the doctor is only as good as his friends

Tokyo Ghoul :Re Ch. 103 (Summary)

Hey guys I don’t have time for a full translation this week but I’ve read the raw text and this is a summary:

A flashback reveals that Ogura (the ghoul researcher) was in the same Ghoul Research Club at university as Kanou. Kanou was really hot when he was young LOL

In the present, Kaneki, Nishiki and Tsukiyama take Ogura and his friend into a karaoke box to talk in private about getting medical help from his group.

Tsukiyama starts singing “A Whole New World” from Aladdin in English, and Nishiki remarks that he’s really good LOL

Ogura puts forward his philosophy about how people are only born ghouls or humans by chance so they shouldn’t have their fate decided like that. 

It’s possibly revealed that Kimi is a doctor he’s talking about, a woman who’s ex-lover was a ghoul.

It’s revealed that all they now need to heal Akira is Rc Suppressant Gas. To get this gas, they are going to have to break into a research laboratory. 

After Ogura leaves, Nishiki convinces Kaneki to sing “Unravel” from the Tokyo Ghoul anime with him, LOLOLOL

On the CCG side, there is a meeting of the Special Classes. Furuta convinces everyone that the Clowns are going to attack the CCG headquarters for reasons. He says that the HQ was always protected by Arima Kishou, and that they need a new Arima- and Suzuya is his choice. Suzuya agrees to do it.

Ui agrees with Furuta and since Matsuri isn’t present at the meeting, says they should go ahead with the plan without his approval. He meets Takeomi after the meeting and Takeomi says that Urie has already realised that the next target is the HQ. Ui bemoans that Urie has potential but is a bad judge of character by siding with Matsuri LOL

Takeomi, Ui and Saiko go to Yoriko’s cafe, where Takeomi suddenly proposes marriage to Yoriko, and Saiko spits her drink in Ui’s face LMAO

Her Losing Her Voice: SEVENTEEN

| NCT 127 |


Will cuddle up to you so that you two can just chill.


would be genuinely taking care of you., making you some herbal tea and even trying to cook something good.


Would suddenly become a doctor that knows what’s best for you.


He’d try to get your mind off from the fact that you lost your voice so that you wouldn’t feel as down.


You wouldn’t be getting out of bed, only for toilets, since he would become like a mom, saying that you need to recuperate so therefore health was essential.


Would be all over the place while trying to help you, even if he’d be teased by his friends.


Since you couldn’t talk he’d fill the silence with his music, occupying you in his own little realm of dreams.


His number one priority was to make you smile.


In no way would he miss to see this event as a chance to spend even more time with you, getting to know you better through your actions instead of voice.


“My cuteness will make you better.”


Would exaggerate the problem so much the others will think that you’re doing and not having laryngitis.


The kind of person to suddenly say “I can understand you without you speaking, anyway.” and then make a shitload of wrong speculations.


Not Just Another Human

Fandom: Doctor Who

Word count: 1195

Characters: Eleventh Doctor x reader

Warnings: argument

Summary: Requested by anon. The Doctor, who has a crush on the reader, meets her new boyfriend. Unknown to him, she feels the same way. 

 “Doctor! Are you coming or not?” you called up the staircase. As you spoke, you fiddled with the buttons on your shirt.

He bounded into the console room, and you felt your heart leap at the sight of his wild grin and stupid bow-tie. It was like this every time you saw him- even though, you remembered, that had never been an option. You were only human, nothing special. Not to him.

“Of course I am!” he replied. “Gotta make sure he’s good enough for you, don’t I? After all, you’re my best friend. ”

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Drs Reid: End

“Are we insane?” Derek asks softly, his lips still only a breath away from yours. His kiss had pretty much knocked you senseless.
“You’re my best friend’s sister. And my doctor and you live in Maine.”
“Spencer’s good with it. He told me the day you came into the hospital.”
“What about the other two?”
“Well, I’ve been offered a position by the Surgeon General that I’ve been kicking around.” You give a little shrug, “And technically the second you were discharged you were no longer my patient.”
“Are you sure Reid’s okay with this?”
“He said something along the lines of he’d like it because he knows you could protect me. I don’t know why I’d need protecting but if that’s what gets his blessing then okay.”
“You’d need protecting because there are dangerous people out there and you’re a beautiful woman.” You can feel your cheeks heat at the last part. His hands gently cup your cheeks and he smiles down at you, “I mean it. You’re so beautiful. Not just your looks but your mind, personality, all of it. You’ve completely wrapped me around your finger.”
“I didn’t mean for you to.” You whisper.
“I don’t think either of us could help it.” Derek says with a smile. You wrap your arms around his neck then pull his lips to yours. His lips are soft against yours and when his tongue darts out you part your lips willingly. His fingers slide through your hair as his tongue brushes yours sending goosebumps along your arms.
You don’t know how long you and Derek sit under the stars, talking, laughing and kissing. He’s wonderful, you can see why Spencer would be so close with him. You can also see yourself falling for him, 100%.

Being The Doctor’s nurse would involve:

  • At first, his expectations might be a little too high for you. He is a hologram, after all, and hardly ever makes mistakes
  • Expectations would include being exactly on time, always getting the dosage precisely right, remembering to put away the medical instruments when you’re done with them, etc
  • And while all that is really important, The Doctor doesn’t really get that you’ll make mistakes sometimes
  • After snapping at him that “I’m only human,” he’ll give you a bit of leeway and he’ll stop treating you like you’re a computer who will get everything right
  • After a while into the journey, you become one of the closest people to The Doctor. Mainly because you’re around him a lot
  • He’ll consider you one of his best friends
  • You both come to be able to work together so well. Knowing what the other is thinking and reacting quickly, which is good in an emergency situation
  • When The Doctor starts having a bit of a social life, you’ll have to pick up on some of his Sick Bay duties
  • But it’s worth it because you’re good friends

Requested by Anon~

will solace headcanons

- he can play ukulele on the low
- he loves basketball. he has a really nice shot, so his favorite NBA player is steph curry
- he is the Mom Friend
- he likes having his nails painted
- he hates dressing up in anything beyond nice casual but he looks REALLY good when he does
- pretty much all the campers have a friend crush on him, like they admire him but he has no idea
- he was born in florida
- he is very insecure about his lack of abilities
- because healing is his only strong area he constantly overworks himself in the infirmary because if he doesn’t he feels useless and lazy
- he is always polite with adults like teachers, he has very good manners when he needs to
- he is basically a doctor/nurse without the degree, like he is crazy educated in biology and anatomy and first aid for his age and medical science just comes easily to him
- he is really smart but with how he talks and fools around you’d think he’s average in intelligence but he’s not, he doesn’t even realize how much he knows sometimes
- he looks up to percy and annabeth and the rest of the OG titan war squad a lot
- he’s an introvert, and when he needs some alone time he wanders off and talks to nature spirits especially the nereids
- has a love/hate relationship with his freckles
- the ace bandage thing is a habit he picked up from lee fletcher when he was younger
- he doesn’t get along with his dad, like even when apollo shows up at camp the rest of his siblings all run to their dad all excited and happy and they love him so much but will just doesn’t really care. like they have talked a few times but it’s so hard, and will claims he doesn’t know why they don’t fit since he believes his dad is a well-meaning guy, but deep down he knows he’s bitter that he doesn’t have the apollo abilities his siblings were given
- he cares so much about his little baby siblings and he is just a mom ok he wants to make sure that none of his siblings feel like they have no friends or they have no parents
- he covers his mouth when he laughs or bites his lip when he smiles really big because he thinks it looks weird, doesn’t like his mouth
- (nico loves it)

Soulmates | impossible-gal


The Doctor was a lonely man. He lived with only his dog, Tardis, and a name on his arm. The name of his soulmate. He’d met a few people with the name, but never anyone he thought was the one. All of his friends had found their soulmates, and moved away, so he lived a lonely and isolated life.

The Doctor’s first day at his new job. The chance to start a new, make a good impression…

And he’d ruined it. Only ten minutes in, and he’d gotten lost. He was supposed to have been heading for the caretaker’s room, but he had completely ignored the woman who’d told him the directions.

Since he was now the only caretaker, there wasn’t even anyone he could ask for. He groaned. How embarrassing. He was going to have to stop a random teacher and ask for directions…

Doctors can't be trusted

So a friend of mine recently got diagnosed of severe lactose intolerance and it was one intense adventure for him. He was out with a friend and had some coffee, after the night ended he felt strange and ended up throwing up in the toilet and some other trouble, went to the doctor right away. He thought he had diarrhea and so he told the doctor so, now here is the interesting part, after attentively listening to my friend, the doctor being subtle started typing on his computer. My friend peeked and to his surprise.. The doctor googled “critcial diarrhea” and was going through the results for medication. The doctor obviously prescribed the medicine he got off the internet and as expected it only made things worse.. Took my friend another visit to a different doctor before being told he has developed lactose intolerance and acquired the correct medication. He is doing good now, no thanks to Dr. Google 🙃

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Finally. He was finally home, and even then it was only by the good will of the doctor that had released him into the care of not only his three friends, but the Marshall himself and Iris as well. But his freedom still had him stuck in his rooms and largely immobile, though every so often he’d get help to move from the bed he’d been sleeping the days away in, to the chair in the study just down the hall so that he could do something else. It was one of these trips that he had been asked if he would see a woman who’d asked for him by his nickname.

She was certainly interesting, if nothing else.

“I would stand and offer a hand, but I’m afraid that its solidly out of the question. Is there something that I might be able to help you with?”


Gif source:  Ten  |  SVU

Imagine dating the Doctor and meeting the SVU squad.

——— Request for anon ———

“Good to meet you, Doctor?” Carisi drawls, offering a hand which the Doctor shakes eagerly enough, a bit of a questioning tone extending an inquiry of the strange man’s name.

“Just the Doctor,” the Doctor clarifies, making Carisi get a puzzled look on his face before he glances at Fin and Rollins, “and we’ve met before. Well, in my past, your future.”

Before Olivia can ask for the Doctor to clarify, you interject, “Doctor, what are we doing here, anyway? What’s going on?”

“I wanted you to meet some of my friends,” he begins, only to quirk a brow as he realizes outlaid, “Technically, not yet, but we will be.”


She hated him. She hated the way he walked into a room as if he owned it. She hated the way he declared himself a great scientist. She hated how he kept on saying that he could easily recreate what Mitch Morgan could, but what pushed Jamie over the edge that day was his flirting. It was aggressive. He was aware he was good looking, of course and he was, but he treated her like she was easy prey, not…not like Mitch did. Mitch treated her as a friend. He treated her with genuine care and respect and just like only he could. And as she recovered from Doctor Pattersons flirting, the memories hit her like a brick wall. 

After the plane crash, which took Mitch Morgans - and the leopards lives, they kept on working. Jamie felt like she had to keep on going. She felt like she had to stick around, to observe and make sure Pattersons would not screw up what Mitch had started. More than that, she would make sure Pattersons would not take away Mitch’s legacy.But it was hard. Losing him broke her. She often hid herself away, in a bar these days, with alcohol and a blog. More often than not Mitchs old ideas, his old work, found their way into her work. 

It still felt like it was her fault. After Pattersons flirt-attack Jamie sat outside, in the cold evening air, crying her eyes out, because god, she missed him. “Why did you asshole have to die?” she whispered. “You should… come back and kick this assholes ass.”

cyrenexxc  asked:

Can I request about Seirin calling Kiyoshi that still in America saying his s/o is gone without explanation. He got worried and all only to find out that his s/o is visiting him there? Hope it's understandable enough... Thank you very much (´ー`)

Don’t worry, we got it! Hope you enjoyed your Hong Kong trip xD -Admin Fyre

“Everything looks good so far. If you’re lucky you’ll be back home in half a year. You’re from Tokyo, right?“

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Mm, nice place. I’ll let your family know about the status of your treatment. I’m sure you’re looking forward to seeing your friends again.”

Kiyoshi smiled. “One person in particular.”

When the doctor left the room, Kiyoshi reached over to the bedside table to take his phone, only for it to buzz abruptly with his fingers just inches from it. Curious as to who would be calling him in America, Kiyoshi peered at the number and saw with shock that it was an international call - from Japan, he realised.


The shout that came next was unmistakable. “Oi, dumbass!”

Kiyoshi couldn’t stop the stupid grin that came over his face. “Hyuuga?”

“Teppei, can you hear me?”

“Wha…Riko? What—”

And there were more yells of “Kiyoshi-senpai!” and just “Kiyoshi!”. It took him a moment to register that he was practically on the verge of tears, but he was laughing, from hearing all of their voices again. “Oh my God—is that…is that the whole team? H-how’s everything back home? Did you guys win the InterHigh? Did we get any new team members?”

“Save the chit-chat for later,” Hyuuga interrupted impatiently. “Kiyoshi, we can’t find ________.”

Kiyoshi’s smile faded, the elation in his heart replaced by confusion and fear. “What?”

“You told us to keep an eye on them, right?” Izuki had taken the phone, speaking quickly and urgently. “Make sure they were okay without you? Well, none of us have gotten responses to our messages since this morning. And calling just goes straight to voicemail - their phone must be off. Koga’s gone over to check on their house, but—hey, Koga!”

There was a shuffling on the phone, and the familiar second-year’s voice came through. “Kiyoshi? No one answered the door.”

“No one?” Kiyoshi sucked in his breath. “A-are you sure?”

“Positive. Koga sounded worried. “Kiyoshi, you don’t think—?”

It’d been almost a year since Kiyoshi left Japan to come to America, to get surgery for his knees. Before he’d left, he’d asked you only one thing. Please wait for me.

But you couldn’t possibly have left him. It didn’t explain your phone being off, or your not being at home. It could only mean that something had happened to you.

The last time either one of you hadn’t been able to reach the other, it was when Kiyoshi had been hurt in the match against Kirisaki Daiichi, and he was in surgery when you were frantically calling him, looking for him, trying to find out where he was and what had happened to him.

“I-I’ll try calling.” Kiyoshi found his voice at last. “Please - look everywhere. The café, the library, the park where we used to have our dates—”

“Teppei, calm down.” Riko soothed him. “Everyone on the team is looking right now. We’ll do our best.”

The phone went dead and Kiyoshi was still for a moment, frozen and suddenly thrown by the silence in the hospital room without the clamoring voices of his teammates in his ear.

No response to messages. Calls not going through. Missing.

Please be alright. Where are you?

Hours passed and soon Kiyoshi’s shock became anxiety and fear. Everyone back home still hadn’t been able to contact you or your parents. No one seemed to know where you’d gone. It was as if you’d just disappeared.

Where could you possibly be?

Kiyoshi’s phone rang again and instinctively Kiyoshi grabbed it without thinking. “Have you found—?”

“It’s alright, it’s alright!” It was Riko, half-crying, half-laughing. “It’s okay! We just found out—”

“Found out what?” Her reaction would only mean good news, but Kiyoshi was anxious to know what had happened. “What’s going on?”

“Just…go outside!”

She hung up and Kiyoshi tossed the phone onto the bed, yanking his blanket covers off and sliding his legs over the edge to stick his slippers on. He didn’t even bother taking the wheelchair, or even grabbing the crutches, let alone call for a nurse’s help.

He stumbled to the door, grabbing at the wall for support, heart beating rapidly with anticipation, but the lack of strength in his knees was too much and his legs gave way beneath him, and Kiyoshi swore as he lurched forward, arms too slow to cushion his fall.

Then there was another pair of arms around him, smaller but stronger, and a familiar scent overwhelming him. “Whoa, slow down. Don’t push yourself, I’m always telling you that.”

It couldn’t be.

Kiyoshi looked up, hardly daring to believe it. His hands gripped the arms of his rescuer, more tightly than he intended, because he didn’t want to let go, just in case you weren’t real.

You laughed at the expression on his face. “Surprise! I missed you.”

“You…but how on earth

“Didn’t Riko tell you?” You raised an eyebrow, easily lifting Kiyoshi’s arm to loop around your shoulder, helping him hobble back to his bed, supporting him even though he had a good thirty centimeters on you. “Or was she too overjoyed to even say anything? The holidays just started so my family thought it might be a good idea for me to come over and visit you

“You scared me!” Kiyoshi exclaimed, a little too harshly. “Did you know how worried I was, because no one back in Tokyo could find you? You weren’t answering any messages or calls, and Koga said no one was at home - I kept thinking the worst had happened to you, and you just…”

You bit your lip. “You’re right. I’m sorry. For causing you and everyone so much trouble. I just wanted to surprise you.”

Abruptly Kiyoshi pulled you to him, enveloping you in a literal bear hug and burying his face in your shoulder, until you realised he was practically shaking, and your shirt felt a little wet by your collar. “Don’t ever do that again,” he mumbled.

Sympathetically you smiled and hugged him back. “Alright. Next time I’ll let your friends know what I’m doing so they don’t call you and freak you out, is that okay?”


Knock knock

Mina found herself missing the Doctor, and decided to give him a surprise. A very special one, at that. He wasn’t the only one who could teleport, and Papyrus, during the few cooking lessons he’d begged from her, had hinted that his father really needed some friends and a good shake-up. So she got all fancied up, taking a deep breath as she dressed carefully.

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Hi Tumblr! Help me get a pet?

This is the birdcage I bought for my new feathered friend! It’s a good size, and it’s nice and sturdy and I cleaned it up really nice for my future pet. 

Unfortunately, it’s only inhabitant at the moment is Charlie, the toy bird decoration I got at Christmas time. 

In order to get one of these: 

I have to have a bit more money. 

Fortunately, I have a Redbubble store where I sell my art designs! 

Things like this: 

And this!

And even Steven Universe! 

Even if you aren’t into any of these fandoms, or you don’t have the funds, it would help me out a TON if you would reblog this post, so I could reach a larger audience! 

Thanks so much! 

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