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Bones hiding away somewhere to cry alone after losing a patient he thought he should have been able to save. Kirk or Spock of chekov finding him and giving him a hug. Ok bye (Sorry if this sent a few times Tumblr was being weird

  • Bones has been quite close to cadet Francis for a few months now. Jim jokes it’s because the cadet fancies him, but it’s mostly because Francis suffers Xenopolycythemia. It’s horrible, Bones feels terrible for him, and it puts extra pressure on the doctor, for he’s the only one in the Alpha Quadrant who managed to cure the stupid disease thus far. And only once; on himself. It takes up a lot of his time, researching and testing different methods he used on himself before, but they don’t seem to change Francis’ condition. Jim visits him a lot, distracting him with reports, whiskey, and kisses (not necessarily in that order), because Jim needs attention, too. Often medical attention, at that, for getting himself hurt in an away mission.
  • One of those away missions goes awry, and the crew gets hit by a nasty flu. Bones is quick to catch on, placing cadet Francis in quarantine before he gets too close to those infected, but it’s too late. His already weakened immune system is not strong enough to fight off the virus, and two days later, cadet Francis is dead.
  • Bones is okay. He’s not fine, but he’s dealing. Dealing being; drinking himself into a stupor while trying to remind himself that deaths happen all the time. And so long he doesn’t think about it and keeps himself busy, Bones is okay. But then Jim waits for him at his quarters, medical report of Francis still open on his PADD. “You okay?” Jim asks, and just that question makes Bones think that no, he’s not okay, and he narrows his eyes. “Fine,” he says, “I just need to be alone.” Jim reaches out, a hand on Bones’ cheek, with the kind of affection Bones often yearns for, but now it just makes him more upset. “I need some time to deal,” he says, pulling away from Jim’s grasp, and he walks off.
  • The Enterprise has many corners and rooms that hardly see any visitors. And Bones finds a quiet corner down in the engine room, sitting down while continuously going through his PADD to look for ways he could have. Maybe. Could have had a different solution.
  • “Doctor,” Scotty says when he finds him, “what are you doing here?” “I need some time alone, Scotty,” Bones replies, though the hands in his hair must have indicated otherwise, because Scotty sits down next to him instead. “I heard about Francis,” Scotty says. “How did you-” “He was in engineering, I know everyone in engineering,” Scotty explains, “good lad. Terrible with the lassies, but a good lad. Idiot worked in a tank top one day instead of his uniform to get grease over his arms to impress the ladies. Didn’t work, and I had to send him to medbay with burns over his arms.” “Sounds like him,” Bones huffs, and Scotty chuckles. “Aye, so it does,” he says.
  • “Mr. Scott!” Chekov’s voice rings, and seconds later, he’s found the two of them, “I was just working on the engine and I noticed - Doctor? Are you okay?” “Yes, Chekov,” Bones says. “He’s upset because he lost someone on the operating table today,” Scotty says bluntly, and Bones sighs. “Yes, thank you for your tactful explanation,” Bones says, and so Chekov puts away his tools and instead squeezes himself right inbetween Chekov and McCoy. “You can’t save everyone, doctor.” “It’s my job to,” Bones says, “what good is an engineer if he can’t keep the engine running?” “Aye, well, way to get personal,” Scotty says, “but I can’t always keep the engine running. You know the Enterprise, it gets beat up a lot.”
  • “I’m here,” Sulu announces himself, and Bones frowns. “What are you doing here?” “Chekov texted me you were upset,” Sulu says, and Bones runs a hand through his hair with a sigh. “Of course he did.” “I brought some whiskey.” “Oh,” Bones says, gesturing him over, and Sulu sits down next to him. He opens the bottle, taking a sip himself before passing it on to Bones. “Did you know Francis well?” Sulu asks, and Bones huffs as he gives the bottle to Chekov. “Can we not? I came here to feel bad, I don’t need to feel worse.”
  • “Leonard,” Uhura calls out to him when she finds them, cupping his cheeks and pulling him into a hug. “Are you alright, doctor?” “Did Chekov message you, too?” Bones asks, and Uhura frowns. “No, Sulu did.” “Oh, of course,” Bones says, though he cracks up a small smile when Uhura sits down next to Sulu and she takes a sip of the bottle when it’s passed on to her.
  • “Uhura texted you?” Bones asks when Spock joins in, too. “Naturally,” Spock replies, “I heard about Francis.” “Everyone heard about Francis,” Bones says. “His survival was improbable, Leonard,” Spock says reaching out just briefly to gently squeeze Bones’ arm, but he sits next to Uhura, and even takes a sip of whiskey. “If I can cure myself, I should’ve been able to cure him.” “You know better than anyone else that it doesn’t always  work that way,” Spock says, “even if you had cured him, his immune system was so weakened that the virus still might have gotten him.” “You don’t know that,” Bones says. “I calculated the chances of his survival based on previous cases of Xeno-” “I don’t want to hear it,” Bones says, “I couldn’t save him.” “You would have if you had a little more time,” Uhura promises him. “You’ve cured more diseases than most Starfleet doctors combined,” Chekov promises him, “there’s no one we trust more to treat us than you.”  
  • “I can’t believe all of you are having a making-Bones-feel-better gathering and none of you thought of texting me,” Jim announces when he arrives, “I had to hear from the beta crew!”. “I thought Spock would,” Uhura says. “Why would I? This isn’t about Jim,” Spock replies. “Oh my God, I feel so left out,” Jim says, sinking down on the floor in front of Bones. “Are you okay? I knew you were upset, but not that you were this upset.” “I’m okay now, Jim,” Bones says, half annoyed, and half incredibly grateful when Jim cups his cheeks and kisses him softly. “If I knew, I would’ve come a lot sooner! Babe, it’s not your fault, okay? You’re the best doctor we could hope for.” “I know,” Bones says, “I already heard all the peptalks.” Jim huffs, taking the bottle from Scotty’s hands, and he takes a big sip. “I can’t believe this. My own boyfriend’s down and no one tells me. This family’s the worst.” Bones laughs, surrounded by his friends, all huddled together with a bottle of liquor. “No, this family’s just fine.”

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You know what I miss in Doctor Who and hope to come back when the next Doctor arrives? The Doctor being heroic, compassionate, and apologising sincerely for something that goes bad or any dark actions or errors he makes. 11 and 12 often act casually when people die and even be a bit rude about it. I know we all love a dark Doctor and the Doctor knows that he can't save everyone but I don't know, I just miss his more selfless and sympathetic nature. :)

Same. This was what I liked so much about Nine and Ten. Yes, they struggled sometimes because the Doctor is a flawed character who has lots of negative traits within him, but they were always ultimately called out by the narrative for acts of cruelty or selfishness, and were shown to be heroes by small acts rather than huge gestures. For example, in Ten’s final episodes (I know people have mixed thoughts about those), although Ten does a load of heroic stuff there and the Time Lords are there, and the Master, the ACTUAL heroic act of the episode is when he steps into that radiation chamber for Wilfred. He is scared and he wants to live but he gives up his life for a little old man because it’s the right thing to do. 

Remember when Nine wanted to torture the Dalek in Series One? He was called out by Rose and the narrative for being just like them, for being no better than the Daleks themselves. The hero was Rose for showing compassion and empathy, and the Doctor was shown to learn from her example and change his own ways. 

I miss that side of him too. 


  • Doctor who: the doctor is blind now oh no!!!
  • Me: ok but can't he just regenerate his eyes???
  • Doctor who: it's gonna be so hard for him being blind!!!
  • Me: did you guys forget about regeneration or ???
  • Doctor who: he can't let his enemies know he's blind!!!
  • Me: when ten got his hand cut off he just regenerated a new one can't he just regenerate them ????
  • Doctor who: how will the doctor manage to survive and save everyone while he's blind!!!!??!!!
  • Doctor who: how long will he be blind for?? Will he be able to keep it a seceret??? Watch to find out!!!
  • Me: REGENERATE THEM!!!!!!1!!1!!!!1
Gazing Upwards

Pairing: Twelfth Doctor x reader

Requested by: Anonymous “ Is there a chance you could do a Twelfth x Reader in which the reader is super stressed and trying to hide it from The Doctor, but he of course knows and tries to make it better? Thank you!”

I face this problem a lot anon, and I’d love for Twelve to make me feel better. Hope you enjoy!

When the Doctor looked at you you immediately stopped fussing with your sleeves. You were very stressed lately. You had to balance your actual life and your Doctor life and it was getting a bit, much. Recently your boss at work had started piling the work on you and that meant less time with the Doctor and less time relaxing and it was getting to you. Long days had become the norm and less sleep meant you had beautiful new bags under your eyes. (”You look like a raccoon!” one of your friends had commented.) Makeup had become your new friend as it hid your new friends.

The Doctor, of course, knew nothing of this by your choice. You knew he always felt terrible when you got hurt so you couldn’t tell him how much these trips meant to you. Your weekly trips had become your only way of relieving stress in your life because you knew it would stress him and you knew that wouldn’t be too good. No, the Doctor couldn’t know of your problems, that was how it should be.

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Fear (Pharah/Mercy - Overwatch)

Death was inevitable. No doctor was delusional enough to believe everyone could be saved, but Angela tried her best. With every life saved, it restored hope in her—perhaps humanity would understand that fighting wasn’t the solution. Until then, she rushed into battle alongside her allies and ensured their lives never flickered out. They had Angela’s back, in turn.

But it didn’t stop the hitch in Angela’s throat when guns fired to the skies and struck Fareeha.

She didn’t think; she just acted. The wings to her valkyrie suit unfurled and her feet lifted from solid ground. Once in range, a golden beam jutted out from her Caduceus Staff and connected with the falling Fareeha. And yet she still fell.

No, Angela thought while zooming towards her. Don’t die on me. I won’t let you. Just fly. Please, fly.

She blinked back what she refused to admit was tears. Fly for me.

But Fareeha crashed into one of the rooftops and Angela touched down on the ledge. Maneuvering past the damaged shingles, Angela maintained the healing beam while dropping to her knees. She damned the Raptora Mark VI for preventing her from locating a vein for a heartbeat. The technology was too advanced for even Angela to decipher the vital stats on the electronics. Fear riddled Angela’s face as she pressed a palm into Fareeha’s chest. Nothing beat for her there, but the motors still whirred in the suit.

A moment later, Fareeha stirred, groaned, and grimaced. Angela gasped and held her breath. When she flashed those beautiful, dark eyes at Angela, a smile overwhelmed her.

“You’re alive!” Angela squeaked out.

“Am I?” Fareeha struggled to sit up. “You sure?”

“For now, yes. Let me call for backup. Wounds I can deal with, but malfunctions in your suit are beyond my—”

“No, I must be dead,” Fareeha insisted. “You’re an angel… right?”

Blush burned Angela’s cheeks while Fareeha closed her eyes.

She stayed beside her exhausted comrade until additional medics arrived to escort Fareeha off the battlefield. While her Caduceus Staff worked its magic, Angela sat in silence with Fareeha’s words echoing in her head. She had to have been delirious from the shock. Confused her outfit with that of an actual angel.

Because she couldn’t possibly think that fondly of her, right? 

Angela could only dream that she did. Sometimes a dream was enough to get by on.

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Why it is unfair that only River Song got to know the Doctor's name:

Just the facts about the Doctor’s companions:

  • Rose Tyler: Was a great friend to the post-Time war Ninth Doctor, fell in love with him, swallowed the Time Vortex to save him and risked her own life, set the timeline straight so the Doctor won’t die in the parallel world where Donna didn’t meet the Doctor, jumped through dimensions to reunite with the Doctor and save the universe.
  • Martha Jones: Was a true friend and a support to the Doctor after he lost Rose, took great care of the fob-watched Doctor, travelled through the world to save everyone from the Master’s tyranny.
  • Donna Noble:Arguably the Doctor’s best friend, was there to make him stop when he was endangering himself and to coax him into saving someone, played a key-role in defeating Davros and the Daleks and saving the universe.
  • Amy and Rory:True friends to the Doctor, travelled with him for years and stood by his side through everything, including the Pandorica and the Silence.
  • Clara Oswald: Was the voice of humanity for the somewhat cold Twelfth Doctor, was responsible for talking the Time Lords into granting the Doctor a new regeneration cycle and thus saving his life, had jumped into the Doctor’s timeline to defeat the Great Intelligence and save his life.
  • River Song: Was kidnapped by the Silence as a child and brainwashed into killing the Doctor, actually poisoned the Doctor during her early days, is a self-confessed psychopath and has been shown conducting businesses with dubious ethics.

So why is it that River Song deserved to know the Doctor’s real name and none of the other extremely loyal companions? If the Doctor’s name is a great secret and is potentially dangerous, why would he give it to someone who had attempted to murder him once? I know she is reformed. I can support the Doctor trusting her and loving her. But telling her his name seems reckless and unfair to me.

I am bitter.
I mourn for the people I couldn’t become and I blame the world for it.
They killed the poet
They killed the writer
They killed the playwright
and everything they could’ve written.
They killed the actor
They killed the model
They killed the muse
and everything they could’ve become.
They killed the firefighter
They killed the doctor
They killed the soldier
and everyone they could’ve saved.
They killed the child
They killed the romantic
They killed the dreamer
and everything they could’ve accomplished.
They killed everything I could’ve become and I’m bitter. Because in the end, I let them die.
—  Me (JNH). I am bitter.

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You know what I need? I need Doctor Iplier having a horrible day and Host just holding him while he cries and telling him everything is gonna be okay :")

The Host wrapped him in a warm blanket, offering him a big, hot cup of chocolate.
“you know I don’t really like chocolate” protested the Doctor; his cheeks were covered in tears.
“This is not the time for coffee, neither for complaining” answered the Host, giving him a concerned look and a soft kiss on the lips. Then, he placed the cup on the table: apparently the Doctor wasn’t still calm enough to drink.
“I didn’t save him” said Dr. Iplier, looking at the cup with dead eyes.
“You can’t save everyone” said the other, slowly caressing the Doctor’s hand.
“But I…” the voice of the Doctor cracked before he could end his phrase; he broke down in tears, again, curling up on his chair.
The Host hugged him, whispering on his ear:
“But you want to, I know. Just remember that everything is going to be alright, and I’ll be here for you.”

I think what I loved so much about “The Lie of the Land” is that it’s going back to the concept of “ordinary person does extraordinary things.“ Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble… they were all ordinary people. Like Donna always said that she was nobody, she was just a temp from Chiswick, she was nothing – and still for one moment… one shining moment… she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.

And then Amy and Clara happened, and we got “The Girl Who Waited” and “The Impossible Girl” and Doctor Who became all about these Companions who were so special – the girl connected to cracks in the universe and the girl who appears in every incarnation of the Doctor’s life. They’re not ordinary, everyday people who find out they’re capable of extraordinary things – they’re extraordinary right from their inception.

And now we have Bill, and we’re back to what I love so much about Doctor Who. We have this great Companion, Bill Potts, who’s just a canteen assistant at the university before she meets the Doctor. And she saves everyone by filling the Monks’ mind with a memory and an image that they’re incapable of corrupting, because it never happened, it’s one that she made up to keep herself company: her imaginary version of her mum, from the old photo she has of her. And that loving woman, reaching out her hand just…. fucking killed me.

Like maybe I’m just a total sap for liking that but I don’t care??? It’s sweet and it’s so important to see a Black woman be that symbol of love saving the day, a la Harry Potter and all. So sue me, I like a good trope now and then. And yeah, the episode, kind of plodded a long in parts, it was nowhere near as good as Extremis (Moffat is very good at starting out strong and then kind of ending on a weaker note…) but it was still solid af and I’m happy w it.

Can we talk about Mary Seacole?

This woman is the most mom person ever. And is a unsung hero of the creation of modern nursing. She is literally the most inspirational person ever. She left her life of success that she had build herself in Jamaica to become a nurse in the British Army. However she was turned away most likely because of the color of her skin. However instead of backing down she gave a big FUCK YOU to that and gathered funds to go to the front lines of the Crimea War herself. Why? To help people. Her mother was a nurse and Mary had wanted to be a nurse all her life. She mixed traditional and ‘modern’ (by 1800′s standards) medicinal techniques to help provide aid for her sons on the battle field. No not her biological children, EVERY FUCKING BOY AND MAN IN THE BRITISH ARMY WAS CONSIDERED HER SON. However no nurse or doctor can save everyone, so her sons that she couldn’t save she helped them to pass as best she could. And she did this all for free. FREE. Her source of income came from a restaurant esq building that she set up near the front lines of battle. However even for that she took out I.O.U’s that she never forcefully followed up on. However you’d either have to be in deep shit financially or a really bad person to not want to pay back Mother Seacole. She set up her Restaurant so close to the front lines that she could hear cannon and rifle fire as she slept. But she needed to be as close to her sons as she could so that she could help. 






How Missy and the Master survived - a theory

by qthewetsprocket, aged none-of-your-damn-business

When Missy grabbed Twelve’s hand, she absorbed some of the regeneration energy that we ~repeatedly~ saw leaking out of him throughout the whole episode. Don’t tell me she couldn’t sense that; she was probably all ‘eugh Doctor you’re leaking just regenerate already and save everyone a cleaning bill’.

Hey, if a single *tear* is enough to jump-start a dying Time Lord’s regeneration, you bet your boots a big whopping dose of extra regeneration energy is *more* than enough to do the trick.

Also? She totally lied about not remembering anything about being on the ship before, so it’s a pretty good bet that she remembered shooting herself and took some steps to prevent it / recover from it.

As for the Master’s regeneration? I don’t think it happened exactly when they said it would, because you bet your discarded cyber-ass Moffat would have shown it. (This is the man who hates loose ends so much that he wrote an entire mini-sode just to give the Eighth Doctor a regeneration scene, ffs.)

Anyway, all this means that both Missy and Simm!Master can come back in future episodes, so I am clinging to this theory like a freaking barnacle.

#10. waiting room

“you can’t save everyone”

components: doctor!midorima. a patient. the end of the wait.
a/n: recycled an old spare drabble in my drafts because im obvs not writing the other requests l o l

Midorima massaged his temple, trying to rid himself of the images in his head. The frustration had built up inside of him and he had to hold it in. He was a doctor. He had to keep it together for the sake of his patients and for their families. He took a deep breath, slipping off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Shintarō,” a quiet voice called out, pulling him out of his thoughts. His eyes snapped open as he put his glasses back on, trying to get a glimpse of the person in the darkened doorway. He sighed, slumping back on his seat when he saw that it was you. You stepped into the room and positioned yourself on his desk in front of his hunched figure on the chair. “How are you feeling?” You reached to stroke his hair, feeling the soft locks slip between your fingers.

“I’m fine, I guess.” He shrugged, trying to keep his emotions in check. He melted into your touch, head leaning into your hand. He had the scene replaying in his mind. Telling a young boy’s parents that their 5 year old had not survived the surgery. Their screams echoing in the hallway. His mom on her knees, sobbing while clutching her hair. His dad right beside her, trying to hold back his tears through chokes. It felt like the earth had shaken, sending their worlds and his crumbling down. There was no worse failure for a doctor than the failure of saving a life. Shaking his head, he tried to get the thoughts out of his mind. “You should go home,” he took your hand in his and placed a soft kiss on it, then leaned his forehead against it.

You continued to touch his hair, knowing he found comfort in the action. “I’ll wait,” you whispered, kissing his forehead. His hand was trembling, shaking in fear and pain. You never liked delivering bad news to families. It was the worst part of the job. But Midorima carried all the burden and shouldered all the guilt on his own. “Sweetheart, it wasn’t your fault. There was nothing that could’ve been done.”

“I’m a doctor, I’m supposed to know what’s supposed to be done.”

You tipped his chin up with your finger, “Don’t ever think that way. Nobody’s perfect. Nobody’s going to know who’s going to pass and who’s going to live. None of us know. Unless you’re God, you don’t know how to save everyone. So, yes, you hold a part of the responsibility but so do the rest of us. The mom should be taking better care, the dad for noticing more about his son’s condition, the nurses for providing better aid. Everyone holds a piece of that responsibility.”

He gulped, staring up at you and sighing. “It’s just hard,” he said through choked breaths.

“I know,” you whispered, kissing his forehead. “I’m sorry I’ll never completely understand how you feel, sweetheart, but I’ll always be here for you. No matter what. But just know that you’ve made a lot of differences in people’s lives alright.” You smiled at him. “It’s not the time to despair but a time to mourn and a time for acceptance. You have many more lives to save in the future.”

He exhaled and pulled you to his lap, leaning his head against your arm. “Thank you.” He turned his head to face you. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


That middle gif is possibly my new favoritest thing in the world.

(Even with the J.J. Abrams levels of lens flare that answers any questions no one has ever asked about what it might look like if he also got his paws on Doctor Who.)

But let us also praise these for showing the constituent elements that would come together as one at the next hootenanny:

Things I don't understand...

I am incapable of understanding how there is so much negativity surrounding Peter Capaldi’s first season. How is that even possible?!

I mean for starters, there’s Capaldi’s Doctor. Grumpy, dark humour (“No I just saved you and let everyone else suffocate. Heheheh…” I like it!), utterly devoted to Clara (“Do you really think I care so little for you that betraying me would make a difference?”). Capaldi is simply a fantastic actor, giving a skilled and layered performance, infusing every line with the integrity and gravitas the role deserves. And having the time of his life.

He was born to play the Doctor and you can tell just how much it means to him.

This doctor carries jelly babies in a snuff box, does little victory dances when no ones looking, works the stylish magician angle and hides his vulnerably under all that detached grumpiness.

I love the twelfth doctor.

And Clara. She’s so human. She makes mistakes, lies and is completely addicted to the Doctor. She’s brave, wicked smart, has killer fashion sense, and can be as manipulative and controlling as the Doctor.

There’s is the most fascinating Doctor-companion relationship I’ve ever seen. They adore each other even when they don’t get on. They bring out the best and the very worst in each other and that makes them such a compelling pairing. I believe that’s partly why Jenna stayed on longer - such chemistry and so much potential.

We also had Michelle Gomez - divinely unhinged as a female Master!!! So unpredictable it made her genuinely scary. The beautifully played Danny Pink, so perceptive and good for Clara. Lovely Osgoode finally coming into her own (sob sob). This show takes risks now - people actually die.

Then there’s the sheer perfection of Mummy on the Orient Express (the costumes, Frank Skinner, WHO IS GUS?!). The thrilling Flatlines (original, eerie monsters and just listen to that score again). The atmospheric masterpiece that was Listen (that monologue). Clara’s dress in Robot Of Sherwood!!

I am losing coherence due to sleepy ramblings. There’s just so much to love about this series. Why all the hate?! I am truly baffled! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…