the doctor taking a selfie

The Doctor and Selfies
  • One: Outwardly disdains them but takes a few cheeky ones when no one’s looking
  • Two: Has thousands. Jamie is in half.
  • Three: Has an OOTD Instagram. 20,000 followers.
  • Four: Does selfies shortly after causing massive chaos. Always grinning.
  • Five: Stopped taking them after Tegan made fun of him.
  • Six: Invented them.
  • Seven: Used to take them while something exploded in background but doesn’t because they could be used as evidence in a court of law.
  • Eight: Shoes.
  • Nine: You’re joking right
  • Ten: 12,000. All of his hair.
  • Eleven: All selfies are blurred because he keeps dropping the damn phone
  • Twelve: Fuck right off

Eyes for Clara – At the end of “The Woman Who Lived”, Clara shows the doctor her phone with a picture of herself and a student whom the Doctor had tutored.

I find it cute how the Doctor takes one look at the selfie and immediately zooms into Clara’s face (not giving a damn about the student).

And then, completely by accident, he happens to see Ashildr lurking in the background.

It amazes me that Clara was in this episode for only about 5 minutes at the very end and yet her presence was felt so strongly throughout.

P.S. I love that the Doctor is playing the riff from Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” while alone in the TARDIS waiting for his Clara to return. I’m going to miss this Doctor and his guitar.


Memories Part Two [huge thanks to tinyconfusion for all the help!]

Also, I’m legally blind, which means that even with corrective lenses my vision isn’t clear. Most people don’t know this because I fake clarity very well (plus it doesn’t disable me in any major way so I don’t talk about it often), but I remember in high school this guy kept hounding me about how wearing glasses is unhealthy. When I’d tune him out, I’d eventually zone back in to hear “glasses weaken your eyes over time so it hurts more than helps” and I just turned to him like “Harold I can’t see an inch past my nose without them so unless you’re personally volunteering to be my seeing eye guide I’m not interested.”

Imagine the Doctor throwing you a surprise birthday party. You had gone through the day without a word from him, and it was starting to bum you out. You came home, turned on the light, and got scared out of your mind as he yelled “surprise!”, standing next to a blanket laid out on the floor (like a picnic) with your favorite intergalactic foods, a cheap, fake, candle light (which for some reason you loved), and a wrapped box. Which, upon your opening, you realized, was an album of all the “random” selfies the Doctor had made you take with him on different planets. The photo album was half-full, the rest, he said, was for adventures to come. Imagine his face when you started choking up.

I’m the super intelligent alien protector of planet earth, battling extraterrestrial beings, saving the earth at all points in time and space while running for my life… but first lemme take a selfie