit from the side, which was obviously filled with more than the usual plasters it should have been. You pulled out a bandage which would have to do for now. “Promise me when you get back you’ll go see the medics?” You asked and gestured for him to shrug off his jacket, which he did.

As you started wrapping the thick bandage around his arm he nodded. “Yes boss.”

You shook your head and sat beside him once you were done, leaning against his left side, which he didn’t mind. You’d only been out for an hour and you were exhausted, not that you’d sleep when you got back, you had work to do. “I don’t know how you do all of this without falling asleep as soon as you get back, you actually do all the work.”

He grinned and pushed you away gently, only to wrap his left arm around your shoulder so that you were resting more into his side. “Our job is done now, feel free to fall asleep until we get back and I’ll wake you up.”

“Thanks.” You mumbled and closed your eyes, a faint smile forming on your lips as you felt him kiss the top of your head.


You had personally walked Bucky to the medics on the base and made him stay until he was cleaned up, winking at him as you walked out. He really didn’t want to be there.

You immediately walked to the lab Tony had given you to work in, you’d never had your own lab before. You pulled your lab coat on and pulled a thicker pair of gloves on and pulled the foreign object from the container, putting it in front of you. You bit your lip in thought before leaning closer to it. “What exactly are you?” You asked out loud, grabbing a few tools to try and figure exactly that out.

After an hour of gentle prodding and poking you were getting nowhere. Nothing had happened and you were getting curious to whether or not this was just a decoy, not that you dared to touch it with bare skin.

You walked to the opposite side of the room to grab your phone to see if Bucky had text you to tell you he was done, you were going to raid Tony’s food stash together afterwards. He hadn’t so you assumed he was still in the infirmary.

You turned back with a frown when you saw some sort of purple smoke rising from it. That shouldn’t be happening. You frantically looked around and grabbed the first clear, plastic box you could find and frantically dropped it on top of it, cursing hard when it almost instantly melted with even more smoke coming from it, like it was trying to defend itself.

You felt yourself panicking as it continued to spread around the room at a fast pace and with nothing being able to contain it you slammed your fist on the button which sealed the lab off from the rest of the tower, which locked you in, which would usually stop you from being able to contaminate anything but you had no idea what this would do to you.

After a few more seconds, the back quarter of the room was covered in the thick smoke and you felt your breath quicken in realisation you were stuck. You made your way over to the glass door and leaned against it, seeing as it was the furthest away you could get.

“(Y/N)! What’s going on!” Came a loud voice, getting closer with each word. Bucky.

“I did something apparently and this happened!” You gestured to the smoke and turned to look at him. “I had to contain it but Tony doesn’t leave enough time for everyone in the lab to leave.” You told him, swallowing hard. “I don’t even know what that thing does to people.” You confessed as you saw the desperation in his eyes. “It literally just melted plastic the second it came into contact.”

“Well there has to be a way to get you out.”

“There’s a twelve hour period between when Tony can open the door and when it’s sealed, meant to protect everyone. It’s stupid if you ask me, because I’m stuck in here.” You muttered and gently punched the door.

“I’m sure he has another back up plan for all labs.” He sighed and pulled out the phone you had taught him to use and sent Tony a quick message. “How are you feeling?”

“I have a headache, you know like a hangover headache? One of those.” You told him and looked at him desperately. “Tell me if he replies?” You asked and looked back to the other side of the room which was getting fuller by the second.

“Of course.” He said and dropped the phone back in his pocket, bringing his full attention back to you. “Is there anything in there that can protect you? I’m not exactly willing to find out what it does to you.”

“Well I mean there was, but I’d have to walk through it all to get to them which kind of defies the point.” You sighed and sat down against the glass door, it wasn’t like you were going anywhere soon. He followed and sat so he could see you.

“We’ll get you out of there, don’t worry. Tony doesn’t call himself a genius for no reason, it’s his tower for Gods sake.” He told you confidently.

You laughed half heartedly and looked down, squeezing your eyes shut to try numb the pain of your headache. “Do you remember how we met?” You asked him, wanting to keep talking for as long as you could. You honestly weren’t that confident you were getting out of here.

“Of course I do. You recognised me from the museum Steve had taken me to and ran up and hugged him and then me, not even caring who I was. You were just ‘super happy’ that Steve had his best friend back.”

“Steve tried to pull me off you and you just hugged me back. Best day ever.” You laughed and leaned your head back. “I got a hug from someone who wouldn’t even give a handshake to anyone but Steve.

“Steve told me about you on the drive back, I assumed, correctly might I add, that you were harmless seeing as you always dragged him to my section of the museum. No threat meant no reason for me to worry.” He shrugged.

“And thus, a friendship was sort of born.” You smiled and touched your nose gently when you felt something wet. You were bleeding. That wasn’t good. “Buck.” You whispered, in fright as you looked down at your red fingers.

He opened his eyes when he heard your whisper, a gasp as he saw the red on your face immediately. “No, No…” He mumbled and stood up again, trying to call Tony this time seeing as he hadn’t answered.

You kept running your hand across your face in a desperate attempt to stop the flow. A sob escaped your lips as realisation hit you. “I’m going to die here.” You said to no one in particular. You looked up at Bucky who was frozen in place before he crouched down, getting as close as the glass permitted. “I’m so scared.” You told him and it was at that point he started panicking a lot harder internally. You never got scared, sure you had never been in a situation like this but you were the bravest person he knew. Hell you hugged the Winter Soldier when you didn’t know him.

“You’ll be fine. That’s nothing. It could just be a total coincidence.” He tried.

You shook your head knowing it wasn’t. “I had so much to do, I have family I was meant to be seeing soon.” You told him, tears flowing freely down your face as you looked up at him, several different emotions crossing his face as he tried to figure out a way to get you out.

“You’ll see them. I promise.”

“Natasha and Steve told me I should just bite the bullet and ask you out, that you were too cautious to ask me.” You admitted slowly, your hand coming to cover your nose again.

“And Doll, when we’ve gotten you out we can go on that date. You can even make fun of me for being too scared to ask you and I won’t get mad.” He told you as he tried to look for a weak spot in the glass that he could break through. Of course there wasn’t one.

“We can go to that diner a few blocks away. The one you said you liked because it reminded you of ‘back in the day’.” You smiled and tried to take a deep breath in to calm yourself down, which only made you more light headed. “I’d offer to pay seeing as I asked you but I have a feeling that won’t  happen.” You were met with a shake of his head but his eyes were still searching for a way out.

“Buck. Stop.” You tried telling him but he ignored you. “Bucky!” You said a little louder and he stopped,  bringing his eyes down to you.

“I can’t lose you.” He confessed and pressed his flesh hand against the glass, his forehead resting against it in defeat. “I’ve gone through so much but the thought of losing you..I can’t.”

You tried to rub the blood on your hand onto the lab jacket so you could put yours against the glass too without it looking scary but it wasn’t working. You bowed your head and tried to scrub harder but another sob escaped your mouth.

“(Y/N)” Bucky’s voice came through the glass. “You’re getting out okay? We can go get burgers and a milkshake and we’ll look back at this and laugh about how this is what it took for us to go out.”

You leaned against the glass heavily, a sudden wave of tiredness hitting you, out of the corner of your eye you saw the smoke only two feet away from you. “Can you tell the other guys I love them?” You took a deep breath in to try keep yourself awake. “Not as much as you obviously, but just make sure they know.” You whispered, your eyes fluttering shut briefly before they opened again. It’s like it was torturing you, killing you slowly. You felt more blood trickling from your ears now. You were gone and you knew it.

“I love you too.” He whispered as he saw you fall limp against the glass. The smoke filled the room at this point, but he could still see you pressed against the glass. And that hurt the most. He just sat there and watched your limp figure, oblivious to anything happening around him.

Part 2

You’re in a coma (Luke)



word count: 1,461


You are a very superstitious person.  So when Friday the 13th came around, you refused to do anything outside the house.  Except when you got a call from an angry employee saying that you said you would cover her shift today, you immediately felt bad and told her to give you five minutes.  You don’t know if it was the very carful way you were driving or the nervous way you pressed on the gas pedal but the moment you turned on your turn signal, you momentarily saw a red SUV heading straight towards you until your eyes closed at the impact.  You were aware.  You felt the touch of glass on your skin and you felt the thick line of blood down the side of your face.  You were aware of the honking and the ambulances and the chatting by standers.  You were aware for a long time until your eyes felt to heavy and your brain slowed down, so that you couldn’t be aware even if you wanted to be.  

Luke wasn’t your emergency contact on your medical record.  So by the time your mom had got off the phone with the hospital and had rushed to pack a bag and book a flight, you were the center of attention.  Nurses and surgeons and doctors all raced to your attention the minute they took you out of the ambulance.  Everyone with a pair of eyes could tell you were in bad condition.  Blood and glass and dirt gathered on your skin, a particularly large piece of glass was lodged into your stomach, making to harder to maneuver you from place to place.  Your heart beat was rapid and had already flat lined once but luckily they were able to revive you.

Luke was out with the boys at a local bar when this was happening.  Of course your mom was to much of a mess to remember to call Luke to inform him of the situation so he hadn’t a clue that his long term girlfriend was on the verge of life and death.  Michael had cracked a dumb joke when the bar tender flipped the channel to the news.  Pictures of the car crash appeared on the screen.  “Chopper 6 is still live after the scene after a large red SUV practically tore a small jeep holding one passenger.  No news on who the passenger is yet but the man driving the vehicle appeared to be intoxicated and was killed on impact.  As for the other passenger, who was recognized as 23 year old (y/full/n), reports say that she has been rushed to surgery and is in critical condition”  Luke practically spit his water out at the sound of your name.  His entire world blurred for a good 20 seconds.  Your picture that was about 3 years expired appeared on the screen along with the nasty picture of what was left of your car.  

He ignored the comments of the boys, grabbing his keys and throwing his jacket over his shoulder.  His eyes were tearing up, imagining the worst.  He tried to remember to not kill himself while trying to get to you but he couldn’t help but go just a tad over the speed limit.  
The doctors had luckily wrapped all of your open wounds up and were in the process of cutting you open and fixing up your internal damage as nurses stitched up cuts on your arms and legs.  
Luke had kept himself from breaking down up until the nurse at the front desk told him that you were still in surgery.  “Is she okay? pleas- please tell me she’s okay.  i can’t just sit here waiting for her without-without knowing anything!”  the amount of times he had tugged at the ends of his hair was uncountable and if you were standing wit him you would tell him he’s being ridiculous and that he was going to end up pulling out chucks of hair.  The nurses had calmed him down after a while.  He had only been waiting for an hour or so when your mom had called him and told him.  She sounded like she was crying herself and that made Luke want to cry.  She said that she was sorry for not calling earlier and that she was about a half hour away.  
It was three hours after Luke had first arrived that they came to tell your mom and Luke how you were doing.  “She is in a very critical state and right now the only thing that is keeping her alive is a machine.  One of her ribs is badly bruised and she is cut up pretty bad, her shoulder popped out of her socket but we popped it back into place but it shouldn’t take long to heal.  Those are al the minor effects of this” the doctor sighed looking down at the clipboard “when the car hit her head had been knocked very harshly onto the dashboard, for some reason the air bag hadn’t blown up to prevent her from hitting her head and it caused for a concussion which then lead to her to be put in a coma, in this case the longest it should last is a few months but its never a promise with these type of cases” your mom had let out a sob, turning to Luke and crying into his shoulder.  Luke stayed quiet letting her cry, trying his best not to break down as well.  “I’m so sorry that this happened but it could have been a lot worse” Lukes eyes snapped to the doctor, he wanted to scream and him togged the fuck away and to never say that to another family ever again but he knew that he was the one that was keeping you alive so he kept quiet. “can we see her” he snapped back at him.  The doctor nodded telling him that he’d send a nurse to take them to you.  
The nursed opened the door with a sad smile.  Your mom went in first, rushing to your side and breaking into sobs.  Luke stood frozen in the door way.  You laid on the small hospital bed.  Your entire body covered in scratches and cuts, your arm in a ling and a large headband type bandage across your head.  Luke wanted to break into sobs but he knew it wouldn’t make the situation any better for your mom if he did.  So instead he quietly went to the other side of your bed and slowly wrapped bot his hands around yours, timidly bringing it to his lips and kissing your knuckles.  Tears watered in his eyes, sadly smiling and taking a shaky breath.  
After a few hours your mom had went to a near by hotel to get some rest.  Luke said that he would stay here and wait for any updates from the doctors.  
He had heard many times from various places that people in a coma were aware of what you were saying, even the doctor had told you that you could move sometimes and it was very normal.  Luke bent down on his knees,  kissing your knuckles for about the millionth time since he’s been there.  “(y/n)”, he took a breath before laughing softly, wiping a tear from his cheek “I don’t know if you can hear me but- but i just want you to know that i love you.  i love you so much and i know that you’re in pain but please, please don’t leave me.  its selfish i know its selfish because your in pain but please don’t leave me” his voice cracked as tears left his eyes, landing on his grey sweatshirt.  “we can get married and have kids and buy a big house in the city just like you wanted, yeah? and we can get a puppy, a husky, and take cute pictures and do everything you’ve ever wanted to do okay? everything” he took another deep breath “please don’t leave me” he whispered desperately “please stay (y/n), god please stay” at this point Luke was sobbing against the side of the hospital bed.  He gently squeezed your hand with his, rubbing your knuckles just like how he did every time you held hands, and no matter how long it had been, you still blushed every time he did it.  He didn’t know if it was his conscious doing it for the sake of having hope, but he could’ve sworn you squeezed it back.   He didn’t care if it was a twitch or if it was simply his imagination.  It still have him the little sliver of hope that he need to believe that you were going to wake up. 

ok don’t judge i had major writers block and this was all i could come up with 

Knocked Up Part 5 - Requested (All)

Could you , pretty please 😘😘😘, do a part 5 to “Knoked up” ? 👶👶👶

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

“Who wants to come to the hospital with me? you walk into the living room, once again it’s filled with all the boys, if you wouldn’t know better it’s like they live with you and Ashton. 

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Ashton looks worried.

“For the echo?” you smile and he sighs with relief.


“This afternoon, the doctor just called, she has an opening”

“I’ll come babe”, Ashton says, but the other boys aren’t really excited.

“Okay then you’ll be the first one to see if it’s a he or a she”

“You’re gonna know the sex?” Michael looks at you with big eyes and you nod. 

“I’m coming”, Calum lets you know. 

“Is it going to be like last time?” Luke looks at you.

“That was two weeks ago, it was a bit early then”

“I don’t want to come just to see a butt”

“Luke, I can’t control the baby, but I’m sure we’ll see what it is today”

“Okay then I’m coming too”

“Let’s go then”


“(Y/N), how are you?” the doctor enters the room. You’re already lying down.

“Great thank you”, you smile to her.

“Oh you brought some people”, she looks surprised by seeing four guys.

“Yeah my fan club”, you laugh.

“Is the daddy here too?” she looks around to the boys. They look from her to you, all of them see your face drop.

“We’re all the daddy”, Calum smiles quick and he looks at you, making sure you’re alright and you smile to him.

“Well we’ll get started then”, the doctor smiles to you, clearly noticed the weird vibe after her question. You roll up your top, so your stomach is exposed. “Let’s see what we have here”, you look at the screen trying to figure out if you can see a penis or not. “I think I can congratulate you on a baby girl. (Y/N), you’re having a daughter”, the smile on your face grows.

“Yes! I win!” Calum smiles with triumph.

“Fuck off”, Ashton growls.

“I take cash, check or you can always transfer it to my bank account”, Calum smirks.

“What did you guys do?” you look between Calum and Ashton.

“Nothing”, Ashton looks away from you.

“Cal?” you know he can’t keep a secret from you.

“I just knew you were having a girl, but Ash didn’t want to believe me so now I’ve set him back for hundred bucks”

“You took a bet on my baby?” you make your voice sound hurt.

“Sorry”, Ashton pouts.

“By the way, we didn’t”, Michael and Luke are standing shoulder to shoulder and you laugh.

“Thanks guys. I’m happy I can still trust some of you”, you fake glare to Ashton and Calum.

“Sorry to interrupt”, the doctor says. “I do have to tell you something”, her worried face freaks you out. “The baby isn’t growing as she needs too. She only ways a little more than two weeks ago”, it’s like she has her hand round your heart and pinching it when she tells you this. “You have to rest and if she doesn’t get heavier, you’ll have to stay in the hospital”, the rest of her explanation passes you by. You try your hardest to bite down the tears. As she wipes clean your belly, you feel a hand on yours. You look to your side, seeing Luke’s hand and you give it a little pinch. “I would like to see you again next week. And rest”

“We’ll make sure or that”, Ashton tells the doctor and she leaves the room. You sit up and let your legs hang of the bed, taking a couple of deep breaths. “It will be okay babe”, Ashton stands before you and presses his lips on your forehead.

“We’re here for you”, Calum sits down next to you and brushes his hand over your back.

“I’m sacred” you whisper.

“It will be alright”, you look up right into Michael’s eyes. “It might be fixed with rest, nothing to be sacred off. Maybe only that you won’t get ride off us”, you laugh.

“Yeah you laugh now, but being stuck with these three twenty for seven is not as fun as it sounds”

“Dude”, Michael pushes Luke and he almost falls over.

“But seriously you’re only getting out of bed to go to the bathroom”, Calum warns you.

“Guys thank you, I wouldn’t know what I would do without you”

“And we wouldn’t know what our lives would be if you weren’t in it”, he presses his lips on your cheek.

“Come, let’s go home and rest”, you get off the bed hooking your arm into Calum’s and Michael’s.


Part 6

Oops you got the wrong show felicity
  • Barry is beaten and battered on the ground
  • Caitlin : Jay?!
  • Felicity: .....
  • Caitlin : jay ! Are you ok?!
  • Felicity (thinks ): what the frack ?!!!(leaning over Caitlin's shoulder to see the screen)
  • Caitlin (looks at her awkwardly ) : Felicity ? You're on the wrong show
  • Jay(from speaker) : cait I'm o....
  • Caitlin : hmm Felicity we're dating ...
  • Felicity : (eyes widen) what ?! That's it ! I'm out of here Screw you Greg. CW JUST KEEPS SCREWING WITH MY EMOTIONS. Go to hell Call me when Caitlin gets her head straight .....