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anonymous asked:

Hi! So I think I have ADHD, I've been doing some research and almost all of the symptoms match up with my personality or explain some of my behaviour. I was wondering if you had any advice on getting diagnosed or seeking help. From what I've read medication could be useful for me, especially because I'm in a really important academic year and I just can't focus, no matter how hard I try. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks :) (amazing blog btw)

From our FAQ:

How do I get diagnosed with ADHD?

  • You should ask your doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist who can assess you for ADHD. It’s best not to accept the results of one questionnaire that your doctor has you fill out; those are more for screening to see if further assessment is necessary.
  • The assessment itself depends on the professional you see. Typically there are a few components to a diagnosis: a questionnaire/screening tool; a computer test called the TOVA, where you click the mouse when you see something specific; and a variety of IQ and academic testing, which shows where your strengths and weaknesses are and can help indicate whether you fit the “ADHD profile.”
  • Not all assessments will use all of the components listed here. A questionnaire and a conversation (or series of conversations) with the clinician is also a legitimate diagnosis. The one time we’re sure a diagnosis is suspect is if you go to your doctor and say “I think I have ADHD” and the doctor then prescribes you medication without any further investigation.
  • Along those lines, it’s important to remember that a medication trial is not a legitimate method for diagnosing ADHD. Different medications work for different people at different doses, and some people who definitely have ADHD don’t respond to any medication at all. That’s why we have all these assessment tools.