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Anyone who thinks that Stein doesn’t care about Spirit and Marie… Just remember that they were the people Medusa showed being harmed or harming him to help drive him mad. If he didn’t care about them, that wouldn’t have hurt him the way it did.


9th_doctor :

The day I met my spirit animal and he for sure understands my broken English

Alexandra Grant immediately jumped on the plane to Winnipeg from Toronto because you said that ☺️


Any other Twelve/Rose shippers out there?

Oookay so I sort of lost track with Doctor Who ages ago in season 6 - I just could never get away with Moffatt’s story arcs - and I’ve only recently started watching Capaldi’s era. I’m midway through through S8 and aiming to get caught up before this series finishes.

First off, I completely adore Capaldi!Doctor. He’s my spirit animal. Second of all, as a diehard Rose Tyler/Doctor shipper I should’ve known the same would go for Twelve and Rose, especially after I had read “Tucker and Rose”.

Seriously, if you haven’t read that fic, here’s the link. You’re welcome.

Anyways, I’m on the lookout for some good Twelve/Rose fics, ideally long multi-chaptered fics. I’ve read a few oneshots but except for “T&R” and “Stuck with You”, both of which are more Rose/Malcolm Tucker stories. So if any kind fellow Twelve/Rose shipper could help me out?

Ta x

D a l e k   F r e e   S p i r i t   ☼   t e a s e r

-Characters: Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Turlough cameo
-Rating: T for character death and going to dark places
-Summary: The Doctor learns that when he and Nyssa escaped from the Daleks by the skin of their teeth, skin wasn’t all they’d left behind.


❝He could not change the past, nor could he alter her future. He’d be damned before he let the Daleks destroy the middle of her life, too.❞

{SPOILER ALERT: Prisoners of Fate, Entropy Plague, DALEK SOUL}

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[4/20/17, 5:41:33 PM] The Doctor: my favourite part of the whole episode, the part that made my heart warm and my spirit light, is when bill asks the doctor what sky is made of and he’s like “lemon drops!” and she says “really?” and he’s like “no, but wouldn’t that be nice??” IT JUST FILLS ME WITH WARM FUZZIES

Regretfully i will have to dismiss questions regarding...

🌟spirit companions choosing a human companion. It is an invasion of the spirits privacy and it puts pressure on that spirit. I have boundaries and so do spirits, i can do my best to answer questions regarding your PERSONAL spirit companion but companions that are not yours i will be unable to accept those questions. I will simply put uncomfortable in the answer space. 🌟🌟ELZE my doctor spirit companion: pressing on boundaries that are already difficult to be in is wrong on both planes. A spirit has full choice to deny a companion. You maybe in love with this spirit but they might not feel the same way and they know it. Your imprint on both your calling to the spirit and the energy you admit is what the spirit feels. Thank you. Blessings to you and yours and thank you for understanding.

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Once again, Lucille Bluth is my spirit animal...

Nurse BolusCoffeeStat (calling the doctor regarding why they put in q4 hours labs on my possibly bleeding patient who I’ve had for the past 12 hours): Hey, are you covering this patient?
Shiny new Day Team doctor from MICU: Yes! What can I help you with?
Nurse BCS: Oh well I just wanted to clarify something with you. The night residents seemed to be having a little fun with fun orders and put in multiple varying orders for labs on this patient and I am trying to get those taken care of but you all put in orders for multiple labs of the same kind at varying frequencies. I’ve drawn a set now at 0600 since the last labs you ordered were at 0000 but you’ve got ones also in for 0800, 1000, 1200 etc. I understand we want to be trending this patient’s HGB since they dropped their HGB by a gram in only a few hours and there’s concern that they are bleeding, but I’m also concerned that drawing such frequent labs will drop it even more and have us barking up the wrong tree. I was wondering if we could maybe space things out a little more? Like q6 at 1000 and 1600? I’ll even take q8.
MD: Well we’re drawing such frequent CBCs because we’re concerned that the patient is bleeding.

Nurse BCS:

Yeah I know that. I’ve had this patient for the past twelve hours.That’s why I asked if you want to space them a little out more. This patient has received a lot of blood products in the past and it will take forever for them to cross-match/screen each individual product due to her antibodies. So by the time we get the lab read, order blood if necessary, and finally get the blood and transfuse, we’re going to be at or past due the time to take blood again and we may not have an accurate HGB. I mean we can speed things up a little if it’s truly emergent but we’re not at that point.
MD: I’ll ask day team (hangs up phone)

Nurse BCS:

30 minutes later, orders for q6 labs appear, just as I asked.

Saw this epic image at Will Brooks’ Twitter (he has a Tumblr account too!). With the bad news I received yesterday at my dental visit (lots of work; I’m going to be in loads of pain in the weeks to come), seeing this lifted my spirits. Nice to know both Doctor Who and Peter are remedies for feeling better! ♥

For the time being, I’m using it for my phone’s Lock Screen. :)