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I was thinking, there must be a way to set up a network of doctors and therapists who are willing to write “this person is trans/has transitioned, do the thing they want” letters, similar to what that the trans law help people have done?

And after reading one too many “people who present or identify in a way I don’t like are Hurting Trans People (Because Cis People Probably Hate Them As Much As I Do And Might Think I’m Like That)” posts/comments…

I think the only requirement for help from such a network should be that the recipient has to post something like, “Those genderweird tucutes are literally the only reason I could [transition/change my documents], and I owe everything to them and henceforth will shut my mouth about transtrenders, who are THE BEST.”


Adventure Time and Space!

A master post of all my Doctors in Adventure Time style. These were fun, I’ll probably leave the series for a bit here but if I ever do any more, I’ll be doing things like the Peter Cushing Dr. Who, Jackson Lake & Rosita, the Curse of the Fatal Death Doctors, the Master etc… not any time soon though.

I also stuck the collection on my Redbubble because I know a few of you wanted prints!

Here are the individual posts!

1, Susan, Ian and Barbara

2 and Jamie

3 and Jo

4, Sarah and K9

5, Nyssa, Tegan and Adric

6 and Peri

7 and Ace

8 and Grace

War Doctor

9 and Rose

10, Martha and Donna 

11, Amy and Rory 

12 and Clara

blaxicanbby  asked:

Sherlock has prescribed syringes nonetheless, he could definitely be taking hormones and abusing that he had access to needles in hlv... Since he's well known, why would a dealer sell a kit to him? Wouldn't they be worried he's setting them up?

Crossovers that COULD happen and would be beautiful.

There are a lot of impossible crossovers that we would all LOVE to see. Like Gravity Falls/Steven Universe. 

Here are a few that could happen and would be AMAZING.

1. Gravity Falls / Star VS the Forces of Evil

Admit it. This would be cool. Star accidentally warps on over to gravity falls, Sending Ford and Dipper into hysterics. Star Become BESTIES with Mabel, and more stuff happens.

2. Doctor Who / Sherlock

Just… Yes. The Doctor runs into Sherlock somehow and the rest is history.

3. Penn Zero Part Time Hero / Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

Two Underrated shows. SERIOUSLY THESE TWO ARE GREAT. Randy Screws up and Penn comes in to fill his place. It fits perfectly.

4.  Clarence / Over the Garden Wall

Ok, this one is OBVIOUS. With the Town layout the EXACT SAME and a silhouette of Wirt and Greg seen in the backround, we can assume this could happen. Possibly Clarence ends up in the Unknown? That would be an interesting Plot.
I'm sorry, I can't face being a doctor any more
My family and I won’t survive the junior doctor contract financially or personally – I’m giving up

I thought about whether to post this here. I try to be positive about medicine, because there is much to love about it; it is an amazing opportunity. I don’t want to scare off those of you who still have hope. Each generation can make a difference.  However, there are real problems which jeopardise the commitment people have to their calling.

The most demoralising part of medicine for me is how hard it hits colleagues. When you see so many talented, dedicated people for whom medicine is a calling question if they can do it or feel like they must leave, it is heartbreaking.

I find the most frustrating comments to articles about medicine to be the ones questioning people’s sense of vocation. Because many of the people commenting might never know the heartbreak of having something you are passionate about ripped away from you. It is visceral.  When people feel they can’t do the job they love because it makes them mentally or physically unwell, the decision to walk away is NOT easy.

When people leave the job they gave blood, sweat and tears to, for DECADES, because the system has become so twisted that the dream job has become a nightmare, it is NOT their fault. It does not make them a worse person, and it doesn’t mean that they didn’t (or don’t) care about the job.

A vocation is about passion. It is about doing something you love, because although it is difficult, you feel fulfilled and alive doing it. It is not about being a martyr; suffering should not be an integral part of following your calling.  There is nothing glamorous or noble about being trampled on by employers or forced into unsafe conditions. In most sectors, workers are encouraged to assert themselves and demand to be treated fairly and paid what they are worth. They are told that if they work hard and demonstrate their value, this will be recognised. Yet, when it comes to workers in the public sector, many  comments focus on how ‘cuts have to be made’ or ‘workers in X sector have it bad, so you should too!’ and that ‘they shouldn’t be in it for the money’.

Public sector workers, in particular, are held to a completely different moral standard than the rest of society, and that is unfair. We have as much right to be happy. As much right to be paid fairly. As much right to safe and humane working conditions. As much right to our concerns for our wellbeing being respected.

Staying in a job that makes you miserable, which does not treat you fairly, or doesn’t pay enough for you to be able to keep doing that job, is against your intersts and should be against your self-preservation instincts. Each person deserves to be happy, and that includes working in an environment which allows this. You are not weak for looking to be treated well.

For many of us, walking away is so hard, precisely because medicine was their calling. They were prepared to do so much, and they did so much, to do the job they loved. But it wasn’t enough. They left because the ache of leaving the job they were passionate about was less painful than the constant agony of being trapped in an environment which turned the job they love into a weapon against their wellbeing.

Friends, I salute every one of you. Every one of us who considers leaving, or leaves because it becomes unbearable to stay. You are stronger than many people will ever know; don’t let anyone tell you that you weren’t dedicated enough. Whoever you are, and whatever you are facing, I’m proud of you.

Important life tip:

When choosing a health insurance plan, read the exclusions section of the contract.


I work for a health insurance company. I am writing up material related to two different plans offered by the same company to their employees. One is HMO (must stick to the approved network) one is PPO (you can choose out of network doctors). People love PPO because freedom. It’s usually more expensive. But don’t just choose PPO because it seems better!

This particular employer doesn’t cover some of the lesser used services on the PPO plan, likely to offset costs of people going out of network. So while one plan covers eye exams and gender reassignment hormones AND surgery, plan two only covers eye exams for diabetics and doesn’t cover transition surgery. There are other differences too.

If you signed up for a plan and need something that isn’t covered, you’re likely SOL until the next enrollment period.

Are you heartbroken that Clara’s dead? Is she your favourite companion and you already miss her? If yes, then this is the perfect network for you! It will be a place to make new friends, talk about Clara and share your creations with other people :)


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