the doctor is my spirit


Anyone who thinks that Stein doesn’t care about Spirit and Marie… Just remember that they were the people Medusa showed being harmed or harming him to help drive him mad. If he didn’t care about them, that wouldn’t have hurt him the way it did.


9th_doctor :

The day I met my spirit animal and he for sure understands my broken English

Alexandra Grant immediately jumped on the plane to Winnipeg from Toronto because you said that ☺️


Any other Twelve/Rose shippers out there?

Oookay so I sort of lost track with Doctor Who ages ago in season 6 - I just could never get away with Moffatt’s story arcs - and I’ve only recently started watching Capaldi’s era. I’m midway through through S8 and aiming to get caught up before this series finishes.

First off, I completely adore Capaldi!Doctor. He’s my spirit animal. Second of all, as a diehard Rose Tyler/Doctor shipper I should’ve known the same would go for Twelve and Rose, especially after I had read “Tucker and Rose”.

Seriously, if you haven’t read that fic, here’s the link. You’re welcome.

Anyways, I’m on the lookout for some good Twelve/Rose fics, ideally long multi-chaptered fics. I’ve read a few oneshots but except for “T&R” and “Stuck with You”, both of which are more Rose/Malcolm Tucker stories. So if any kind fellow Twelve/Rose shipper could help me out?

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Red Doe Plantation (built 1830′s, yes, I know it says 1846 on the historical marker, but building of the home more than likely started in the 1830′s) is for sale and my heart breaks that I don’t have the money to buy it and fix it up. It needs sooo much work done to it after sitting abandoned for at least a decade. I spent soo much time at this place trying to help keep it up years ago. My blood, sweat, and tears is in this house, and now it’s fate is unknown.

Also, this place is majorly haunted, mostly by friendly spirits, but there is one evil spirit there, who we called “The Doctor.” My personal favorite spirit there is who we called “Old Hoss” because he would get frisky with me and slap me on the ass a lot, lol. Y’all think I’m joking but I’m not. Being slapped hard on the ass when no one is around is a freaky, but funny thing! He also liked to pull my hair gently. The sweet lady spirit who is there is LouElla. She is the victim of the evil doctor who allowed her to bleed to death in a room on the first floor, then murdered her new born. There’s also a little girl there named Violet who died at the turn of the 20th century of scarlet fever, but she also has a spirit attached to her who is an old black man, a former slave on the plantation. He watches over her. I’ve seen him a few times. There are many other spirits on the grounds of the plantation, but those are just the known ones that are attached to the house. There is a small cabin from the 1850′s on the property that has a scary spirit there, too. But I stayed away from there after I saw the hunched over black shadow of a woman that scared the shit out of me.

If anyone would to donate $150,000 to me so I can buy this house and save it, I would gladly appreciate it, lol. I just pray it goes into good hands and it’s not torn down when it sells because of how bad of the condition it’s in.

D a l e k   F r e e   S p i r i t   ☼   t e a s e r

-Characters: Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, Turlough cameo
-Rating: T for character death and going to dark places
-Summary: The Doctor learns that when he and Nyssa escaped from the Daleks by the skin of their teeth, skin wasn’t all they’d left behind.


❝He could not change the past, nor could he alter her future. He’d be damned before he let the Daleks destroy the middle of her life, too.❞

{SPOILER ALERT: Prisoners of Fate, Entropy Plague, DALEK SOUL}

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[4/20/17, 5:41:33 PM] The Doctor: my favourite part of the whole episode, the part that made my heart warm and my spirit light, is when bill asks the doctor what sky is made of and he’s like “lemon drops!” and she says “really?” and he’s like “no, but wouldn’t that be nice??” IT JUST FILLS ME WITH WARM FUZZIES

Regretfully i will have to dismiss questions regarding...

🌟spirit companions choosing a human companion. It is an invasion of the spirits privacy and it puts pressure on that spirit. I have boundaries and so do spirits, i can do my best to answer questions regarding your PERSONAL spirit companion but companions that are not yours i will be unable to accept those questions. I will simply put uncomfortable in the answer space. 🌟🌟ELZE my doctor spirit companion: pressing on boundaries that are already difficult to be in is wrong on both planes. A spirit has full choice to deny a companion. You maybe in love with this spirit but they might not feel the same way and they know it. Your imprint on both your calling to the spirit and the energy you admit is what the spirit feels. Thank you. Blessings to you and yours and thank you for understanding.

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