the doctor is my spirit


Anyone who thinks that Stein doesn’t care about Spirit and Marie… Just remember that they were the people Medusa showed being harmed or harming him to help drive him mad. If he didn’t care about them, that wouldn’t have hurt him the way it did.

Once again, Lucille Bluth is my spirit animal...

Nurse BolusCoffeeStat (calling the doctor regarding why they put in q4 hours labs on my possibly bleeding patient who I’ve had for the past 12 hours): Hey, are you covering this patient?
Shiny new Day Team doctor from MICU: Yes! What can I help you with?
Nurse BCS: Oh well I just wanted to clarify something with you. The night residents seemed to be having a little fun with fun orders and put in multiple varying orders for labs on this patient and I am trying to get those taken care of but you all put in orders for multiple labs of the same kind at varying frequencies. I’ve drawn a set now at 0600 since the last labs you ordered were at 0000 but you’ve got ones also in for 0800, 1000, 1200 etc. I understand we want to be trending this patient’s HGB since they dropped their HGB by a gram in only a few hours and there’s concern that they are bleeding, but I’m also concerned that drawing such frequent labs will drop it even more and have us barking up the wrong tree. I was wondering if we could maybe space things out a little more? Like q6 at 1000 and 1600? I’ll even take q8.
MD: Well we’re drawing such frequent CBCs because we’re concerned that the patient is bleeding.

Nurse BCS:

Yeah I know that. I’ve had this patient for the past twelve hours.That’s why I asked if you want to space them a little out more. This patient has received a lot of blood products in the past and it will take forever for them to cross-match/screen each individual product due to her antibodies. So by the time we get the lab read, order blood if necessary, and finally get the blood and transfuse, we’re going to be at or past due the time to take blood again and we may not have an accurate HGB. I mean we can speed things up a little if it’s truly emergent but we’re not at that point.
MD: I’ll ask day team (hangs up phone)

Nurse BCS:

30 minutes later, orders for q6 labs appear, just as I asked.

Conversations with a Sodalite-fae

This post is NOT intended to be medical advice. See a doctor.

I call on the spirit of Sodalite, using as my focus object a medium sized Sodalite stone I have. A large, bulbous, round figure arises from the stone. It looks like a crystal ball with short arms and legs, totally blue in color. “I am Lapis Lazuli!” he says, laughing. “No, I am not. What is it you desire? I liked the cleansing you just did for me.” He strikes me as being old and wizened. I say that I would like to learn more about the wonderful properties of his stone. “Wonderful? No! Natural is what you mean. Ask me questions.”

I inquire about his abilities as an emotional healer. “Yes, but be warned: we can be too watery for some.” I see a curious vision. If someone uses a Sodalite stone, they are astrally transported to a Sodalite island surrounded by a calm lake. There are trees on the island and it is a good place to rest. I do not think this is a literal interpretation; someone is not literally astrally taken somewhere. It is a metaphor. “The person must choose to go in to the water to heal, and they may return to the island to rest.” I see this as a metaphor, meaning that Sodalite can both heal and provide a safe haven to escape emotional waters. I see now that the Sodalite sprite has a wide belt around him with jars hanging off of it. “I will apply these holy waters to the brow of whoever needs healing,” he says. He also now carries a staff. I ask what the staff is for. “It is for walking and beating down demons,” he says. I ask if he is a protector. “No, I meant emotional demons. I can hit them very hard.”

I ask of the effects Sodalite may have on someone with depression. “Be careful here. Depression is a state of having too much water on the mind, with other demons* of course. Sodalite may function as an island to escape the waters, but be careful how you use us. We may increase the level of water on the mind. Someone with depression may better use a fiery stone instead.” I ask if Sodalite is well combined with Amethyst. “Amethyst is a good guy,” he says. “Amethyst is more active than us. They may go clear the way ahead while we stay behind and heal. We make a good team.” I see that an Amethyst sprite is more soldier-like, while this Sodalite sprite is like an old man or healer, not really suited to ‘clearing the way.’ *Sodalite here means emotional or “inner” demons, not literally being possessed.

I ask if Sodalite is well used for any spells or combined with other stones or herbs for its best use. “Sleep with Sodalite for soothing dreams and sleep. It will be as if you are carried away over the gentle waves of the ocean,” he says. I ask if Sodalite must be evoked or awakened before use. “I am already awake,” he says. I ask about other stones. “We always radiate some level of effect, it is in our nature. If you want the effect to be truly magical, as you would call it, the stone must naturally be awoken and charged.” I ask if there is a good charm for this. “Say, 'Sodalite, wake up! I need your help today.’ Then, give us a good cleansing and water energy. Then say that call again until we are awoken and present.” I inquire again about combination with other stones. “Use us with Amethyst for a seriously soothing effect, to calm all demons from the mind.” He means metaphorical, emotional demons. I inquire about use with any herbs. “I do not know many herbs,” he says. “We are well combined with Carnelian to bring fire to the mind, but to balance it out with water. This is a good emotional healer for the disturbed.” I look up the traditional effects of Carnelian and see that Sodalite appears to be spot-on. “Of course I am spot on. Look at my spots!” He laughs. I explain that I am somewhat uncomfortable giving advice about emotional healing, because I am not a doctor nor a medic. “If this bothers you, let others figure it out for their own,” he says.

I ask if Sodalite is suited to be a guardian or a protector. “No,” he says. “That is not our job. Send hematite or onyx to fight for you. Then we will come help clean up.” I thank him for his time. “Are you bidding me goodbye already?” I say that I do not know what else to say. “I like this bay leaf you have put me on,” he says. “It is comforting/comfortable.” I ask if he would like to sleep, or if he would prefer to have a job or a task. “I am a stone,” he says. I take this to mean, he does not care either way. I do not have a ready task for him so I bid him goodbye and return to his sleep if he so wishes. “I will watch you for a little while,” he decides. I put the stone back in its resting place.

the doctor & the spirit

mordin watches the creature that looks like a human boy but isn’t. watches as his eyes dart around the room, looking at everything and seeing nothing – or looking at nothing and seeing everything, mordin isn’t sure which

cole watches the creature that walks and talks like a human but looks nothing like one. watches as he taps on something orange and glowing and almost like magic – almost, but not quite

mordin chatters to himself, wonders, hypothesizes, taps out something on his omni-tool and shakes his head vigorously (“no no no, all wrong, doesn’t fit those parameters at all”)

cole murmurs to himself, wondering, reading mordin just the same as anyone else and aching for the scars crisscrossing mordin’s past (“testing, trying, hurting to help and helping to hurt, heart beating faster than mine but still in the right place”)

mordin looks up, then, and they both fall silent.

“healing,” mordin says.

“have to,” cole replies, rocking himself gently, still not meeting mordin’s gaze.

cole holds up a hand, looking at his own five fingers and then at mordin’s three. mordin sees what he’s doing and smiles, and cole sees kindness in his black eyes, and mordin holds his own hand up to mirror cole’s –

not so different after all.