the doctor in the phone

Brother, Mine (VIII)

“A fit?”

Mycroft saw nothing of the world around him - the terrace, the moonlight, the grounds - Greg - it had all ceased to exist. There was only the voice in his ear. 

He listened to it, as it told him briefly about an accident - a fall - a knock to the skull. It had triggered something in Sherlock.

“How serious?” he heard his own voice ask, a thousand miles away.

His face reflected the answer he was given. All colour ran from him at once. All emotion shut down. It closed as swiftly as a door being slammed.

“Yes, of course,” he said. “Is Doctor Watson there?”

The voice on the phone replied.

“Please tell him that I’m coming,” Mycroft said, his voice stiff.

He ended the call.

“I - must go.” He glanced at Greg. His face was completely without expression. His breaking heart showed only in the very depths of his eyes. “The bill is already paid. Enjoy yourself here. I need to be with my brother.”

He turned. He began to walk away across the terrace.

Having a little with social anxiety means

Having your little look at you with a panicked expression when they’re asked what they would like to order.

Constantly holding your littles hand and rubbing their hand with your thumb to keep them calm in public.

Helping your little make doctors appointments or giving your little pep talks to make doctors appointment because they’re afraid of talking on the phone.

Seeing your little go from bouncy and talkative to shy and quiet the second you leave the house.

Reassuring your little every time they think someone looks at them funny when you’re in public.

Taking the lead in conversations with new people so your little doesn’t have to strain themselves.

Taking long period of time to help your little relax and calm down after being around a lot of people.

Watching your little at social events and looking for queues that they’re in an uncomfortable position or need to leave and be alone.

Being patient with your little and encouraging them and supporting them and being as reassuring as possible. Littles with any kind of anxiety need lots of patience and reassuring, especially when they’re anxiety revolves around other people.

The Thirteenth Doctor train just keeps on rolling! I’ve been working nights this week, so banging out a quick sketch is a lot easier. Taking some liberties with a line from the season 10 trailer. Did the galaxy lining on the coat just for fun.

Drawn in Autodesk Sketchbook on my Galaxy Note 3.

HANDY || Byun Baekhyun

Small note: combining cock-warming requests + @ishysoamaze13′s request♡  Hope you like this is little gift I prepared for you @ananou59​ ;)  

Content: +6000 words of graphic smut, oral job, breast play, rough sex, prolonged sex, riding baekkie language warning, just overall playing with baek little peepee ;)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

The moment when Baekhyun needed some help….

“Do you really need to call me when you’re just in the other room, Baek?!” 

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Ok, so. Flug n BH’s relationship is basically a secret between them right???

Imagine if you will: Somehow, the cat’s out of the bag. Idk how, but just imagine that suddenly it’s found out among the villain community.that they’re a thing.

Naturally, there is the concern of BH’s reputation

Of course, he’s a world-destroying eldritch beast that doesn’t need to bat an eye at what other villains think bc he’s fucking Black Hat and could murder everybody, but he’s trying to make a respectable name for himself and his business, here! So damn, if those baddies start getting the idea in their head that BH is this lovestruck fool now, what will that mean for his hard-earned reputation and business? It’ll be affected terribly, right?


Complete opposite. Everyone’s ecstatic. Their viewers ship it to the moon and back, The news is very positively received.

So of course after the initial surprise wears off, BH being the businessman he is, capitalizes on this shit. They start doing live broadcasts n shit and Black Hat’s like, “Call this number to order now! For each phone ring I hear, the doctor gets a kiss from yours truly!~”

*phones start ringing off the hook*

“Lmao, you thirsty bitches” *smooches the nerd multiple times*

And Flug, flustered as he may get, just goes along with it because what the fuck that’s adorable??? And he’s super touched that BH is so willing and open to be all lovey of him and isn’t ashamed of Flug and aaaaaaAAAAA he’s always a slut for validation??????

Demencia starts up betting pools on how fucking fluffy these two are going to get on today’s program

And best of all, it has an amazing impact on many of their customers, because wow. Imagine what a huge insecurity this must be among villains? Like, ‘Oh no, I feel love for another therefore I am weak and a terrible villain’ and that kind of shit affects their performance badly because inner conflict I would think??? But then they see fucking Black Hat, icon of all that is evil, happily and shamelessly being all lovey with his partner on live TV like it ain’t no big thing, and it’s like, ‘Woah. If he can do that, then I’ve been worrying over nothing.” AND LIKE???? MORE CRIMINAL LOVE ALL AROUND ADGFHDHFKGVGHJKN

TL;DR: I had this tangent going on in my head all day and I just wanted to get it written down ASAP before I forgot, it’s unimportant and dumb and has probably been said before in better words, ignore my random bs lol